How To Make A Man Addicted To You: 15 Mesmerizing Tips

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how to make him addicted to you

Have you ever met a man and at first it seems like all the sparks are flying in all directions, everything is perfect and after a few weeks, you both are back to being strangers? Then you begin to wonder what went wrong, and what you did wrong.

The concept of attraction is not set in stone and this is because there are a lot of dynamics attached to it. For some people, it is attraction at first sight and they are able to maintain it over time which leads to marriage, and for some others, they are unable to maintain their attraction overtime.

For the former, it is rare and for the latter, the attraction needs their effort to survive. How do you sustain the attraction and go ahead to make a man addicted to you is why I have written this piece on how to make a man addicted to you.

One thing to note is that it is important for the man to be equally attracted to you. If he’s equally attracted to you, it is easy to build on the foundation of his attraction by using these tips.


What Makes A Man Addicted To A Woman?

Self-worth and self-awareness are what makes a man addicted to a woman. When a man knows that the woman he is with knows her worth, knows how valuable she is, and she’s equally self-aware. It makes him addicted to her because it brings out the instinctual part of him to own something valuable.

how to make a man addicted to you


How To Make A Man Addicted To You: 15 Mesmerizing Tips

Implementing these tips are ways on how to make a man addicted to you.


1. Know What You Want

Before you go on trying to make him addicted to you, you must know what your goals are. What exactly do you want to get out of that relationship? If you are in it for the short term, it means you don’t want anything serious. You just want the fun, probably to smash and pass. This implies that you will not be putting in any serious effort.

If you know that you want long-term results such as the relationship leading to marriage then you know that you have to do more work and be more intentional. The beauty of knowing what you want is that you can put in the appropriate effort that is required for the end result.

Knowing what you want is one of the ways to make a man addicted to you because you will strike him as a go-getter and clear-minded. This will save you the time and the stress of making efforts for the long term in mind when the man you are with is there short term.


2. Show Your Attraction

how to make a guy emotionally addicted to you

Showing your attraction is one of the tips on how to make a man addicted to you. There is nothing wrong in showing that man how much you are attracted to him because it spells confidence, some healthy dose of s#xuality and adventure.

Men want to feel desired, and s#xy and these feelings are valid. When they find the woman who makes them feel like this, they will put more effort into trying to sustain that attraction.

So showing your attraction and desire for him is giving him the green light to put more effort into chasing you.


3. Don’t Be Desperate

One truth that can never be a lie is that men can smell desperation from far off. When you are desperate as a woman, it shows in so many ways and men can pick it up; even the most clueless of men. The worst is if you are looking for a long-term commitment and you are just willing to settle with whoever. When men smell it, they take advantage of it and when they are tired, they go off on the next chase.

Ensure that inasmuch as you love him and you cannot wait to settle down with him, you do not give off desperate vibes. One of the many ways that women show desperation is that they attempt to do the chores, clean, and cook even though they’ve just met.

You cannot afford to be desperate because when you are, they become lazy about putting in the effort and men want to do the hunting, so when you present yourself on a platter, you do not make him work for it. Not being desperate is one of the ways on how to make a man addicted to you.


4. Be Vulnerable

how to make a man addicted to you forever

One of the ways on how to make a guy emotionally addicted to you is through vulnerability. Showing your vulnerability shows that you are human and you go through the same problems every other person goes through.

When you show your vulnerability, you show that you are not an Island, you depend on people and you are not a know-it-all. You appreciate having people around and this will make him want to be around you. Men are protectors, they have a need to protect what is dear to them.

So when you show vulnerability, it makes that man want to protect you and make him take responsibility for you. Acting extremely independent is a huge turn-off for men because this makes him feel that he is not needed and people like to go where they’re needed.


Ways To Make A Man Addicted To You

5. Don’t Give Too Much Away

As much as it is important to show vulnerability to connect with him on an emotional level, it is also important to know that giving too much away is not advisable. This is a red flag for some guys because they see it as an act of desperation.

Imagine you meet a guy and in the next two days, he knows your entire family history. When you give too much away, it removes that element of mystery that is important in romance. You do not even give him the chance to make an effort to get to know more about you.

Not giving too much away is making sure he is worthy of being let into your life. Being mysterious is one of the tips on how to make him addicted to you.


6. Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries is one of the ways to show that you know you have some self-respect. When you don’t set boundaries, it would make a guy walk all over you and feel good doing so. Setting boundaries shows that you respect yourself and your life.

What are some of the ways that you set boundaries? Here are some;

  • He can’t call at any time of the day
  • He can’t visit you unannounced
  • He can’t use v#lgar words on you
  • He can’t use underhanded compliments on you
  • He can’t blackm#il you emotionally

What this does to him is that he knows that you are not willing to take any kind of crap and if he stays in that relationship, it means he wants that relationship.


7. Be Confident

There is nothing as s#xy as confidence. Even if you wear the most beautiful clothes and you are not confident, it’s definitely going to show and lack of confidence is a turnoff.

Men want women who are confident and this is one of the secrets to get him addicted to you. Being confident in your abilities, your career, your body, and your dreams makes you a solid ten.


