How To Make Him Chase You: 15 Proven Strategies

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tips to make him chase you

“How to make him chase you?” is a million-dollar question women have asked over time. You either don’t know how to get him to chase you, or you have been chasing him.

You ask him for a date, show up in his favorite club and stalk his social media. If you have been chasing the guy, It is time for you to take a step back and learn how to make a man chase you instead.

In this post, we will delve into numerous reasons why you should make him chase you in the first place, how to get a man to chase you, and 15 proven strategies to make him chase you.


Why Make Him Chase You In The First Place?

According to research, the harder a man has to work for something he wants, the more he appreciates the reward when he gets it. A man is likely to value a woman he chases.

Men enjoy the chase, and they live for the thrill and thrive on it. When a man goes through hurdles to chase you and gets “his prize,” which is you, he is filled with a tremendous sense of accomplishment.


How To Get A Man To Chase You?

To get a man to chase you, firstly, you must monopolize his attention. Show confidence around him by being assertive. Also, flirt with him by making eye contact while smiling and playing with your hair. This would pique his interest.

While flirting, you don’t want to come on too strong. Flirt with him a bit and pull back to see how he reacts.


How To Make Him Chase You

Every woman would love to be cherished by the man they love. Deep down, all women enjoy the feeling of being chased, and it is the same for men.

Men enjoy the feeling of overcoming a challenge and coming out on top. They lose interest in women who give in to them quickly, so you need to learn how to make him chase you.

Every relationship stage is crucial, especially “the chase.” This is where the guy would get to know if he likes you. This is also where a woman would get to know if the guy is the one for her.

Most men begin the chase without even thinking about the possibility of falling for the women. During “the chase,” they would realize that they want to spend eternity with the woman.

The following is how to make a man chase you like crazy:


Be Out Of His League

Any man would be attracted and want to chase women who are out of their league.


Be Worth The Chase

Men love women who are classy, naughty, and funny. Any man would chase a woman who is worth the pursuit.


Stimulate His Intelligence

In the past, intelligence was not a quality needed in a woman. To get a man to chase you, you must show him you can hold your own in a conversation.

how to make him chase you


15 Proven Tips To Make Him Chase You

Are you tired of chasing him? And you want the man of your dreams to chase you? These are proven strategies that would teach you how to make him chase you:


1. Raise Your Standards High

You have to learn how to make him chase you and commit to you? Never lower your standard for the man you admire! Once he sees he doesn’t have to do much to please you, he will lose interest in you.

When you raise your standards, you are telling the guy that no matter who he is and how he makes you feel, you aren’t willing to sacrifice the value of your singleness to be with him.

You are also telling him he has to work his ass off before he can get you. He would know he has to chase you, and he would be rewarded with an exceptional level of maturity.


2. Maintain An Air Of Mystery

Everyone is attracted to mystery. Most people sit glued to their television or a novel because of the mystery that comes with it.

A proven strategy on how to make a guy chase you is by being mysterious. Men are naturally curious and drawn to mysterious women, and they become intrigued and will try to uncover all layers of her.

If you want your crush to chase you, you have to stop being an open book in front of him. He loses interest once he feels he knows all there is to see. Make it a habit to share bits of yourself and not everything on a date. You shouldn’t withhold vital information from him.


3. Make Him Think About You

A vital lesson on how to make a man chase you is to make him think about you constantly. You have to be spontaneous and unpredictable in a good way. Let him spend time thinking about what next you would do.

When you are together, you could do something memorable that would leave him thinking about you all day and night.

You can give him a soft kiss on the lips after a date to leave him wondering what your lips taste like. But you should not do something over the top like making out with him or going beyond what you are comfortable with.


4. Be Confident

How to make him chase you? Be Confident! Confidence is a desirable trait that anyone can possess. When a confident person walks into a room, everyone looks at them, no matter their gender.

A confident woman knows her worth. She knows what she deserves, and she is not scared to go for what she wants. She won’t settle for less.

If you turn up your self-worth and confidence level, he will be attracted to the positive vibe you give. When you know your self-worth and how much you have to offer, this will make him see you are definitely worth the chase.


5. Play Hard To Get

A proven strategy on how to make a man chase you is by playing hard to get. Men love women who play hard to get, even if they say otherwise. It is part of their psychology. They would choose a girl who plays hard to get over one who wears her heart on her sleeves.

The “playing hard to get” process draws men to work hard to get their reward. Once you play hard to get, it makes the guy want your attention to the extent that he would actively seek your presence. This is why so many people claim that “guys love the chase.”

Knowing when to stop playing hard to get is also important because most guys would leave once they notice their chase leads nowhere.


