10 Things The Happiest Couples Do On Weekends

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fun weekend activities for couples

How is your relationship presently? Does it look like it has lost its thrill and without passion or do you feel like you are strangers forced to be together? Do you think you need some couples weekend activities to spice things up again?

Wherever you are in your relationship, you can nurture it back to life. If you say yours is great then you can make it better. The starting point is committing not to take your partner for granted.

Relationships require being intentional and can be associated with hard work and this means you have to keep at it until you get it right. One of the ways you keep the fire burning between you and your mate is by engaging in couples weekend activities together.

We will be looking at a list of couples weekend activities. Love is about sharing joy with your partner. This may not fit into your routine and some activities may not be right for you especially if you are conservative but you can adapt these activities and work on them until you can practice them together.

The beauty of this is that some of these couples weekend activities are very simple and come naturally, they are activities you find yourself doing effortlessly but have never really looked at them as something that can be fun, it keeps you connected to your partner and helps you bond also.

Each day will never be the same as some days will be lighter than others in terms of schedules but you can find ways to connect with your partner.

This and many more is one of the reasons couples can adopt the weekend intentionally by engaging in some lovely couple activities. It could begin with chatting, playing, relaxing and spending time in each other’s arms.


10 Fun Couples Weekend Activities

What do couples do on weekends? This is one question mostly asked amongst couples. We’ll be looking at couples weekend activities, fun weekend activities for couples, weekend ideas for couples, and romantic weekend ideas for couples that will spice up your relationship.

couples weekend activities


1. Create Time For Each Other

Despite the craziness in the world, happy couples create time for each other. Life can get very busy sometimes with so many cares to attend to, which is why the weekend is one period you can take advantage of to make up for lost times during the week.

While you aim to spend quality time together, there may be other things that may want to steal your time, then you may need to enter in such activities together so you are spending time with your partner and at the same time doing those things you want to do.

There may be this movie you have always wanted to watch, you can take advantage of the weekend and watch it with your partner while you are curled up in each other’s arms.

You could also engage in romantic weekend ideas for couples like checking into a hotel and spending a night or going out of town to a place you will love to visit, it may be short but will be worth it eventually. it’s part of couples activities you can engage in.


2. They Engage In Some Fun Activities Together

The weekend is a perfect period to plan a getaway for you and your partner.

You may decide to go see a movie outdoor, work out together, attend a function or even go clubbing. The bottom line is you want some fun and you are having it together.

There are other couples weekend activities you can engage in together like playing games, singing and dancing or even attending counselling sessions to make your relationship better.


3. They Get Intimate

Most couples I know hardly have time for intimacy during the week because of tight schedules and even if it happens, it’s just to ease off some tension and not the way either partners would have wanted it, some would have wanted more but their tired spouses will say otherwise.

Most times due to stress or even exhaustion couples shy away from lovemaking and hope to revisit it over the weekend.

Bonding and getting intimate with your partner is necessary as it will help you emotionally. This is one aspect that should not be neglected. Everyone needs some amount of emotional support and touch.

When was the last time you touched your partner? Make it a point of duty to do so. This is one of the weekend activities for couples.


4. They Engage In Some Pillow Talk

cheap weekend activities for couples

Waking up on Saturday mornings is something I dread a lot but just have to do because I need to do some house chores but I love Friday nights because it’s the beginning of the weekend and I and my man engage in late-night talks.

We talk about how our week went, issues we were faced with, difficult tasks we had to meet up with and talk about our relationship too. If we had unsettled scores during the week, we revisit them and talk about them.

After having done all these we get into bed and play a couples game that helps us understand each other, it’s in form of questions and answers, this helps us get to know each other and manage our expectations.

