6 Proven Ways To Increase Intimacy In Marriage

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ways to increase intimacy in marriage

Intimacy is essential to having a happy, long-lasting, and healthy marriage. Every relationship requires a solid physical and emotional connection.

During the first few years of marriage, couples experience the excitement and romance called the “honeymoon phase,” in which they are attracted to each other and have a beautiful love life. After a while, it gets tuned down, and this reality phase is pretty hard to maintain.

Thankfully, this post will delve into various ways proven to increase intimacy in marriage.


What Is Intimacy In Marriage?

Intimacy in marriage is the closeness and support partners share in a marriage. It involves two individuals who reciprocate feelings of trust, emotional and physical closeness towards each other.

Intimacy is creating a good bond while being open and comfortable with each another.


How Important Is Intimacy In Marriage?

Intimacy in marriage is vital to keep the connection between partners, and it enhances long-term relationships between partners. Intimacy also helps your relationship to thrive healthily and productively.


How Does Lack Of Intimacy Affect A Marriage?

Lack of intimacy affects a marriage negatively, and it causes decreased feelings of satisfaction towards your partner and the inability to include your partner in your life.

When you are continually dissatisfied with your partner, it might lead to infidelity, loneliness, anger, resentment toward your partner, and a break-up.


Importance Of Intimacy In Marriage

Intimacy in marriage strengthens the relationship between you and your partner.

Below are some importance of intimacy in marriage:


  • Intimacy Improves Communication

Intimacy in marriage begins when one partner shares his feelings with the other, and the other partner responds encouragingly. Communication allows you to explain your needs and feelings to your partner.

When you and your partner are intimate, you are more likely to communicate better. Lack of intimacy affects the communication channel between couples.


  • Intimacy Strengthens The Marriage

Intimacy strengthens the bond between two people and allows affection and love between them. Intimacy builds a more robust connection amongst married couples by mitigating any existing negativity. Couples who are intimate are more likely to last longer than those who aren’t.


  • Intimacy Provides The Groundwork For Couples To Build Trust

Trust is the foundation for every solid relationship. You can trust your partner when you are intimate with them. You are more likely to forgive their shortcomings when you trust your partner because you believe they always have your back.

When you are intimate with your partner, you trust them entirely, and you would open up to them. Marriage intimacy provides the groundwork for the couple to build trust.

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6 Ways To Increase Intimacy In Marriage

These are 6 proven ways to increase intimacy in marriage:


1. Spend Quality Time With Your Partner

Spending quality time with your partner is one of the ways to increase intimacy in marriage. Have fun courting and practice flirting with igniting sensual desire and intimacy.

It could be challenging to have some alone time with your spouse, primarily due to the busy schedule and kids. You could work up a plan to spend some time together in your free time.

It could also be hard to think about making out when you have so much running through your mind; ignoring intimacy during stressful times could damage the relationship.

You can start improving intimacy in marriage by scheduling intimate time with your partner. It would also give you something to look forward to.


2. Do Something New

One of the tips to improve marriage intimacy is to do something new and exciting to ignite the spark in your relationship. You and your partner could learn something new and bond over this activity.

When you try something new with your partner, you generate excitement and create a simulation that makes you feel closer.

Couples feel connected when they are in sync with each other. So step out of your comfort zone. Have fun and create beautiful memories.


3. Go On Dates

To improve your intimacy in marriage, make time to go on dates with your partner. Take the time out to a different environment where you can focus on each other. When you are home, there can be a lot of distractions from your work, chores, and kids.

Without distractions, you can entirely focus on your partner and enjoy each other’s company. Going on dates is a great way to help couples focus on each other.


4. Create An Avenue To Share Your Feelings

Communication is vital for every marriage, and it fosters marriage intimacy. Every relationship needs to have an avenue for partners to communicate. Being able to express your feelings would create closeness and connection in your marriage.

Small gestures go a long way in building intimacy in marriages. It would help to let your partner know that they can talk to you about anything because resentment can build up quickly if there is no avenue for communication.

It would be best to communicate with your partner about the negative and positive things, and whenever there’s a disagreement, you and your partner should be able to sit down and talk about it.


5. Be Romantic

When most people think about “romance” with their partner, they think about kissing, hugging, or cuddling (romantic gestures). There is more to romance than just maintaining physical contact with your partner.

One of the tips to improve marriage intimacy is to treat your partner with a grand gesture. Treat your partner to a day’s outing or a vacation, out on a long ride, or even late-night ice cream. Small treats matter a lot.

You can boost intimacy by engaging in activities that promote romance. This could be in ways that include going to carnivals, riding bikes and going to movie theatres, and other romantic grand gestures.

Looking for more romantic gestures to help get your marriage back on track, I have written a well-detailed piece on 15 romantic tips to spice up your marriage.


6. Make Out More Often

According to research, sensually satisfied couples have a more emotional connection. Although there are many ways to build intimacy in marriage apart from making out, lovemaking is still essential. It will help if you make time out of your busy schedule to set the mood for sensual intimacy.

A good step towards rebuilding intimacy in marriage is having conversations about lovemaking. You can start by asking how often you would like to make love. There is a high chance you and your partner have different views on the answer to this question, and you both should work towards a realistic expectation.


Final Thoughts On Intimacy In Marriage

Your marriage is not doomed if you struggle to be intimate with your partner. You can get your marriage back on track; all you need is your time and efforts to learn how to get the spark back in your marriage.

What strategy are you using to increase intimacy in your marriage? I want to read them in the comment section.


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