100 Encouraging Words For Husband

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words of encouragement for husband

Support, encouragement, help; name it, every man needs it. This is where encouraging words for husband comes in handy. This article will show you ways you can be a source of encouragement to your husband.

Be someone who inspires hope and confidence in your husband. Men have this innate desire to be respected and affirmed, and they want to hear those words from you; the wife.


Why Do Husbands Need Encouragement?

Using words of encouragement for husband helps you soften his heart, draw him closer to you and it is going to be a source of food for his soul.

Nothing energizes a man more than words of encouragement from his own wife, and it shows that you are intentional about the success of your marriage.

No marriage is perfect; all robust relationship takes work, patience and dedication, and the work is not easy. It is very easy to build your home up and throw it all away by wrong utterances from your mouth. So you have to be very careful with what you say.

You have to be intentional about making your marriage work, and one of the ways of being intentional is to start using encouraging words for your husband. Encouraging words for husband begins:


7 Ways To Encourage Your Husband

encouraging words for husband


1. Prayer

When it comes to biblical words of encouragement for my husband this is the number one key, and it is fundamental to helping your husband act as the man in the house. It is the foundation for a successful marriage. If you think back to when you were single, and you prayed in anticipation for that man.

Now you are married and you have the ring and everything but you have stopped praying for your man and your marriage, and now complaining and nagging.

Instead of doing all of that, meet your husband and ask him if there is anything he would want you to pray about. This is one of the great ways to encourage your husband knowing that his wife cares so much about his welfare and wellbeing. I’d say this is one of the best places we can use encouraging words for husband, you guessed correctly, in the place of prayer.

Biblical words of encouragement for my husband will keep your marriage unshakeable.


2. Send Him A Message

Send him a cute love text for husband, or a heartfelt poem. Just ask him how his day is going, tell him that you miss him and are thinking about him, or as you make his lunch in the morning you can put a little note there or uplifting words for husband to encourage him.

Or you can get creative and send him a message that you will prepare his favourite meal, put the kids to bed and make time out for some fun time alone.

Just ask yourself “Is my home somewhere my husband likes coming to at night”? If not, start using encouraging words for husband. This is where encouraging text messages for husband comes handy.


3. Watch Your Tongue

You need to take responsibility for what you say, and not make excuses. Don’t say something in the heat of the moment that you will regret later. You don’t want your husband to start avoiding you because you constantly nag him and complain incessantly.

The truth is men don’t usually like confrontation, and this will just cause your husband to withdraw into his shell. While you watch your tongue, don’t just hold it in place, Use some encouraging words for husband and encouraging things to say to your husband.


4. Be Playful

ways to encourage your husband

You and your husband need to be friends, best friends. Your conversation should not only revolve about the kids, school fees, bills, insurance and mortgage payments and other financial issues. Talking only about this is a recipe for disaster.

It is important that you have fun in your relationship, and you do things that don’t involve these stressful tasks.

You can decide to go for a bike ride, have some creative date-time ideas, or go for a little getaway time, nothing too expensive. Just have fun together and enjoy each other’s company.


5. Be Your Husband Biggest Cheerleader

There is a way you speak to your husband in public and people will know if you respect your husband or if you constantly nag him. If someone was to describe your husband purely on what you say about him, what will they say?

Also, watch what you tell him in the privacy of your bedroom; be kind with your words, don’t go telling him “I told you so”, ‘I told you this won’t work’. When he comes with his big plans, and his big vision, knowing you will cheer for him from the sideline is a big encouragement, and this will help him face his fear.

Hearing sweet encouraging words for husband and uplifting words for husband from you will definitely put some springs in his steps.


6. Appreciate His Strengths

It is easy for you to magnify your husband’s flaws and not appreciate his strength. Look for the small things that you are grateful for and just appreciate him, and tell him that you appreciate him.

Maybe he helps you put the kids to bed, or does help you out with the dishes, or maybe he makes you laugh, remember to keep telling him those things you find amazing about him. When you encourage the king in your man that is what you are going to see developing in him.

