25 Cute Fall Date Ideas To Inspire Romance

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Yes, summer is going away slowly and winter is beginning to approach, so if you’ve not created any new memories during the summer, what can you do? Fall date ideas are one of my favorite activities of the year because it’s the perfect chance to have all the fun before the dreary winter comes.

So if you’ve not had time during the summer to have fun with your partner and enjoy your partner’s company, these romantic fall date ideas are what you need to have fun.

These fall date ideas are what I have used to inspire romance in my marriage.


What Are The Best Fall Date Ideas For Couples?

The best fall date ideas for couples are those that help couples reconnect, rekindle and re-establish their love and some of these ideas include kayaking, drive-in movie date, apple picking, wine-tasting, and puzzle date.

fall date ideas


25 Cute Fall Date Ideas To Inspire Romance

Want to reignite the romance in your relationship? These fall date ideas are the perfect recipe for that.


Cozy Fall Date Ideas

These cozy fall date ideas are perfect for when you need that lone time with your partner that’ll make you both feel all warm, loved-up, and special.


1. Have A Bonfire

cozy fall date ideas

A bonfire in the open is what you need to have a cozy date with your partner. Having a bonfire is special in a way because you are outside with your partner, all wrapped up in a blanket and watching the sparks.


2. Make Fall Cookies

romantic fall date ideas

Baking fall cookies is one of the cozy fall date ideas you need to try out with your mate this fall season. You can get your baking supplies out there and bake a fall-themed kind of cake or fall-themed pastries. It can be in the shape of fallen leaves or a pumpkin.


3. Watch Some Emotional Movies

As opposed to watching some scary movies, why not watch some emotional movies that are bound to bring tears to you and your partner’s eyes? This helps you connect emotionally and makes for a cozy fall date idea that you would love to have.


4. Do A Puzzle Over Wine

It’s about time you put on your thinking cap and do a puzzle together with your partner over a wonderful bottle of wine. It’s a perfect way to unwind after all the bustle of summer and enjoy the date with your partner.


5. Play Games

You definitely want to play games with your partner and make memories this fall season.

There are a lot of games that you can play, ranging from card games which include poker, to board games like Scrabble, to video games like Xbox. Whatever your prerogative, the most important thing is that you have fun with your partner and you create some memories.


Romantic Fall Date Ideas

Want some extra spice and romance? These cute fall date ideas will give you that extra romance that you can always attribute to fall dates.


6. Have A Picnic

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Having a picnic is one of the things you should do on a fall date because it is romantic in itself. It is a time for your partner to enjoy the beautiful nature before everything is covered by ice and a perfect time for you to enjoy the feel of the sun on your back.


7. Go See A Game

There are not many games during winter, so the perfect time to go see a game is right about now. It’s the perfect chance to enjoy a game in the open, depending on your interests it can be football, rugby, horseback riding, or car racing.


8. Go On A Hayride

Just a polite permission is enough to guarantee you a day of romanticism. This is the perfect chance for you and your partner to get on the farmer’s wagon and enjoy a wonderful hayride together.


9. Go Hiking

Going hiking is one of my favorite fall date ideas because it is the perfect time for me to enjoy a unique kind of fall season that I might never see again.

No two fall seasons are ever the same, so each fall date is a chance for me to experience the beauty of nature in its unique way before another fall season comes along.


10. Navigate A Corn Maze

A corn maze is the perfect time for you and your partner to get lost trying to look for each other, it is one of the fun fall date ideas because it makes you look for each other and enjoy the euphoria of finding each other at last. It is a really romantic fall date idea.


11. Take A Day Trip

A day trip is a perfect way to enjoy the fall season. It’s very romantic because it can be a road trip, it can be a one-day getaway to a cabin, and it can be a one-day bed and breakfast-affair. Whatever it is, the most important thing is that you enjoy the company of your partner.


Fall Date Night Ideas

One of the ways to enjoy the fall season is to have a date night. These fall date night ideas provide the perfect opportunity for that.


12. Catch A Sunset

Ever heard the line from the song by Passenger, “Only miss the sun when it starts to snow”? You are not always going to enjoy the sun and you aren’t always going to catch the sunset.

