How To Know If He Is Not That Into You

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signs he's not into you anymore

Belinda shared a few talks with me recently about how her man’s attitude towards her changed and these changes are signs he’s not into you anymore. They hung out together in a 5-star hotel as it was their custom every fortnight due to the nature of their jobs as they hardly had time together.

Jerry her man suggested that and most times was responsible for the bills even when she offered to pay sometimes but he refused saying “I won’t let my lady do that, I mean why am I here?”

Belinda was looking forward to when he would propose when she discovered that it’s been 14days since they last hung out at their favourite spot. She called and drew his attention to it, but he responded by saying he’s been busy at work lately.

I didn’t take it to heart until I also discovered he suddenly stopped calling me and whenever I called, he would say can I call you back please but will never return the calls.

I waited for a few days and when I didn’t get any message or calls from him, I called again and he sounded irritated over the phone asking why I’m hounding him and he would call me whenever he needed to speak with me or see me. My whole world crumbled said, Belinda. After consoling her, I told her the very words you will be reading shortly.

Have you been sitting on your chair and waiting on your phone to ring like Belinda? I know you two have established a kind of connection together that may have also turned into a routine but all of a sudden you notice things are not the same anymore as you feel you are no longer the object of affection.

20 signs he's not into you

Before you jump to conclusions, I’d like us to rule out any form of illness or probably unmet expectations. Think about the following points and consider them objectively.

What if your lover is going through a hard time and they are finding it difficult to share it with you? What if they are finding it difficult to get over the last argument or misunderstanding you had together and they are watching to see how things go?

There are many what-ifs to consider but I’d say that when you begin to feel like things have changed between you two then it’s time to look closely to find out what could be the reason or better still watch out for signs he’s not into you anymore.

You may have stopped getting all the romantic love messages, the gifts and cards may have stopped and you have possibly stopped hanging out together, then take a look at some signs he’s not into you which may be a pointer to the fact that he’s not into you through texts either.

I can imagine how painful it is to see someone you cherish so dearly suddenly fall out of love with you. I’ve been there a couple of times and back but it has never stopped me from loving because I know they never truly deserved me and we were never meant for each other.

signs he's not into you


20 Signs He’s Not Into You

If you think your man has become disinterested in you, this isn’t the time to begin to be manipulative about finding your way into his heart or crying yourself to sleep as you listen to “I have nothing if I don’t have you” by Whitney Houston, please lady stop all of that as you don’t need them.

Wipe your tears and study the signs he’s not into you or signs he’s not that into you, signs he’s not into you anymore, and warning signs he’s not into you below closely.

Let’s take a look at 20 signs he’s not into you.


1. He Doesn’t Call Or Text You Anymore

Sometimes it may not be a drastic stop but a gradual one that begins with a reduction of the way he reaches out to you. Other times it may be that even when he calls you notice he barely has anything to talk about and all he just says is” I just called to check on you” and then hangs up.

This is one of the major signs he’s not into you through text and signs he’s not into you anymore.


2. He Hardly Returns Your Calls

A man in love usually looks forward to checking on his lover and will feel excited seeing his lover call him also. If you noticed he doesn’t return your call, then it could be one of the signs that he’s not interested in you anymore.


3. Watch How He Behaves Around You

My Ex was so fond of me that whenever I visited it was party time for us but I noticed a change before our breakup that he suddenly changed and found it difficult sitting with me in the living room.

He would either go into the bedroom telling me he’s busy and would not allow me into the room or would snap at every little thing I do.

I noticed he lost his smile whenever I’m around and would sometimes tell me he was actually on his way out when I came in and that means I should leave also. If you notice your man is doing any of the above lately then it’s one of the signs he’s not into you body language.


4. You No Longer Go Out Alone Like You Used To

If your man avoids being with you alone, then it’s a huge sign he’s no longer in love with you. Being alone with your lover helps you bond and also get to know each other better. When your man begins to avoid that, doesn’t it mean you are of no use to him anymore? This is one of the subtle signs he’s not into you.


5. When You Are No Longer A Priority

People in love tend to prioritise their lovers above so many things. They rank you first in all they do, in attention giving, in making plans and in watching out for your wellbeing too.

When your man doesn’t do this anymore and he makes you begin to beg for his attention then you may have to have a rethink.


6. When Your Man Begins To Cancel Plans

You have planned your time out together and all of a sudden he puts a call through telling you he’s got a headache and he feels it’s not the right time to hang out, or he doesn’t even call but keeps you waiting endlessly.

If your man suddenly begins to cancel plans and make excuses that don’t sound true it’s one of the signs he’s not interested anymore.


7. He’s Not Interested In What You Do

One of my Ex used to be my greatest cheerleader. He always watched my back and asked questions about my job and how I’m handling things at work.

He always gave tips and advice on office relationships, managing my strength at work and always made sure I went to bed early so I could give my all at work the next day. He showered so much attention to my work life and productivity.

Little wonder when he began to lose interest in me I knew immediately because he stopped caring about my work life. Did I forget to tell you he is an entrepreneur and loves smart and hardworking ladies?