Your husband is not your problem to fix or project to finish. But if something he does is irritating, you need to figure out a way to let him know. He really does want you to be happy.

The trade-off might be that he’ll work hard to change some of his imperfections if you’ll work just as hard to put up with some that cannot be changed.

Compliments for husband is a good way to appreciate his strength and it’s one of the best encouraging words for your husband.


7. Listen To Your Husband

It is very easy to start complaining as a woman that your husband does not listen to you, or listen to your needs. Or you complain that he comes home late from work, or he seems distant. The question you need to ask yourself is “Will a husband like to come home to a nagging, critical wife”?

Listen to him and provide a source of encouragement by using encouraging words for my husband.

There are several encouraging words for husband and ways to encourage your husband, but using the right words of encouragement for husband at work will make him smile when thinking of you and would never return late from work.


Encouraging Your Husband

1.  Focus on what your husband does well.

2.  Speak well of your husband. Don’t belittle him to your girlfriends or make him feel unnecessary or incapable (counteract the cultural message that men are buffoons).

3.  Support him in front of the kids. This includes not dishonoring him in front of the kids even if you don’t 100 percent agree with him. If you need to, step into the other room so you can come to an agreement and present a united front in your parenting.

4.  Notice how he leads your family.

5.  Don’t overwhelm him with words.

6.  Don’t approach him in a harsh, critical manner.

7.  Give him opportunities to problem solve and fix stuff (ask for advice).

8.  Give him time to unwind after work- even if you’re exhausted too. Even if you are ready to unload about your day at work, the kids’ needs, or some crisis, pay attention to your husband’s personality. He may need more time to chill after finishing up his work than you usually do. Learn what works best for both of you.

9.  Brag about him in front of the kids, extended family, and friends.

10.  Give him opportunity to be physically strong (i.e. open doors, carry heavy things, fix something broken).

11.  Take an interest in what he’s passionate about (i.e. football, fishing, hiking, hobby, etc).

12.  Take care of yourself (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually).

13.  Remember that he doesn’t multitask as you can, focus on one thing at a time.

14.  Don’t check your phone when you’re together (give him your ‘first fruits’)

15.  Encourage him daily (speak courage into him at the beginning of the day).

16.  Tell him that you like him-that you want to be with him (be his friend).

17.  Tell him that you’re still attracted to him.

18.  Don’t make him feel stupid or incompetent.

19.  Realize that men hate sarcasm from their wives.

20.  Understand how difficult it is to hear criticism- it’s like toxic poison to a man’s system.

21.  Stop asking how he feels and ask, “What was the high and low of your day?”

22.  Live within your financial budget.

23.  Prioritize fun, laughter, and playfulness.

24.  Trust his judgment.

25.  Accept his influence.

26.  Don’t act like his mother (don’t mother him).

27.  Always have his back.

28.  Ask how you can help.

29.  Use a gentle tone when confronting him.

30.  Don’t personalize mistakes that he makes.

31.  Don’t correct something that you’ve asked him to do (i.e. getting your daughter ready for school, loading the dishwasher, cleaning something, etc.)

32.  Listen without interrupting and let him finish his sentence or thought.

33.  Be patient when he says that he’s thinking about “nothing” or feeling “fine” (don’t personalize these statements).

34.  Don’t get frustrated when he can’t express or poorly expresses his feelings.

35.  Don’t bring up serious issues when he is tired or hungry.

36.  Don’t expect him to be able to communicate at a deep, emotional level as fast as you can.

37.  Don’t launch into a conversation without asking if it is a good time (don’t “draft” him into a conversation).

38.  Pray for him (Praying for him is the best biblical words of encouragement for my husband).

39.  Don’t put him on the spot.

40.  Develop your own spiritual relationship with God.

41.  Greet him with enthusiasm when he comes home (act like you’re glad to see him).

42.  Don’t openly or aggressively challenge his thinking or decisions in front of others.

43.  Extend God’s grace to him and be forgiving when he offends you.

44.  Ask him to complete this statement, “I feel loved when you…”

More encouraging words for husband below:


