8 Things To Do With Your Spouse Before 8am

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couples morning routine

Things to do with your spouse to reconnect is one goal couples should work towards achieving. I do not guarantee that it will be an easy task but as you set your heart to it and take gradual steps, you will not only establish one but also find it easy to stick to.

Does it have to be complex? No. Does it have to sap your energy? Not really. It’s just all about trying out some intimate habits of couples who are deeply connected and also some rituals you and your significant half can engage in to spice up your love life, bond and also create a life of fun and happiness for not just you but your mate also.

I often hear couples talk about how busy their lives have become after marriage. They conclude that they have no time to spend together. Does this describe your relationship? Allow me to open your eyes to several window opportunities you can take advantage of in order to connect with your mate.

Funny enough, they are a list of activities you engage in as an individual. It may even be a “personal routine” but you can turn it into a “couples morning routine” as you get your spouse involved.

What are those couple routines like? Let’s take a peek together at things to do with your spouse to reconnect, romantic things couples do together, intimate things to do with your spouse and fun things to do with your spouse at home.


8 Things To Do With Your Spouse Before 8AM

things to do with your spouse


1. Connect With Each Other

This is one thing I do the moment my eyes pop open in the morning. In the mornings when I’m dead tired, my alarm rings at 5 am and as soon as I hear the sound, I just turn on my side and reach out for my man.

This is something he does too whenever we have the opportunity of waking up together. We try to connect first before facing the activities for the day.

Do we bask in the euphoria of each other’s warmth by cuddling a little, plant light kisses and finally asking the most asked question every morning “how was your night”? Once this foundation for the day is established, we proceed to the next activity for the day.

This is something couples can do every morning. Touching your partner first thing in the morning sends a message across. It helps start your partner’s day. Knowing they are loved, not alone and that they are of great value to you.

Isn’t it one of the best moments of your day to wake up seeing the one who means a whole lot to you, lying next to you, not dead but alive to make you happy and also meet your needs? Couples who stay in touch in the morning will most likely connect more during the day.

Remember you were together before the kids showed up. This is one of the romantic things couples do together before getting out of bed in the morning.


2. We Reach For The Scriptures

On the weekdays, we have our devotional done quickly in 30 mins so we can catch up with other activities for the day. This is my second most priced moment I enjoy with my man. I look at his lips lovingly while I sit across him in bed.

Sometimes we hold hands and other times we just put our pillows in erect positions and rest our backs on them. We have a daily devotional we use and with this, we are connected to our maker every morning.

My husband opens the devotional page for the day, reads a few words while I read the scripture for the day from the Bible. He goes ahead to explain in plain language but with great depth our inspiration for the day.

We both relate some Bible stories to our personal experiences. This is where we settle some misunderstandings especially if we happen to sleep off before addressing them the night before.

In reading together, we see things from different perspectives which we bring together and arrive at a basic lesson or inspiration for the day as we draw strength to face the day and comfort for whatever issues that we are currently facing as a couple.

During the weekends, we go further by picking up a particular relationship book and reading aloud to each other (we are currently reading the Mr and Mrs happy couples handbook by Steve Doocy). This happens every Saturday morning. You can try this also as part of your couples morning routine.


3. Reach Out To Your Maker

This is another couples morning routine I encourage couples to engage in. There is this popular saying that “the couple that prays together stays together”. In this activity, I and my man offer Thanksgiving for a night well spent and in it, we express gratitude for our family said, Yvonne.

My man loves me praying first as he says he enjoys listening to me pray for the family (he commends my ability to remember details as I take up issues in prayer).

He then follows suits by praying cover prayers over us as a family while he addresses specific challenges we are facing currently as we ask for divine help.

Most of the celebrations and blessings we have enjoyed as a couple, I’m proud to say were birthed on this particular couple routine, our altar of prayer.

Why not give it a try also. When you can connect with your partner on a spiritual level, then you can also connect with them in other aspects of life.


4. Assist Each Other With Some Simple House Chores

romantic things couples do together

I miss the early days of my marriage where I lay in bed all morning after a trip to Jerusalem at night with my man. He wakes up and gets me a warm cup of milk or coffee after which he carries me into the bathroom for a nice shower together (I miss this so much).

Fast forward to today, it’s a different ball game entirely as now, I practically rush into the kitchen to fox breakfast and lunch for us as a family. While I do that, my spouse goes to wake and prepare the kids for school.