6. Catch His Attention

how to make a guy chase you

Men are attracted by what they see. Visual is a compelling object in the art of sed#ction. You don’t have to go out of your way to wear makeup, especially if you are not into it. Always look good in his eyes. Take care of yourself and make sure you are constantly glowing.

How you can make a man chase you like crazy is by being attractive. You can also dress to his preference. For example, if he likes your hair down, you can wear your hair down casually in front of him.

You do not have to go out of your way to dress like someone you are not.


7. Flirt

Guys adore women who know how to flirt and have a naughty side to them. They think being able to flirt and showing off your playful side means you would be able to satisfy their sensual needs. This is very important if you want to know how to make him chase you.

Flirting helps to make the chase more interesting. You could be subtle by making eye contact and smiling to charm him. If he reciprocates, that means he likes you.

Showing him your naughty side helps him see that there are more sides to you he is yet to uncover. Trust me; he would want to find them.


8. Give Him A Little Competition

You can make a guy chase you by giving him a little healthy competition. It would keep any man interested on his toes. Just let him know he is not the only one vying for your attention and sit back.

You could go on dates with other guys or flirt with other guys in his presence. If he wants to label the relationship, he must work hard to get it.

When a man feels other men are chasing the woman he likes, he would be motivated to pursue you and win you over.


9. Don’t Give Him Any Extra Benefits

Do you want to know how to make him chase you and commit to you? Don’t give him extra benefits. If he doesn’t place a label on the relationship, do not assume you are in one to avoid the heartbreak that comes with it.

It would help if you go out on dates with other people and not solely monopolize your attention for him. Please do not act like you are in a relationship or give him the benefits of being in a relationship.

Men love the emotional support they get from a relationship. Once you give out these benefits without clearly putting a label on the relationship, they won’t see the need to chase you. Nobody would chase what they already have.


10. Keep Your Emotions In Check

An essential point in making him chase you is keeping your emotions in check. This is one of the hardest things to do, especially if you are someone who likes to show your feelings. Trust me; You do not want to be the first to say, “I love you.”

Once a guy feels you love him more than he loves you, he is bound to put in less effort. To get him back, you would have to learn how to make him chase you again, or you chase him instead.


11. State Your Boundaries

Always state your ground and look out for yourself. Just because you are in love, it shouldn’t be an avenue for him to walk all over you. Don’t just go with whatever he asks of you.

If he teases you too much or oversteps his boundaries, don’t be afraid to draw the line. He would have to apologize and realize you don’t tolerate bad behavior, which is a quality of a high-standard woman.


12. Awaken His ‘Protective’ Instincts

Rest in your femininity. Awaken his “hero instinct.” Show that you could be his damsel in distress, and you would have your knight in shining armor.

Use your feminine side to win him over. Once he sees you in distress, he would feel tasked to keep your smile up and make you happy. This is a proven strategy on how to make him chase you.

A downside to this is that he may start to see you as a burden if he doesn’t like you.


13. Do Not Make Him Your Priority

A common mistake women make is they make their crush a priority, and they make their world revolve around him and make him the center of their universe.

Well, I would like to tell you to stop that.

Don’t also neglect your friends and family while making him your priority. Go out and have fun. Do that exciting activity you have been meaning to do. Let him be left wondering who and what takes your time.

Avoid getting bored at all costs, because once you start to get bored, you start to miss him. This would lead to you texting him.


14. Don’t Text Him All The Time

You can learn how to make a man chase you through text. First, you shouldn’t always respond to his text early.

You may give him the vibe that you are desperate to be with him, and we don’t want that now, do we? Take time to reply to his texts. You could even take days. If he is interested, he would call to check up or text.

A downside to this is that it shouldn’t be used frequently, and he might feel you are ghosting if it gets too frequent.

He texts you a lot, but that doesn’t mean you should too. You should keep your words short and minimize them. When you finally get into a relationship with him, you can begin to send him lengthy texts with loads of love.


15. Know When To Give

You have finally gotten what you want. You have learned how to make him chase you like crazy, and the man of your dreams is finally chasing you.

It would be best to give him something to show you care about him. This really doesn’t have to be lovemaking; could be a kiss. It could even be a gift. Just something special.


Final Thoughts On How To Make Him Chase You

These strategies may seem like mind games to you – trust me, it’s not. It would be best to master how to make him chase you to have a successful dating life.

Not knowing how to make a man chase you would result in you chasing him. Only on rare occasions would a man’s feelings intensify when you chase him instead.

While these strategies are effective, some people get stuck in “the chase.” You need to know when the relationship has no future.

To avoid wasting your time on making a man chase you, I have written a well-curated piece on how to know if he is not that into you.


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