How To Make A Guy Emotionally Addicted To You

8. Show Interest In His Life

tips to make him addicted to you

We connect with people that show interest in our lives and this is a psychological thing. We all want a person that shows interest in the little things that we consider important. One of the ways on how to make a man addicted to you is that you show interest in his life.

What does he like doing, what are his hobbies, what are his dreams, what does he desire career-wise? Developing interest in these things is one of the ways that you connect with him emotionally and it makes him willing to tell you more because he knows that you care.


9. Don’t Dull Your Shine

Don’t dull your shine means don’t dumb yourself down just to make him feel good.

Some people claim this phrase is true, men do not like women who are too intelligent. Far from it, if he does not like the fact that you are intelligent, that means you probably should not be talking to him in the first place.

Trying to sound stupid just to make him feel good is not going to get you anywhere because he’s going to take advantage of that and think he can get away with it. When you exude your intelligence as a woman, it makes him get his act together and knows how to act around you because he knows that if he is doing the wrong thing, you have no qualms calling him to order.


10. Be Supportive Of Him

No one will give up anyone supportive of them. One of the intimate ways to make a man addicted to you is by being supportive of him in all of his endeavors. There are many ways to show support and they include; encouraging text messages, monetary support, time and attention.

Showing support makes him addicted because he feels confident in telling you about his dreams and challenges for he knows that you are not trying to k#ll his dreams.


How To Make A Man Addicted To You Forever

11. Be Independent

Nobody wants a liability. You have to be independent, you have to show that you have a life. You cannot afford to be all in his business, not giving him space to meet his friends, commenting on all his social media handles, always trying to come to his house and asking him for money.

Being independent is showing that you have a life of your own and without him in your life, you will still have a great life. This is one of the tips on how to make a man addicted to you.


12. Don’t Try To Fix Him

One of the ways to make him addicted to you is that you don’t try to fix him or change him.

If you see his flaws and you believe that you can live with these flaws; these flaws are not going to affect you in the long run nor will they affect your dreams and relationship, then go for it. In the end, don’t try to fix him in any way because it comes off as you trying to be his mother and nobody wants to be in a relationship with their mother.


13. Be Adventurous

It is either you are not the type to be adventurous but you’re open to being adventurous if you’re with somebody like that or you are just that adventurous type that likes to try new things. When you are not adventurous in any sense of it, you are not open-minded to trying new things, it k#lls the fun.

How do you create new memories? How do you create shared memories and shared interests if you are not willing to be adventurous? No one wants to be with a Debbie downer.

Being adventurous and willing to try new stuff is one of the tips to make a man addicted to you.


Secrets To Get Him Addicted To You

14. Don’t Be Too Available

You cannot afford to be at his beck and call, that would make you his maid. One of the tips to make him addicted to you is to make yourself scarce.

There is nothing wrong in always being available for your man but has he proved himself worthy? When you meet a man for the first time and you are always available to do his chores, talk to him and take care of him, it makes you look desperate.

Don’t be quick to cast your pearls to swine, make him work for your time and commitment, and let him prove himself as being worthy.


15. Be A Good Listener

It’s very important to know that it is not only women that want to do all the talking, men also want to talk about their day but if you are not a good listener, they will not open up to you easily.

One of the ways on how to make a man addicted to you is by being a good listener by listening actively, and then interjecting respectfully at regular intervals to show that you are listening to him.

What this does to you is that you are able to remember the littlest things, including verbal and nonverbal communication. So when you mention something he said in passing, it will impress him, and this is one of the things men want in their women.


How To Make Him Addicted To You Through Text

Applying these fail-proof tips are the perfect ways on how to make someone addicted to you through text.


1. S#xt Him

This may not be immediate, however, this may be done over time. One of the things that a man loves and will appreciate is that you s#xt him, it’s one of the ways on how to make a man addicted to you forever.

S#xting is good in the sense that it makes you connect with him on a level that does not involve the bedroom. Here are some wonderful texts he would appreciate.


2. Check On Him

It always feels good to be checked on. When you check on him, it makes him feel loved, and special and makes him feel like he is in somebody’s mind and this makes his day better. Checking on him is one of the ways on how to make him addicted to you through text.


3. Flirt With Him

You can flirt with him via text and enjoy talking to him. Flirting with him is also a way of showing attraction and this makes him feel good. He might be having a stressful day but flirting with him through a text is definitely one of the ways to get him feeling better and one of the ways on how to make a man s#xually add#cted to you.

Need some flirty texts to keep him addicted to you? Check out these 200 hot flirty texts to turn the heat up.


4. Give Surprise Phone Calls

This should not be too much or else it removes the element of surprise. Surprise phone calls make him understand your intentions and it’s one of the tips to make a man addicted to you. It shows him that you care about him and that you are thinking about him.


5. Send Encouraging Or Funny Text Messages

He can be having a very stressful or busy day and an encouraging text or funny message from you would have him cracking up in laughter. This is one of the tips on how to make a guy addicted to you over text.

Need encouraging texts? look no further, I have written amazing encouraging texts here.


How To Make A Man Addicted To You: Final Thoughts

These tips on how to make a man addicted to you would only work if there is a foundation for you to build on. To ensure that you are putting your eggs in the right basket, you should do it with a man you believe is attracted to you just so you can reap maximum results with minimal effort.


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ways to make a man addicted to you

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