13 Giveaway Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

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signs he doesn't love you

When you started at first, you did not want the feeling to end. You thought it was going to be a forever thing. Now, it looks like you don’t know what is going on. You are seeing what looks like signs he doesn’t love you anymore. He is no more the charming man that swept you off your feet. He acts like a stranger, and you can’t seem to reconcile him to the man you met at first.

If you’re sensing that your partner’s love for you may be dwindling. I have recommended these 13 tips to a lot of women, and it has worked for them without fail. So this is the perfect indicator to help you come to that decision. Below are 13 key signs that will help you determine whether he still loves you.


How Do You Tell He Doesn’t Love You Anymore?

You can tell that he doesn’t love you anymore when he shows lack of interest in spending time with you, reduced physical intimacy, a decrease in communication, and a lack of emotional connection. By recognizing these signs, you can begin to address the issues in your relationship and make informed decisions about your future together.

signs he doesn't love you anymore


13 Giveaway Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

If you want to arrive at a decision and you need signs he doesn’t love you anymore. Here are some ways you can find out.


1. He Does Not Give You His Attention

When your man no longer gives you his attention, it could be a sign he no longer loves you. You might try getting his attention probably by communicating or by dressing to entice him. When he does not budge, that could be a sign the ship has sailed.

Relationship experts say that “we make time for those we love”. If he says he’s busy, you have to ask yourself if he is truly busy or he’s just claiming to be busy.

Attention is the basic expression of love. When he can’t even do the basics, is this not a sign he doesn’t love you anymore? Lack of attention is one of the giveaway signs he doesn’t love you anymore.


2. He Is Not Interested In Your Opinion

signs he doesn't want to be with you anymore

When a man loves you, he will value your input and will be interested in what is going on in your head. He will respect your opinion and make sure to listen. Before making a decision, he would ask for your thoughts. This is paramount in a relationship.

Lack of interest in your opinion is proportional to disrespect because when he does not value your opinion, he will likely do things you don’t like, which will hurt you.

When he does not value your opinion, it will make you feel inconsequential. You would feel as though you have no place in his life. This is one of the numerous signs he doesn’t love you anymore.


3. He Is Not Interested In Meeting Your Needs

If your man isn’t interested in filling up those spaces a lover should naturally fill, he doesn’t love you anymore.

Psychotherapist and Relationship Counsellor, Hilda Burke, says; The best relationships continue to thrive because each person makes their partner’s needs just as important as their own.

The proof of love is that your partner tries to meet the needs in your life. When your partner does not want to meet these needs;

  • Need for love
  • Need for care
  • Need for admiration
  • Need for affirmation
  • Need for affection
  • Need for financial support

Something is wrong, which is a common sign that your partner no longer loves you. He might not meet all these needs, but if he doesn’t try to meet at least two of these needs, it is one of the surefire signs he doesn’t love you.


4. He Is Not Putting In The Effort

Romance does not happen by chance. It takes intentional effort. If your mate is not putting in the effort, he is falling out of love. He certainly did some things to make you fall in love with him. If he has stopped doing those things and when you remind him of it, he complains, it is time to reevaluate where you stand in his life.

Some examples of putting in effort are communication, showing affection, being your biggest fan, making time for date nights, and giving compliments. The lack of effort can be a signal he has fallen out of love, he does not see you as an important part of his life, and does not value you.

If you have been the one putting in all the efforts, you will find yourself on the verge of getting frustrated in the long run. This is something you don’t want to happen. Both partners need to put in the effort. So, when your man is not putting in these efforts again, it is one of the signs he doesn’t love you anymore.


5. He Complains About Everything

The fastest way to know that your man no longer loves you is when he starts complaining about everything you do. It can range from things that you do well to things that he tolerates. It goes as far as nitpicking everything that you do and throwing subtle shades at you.

If he starts complaining about your outfits, your body, the special meals you prepare for him, and your need for attention, something is up.

You might have taken a step further to address the things he complained about. If he persists in his complaints, these could be one of the signs he doesn’t love you anymore.


6. He Does Not Let You In On His Life

When you love someone, it is natural that you open up to the person about yourself.

Usually, he talks to you about his problems, fears, ambitions and includes you in his decision-making process. If he suddenly starts to exclude you from all this, girl, you are losing him.


7. He Does Not Show You Care

If your man ceases to show you care, he might have fallen out of love. Showing care in a relationship is everything and more. It is what makes you feel loved and special, and it best reassures you of his love for you. When your mate showers you with care, it reminds you that he prioritizes you and you are on the same wavelength.

Showing care ranges from doing something as consistent as checking up on you regularly to giving you a random foot rub.