This is one very lovely couples weekend activities you can engage in. Let me share a few here:

1.  Do you think we are doing great as a couple?

2.  Do you think we should make more babies? If yes, how many more?

3.  Where should our next vacation spot be?

4.  What is something you want us to do together that we haven’t?

5.  Have you ever wanted to stay in another city outside where we are and why?

6.  What are your strengths and weaknesses?

7.  How do you see the future with me and what areas do you think I need to improve myself?

8.  What activity do you look forward to engaging each day with me?

9.  How do you think we can understand each other better and resolve our conflicts easily?

10.  What are your goals for our relationship?

11.  What investments are you hoping to engage in the new year?

12.  Is there anything you feel overwhelmed with that you need my assistance with?

13.  How can we help each other ease off stress?

14.  Has your favourite meal changed over time since we got together?

15.  Who is your favourite author and what is your favourite book?

16.  Any childhood memory you would love to share?

17.  What is your favourite memory of your past relationships?

18.  What do you love most about yourself?

19.  What do you love most about me?

20.  What is your favourite hang-out spot?

21.  What intimate moment do you look forward to having with me?

22.  Any unforgettable moment you will love to share?

23.  What is your favourite TV series?

24.  What is your favourite artiste and song?

25.  How do you see us 10 years from now?

26.  What was your first sensual experience like?

27.  When was the first time you had a crush on someone?

28.  What are the things you value most in this relationship and what are those things you think we can do to improve our relationship?

29.  When did you first know you wanted me to be in a relationship with you?

30.  Are there things you think we can do to spice up our relationship?

31.  What fears do you have about our relationship?

32.  Do you feel great being with me?

33.  What was your favourite cartoon in your childhood days?

34.  What values do you think we should concentrate on instilling in our kids?

35.  What fragrance reminds you of me?

36.  What are those things that make a good relationship like ours last long?


These are just a few deep questions you can engage your spouse with. Little talks like this will give you a window view into your partner’s ideas, opinions and experiences. It will also make your spouse open up to you if they are the quiet type.

It will further strengthen your relationship because it will give you an idea if your partners need and also help you know how to meet them.

Issues that would have arisen to cause misunderstanding between you can be nipped in the bud in this discussion because it will help you know ahead.

This is why it’s necessary to engage in meaningful conversations and more couples activities with your partner.


5. They Plan For The New Week

Happy couples know that communication and planning are vital. They engage themselves to make plans for the week together. I and my man do this a lot. I plan meals we will be having for the week, make some soups and stews that I can store in the freezer.

I also go ahead to pick our work outfits for the week for me and my man and he does the ironing so we don’t need to take up each day thing about what to wear or meeting with surprises.

We try our clothes on to see if it fits perfectly. We also go shopping, do the housework together to prepare for the week ahead.

This is just an idea of fun weekend ideas for couples that you can do together on the weekends. I and my man understand that there’s so much to do already during the week and so we plan and shop together during the weekends so we can ease ourselves some stress.


6. They Support Each Other

The week is gone and it’s the weekend, happy couples support each other.

Your attention during the week must have been divided but during the weekend, you can be intentional about being there for each other showing love and care by supporting them. It may be doing house chores together, cooking, baking, doing laundry.

Supporting each other is one of the fun weekend activities for couples that will interest you both.


7. They Allow Some Space For Each Other

You cannot always be in the face of your spouse all week and all day long.

There are some activities your partner may want to engage in alone, it doesn’t mean they don’t love and care about you but it’s only normal that sometimes we need to return to ourselves and do some things alone.

It may be taking a nap, reading a book or even hanging out with a friend. Happy couples know that their partner needs some space and they understand and allow them to do what they love to do.

Where kids are involved, they offer to babysit while their partners have some alone time to reflect or do other things they love to do alone.


8. They Have Family Time Together

This may be going out to visit members of extended family, attend weddings or have reunions with family. Where family members are out of reach, they engage in meaningful outings with friends.

Happy couples know that they are an extension of different families and they try to keep the bond strong. This is one of my favourite weekend activities for couples.


Final Notes On Couples Weekend Activities

Is this all there is to what do couples do on weekends? No. Have you considered the saying that goes thus,” weekends are made in china, they don’t last”? If it’s only on the weekend that couples can connect and bond then it isn’t a good sign because every day should be a love day for couples.

This post is aimed at making you maximize your weekend as a couple in case you have run out of ideas of what you can do during the weekend, cheap weekend activities for couples, fun things to do with boyfriend on weekend, weekend ideas for couples, weekend activities for couples.

Can you come up with different fun weekend ideas for couples other than the ones shared here? Have you thought of taking a bath with your spouse? You can include that in your list.


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fun weekend ideas for couples

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