51 Fun Indoor Activities For Couples Who Are Bored At Home

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fun things for couples to do at home

Fun indoor activities for couples is a must-have as most times couples who are sharing space may suddenly get bored with each other. I mean, you wake up daily to see the same face and carry out almost the same activities which become like a routine.

Many have tried turning the tide by engaging in activities that will make them go out often but it seems not to be working as you can’t go out all the time, it’s not feasible.

What happens when you can’t go out? I once had a friend tell me she practically drove her boyfriend out of her house because he was so boring, funny, but this kind of situation can be avoided.

Whenever you are stuck indoors you shouldn’t only have some popcorn and chill with Netflix only all day, you can try some fun indoor activities for couples, fun things for couples to do at home, and fun activities for couples at home that you can do together while you chill in the door.


Fun Things For Couples To Do At Home

fun indoor activities for couples

What activity do you and your significant other half do when you are indoors? Watch Tv, assist each other with house chores or even lie in bed together, if these are the only activities then there’s a possibility of you two getting bored.

I understand that you have separate schedules and it may not be easy to have so much time to spend together, but you also have to prioritise your relationship above everything else and try to engage in a variety of activities.

Never mind, that is why this post is here to assist you. Let’s look at a few fun indoor activities for couples, fun things for married couples to do at home, and fun things for couples to do at home below:


1. Play Board Games

Playing a game together is a good one you can try out. In my dating years, I and my boyfriend use to play scrabble a lot. It started as fun he taught me as we progressed we began taking down our scores and even gifting each other items when necessary.

Guess what? We are married today and the fun hasn’t stopped. It’s mentally stimulating and easy to play.

Board games is undeniably one of the best fun indoor activities for couples.


2. Play Online Games

I and my husband still do this a lot. There are several ones you can find online and the beauty of this is that it is done in stages and as you progress, there are fun additions, that way you don’t get bored, you will want to see what’s in the other stages. Some stages are difficult while some are easy.

The only thing here is that you may be asked to buy some items you may need to win or even have a lot of adverts distracting you but asides from that, this is interesting to try out. You could relieve childhood memories of mortal combat and other games.


3. Prepare A Meal Together

Preparing a meal entails a lot and it’s not new that some men know how to cook better. In this case, you can ask him to come to prepare his favourite while you assist with other things in the kitchen like doing the dishes and preparing the ingredients ready for use.

Where this is not possible, you can both try cooking a dish you have not prepared before and put heads together to make it happen. It could even be making pastries. The idea is to bring some fun into your relationship.

Looking for the best fun activities for couples to do at home, prepare a meal together.


4. Go Online Together

I love reading books a lot while my man enjoys listening to music. Sometimes when we are bored, we go online together to search for books and some new music releases.

We could spend hours there as we get more fun ideas, doing this has helped my man create his playlist of great music and for me a nice collection of books (some I have not even had time to read).

We can also call this saving for the future as whenever you are bored, you can return to the items you have downloaded.


5. Do Some Dancing

This may sound funny especially if you are a very shy person. I used to be like this too but when you do it for fun, you will realize that there’s nothing to be ashamed about. So even if you cannot twerk, you can do some hip-hop moves. Just have fun together.

Dancing and singing with your partner is a proven fun things for married couples to do at home.


6. Do Some Exercises

There are a couple of exercises you can do together indoors like squats, using the treadmill (if you have one) or even using a skipping rope. You could try skipping together using the same rope.

Throwing your pillows at each other also is another good form of exercise that will improve your throwing and catching skills.

Exercising with my partner has really helped me bond better with my man, and this is a fun indoor activities for couples.


7. Have An Indoor Picnic

Imagine what you would have done if you were to have your picnic outside? Try doing it indoors. Have your playspot and decorate it to look good. Get your snacks or whatever you intend to use. Have some drinks and possibly play some games. If you need some music, you are home, go for it.


8. Try Redecorating Your Apartment Together

Where you can not redecorate, you can rearrange and de-clutter together. A friend once told me this: I can remember the last time my other half and I decided to do DIY together.

I was holding up the wallpaper he had just applied to the ceiling, paste, water (and probably sweat) were dripping down my arms. And my man said it’s great working together. You could just do some home decluttering to free up space together.

This is another fun indoor activities for couples you can try out.


9. Engage In Some Couple Talk

It’s beautiful when couples sit and talk together. Not the usual everyday discussions but that which will help you get more intimate.

It could be about your likes and dislikes, plans or even some bed talk. Either of them is fine as they will help you know and understand each other better. I love these fun indoor activities for couples so much.


10. Date Night

You can have a date night at home without going out. Remember what your first night out was like? You can relieve and recreate that moment or go for something different.

