10 Bedroom Habits That Happy Couples Swear By

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bedroom activities for couples

Have you evaluated your physical intimacy with your spouse lately?

Satisfied or dissatisfied?

I can bet on it that when you saw the topic for today’s post you would have said to yourself I need this. Most men will see it and say today is lovemaking day. You may be right but not completely.

Today’s post shed light on various bedroom activities for couples. If your relationship is new, the steps below will also come in handy. If your relationship is old, you can grab some new wine by engaging in some bedroom activities for couples that will make your spouse long for you.

Have you tried spicing up your bedroom activity but you still feel bored? Being adventurous and introducing new things into your bedroom activities will not only be exciting but also make you happy too.

The fire in your relationship can burn brighter with love and passion again. In the following lines are some bedroom activities for couples that you can use to not only spice up your marriage but add some fun to it.

bedroom activities for couples


1. They Get Intimate

This is sensual intimacy and it is helped by including touching his hand, offering massages and being romantic while with your lover. These activities are what you started when you were dating but seem to have forgotten now you are a couple.

Research has it that some of the happiest people are those who have their love bag filled. The bedroom is considered as a place where one can unwind, rest or even engage in some activities with your partner, this means your bedroom doesn’t have to be boring.

Lovemaking does not have to always take place on the bed. You can make your partner’s adrenaline shoot up by intriguing them with a new venue for lovemaking.

Tried it in the bathroom? How about hugging your spouse and kissing them while you lead them to the bathroom. Making out in the bathroom will be fabulous.

Remember when you were younger and you spent hours making out with your high-school lover? What happened to it now you are married? We should get creative and add to the mix.

When next you are tempted to jump into bed and have a qu#ck release try to spend more time just kissing your partner slowly, deeply, and for a very long time. You may not need to undress, just stay in there and enjoy your partner’s company.


2. Dance In Your Room

You could have a selection of your kind of music so you can put in the music and dance to your favourite tunes. Eventually, you would have lost some calories while dancing which is good for your health and could be like an aerobic session and you can relieve moments you had together also.

You and your partner can storm your own dancefloor in your bedroom. You could decide to have your collection of songs. Watch out if your partner loves them.


3. Look At Each Other Lovingly

There is no better time than when you are in the bedroom to look into your partner’s eyes and try holding each other gaze for a while. I and my man used to do this a lot.

Often when we carry out this exercise, we try to listen to each other’s heartbeat and try to follow it up by breathing like them and we realised that when we look into the eyes of each other, there is a certain kind of connection we feel.

This will help strengthen your bond and work on your relationship goals. You can feed your partner’s eyes and making them look at you too by how you dress.

Men most especially are moved by what they see and this means you can appeal to their senses with an action. Imagine how serious they look while watching Tv or even reading newspapers. This is a cue that your man loves seeing things. Little wonder dirty movie appeals to some of them.

Ever thought of giving them something sensually arousing to watch by role-playing? You may not need to go get a costume, your lingerie or even shorts and singlet is just fine. Play his favourite songs and dance to them in a romantic manner. He will be over you before you are over.

Sometimes put on a little show because as they say, men are visual beings who are moved by what they see especially when they like what they see, it makes them get more excited and eager to get it, not only will he have a good time, but you also in return will surely have a great one.


4. Have Breakfast In Bed

This could be an early morning tea or coffee with some sandwich, hamburgers and fries. Turn on the music, eat and enjoy each other’s company.

You could also begin the day with fruits or cereals, just something light that won’t be too tasking especially during the weekend so you can also rest.


5. They Discuss Plans

This is one of the bedroom activities for couples. Since you are a couple, it’s easier to stay in bed together as you talk about plans and follow them through.

The bedroom is more like a decision-making boardroom also as that’s where couples talk about sensitive issues lots of the time. I know couples who wake up at midnight to recite their affirmations and also plan for the next day.

Some create to-do lists and try to follow them while others make plans. Whichever group you belong to has one thing in common, they sit with their spouses to make plans.


6. Read Together

This is one of those activities that will also strengthen your bond with each other. It could be a romantic novel or a storybook. Reading to your partner could be enticing as your voice could be a turn on, where you don’t enjoy it.

You could use the text to speech option on your phone so that you can both be in a relaxed mood while your phone does the reading for you. While doing this, you could relax and cuddle.


7. Offer A Massage

Turn your bedroom into a spa. Try homemade recipes, make the time spent in the bedroom a relaxing and memorable one after the stress of the day. It could be a neck or foot massage. A full body scrub won’t hurt also.

One secret of happy couples is that they tend to do things for each other and not wait for it to be done for them, they look out for their partners also.

You may not be a pro but you can make a little research so the effect of the massage or scrub on the body is felt.


8. They Express Their Love For Each Other

This isn’t about lovemaking now but sharing some touches without necessarily looking for a way to make love but express heartfelt love for each other.

When was the last time you initiated lovemaking? Touch and cuddle more. Appreciate your spouse and encourage them and remind them of times they were there for you.

A friend once told me kissing is one tool that has helped revitalized her marriage and is one of the bedroom activities for couples she enjoys the most.

She believes this is vital because sometimes she’s exhausted from the daily responsibilities of being a wife and a mother and makes her forget about all the foreplays that they used to do before but kissing makes it easier for her now.


9. Take A Bath Together

This is a must-do bedroom activity for couples. Sharing a bath helps keep you in sync with each other. You can assist your partner while bathing to scrub their back.

Theresa a childhood friend once mentioned to me that she’s open to doing new things just to please her man but she cannot imagine touching herself in front of him because he requests it sometimes.

My response was you don’t have to do what you don’t feel comfortable with. You can offer an alternative but just try new things, be adventurous. For those who are scared of trying new things, that’s for you.


10. Sed#ce Your Partner

Sed#ction may be considered as trying to get someone’s attention by showing him a little piece of the action. There are several ways you can sed#ce your partner by doing things you normally don’t do. This requires being creative and going out of your routine.

You can give your man a “flash” which is welcoming him at the door with your sleepwear and having no panties on. You just unwrap and wrap yourself quickly again.


Ever tried having quick#es sometimes? This is one of the bedroom activities for couples. Following the process of foreplay may not be possible sometimes especially when you have been away from your lover for a long time.

In this case, marathons may not be possible, quick#es will fit in sometimes. The weekends can handle all that but when you just want to ease some tension, quick#es are the best and this is one activity happy couples engage in.

Morning lovemaking is often said to be the best because it is done first thing in the morning when you are still full of strength and just about to start the day.

Introducing some s#xual toys too won’t hurt. Toys aren’t for children only, adults have to. They bring some spice to the mix.

Engage your voice and use sweet words too. Let your partner know how much you need. Remember it’s your bedroom and no one is with you, be as free as possible. Express how you feel and also share what you will love to experience with your partner.

One bonus tip of happy couples is that they have fun together. It could be pillow fights, hide and seek or even board games but they derive joy from watching their mate’s favourite game or movie.

I encourage this for couples, though some are disciplined enough to follow through. Seeing a movie with your lover could be great. You could relate some scenes to events that have occurred in your lives or just simply enjoy it if it’s a romantic comedy, you could relate it to your own life story.

Sometimes less is more. Other times, more is more. When it comes to stimulating your partner’s senses and hot spots, don’t stop at one. Explore and enjoy the moment. Learn how to give your spouse a blended sensual peak. This means ticking the boxes sensually from start to finish.

What activity are you willing to try out with your spouse today?


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