10 Everyday Things Women Do That Turn Men Off (Without Even Realizing It)

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major turn offs for guys

My biggest turn offs is if a woman doesn’t have a real passion for something… and bad breath! ~Romeo miller

You may be wondering if just like ladies there are turn offs for guys too. Men are not too complicated and they can be understood. All it takes is understanding and the ability to know what a man wants through his eyes.

By this expression, I mean getting to know them better. How do you know a man? Dialogue. Talk with him, watch him and the things he does (I don’t mean monitor him), and pay him surprise visits.

In my dating years, I was always shy to look into the eyes of a man and ask questions, especially while we are out on a date. I’d sit smiling and grinning. So I understand what you may be going through now.


10 Biggest Turn Offs For Guys

We would be looking into turn offs for guys, turn offs for men, common turn offs for guys and biggest turn offs for guys.

Let’s look at the biggest turn offs for men in a relationship.

turn offs for guys


1. Feeling Insecure

Due to severe hurts or most likely learning from the past, couples may find it difficult to trust again. Especially when it has to do with infidelity, most people condemn it. At some point or another in our lives, we have accepted our abilities and strengths.

A Friend once dated a girl who would call to check on him almost every hour and when she calls, the first question usually is “who is there with you”. My friend tried to manage but eventually, it led to a tragic ending.

Trust is very vital in a relationship. A confident woman would not bother herself with irrelevant issues.

Some ladies now search their husband’s phone to check their call logs, messages and even go further to hire someone who will monitor their whereabouts. This isn’t nice at all and is one of the biggest turn offs for guys.

While we know that being insecure is the wrong step of action, I think partners should support and encourage each other. Keep their love tank filled. Ladies, learn to accept compliments don’t ignore them.

Insecurity has ended several relationships not because both partners were not compatible but because either of them was releasing bad energy of insecurity into the relationship.


2. Lack Of Personal Care

Ladies, let us learn to groom properly, shower regularly, keep simple and clean hairstyles, don’t carry hairstyles for long until lice get into the hair and your man begins to complain.

Invest in nice lingerie for sleepwear, get good deodorants with good fragrances. You don’t need to be all dressed up completely when you are at home together, you can allow some flesh.

Change beddings regularly and keep the room air fresh by opening windows to allow some sunlight to come in. Trim or shave off hairy regions also.

Men are moved by what they see and would never feel happy returning to a dirty environment. Wear clean clothes also, they don’t have to be expensive.. whatever you can afford. I do not refer to materialism here please.

There is value in modesty and not overdoing things. This reminds me of a friend’s story.

Paul had issues at work and was laid off. He found it difficult to cope and resorted to using his vehicle for Uber taxi service. Things got better for him but he realised his wife had become too materialistic. She became extravagant in spending and overdressed on occasions.

On a certain day, his kid sister was getting married and his wife needed to go assist his family with preparations for the day. He promised to join in the celebration shortly.

He got to the venue of the reception but couldn’t find his wife, by the time he realised himself, he discovered his wife had been at the party all the while but he couldn’t recognise her because she was heavily based on makeup, what she wore was like even though she was never like that.

My friend was patient and today they are doing well. This may not be your story but does this story describe you?

Men love beautiful and exotic ladies but when it is too much they begin to react. Imagine spending hours on make-up or investing too much for a bag, taking selfies at any given time. This is one of the turn-offs for guys.


3. Lack Of Respect

One of the vital needs of any man is respect. Want to win a man over? Respect him. Most men are easy-going creatures that avoid arguments and issues.

A man is naturally proud and when he sees a quarrelsome lady then there is trouble brewing. Respect isn’t shown outwardly.

Respect means you put your man first in all you do. You place him in high esteem which is why you don’t raise your voice at him. When things are not looking well as you expect, have a dialogue and address the issue.


4. Always Being In Your Man’s Face

Every man needs space sometimes and encroaching on his space could be a biggest turn offs for men.

You can’t be around your man always as most men like to reflect and think things through. They would rather process some information by themselves than sharing immediately because what they want is a success.

Being in love sometimes can be exciting but getting too clingy isn’t a good one. Showing a man too much attention may put him off especially if he is yet to make up his mind about you calling repeatedly or checking him up always also isn’t too good.

It’s natural of men to chase so let him do his duty, don’t take over his place. What most men don’t fight to get isn’t appreciated. They like hunting and would see your presence around them as choking and this may make him stay away from you or avoid you completely.

Some say they want to check on their men but they go about stalking them. This isn’t right. Don’t make a man feel like he’s in prison. Let him long for you and be all over you instead.


