12 Ways To Be Romantic With Your Husband

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how to be more romantic with your husband

Romance is the spice of marriage. It is easy to settle into the routine mode couples settle into after the honeymoon phase is over. While this is normal, it isn’t good enough because at this point, it is easy to stop putting in the effort.

Maintaining romance in marriage can be a bit of work, but the rewards are worth it in the long run. How to be romantic with your husband is a valid desire to have as a married woman who wants a beautiful forever with her man.

As a woman who wants to sustain the romance in her marriage or bring back the honeymoon phase. This expertly curated piece on how to be romantic with your husband will give you that push you need to be a romantic partner. I have used them repeatedly, which has helped me sustain the fire from the days of our courtship.


What Is Romance In Marriage?

Romance in marriage is the intentional effort you make to make your partner feel valued and wanted. Romance is simply showing your partner that you desire, want, and appreciate them.

Romance does not just happen by chance; it is a series of small consistent efforts. Just the way you put in effort in your job or academics, putting in effort in romance will yield a greater bond and happier marriage.


How Can I Be Romantic To My Husband?

You can be more romantic to your husband by deciding to take the lead. Rather than expecting to be serenaded like Cinderella, why not take the initiative to be the romantic one? Please don’t wait for it to happen; make it happen.

how to be romantic with your husband


How To Be Romantic With Your Husband: 12 Tips

You want to spice up your marriage with romance, and you need help figuring out what to do exactly or where to start. Here are some tips on how you can be more romantic with your husband.


1. Plan Dates

Why wait for your husband to plan the dates? Why not pick up the baton? You could plan a date based on something you both like doing or he enjoys doing. It could be an adventure trip on a weekend getaway with your mate, booking a reservation at a fancy restaurant, or just taking a walk in your neighborhood.

It doesn’t have to be flowers and balloons. The aim is to spend quality time together, no matter how expensive or inexpensive it is. This is one fail-proof method on how to be more romantic with your husband.


2. Send Love Notes

You can’t go wrong with sweet words. This is a way to leave a lasting smile on your husband’s face.

Write him love notes confessing how hot he is, how you enjoyed his game on the bed last night, and how wonderful he is. It could also be punchlines or pickup lines. There are lots of options.

After writing love notes, you can stick them to his breakfast pack, on the mirror of his closet where he is bound to see it, in his briefcase, or on his laptop. Sending love notes is one among many tips to be romantic with your husband.


3. S#xt Him

Imagine having a pretty stressful day at work and you receive a r#unchy text that leaves your insides in a delighted dance. You can brighten up your husband’s day by s#xting him.

Doing this will make him anticipate coming home early and will certainly keep his thoughts on you. S#xting him is a nice gesture on how to be more romantic with your husband. S#xting him is a way to play the delayed gratification game which makes lovemaking more satisfying.


4. Initiate Lovemaking

ideas to be romantic with your husband

Don’t wait for your husband to initiate lovemaking before you do. Why not take the lead? Why not draw in him with your feminine charms?

It could be spontaneous lovemaking: you have to watch his mood for this and know when to strike.

It can be a slow build-up like being flirty throughout the day, leaving the main show for a particular time.

What about initiating early morning “make out”? This is a great way to help him start the day and keep him on cloud nine. Sandra A. Davis, a s#xologist, opines that initiating lovemaking helps stimulate your husband’s desire for you. Therefore, initiating lovemaking is one of many good ways to be more romantic with your husband.


5. Be Generous With Touch

tips to be romantic with your husband

Physical touch is a powerful love language. One that most men are associated with. There is nothing like touching your husband too much.

Touch him everywhere; quick, featherlight, and sensual does it best. Don’t abstain from touching your husband everywhere from his head to his lips, cheeks, chest, down to his thighs, and nether r#gions. You can feel him up; doing this will make him feel young and wanted. This is how to be romantic with your husband.

Also, you can offer him a massage. This leaves him at your mercy to touch as you please.


6. Appreciate Him With Words

Reminding your husband how wonderful he is to you and the kids is one of the sure tips to be romantic with your husband.

Through words which can be in the form of a love note, text message, letters, or even verbal. Let him know he is the best father and the best husband. Let him understand that you see what he does and you consider yourself the luckiest woman alive.

If you find it difficult to express yourself, check out this well-curated piece on cute appreciative and encouraging words for husband that will lift his spirit.


7. Get Him A Thoughtful Gift

When getting your husband a gift, you should get him something thoughtful. Don’t just get a random gift and expect him to be awestruck; put effort into getting him something he would truly appreciate. This is one of the sweet ways to be romantic with your husband and blow his mind.


8. Do What He Likes To Do

Suppose he likes hiking, watching football, going to the games, or taking a drive. You can be more romantic by joining him in doing something he likes. This will definitely make him feel special and is undoubtedly one of the ways to be more romantic with your husband.