100 Words Of Encouragement For Husband

1.  Thanks for being a great husband!

2.  I’m glad you’re my friend.

3.  You’re a great (are going to be a great) Dad!

4.  I really appreciate you.

5.  When you listened to me, you made me feel loved.

6.  You are my man!

7.  You are my protector.

8.  You’re amazing!

9.  Hey, do you have any plans later?

10.  I respect you so much.

11.  Thanks for working so hard.

12.  You’re an excellent provider.

13.  You make me feel like a Lady.

14.  I love being with you.

15.  You’re so smart.

16.  Thank you, that was really kind.

17.  You’re so strong.

18.  You’re a hard worker.

19.  You know how to make me happy!

20.  When you hold me tight, I feel safe with you (This is one of the best encouraging things to say to your husband).

21.  I like you.

22.  I love your sense of humor.

23.  Thanks for the date . . . I enjoyed being with you.

24.  Thank you for thinking of me.

25.  You’re so considerate.

26.  You’re a great lover.

27.  I’ll always stand by your side.

28.  Your secrets are safe with me.

29.  I’m yours.

30.  I’ll go wherever you lead.

31.  I’m blessed you are my husband.

32.  You are a godly man.

33.  Thank you for leading our family.

34.  Being your wife is an honor (This could be sent as encouraging text messages for husband).

35.  It’s a lot of fun being Mrs. ( )

36.  Do you want to be a father?

37.  Your ideas are so exciting!

38.  I love how steady and stable you are . . . makes me feel secure.

39.  I love it when you barbeque!

40.  Thanks for helping around the house.

41.  It’s fun to work with you.

42.  What a great job – that looks fantastic!

43.  You are one handsome man.

44.  You are an unselfish person.

45.  I’ve learned so much from you.

46.  Our kids are (going to be) fortunate you are their dad.

47.  I’m a better woman because you’re my husband. I mean that.

48.  You are my favorite person in the entire world! (This could be the best encouraging words for your husband).

49.  I want to grow old with you.

50.  I’m thinking we should go to bed early tonight.

51.  You make me feel like a woman.

52.  I trust your judgment.

53.  Your approval means the world to me.

54.  You are a thoughtful man.

55.  Thank you for caring about how I feel.

56.  I appreciate how you show me respect.

57.  I have confidence in your leadership.

58.  I totally trust you.

59.  I’m proud to be your wife.

60.  There’s no one like you (Whenever I use this encouraging words for my husband, his heart melts).

61.  You inspire me to be the best I can be.

62.  The hard times don’t matter – I’m with you.

63.  You stand for the Truth. I admire that.

64.  Your enthusiasm gets me excited.

65.  You are a man of conviction.

66.  I married a man of integrity.

67.  You’re amazing – you really are!

68.  I wouldn’t trade my life with you for anything.

69.  You’re a man of action.

70.  You’re my dream-come-true – you know that, don’t you?

71.  I will always be loyal to you. No other man could even come close.

72.  I will always honor you.

73.  You will always have my heart.

74.  There’s no one like you.

75.  What do you need from me?

76.  I am one blessed woman! (This is my favourite words of encouragement for husband).

77.  I love being by your side.

78.  You look great!

79.  I’m a One-Woman-Man!

80.  You were amazing last night.

uplifting words for husband

81.  How can I serve you in a way that makes you feel loved and respected?

82.  I’m always in your corner.

83.  I love it when you teach me (us) the Word of God.

84.  You have helped me to become a better woman.

85.  You have a lot to offer.

86.  Thank you for being a faithful husband (and father).

87.  Don’t think I don’t notice you putting (me) your family first.

88.  Being with you is my favorite place to be.

89.  I hope you slept well last night because I was thinking we’d stay up a little later tonight!

90.  Our kids really look up to you . . . and so do I.

91.  I’m grateful our kids have such an excellent role model.

92.  You’re a gentleman.

93.  I love just being with you.

94.  I’ll love you always and forever.


Final Words On Encouraging Words For Husband

Those were beautiful examples of some encouraging words for husband, have you found any favorite you will like to begin with? Share it.


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