The moment your man loses interest in what you do, then get ready, a shocker may be underway. This is just another warning signs he’s not into you.


8. He Is Not Interested In Your Opinion

Does he ignore you when you are in a line or in the company of people? Does he find whatever you say interesting or he finds your words sarcastic lately? Does he give you the silent treatment or tells you to speak, he’s listening and he’s busy doing something else? This shows signs he’s not into you.


9. He Begins To Hide Things From You

People in love tend to be open and share their thoughts, dreams and plans with you but when you notice a decline in this, it’s one of the signs that he is not into you. How about hiding his phone or even putting it on silent the moment you show up? Girl, read the signs on the wall.


10. You Notice He’s Beginning To Lie To You

Truth is one of the foundations of a great relationship and when this ingredient is lacking, distrust will begin to creep in. When your man begins to lie about his whereabouts or even doesn’t say the truth about some issues then it’s a huge indicator he’s not into you.

A man in love will not want to hurt his lady by being deceitful. I’ve seen men connive with friends to lie to their lady about their whereabouts especially when they are cheating.

All these are not necessary if you notice any of these know that you may be experiencing the beginning of the end of that relationship.


11. He Suddenly Becomes Friends With Lots Of Ladies Compared To When You First Met

When a man suddenly becomes friends with lots of ladies and he displays them on his phone or even social media accounts then you need to watch it. He may never have been yours. A man who is into you regardless of his lifestyle will not want to hurt you with such posts.


12. He Begins To Avoid You

A man in love will want to show you off to his family and friends and also want people to know how much you mean to him. When he begins to avoid being seen with you, then you need to watch it.


13. When He Suddenly Wants Your Relationship To Be Secret

I say this always that if a relationship has to be secret, you have no business being in it. When a man tells you he wants your relationship to be a secret between you two then it means he’s probably seeing someone else, he wants you for some other reasons or most likely one of the signs he’s not into you.


14. He Doesn’t Make Plans To Be With You

You know he used to be so keen in seeing you and how he used to make plans for your next hang out but you noticed he seems to be withdrawn and doesn’t make such plans anymore. This is one of the huge signs he’s not into you.


15. He Doesn’t Care Anymore

Has he stopped asking how your day was at work? What you had for lunch? How your meeting went and what outfit you rocked to the office and how your day went generally?

Has he stopped asking about your plans, goals and ambitions or even suggest things you can do to make you a better person? it’s time to rethink your relationship.


16. He Has Stopped Putting In Effort Into The Relationship

He doesn’t send you gifts anymore, no surprise visits at work, no surprise birthday parties, no going to the movies anymore, in fact, no plans of spicing up your relationship. It’s one of the bad signs he’s not into you anymore.


17. He Doesn’t Seem Jealous Of Your Male Friends Anymore

Maybe you notice his interest is dwindling and you try to make mention of male friends trying to get your attention so you could see his reaction as always but he lets it slide and doesn’t behave as if you said anything. Your intuition may be right, he’s not into you any longer.


18. He Does Not Appreciate Things You Do For Him

Gone are those days a quick call from you gladdens his heart. Gone are the days where a little help from you makes him lush about it and keeps referring to your kind deeds as he showers praise on you. Now the reality is as if he doesn’t even notice all you do to make him happy. It hurts I know but it’s one of the huge signs he’s not into you.


19. He Refuses Lovemaking

Every man loves getting intimate with his lady. The moment a man begins to reject lovemaking, you need to watch it. Some would still engage in lovemaking to satisfy their lusts but watch how he does it, is he concerned about you getting satisfied as always?


Final Words On Signs He’s Not Into You

I know you must be heartbroken after seeing matching examples of your man’s behaviour in the signs he’s not into you. You can let it all out, cry if you want to but you can remain in there. You have to find a way to move on.

The question now is how to let go of a guy who is not into you. This isn’t easy but there are a few things you can do after the dialogue. First, you have to be real with yourself that it’s over.

Secondly, apply the no contact rule. Why call a guy when he has stopped calling you? For everyone who has treated me this way, I always stop calling immediately and to heal quickly, I block contacts with them on the phone and social media and I also avoid visiting places I can bump into them.

The next thing I do is heal by getting support from family and friends by hanging out with them a lot. I plan fun outings with them to take the pain away.

I also get busy. I invest in reading more and concentrating on my well-being so I don’t break down. Remember it’s a journey and you need strength for the road.

Lastly, I hit the road again. Yes, that someone zoned me out doesn’t mean everyone is like him. I get in relationships again and again while I’m careful not to be hurt again.

Severing ties with a guy who suddenly stops loving you could feel like heartbreak but how you handle it determines how well you will do in future relationships.

Don’t cry yourself to sleep for too long and stop listening to songs like “I’m gonna find a way to make it without you tonight” Remember you are loved and valuable.

What are the signs he’s not into you and signs he’s not that into you that you discovered personally outside this blog post, please let me know, I will be reading in the comment section.


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signs he's not that into you

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