We all love it when someone picks an interest in what we do. Your husband will be more than delighted to share this part of his life with you and teach you the ropes to explain whatever you don’t understand.


9. Take Some Of The Burdens Off Him

If your husband pays all the bills. You can lessen his burden by paying some of the bills. It will certainly bring a smile to his face and reinforce your position in his life as a helpmeet.

You can pick up the electricity, water, and gas bills. These are the little things that go a long way in strengthening the bond in your relationship.

Also, doing this gives him a lot less to think about. As a partner, this is how to be a romantic wife to your husband.


10. Allow Him To Talk About Everything

If your husband has always been the one listening to you. Don’t you think it’s time to return the favour? He has things that are dear to him, things that make him tick, that make him happy or sad. Allow him to talk to you about himself. Take the backstage, let him take the stage and see how it feels to be heard.

When you allow him to talk about himself, it gives you access to see him for who he truly is. You might have always thought you married a hero, but allowing him to talk will show he is just another person out there with valid fears and emotions. You are also able to appreciate him better. This is one of the ways to be romantic with your husband.


11. Get The Kids Out

It is not okay to play the father and mother role without remembering to play the husband and wife role. In the long run, it takes a toll on your love life.

By every means, find a way to remedy this situation. You can allow the kids to spend the night or the entire day at a friend’s house or relative. The aim is to get some couple time. Get away from the pressure of being a father or a mother and get the chance to just breathe without the kids shouting down the house.

You can book a reservation in a hotel or simply plan a staycation at home. You do not have to put in so much effort to enhance the ambience of your home. Candles, soft music, and soft lights are more than enough to do the trick. This method has worked for countless couples with busy schedules. It is one surefire way on how to be more romantic with your husband.


12. Make Him His Favourite Meal

One of the great ideas to be romantic with your husband is to go all out and prepare his favourite meal. You can make it a breakfast affair or a dinner date. Let him enjoy his favourite meal from his favourite chef and see how delighted he will be.

Food has been proven to be one of the ways that people, especially couples bond.


How To Be Romantic With Husband On Phone

Unlike the older generation who could only rely on mails or spoken words to be romantic, we have the advantage of advanced technology. Phones can be pretty detrimental or instrumental based on how it is used. Here is how to be romantic with your husband on the phone.


Send Beautiful Pictures Of Yourself

Take random pictures of yourself during the day and send them to him. It could be poker face pictures, pouty lips pictures, smiley faces, or distorted face pictures. Just make sure to have fun and let him catch your fun.


Use Pickup Lines

You can bring a smile to his face by using pickup lines. This will surely make him smile. Here are some;

  • Have you got any room for an extra tongue in your mouth?
  • I wanna take out your pencil and stick it in my pencil case.
  • I was feeling a little off today, but you definitely turned me on.
  • Do you do carpeting? Because I’m looking for a deep shag.


Compliment His Looks

If your man has a social media presence, you can comment on his page to leave some r#unchy comments.


Send A Sensually Suggestive Comment

You are both in public and are sitting across from each other. You can send a sort of message that can make his trousers a bit uncomfortable. Please don’t hold back on being naughty; it is a welcome spice.


Romantic Things To Do For Husband At Home

What if you can’t go out and do romantic stuff? It does not take away the romance no matter where it is done. It simply makes it all the more special. You can do this at home. Better still, you don’t have to break the bank to have a good time at home.


Record Videos Together

We have the world of TikTok. You can join the train by making videos with your partner. From cheesy to funny to intense, the prerogative is yours.

You can also join challenges online. This is one of the ways to be romantic with your husband at home.


Plan A Date At Home

Role-playing can be adopted. Why not turn your kitchen island or dining area into a single-table restaurant? You can put out the lights and use the candles. Petals are welcome too. You can take it a step further by playing dress-up with your husband.


Play Catch

Adults need to take some time out to be kids. Playing catch with your husband is one great way of being romantic. The adrenaline rush and the fun helps you bond.


See A Movie Together

Seeing a movie never gets old. It is always a classic romantic way on how to be romantic with your husband at home.


Play Games

If you are familiar with EA Sports Fifa or Call of Duty and your husband loves these video games, organizing a game date with him is a great idea. You might not be familiar with the game and he might have to teach you the ropes. The aim is not to win anyway; it is to have fun.

You can play other games too like scrabble, cooking competition, dancing competition, whatever rocks your boat.


Final Take On Ways To Be Romantic With Your Husband

Romance is not emphasized enough in marriage and that is why most couples seem to lose their spark after a couple of years in marriage. Romance helps strengthen the bonds of marriage and makes both partners feel secure and loved in the marriage.

As a woman, choosing to spice up your marriage is a great decision you will never regret.


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ways to be romantic with your husband

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