100 Summer Date Ideas That Are Absolutely Free

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cute summer date ideas

Summer date ideas are things we can do together as couples during summer to have fun. What picture comes to your mind when you hear the word “date”?

Particularly when you are asked for a date by your lover. A beautiful restaurant? A Live band? A movie? Or even Dancing? What summer date ideas have you tried out before now?

It’s normal for anyone to go on dates but what I’ve noticed lately is that dates have fallen into a routine and it’s the same thing almost all the time, visiting the same places and doing the same thing.

Little wonder most couples don’t look forward to going on dates anymore. Many couples lose out as going on dates or engaging in couples activities can be a great opportunity to increase intimacy and improve marriages.

Some couples complain about having to do a lot of brainstorming to think up great ideas that will appeal to their partners for them not to feel bad in case their efforts are not appreciated, they will rather decide not to put in any effort of working on a date.

Often I advise couples to see going on a date as a way of getting to enjoy each other’s company and inviting their spouses into their world of interest which is why summer date ideas is here for you. The cold is gone and you are beginning to experience some sunshine and warm temperature.

The cold has shut you in enough, don’t you think it’s time to come out and enjoy some warmth with your lover by engaging in some summer date ideas together? Ever wondered what you will be doing with your spouse for the rest of your life?

I used to think about this question a lot in my single days. Ever felt the same way also? I know a few couples living in regrets and are stuck with partners they consider to be mistaken.

As harsh as this may sound, it’s the reality in some homes. We are not here to over analyse things but see how we can spice up our relationships by introducing creative things to do together.

There are a few summer date ideas, cute summer date ideas, romantic summer date ideas, fun summer date ideas, and cheap summer date ideas we will be exploring together. In the meantime, have you ever considered why you should engage in outings and some fun activities with your partner? If yes, sounds great.

We should engage our partners in activities to keep the flame of love and affection glowing, relive the dating days you shared by recreating such memories and also get more comfortable being around your spouse.

Catching fun together has a way of making you bond and enjoy each other’s company which is why I put together some cute summer date ideas together.

summer date ideas

Hopefully, at the end of this post, you will bid boredom goodbye as you will discover several ways to add some fun to your relationship and some summer date ideas you can try out with your partner.

I discovered that several couples find it difficult to engage each other in some creative activities but choose to stick to traditional means that do not work anymore or even if they work, they offer little or no result.

Due to the needs and demands of life, some people have lost their creativity because, by the time they are done with a day, the next day comes rushing in making them feel like they are on a roller coaster with no stop button.

Never mind, we got you covered with a few options you can use daily or as you wish. We have compiled a list of 100 summer date ideas you can try out.


Romantic Summer Date Ideas

These set of summer date ideas are the best romantic summer date ideas for couples that will skyrocket the romance in your relationship.


1. Visit A New Restaurant

You could visit to feed your eyes or order a new food you haven’t tried at home or can’t prepare.


2. Go On A Tour With Your Partner

Ever thought about going on a vacation? You don’t have to go to a very distant place, just think of a good place and visit the place.

Touring around with my partner is my favourite fun summer date ideas, as it enables me to spend quality time with my partner.


3. Organise A Party For Two

Just for you and your partner, you could pick together a few items and have a getaway with your lover. Remember that you can also stay indoors if you decide to.


4. Go To The Beach

romantic summer date ideas

While you walk around the beach taking pictures, riding on horseback, picking shells or even swimming. You can decide to suntan and just enjoy each other’s company.


5. Play Board Games

From solving word puzzles to solitaire and even scrabble game help to think wide and improve your vocabulary. It’s a good opportunity to laugh at and with your partner.


6. Visit The Spa

You can do this in the company of your spouse also. Where you can’t go out, you can have a DIY formula by using homemade remedies.

Looking for cute summer date ideas, visit the Spa with your partner.


7. Take A Day Trip

free summer date ideas

Take a risk, take a chance and break away….. Reminds me of Kelly Clarkson’s song. You can deliberately take a field trip with your spouse just driving around or have a particular destination that is quite a distance that you have not visited and explore.

It’s a great opportunity to have your partner sot right beside you as you navigate through streets and town, a cool country song playing in the background will add some fun to the journey. Don’t forget to take pictures also.


8. Go Shopping Together

You can decide to window shop but be sure you are doing it together. You can compare products and prices as you are exposed to a variety of items you can pick from.