You would have not fallen in love if he had not shown care. Now that you are in love and he has ceased to show care as he did earlier. It is time to look at yourself in the mirror and accept this as one of the signs he doesn’t love you anymore


8. He Does Not Prioritize Spending Quality Time With You

Rather than spend time with you, he chooses to spend time with others. If your man is choosing to spend time with outsiders over you, this is a huge indication that something has changed.

If he would rather be alone than be with you, skips dates just to be with his friends, and would rather celebrate with outsiders over an achievement than with you; it is a sign he doesn’t love you anymore.

A relationship where lovers or partners do not spend quality time together cannot last. It is in quality time that the atmosphere of vulnerability is created; you feel reassured and strengthen the bonds of the relationship.

When your man does not prioritize spending quality time with you, it chips away at your self-esteem and will make you feel neglected. This is one of the subtle signs he no longer loves you.


9. He Does Not Say He Loves You

Studies have shown that not all men express love verbally. However, we know that action speaks louder than words. So what are his actions saying?

If you are with a man that would rather show you how much he loves you than tell you, you might want to look at those things he does that assure you of his love. Has he stopped doing them? You need to reflect on these things to be able to reach a decision.

In contrast, if your man has always been verbal and expressive about his feelings for you. If he finds it difficult to articulate those feelings to you, there might be a problem somewhere. Also, when you get him to say the three magic words, “I love you“, and those words are devoid of life, they sound forced and hollow. This is one of the signs he doesn’t love you anymore.


10. He Compares You With Other People

This is no fail-proof that your man is no longer in love with you. The comparison game is played when there is no respect and acceptance. He doesn’t respect your feelings or value as his mate when he plays the comparison game. He doesn’t accept you for who you are if he keeps comparing you to others.

Popularly, people are advised not to compare themselves with others because it is bad for their psyche. So if this comes from someone you respect, love, and are vulnerable to; the damage is terrible and more in-depth, which could lead to depression and anxiety. It is unkind of your mate to compare you with others, so if this is happening, it is one of the sure signs he doesn’t love you anymore.


11. He Has Withdrawn From Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy encompasses holding hands, kissing, cuddling, and making out.

Men don’t joke about physical intimacy with whoever they love. If you have noticed that he has withdrawn from physical intimacy, something is wrong somewhere.

You might have tried putting in the effort like dressing sed#ctively, sending him a flirty text, or initiating making out outrightly; if he does not react or gives excuses of being tired, it is one of the signs he no longer loves you.


12. You Think He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

When you are asked the question, “does your man love you”? The swiftness of your answer is a reflection of how sure you are of your man’s love for you. It is also a reflection of how secure you are in his love.

If you are further asked, “what are the things your man does which make you know he loves you”? If you are secure about his love and have never questioned the validity of his love, you will be able to list a few things he does.

The reason why you think your man does not love you is that whatever he did in the past that assured you of his love, he has stopped doing. This is one of the critical signs your partner doesn’t love you anymore.


13. He Does Not Compliment You

One sweet way your mate can make you feel special is with compliments. It boosts your self-esteem because it makes you feel accepted by someone who matters most to you.

Compliment comprises words like;

  • You are beautiful.
  • You are the best.
  • I love how you do that.
  • Thank you for being in my life.
  • I am proud of you.

Affirmations in their genuine form are important because it reassures you of your place in his life.

If your man has refrained from complimenting your looks or does not even appreciate you in any way. It is a sign he doesn’t love you anymore.


How To Accept He Doesn’t Want You Anymore

To accept the fact that someone you love so much doesn’t want you anymore can be quite daunting but accepting is half the work in moving on. Below are fail-proof ways to accept he doesn’t want you anymore.

  • Reflect on what you think went wrong.
  • Accept how you feel.
  • Allow yourself to grieve what you lost.
  • Give yourself time.


What To Do When He Doesn’t Love You Anymore?

Knowing what to do can look like an illusion because you honestly don’t know how to move on or react when the man you love doesn’t love you anymore. Below are simple yet effective steps you can apply to know what to do when he doesn’t love you anymore.

  • Accept he doesn’t love you.
  • Decide to move on.
  • Let go.
  • Forgive.
  • Occupy your time with fun stuff.


How Can I Make Him Fall In Love With Me Again?

You can make him fall in love with you again by doing these 5 things. Before making an effort, be sure he still loves you.

  • Communicate your hurt.
  • Be spontaneous.
  • Do sweet things you have not been doing before.
  • Work on your appearance.
  • Write him a love letter.


Final Thoughts On Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

You have to take into consideration that other things can bring about your partner’s love fading away. One salient thing to note is the consistency of his actions. When you allow yourself to remain in the relationship despite seeing the signs he doesn’t love you anymore, you might be setting yourself up for pain in the long run.

So while leaving might be the best idea, try every means of reconciliation and communication. If these do not work, you can walk away with the satisfaction that you gave it your best.


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signs he no longer loves you

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