5. Taking But Never Giving

Most ladies believe the man has to provide (I agree) but when you are still in a dating relationship, one of the ways you can get his attention is by being independent.

You don’t have to make him feel like you are a gold digger. Let him prove himself but don’t make his life your dumping ground for your troubles.

On his birthday you gift him a few things but you expect him to throw a party when it’s your turn. We all love receiving gifts but we shouldn’t talk about recovering always, instead look for what you can do for your man also.

Your subject of discussion or arguments shouldn’t be about money always.

Not giving but always taking from your man is one of the major turn offs for guys.


6. Nagging

common turn offs for guys

Healthy dialogues can take place between couples but when nagging sets in, it could be frustrating. Sometimes saying words isn’t enough but look into how those words were said.

In my early years of marriage, I wanted my man to succeed quickly but the way I went about it wasn’t right at all.

I began to compare him with his colleagues thinking I was motivating him. It almost became as if I wanted to control his life because I needed to step in and help always.

I would even say to his face that why must I always get involved in his issues because I felt he wasn’t doing things properly and I needed to tell him but I did it wrong I would complain over little things.

Little did I know that my words were harsh. I noticed my man withdrew from me and seemed to move around me with care like he’s walking on eggshells.

Ladies let’s master the art of constructive criticism. Encourage him when you need to and if something isn’t done correctly, don’t make a fuss about it.

Complaining and nagging demoralizes one and makes them feel like they are not good enough. Let’s replace it instead with words of encouragement and motivation.

If we have to point out a fault, let’s not compare our men with someone else. This is one of the biggest turn offs for guys.


7. Not Being Organised

Men love ladies who are organised in their grooming, self-care, life goals and even in the relationship. Taking a stand and being known for it is very vital.

Most people procrastinate and are lazy. They never follow through on their plans, sometimes they don’t plan and when they do, they don’t carry out the plans. It makes one look like they are not organised. They go late for outings or even family get together.

Imagine your man coming to check on you and discovering you have not had your bath all day? Your kitchen filled with dirty Kate’s and the laundry basket full of dirty clothes. I know we all have some lazy days but it shouldn’t be always.

How about life goals? Are you merely existing and not living? What’s your purpose? Why were you born? What are your dreams and aspirations?

A guy once sat close to me in a bus and from his conversation, I deduced he was angry with his wife. He kept asking what do you want to do? All the businesses I opened for you are no longer functioning, you are broke and now you are calling me.

I felt bad but I understood from the man’s point of view too, he tried to empower his wife by setting up several businesses for her but none is standing today, so sad.

You must not be idle, we are in the technology age now, you can work from home. Develop yourself daily, engage in distance learning if you can but just get involved in something. This is one of the turn offs for guys. Also, not being organised is part of the things that turn guys off in a relationship.


8. Being Proud

biggest turn offs for men

Most men detest ladies who are proud and see themselves as better than anyone else. They know in the way you look at people, what you say about them and how you treat them, it sends signals to the man in your life. Even in the way you discuss family and friends, he can detect. This is one biggest turn offs for husbands.


9. Ingratitude

Some ladies are never satisfied. Regardless of what the men in their lives do for them, they feel they have not done enough for them. This is one of the things that turn guys off in a relationship.


10. Lifestyle And Habits

This is a compilation of several habits that some men can handle and others detest.

For example, too much makeup, using strong perfumes, smoking, tattoos, drinking excessively, raising your voice and using foul language, going about half-naked or even keeping too many friends. It’s a long list but look at your man closely.

It’s about your man here, what some men will allow, he may not allow. If you are not sure of what he likes and dislikes, have a dialogue.

Realise what his turn off is before you turn him off yourself. Watch his reaction when he’s in the midst of people.

What does he frown at? What does he encourage? When he chats with friends, listen to their conversations, you will get more clues about what are turn offs for guys, biggest turn offs for guys and things that turn guys off in a relationship.


Final Words On Turn Offs For Guys

I guess after reading this post you may be a little confused because you may be thinking I’m asking ladies to do a total overhaul on themselves. No, that’s not true. As the saying goes, one man’s poison is another man’s meat.

What works for your man may not work for another, by this I mean some of the biggest turn offs for another man may be the opposite for your man. It only depends on what works for him.

If peradventure it will be difficult for you, please look for a man who would love you for who you are. You can only pretend for some time, you cannot carry on with pretence forever, besides you have a beautiful life ahead of you, don’t live it in regrets.


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