9. Prepare Meals In The Company Of Your Spouse

It could be simple or even complicated dishes but you can enjoy doing it together as one does the dishes and another does the cooking.

Cooking with your spouse is one of the best cute summer date ideas you can do together.


10. Play Video Games

Gone are the days where playing games was considered a kids thing. Not anymore, adults seem to be leading the park now.


Fun Summer Date Ideas

These summer date ideas are a collection of the best fun summer date ideas, cheap summer date ideas, free summer date ideas, and fun summer activities at home.


1. Scribble Some Love Letters To Your Spouse

This is one summer date ideas I love so much. As it gives you room to express yourself on pen and paper especially if you are shy.


2. Visit The Artist

Take a look at various works, and tell each other stories about them. You could get a portrait of your mate too.


3. Have a date night indoors. Prepare your popcorn and ice cream or grab some and take them home.

4. Attend Baking classes together if you can

5. Attend dance classes

6. Try attending a sporting event

7. Take a walk around your neighbourhood

8. Early morning jogging

9. Go see some animals at the zoo

10. Read some romance novels to each other as you gradually fall asleep

11. Buy tickets and plan to attend a premiere

12. Recreate memories by looking at previous memories created on a photograph as you look towards having greater memories

13. Go get some ice cream. Getting some ice cream with your partner could be a fun summer date ideas you’d enjoy.

14. Ever thought of having your garden? If yes, it’s a good thing, you can plan towards creating yours

15. Go for candlelight dinner

16. Go clubbing as you allow your inner beauty to come out

17. Try singing along

18. Go see a comedy show and don’t forget to laugh out loud

19. Drive to a new location

20. Go horse riding


Cheap Summer Date Ideas

These summer date ideas are the best summer date ideas when you want something cheap or free. Find below the best cheap summer date ideas, and free summer date ideas.

1. Try rock climbing

2. Try a new drink

3. Fly a kite

4. Visit a water park

5. Try bowling

6. Take a whole day off to rest and cuddle

7. Surprise your partner with breakfast in bed

8. Visit a water park

9. Go see a museum

10. Play hide and seek. This is my favourite cheap summer date ideas, as you get to play it from the comfort of your home.

11. Create your own couples bucket list

12. Visit a grocery shop

13. Take yoga classes

14. Try out a new exercise activity

15. Take taekwondo lessons

16. Visit a salon together

17. Do some karaoke

18. Try solving a puzzle

19. Try solving a riddle

20. Go see a movie at the cinemas

21. Try Netflix

22. Make some homemade pizza

23. Try skating

24. Support each other with house chores

25. Take a wine tour or go wine tasting

26. Go see a live band

27. Go on a ride using a canoe or speedboat

28. Visit your hometown

29. Visit your alma mater

30. Watch a live musical concert

31. Check into a hotel together and spend sometime

32. Invite friends over for a drink

33. Watch an action movie

cheap summer date ideas

34. Make some musical playlists

35. Paint your apartment together

36. Make your snowman

37. Take a public bus

38. Try some Amarula cream

39. Listen to podcasts

40. Make a video together

41. Take yourself out sometimes

42. Invite friends for an outdoor picnic at your residence

43. Talk about your families

44. Have a photoshop

45. Say I love you several times a day

46. Do a Facebook live

47. Take a walk

48. Sign up for a class for personal development

49. Take sewing classes

50. Wear same and matching clothes sometimes

51. Visit parents

52. Visit inlaws and other relatives

53. Run errands for each other

54. Plant kisses on each other

55. Discuss your relationship and the next step to take

56. Plan a vacation outside your locality

57. Have a dance party at home together

58. Engage in some deep questions session together

59. Invent your recipe and try it out

60. Visit a recycling station and see how things are done there

61. Recreate memories by visiting the same place you first met if possible

62. Cuddle and snuggle often

63. Offer your partner a massage

64. Offer your spouse a full body scrub using home recipes

65. Compliment each other often

66. Hold hands as you take a walk

67. Write plans concerning your relationship together

68. Shower each other with so much love


Quite a long list you may say, but these are just a few summer date ideas you can try out together.

Remember not all of these activities will suit you but try to be adventurous. Other events you can try out are: Visiting a dog fair, watch the sunrise and sunset there are so many activities couples can engage in.