Tedious you may say, but we have come to arrange our day in such a way that difficult tasks are done a night before. We pick our outfits for work the next day, iron them, put my bag in order and also check my man’s briefcase to ensure it is set for work the next day.

Then we also pick and put in an open place what we need to make the kids ready for the next day, even in picking meals for the day, I have it all figured out ahead of time.

The moment we are done with our prayers, we head straight for our chores and in less than an hour, we are done. Sometimes, our routines change and we have to wake up earlier than expected but we are glad that we can assist each other and not watch each other burn out due to stress.

Somehow, our work time is laced with some cries from the kids who would want to return to bed and I and hubby would begin sharing jokes or teasing each other about who our kids took after as they want to go back to sleep.

It may not be funding our to-do list seems long but we are encouraged by the fact that it affords time for us to spend together as we help each other also. Is this part of your couples morning routine? You can try it out as you work on your schedule to assist each other and connect as well.

Some couples eat together or pack it but try to make sure you share a meal together even if it’s a bowl of cereal in the morning if you can. You can add some healthy snacks or fruit to your cereal like almond nuts or strawberries.


5. Work Out Together

Doing some form of activity together has a way of increasing closeness and strengthening your bond as a couple.

You transcend from being friends to playmates. You can have your health regimen in the morning by either taking a walk together, jogging or even performing yoga.

Don’t work at being healthy alone, encourage your spouse also. I personally don’t work out daily but I try to do some squats and skipping during the weekends.

My man encourages me by counting the numbers and sometimes helps massage sore muscles in my legs. This is beyond just working out, it’s about being interested in your partner’s health and wellbeing and lending a helping hand in order to encourage them.


6. Take A Shower Together

After the chores, what next? This is one of the fun things to do with your spouse to reconnect. This is one couples morning routine I and hubby have shared since we got married and the kids coming in have not changed it.

This is a place where intimacy that could help couples bond can be shared. I advise couples to indulge in it also. It may not be easy to incorporate into your activity for the day especially with other activities waiting to be attended to.

What are the benefits of engaging your partner? It brings intimacy, allows you to enjoy a romantic shower where you both wash each other until you become squeaky clean.

It also affords you the opportunity to explore your partner’s romantic and sensual zones. After doing the chores and expending some energy, hit the shower and get relieved of stress and also recharge your batteries.

Don’t forget to play naughty and dirty also, don’t be too serious, catch some fun. Try out some steamy positions if you don’t mind. Ask your partner what early morning love making can do to him? Don’t say I told you.


7. Praise Each Other Nicely

You and your spouse are dressed and set to make your usual appearance to the world, don’t you think it will be nice to hear firsthand from your mate how ravishing you look?

Let your mate know how their fragrance makes you feel. Compliment their colour combination, their look, smile and even the aura you feel being around them.

Tell them something special that will keep them blushing all day. Let them know they are your priced possession you are letting go and can’t wait to have them back in your arms again at the close of work.

These are the little things side chicks do to attract our men. When they begin to give compliments to them, it gets into their heads, same for the ladies too, a little show of affection and a lady is swept off her feet.

Don’t let someone else do your job and get to the heart of your spouse, be creative and do things out of the ordinary.


8. Share A Kiss And A Hug

What’s the most romantic parting gift you have ever given to your lover as they leave home for work in the morning? This could be like a seal on your couples morning routine for the day. I and my man share a long French kiss in each other’s arms before saying goodbye in the morning.

I play naughty sometimes by slipping an “I love you note” into his pocket, stick a smiley on his wrist (I have a pack of them) or whisper “I can’t wait to have you back hun” into his ears.


Final Thoughts: Things To Do With Your Spouse To Reconnect

Does all of the above things to do with your spouse, romantic things couples do together, and fun things to do with your spouse at home seem like a chore? I don’t think so but if it does, I’d advise you take it one step at a time as Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Start from the smallest things you and your spouse will enjoy doing together, romantic things to do with your spouse, intimate things to do with your spouse, fun things to do with your spouse, and things to do with your spouse at home.

When you start your day on this note, I’m sure you both be itching to return to each other at the close of the day.

You have to invest in your relationship on a daily basis to get the best of it. Don’t assume it will take care of itself or leave the tending to your partner only.

Resolve to do it together, get creative and be adventurous as you create your own couples morning routine. Can’t wait to read yours in the comment section.


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things to do with your spouse to reconnect

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