Prepare dinner for two or buy from your favourite restaurant. Set the atmosphere by using candles or dim the light a little and enjoy dinner differently. This is one of my favourite fun indoor activities for couples.


Fun Activities For Couples At Home

fun activities for couples at home

These fun activities for couples at home, and fun indoor activities for couples will drastically improve the romance in your marriage.


1. Plant And Tend A Garden If You Can

We planted little stalks that turned into a greenhouse and we keep watering and tending all year round, from it we have vegetables and we do not need to go to the market always as we have some at home said, Andrea.

Even if you are not willing to tend a garden, you can plant and keep a flower pot and grow into having many more.


2. Stargaze together at night and make a wish

3. Try drawing or creating an artwork

4. Singing favourite songs together

5. Play hide and seek

6. See a movie together

7. Have breakfast in bed

8. Do some massage on each other

9. Shop online together

10. Have a yoga session at home together

11. Read to each other

12. Take a personality test online and compare it to that of your partner

13. Play truth or dare for couples.

fun things for couples to do together at home

Let me drop a few hints here on this:

  • What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?
  • What’s your biggest regret?
  • What’s the most childish thing you’ve ever done?
  • What’s a bad habit you have?
  • What’s one thing on your bucket list?
  • What’s one thing you would do if you wake up tomorrow as the opposite gender?
  • What’s the last dream you had about us?
  • Have you ever shared a toothbrush with anyone?
  • Have you ever told a lie and got caught?
  • What’s one thing you like, and one thing you dislike about yourself?
  • Have you ever peed in a pool?
  • Have you ever done something embarrassing while drunk? Describe.
  • What do you think about while using the toilet?
  • If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?
  • What are you afraid of in the dark?
  • Have you ever sent an inappropriate/embarrassing text to someone? Describe.
  • Have you ever stalked someone on Facebook?
  • Who are you most jealous of and why?
  • What colour is your underwear?
  • What do you hate and why?
  • Who/what is someone/something that annoys you?


14.  Play some would you rather questions together.

There are several questions you can ask each other but I will be posting a few here:

  • Would you rather go on a date to a restaurant that’s quite expensive or eat at home?
  • Would you rather get matching piercings or get matching tattoos?
  • Would you rather jog in the daytime together or take strolls at night?
  • Would you rather play your partner’s favourite sport with them or cheer them as they play it with other people?
  • Would you rather cuddle by a fireplace or cuddle beside a window?
  • Would you rather have your lover be much older or be much younger than you?
  • Would you rather your lover like to dress comfortably or one who likes to dress fashionably?
  • Would you rather have a partner who wears black all the time or who wears a lot of brightly coloured clothes?
  • Would you rather have a partner who’s an extrovert or one who’s an introvert?
  • Would you rather meet your partner’s siblings first or their closest friends first?
  • Would you rather have a partner who obsessed with hugs or who’s obsessed with cuddles?
  • Would you rather go shopping for your significant other alone or go shopping with their best friend?
  • Would you rather live on the same street with your partner or work in the same building with your partner?
  • Would you rather have a partner that always looks nice or a partner that always smells nice?
  • Would you rather your partner had long hair or no hair at all?
  • Would you rather your partner be very popular on social media or one who’s very popular in real life?
  • Would you rather be with someone who’s always really late or who’s always really early?


That’s just a few, there’s so much more you can try out.


Fun Indoor Activities For Couples

These fun indoor activities for couples are capable of reviving back the honeymoon phase in your marriage. Below are a few fun indoor activities for couples, fun things for couples to do at home, fun activities for couples to do at home, and fun things for married couples to do at home.

1. Create a couple of bucket list together

2. Have a spa night session indoors

3. Do some role-playing

4. Watch a comedy show together

5. Watch a romantic movie together

6. Share some jokes and laugh together

7. Take a look at some old pictures you took together and talk about some events surrounding why you took the pictures. This is another item in fun indoor activities for couples you should try out.

8. Watch a game

9. Have a taste of some wine you have had for some time or buy one you can share

10. Make a travel list

11. Plan a vacation

12. Create a photo book

13. Solve a puzzle together

14. Cook a special dinner together

15. Watch some favourite childhood films

16. Make Tiktoks

17. Make some smoothies

18. Watch live concerts online

19. Play poker

20. Sing some romantic songs that remind you of each other

21. Fly a kite

22. Leap into bed and see who makes the most noise

23. Make some homemade ice cream

24. Jog around your premises

25. Try something new you have never done together. What could that be? Think it up.


Final Words On Fun Things For Couples To Do At Home

Next time you are stuck indoors, don’t fret, just activate any of the fun indoor activities for couples and have some fun.


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fun things for married couples to do at home

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