Fun Summer Activities At Home

There’s a list of questions you can ask your partner to get to understand them better. I like the love chemistry test by relationship expert Dr. Phil Mc Graw and I have them posted here also. Please find the questions below.

Circle either True or False for each item:

1.  I am satisfied with my sensual life. TrueFalse

2.  My partner doesn’t listen to me. TrueFalse

3.  I trust my partner. TrueFalse

4.  I feel picked on and put down. TrueFalse

5.  I feel hopeful about our future. TrueFalse

6.  It is not easy to share my feelings. TrueFalse

7.  My partner often says, “I love you.” TrueFalse

8.  Sometimes I feel rage. TrueFalse

9.  I feel appreciated. TrueFalse

10.  I am out of control. TrueFalse

11.  My partner is there for me in hard times. TrueFalse

12.  My partner is harsh in his or her criticism. TrueFalse

13.  My partner understands me. TrueFalse

14.  My partner doesn’t like to share what’s on his or her mind. TrueFalse

15.  I imagine myself divorced. TrueFalse

16.  My relationship is what I always dreamed of. TrueFalse

17.  I know I am right. TrueFalse

18.  My partner treats me with dignity and respect. TrueFalse

19.  My partner is a taker. TrueFalse

20.  We often do fun things together. TrueFalse

21.  Sometimes I just want to hurt my partner. TrueFalse

22.  I feel loved. TrueFalse

23.  I would rather lie than deal with a problem. TrueFalse

24.  We still have a lot of passion in our relationship. TrueFalse

25.  I am trapped with no escape. TrueFalse

26.  My partner thinks I am fun to be with. TrueFalse

27.  Our relationship has gotten boring. TrueFalse

28.  We enjoy going out on dates alone. TrueFalse

29.  My partner is ashamed of me. TrueFalse

30.  We trust each other a great deal. TrueFalse

31.  We have become nothing more than roommates. TrueFalse

32.  I know my partner will never leave me. TrueFalse

33.  I am no longer proud of my body. TrueFalse

34.  My partner respects me. TrueFalse

35.  My partner constantly compares me to others. TrueFalse

36.  My partner still finds me desirable. TrueFalse

37.  We just seem to want different things. TrueFalse

38.  I am allowed to think for myself. TrueFalse

39.  I feel crowded with my partner. TrueFalse

40.  I am honest with my partner. TrueFalse

41.  People have no idea what our relationship is really like. TrueFalse

42.  My partner is open to suggestions. TrueFalse

43.  My partner has shut me out. TrueFalse

44.  My partner is my primary source of emotional support. TrueFalse

45.  I feel judged and rejected by my partner. TrueFalse

46.  My partner cares if I am upset or sad. TrueFalse

47.  My partner treats me like a child. TrueFalse

48.  My partner puts our relationship ahead of all others. TrueFalse

49.  I never satisfy my partner. TrueFalse

50.  My partner wants to hear my stories. TrueFalse

51.  I choose my partner for the wrong reasons. TrueFalse

52.  I look forward to our time together. TrueFalse

53.  My partner thinks I am boring in bed. TrueFalse

54.  My partner is lucky to have me. TrueFalse

55.  My partner treats me like an employee. TrueFalse

56.  I win my share of disputes. TrueFalse

57.  I envy my friends’ relationships. TrueFalse

58.  My partner would protect me if necessary. TrueFalse

59.  I am suspicious of my partner. TrueFalse

60.  I feel needed by my partner. TrueFalse

61.  My partner is jealous of me. TrueFalse



Now go back over your test and count all of the even-numbered questions to which you answered True. Write down the total. Now go back and count all of the odd-numbered items to which you answered False. Add that number to your “True total” to get your overall score.

Even numbered “True” responses _______

Odd-numbered “False” responses _______

Overall Total _______


This test is designed to give you a quick snapshot of the health of your relationship.

If your overall score is above 32, your relationship is likely in extreme danger of failing.

If your total score is between 20 and 32, then your relationship is seriously troubled and you may be living an “emotional divorce.”

If your total score is between 12 and 19, then your relationship is probably about average (which is not great) and certainly needs work.

If your score is below 11, then your relationship is well above the norm and may have isolated areas in which you can improve.


Final Words On Summer Date Ideas

Quite long but while you are thinking of cute summer date ideas to include in your list, this test comes in handy. Loving your spouse in different ways will make the journey with you worth the ride. Make each day count by making them happy.


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