A perfect fall date idea is catching the sunset with your partner and enjoying seeing the sun go down. It’s a perfect time to do a lot of things, make a lot of promises and just enjoy the romantic atmosphere that a sunset gives off.


13. Cook Dinner

One of the fun fall date ideas is making dinner with your partner. You can enjoy the dinner in the open or inside. Whatever you want, just ensure that you make dinner with your partner and you enjoy eating what you have made with your partner.


14. Take A Scenic Walk

Nothing beats a scenic walk during the fall season because you get to see the falling leaves, you are in the essence of the fall season and it’s the perfect time for you to enjoy some quiet time with your partner and enjoy the rustling leaves and their falling counterparts.


15. Stargaze From A Scenic Place

Stargazing from a scenic place is one of the free fall date ideas that should be on your bucket list. What makes this a beautiful experience is that you can stargaze from the top of a hill or the backyard of your home.


Cheap Fall Date Ideas

The best fall dates do not always involve spending a lot of money. All you have to do is to be with your partner and enjoy the little that you have.


16. Go Apple Picking

Going apple picking is one of the perfect fall date ideas for couples because you get to pick all the apples you want and you get access with little or no amount of money. All you need to do is come with your basket and pick as many apples as you want.

This is something that you want to plan so you don’t get to the site and everywhere is filled up.


17. Make Caramel Apples

So what do you do with the apples that you’ve gotten? What you do is make caramel apples, make a candy out of your apples and enjoy it with your partner.

It screams fall in every way and it’s the perfect chance to create that memory that you desire. This is one of the best fall date ideas at home.


18. Make Candles

Making candles is one fun activity you want to do during this fall season. It’s going to be a lot darker during Winter so the candles will come in handy. You can give it to people during the winter, however, this is a DIY project kind of thing so it’s a good chance to bond with your mate.


19. Carve Pumpkins

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Yeah, it’s about that time of the year we celebrate Halloween so carving pumpkins is not out of place. It is one of the creative fall date ideas that would involve you picking and carving beautiful pumpkins. You can do whatever you want, you can allow your creativity to shine and enjoy the moment.


20. Go Kayaking

This is the last chance for you to enjoy the sun on your back and what better way to do it than to kayak in the Sun? Kayaking in the open waters with the sun beating down on your back is something you can do with your partner that screams romance. The most important thing is that you enjoy your partner while you’re at it.


Adventurous Fall Date Ideas

These fall date ideas are the perfect ideas for when you need to enjoy some level of adventure. Need more adventurous date ideas? Check out these 30 fun beach date ideas here.


21. Make DIY Halloween Costumes

Why spend a lot of money trying to make a Halloween costume when you can just make a costume yourself? This is one of the adventurous fall date ideas because it is incredibly fun and mind-blowing.


22. Explore A Haunted House

Looking for the chance to cling to your partner? A haunted house is what you need to explore. You can get one around your residence or a popular place just to make sure that you have fun.

Don’t forget to carry along your torchlight.


23. Go Horseback Riding

You want to enjoy the wind zapping past you with your partner behind you. A horseback ride is one of the fall date ideas outside. For you, it’s the chance to enjoy the natural scenery, the air, and the sights.


24. Go To A Farmer’s Market

Going to the farmers market can be quite adventurous because fall is a time of harvest so you get a lot of things at very affordable prices. You get the chance to be with your partner, watch your partner haggle prices and generally enjoy the day with your partner.


25. Have A Photography Date

The photography date is one of the perfect fall date ideas for married couples because if you’re looking to capture memories and the uniqueness of each fall, then a photography date is one thing you should definitely have.

My husband and I have made photography dates a tradition for us because it’s the perfect time for us to capture fall in their unique years. All over our house are scattered pictures of falls in their unique years.


Cute Fall Date Ideas To Inspire Romance —Recap

If you want to get the romance reignited, then these fall date ideas will help you. These fall dates for couples helps you rekindle, sustain and improve the romance in so many ways that you cannot begin to imagine.

Fall dates help you enjoy autumn, look behind you to realize that you’ve had a good time in the fall season, and look forward to welcoming winter.


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