40 Fun Double Date Ideas To Enjoy With Your Fave Couples

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double date ideas for couples

Double dates are slowly becoming popular over the years and the reasons are not far-fetched. These kinds of dates provide an opportunity for couples to socialize with other couples, which can be a great way to bond and make new friends. It’s a chance to expand your social circle and meet new people.

Also, double dates offer a chance for couples to share experiences, as well as with other couples. Doing something fun or exciting together can help create memories and strengthen the bond between the couples hence, the need for double date ideas.

Personally, I have found out that double dates can be a more relaxed and comfortable way to spend time together than one-on-one dates. There is less pressure and more opportunity to just enjoy each other’s company.

As a bonus, spending time with other couples can also provide a fresh perspective on your relationship. Seeing how other couples interact and handle different situations can give you ideas and insights that you can apply to your relationship.

I have enjoyed the benefits of double dates with my friends and it has gone a long way in deepening our bond. Double dates are one of the best ideas to reignite the spark in a relationship, and can be really fun and interesting especially if it’s with your favorite couples.

I have made a list of the perfect double date ideas that will give you the most amazing time on your date.


Are Double Dates A Good Idea?

Double dates are a very good idea because it helps you and your partner enhance your social life. It provides an opportunity for shared experiences, socializing, and building relationships with other couples. Double dates also helps you appreciate the dynamics of your relationship and strengthens the bond of love.

double date ideas


40 Fun Double Date Ideas To Enjoy With Your Fave Couples

These exciting double date ideas will help you have loads of fun with your partner and your fave couples.


Fun Double Date Ideas

These double date ideas will provide you with all the fun you need for this double date. They are the most fun and exciting double date ideas for couples.


1. Have A Picnic

Picnic in a cool location with your fave couples is definitely one of the things to look forward to. Get a basket of your favorite appetizers, and snacks with drinks, and enjoy the day with other couples. Plus, it’s a low-key activity that can be customized to fit any budget and preference.

A picnic is one of the great double date ideas as it provides a casual and comfortable setting for socializing and enjoying each other’s company.


2. See A Game

If the majority of the couples are sports lovers, seeing a game is one of the great double date ideas you should explore. Whether football, soccer, or basketball, a game is a way to have insane fun and can be a great way to enjoy an entertaining event while socializing with another couple.

Going to a live game can be an exciting and fun experience that provides a lot of opportunities for conversation, shared experiences, and bonding. You can all cheer for the same team, share snacks, and enjoy the atmosphere together. Plus, it can also be a great conversation starter and can lead to deeper discussions about interests, hobbies, and preferences.


3. Visit The Cinema

A new movie is out and you are yet to see it, this is ample time to enjoy the movie on a double date with other couples. Seeing a movie at the cinema with other couples is a casual way to socialize with other couples while bonding over movies or a specific genre.


4. Work Out Together

A morning double date that is fun, interesting, and expense free. Working out together with your fave couples is a couple’s goal that should be on your bucket list. The adrenaline rush either from running on the side of the road or running on a treadmill helps you and your partner enjoy competing against each other alongside your fave couples.


5. Visit An Amusement Park

An amusement park is filled with a lot of side attractions to keep you and your friends occupied with fun and keep them entertained. The games, rides, and many snacks are bound to have you excited and high on life with your friends.


Cute Double Date Ideas

Need double date ideas that will make you pleased and relaxed? These are the best ideas to help you have a good time with your fellow couples.


6. Book A Spa

Subject yourselves to a bit of luxury with your friends.

Bonding with your partner and fellow couples, while you pamper yourselves with facials, massages, pools, and sauna, is bound to leave you refreshed. A Spa date is one of the most romantic double date ideas you can ever think of.


7. Go To The Beach

Spending the entire day on the beach, having fun, soaking up the sun, and enjoying the lovely scenery is one that I want to sign up for. There are several activities to do on a beach date with your friends, and I have written a piece on 30 fun and romantic beach date ideas for couples.

Beach dates are one of the free double date ideas and cute double date ideas you need to experience.


8. Go Bowling

Let’s see who throws better. While you are at it, it’s a great time to check out how great your partner is at bowling. Bowling is a fun and interactive activity that allows everyone to participate and socialize while enjoying some friendly competition.

Bowling also offers a casual and relaxed atmosphere, which makes it a great option for couples who are looking for a low-pressure activity that can help break the ice. Whether a seasoned bowler or a beginner, bowling is a cute double date idea.


9. Visit A Planetarium

Want to enjoy your date better with your pals? A planetarium is the best idea for you. It’s a unique and educational experience that allows you to learn about space and the stars while socializing with another couple. It’s also a great way to spark interesting conversations and learn something new together.

A planetarium date is a break away from routine date ideas like a picnic.


Creative Double Date Ideas

If you want creative double date ideas that will spark your creativity or get you thinking, your answer is here.


10. Go See A Play

If there is a live play in your local theater, you definitely want to watch it with your pals. This is one of the fun double date activities you want to enjoy with your friends.


11. Go Touring The Nearest Town

For some reason, you might never have left your town, this is the perfect opportunity to leave your town with your friends and go to the town near you. This is loads of fun and one that you might like if you love traveling.


12. Take A Class

Take a class on artsy stuff like pottery making, painting, knitting, or iron works. Learning alongside your partner and your favorite couple is a wonderful idea. It is one of the most creative double date ideas.


13. Have A Baking Contest

Whip up some cookies, cakes, and pastries with your fave couples. You can pair and contest against each other or split and have the contest between the guys and the ladies. It is one of the perfect Christmas double date ideas, and even without Christmas, it’s one of the fun double date activities.


14. Have A Painting Session

Avail yourself the opportunity of knowing the next Leonardo da Vinci in your circle. You can drink some good wine while you paint and have jolly conversations with the others. A painting session is one of the things to do on a double date.


Cheap Double Date Ideas

The more people, the merrier it is, it can also be less expensive. These double date ideas will not drain your pocket, yet they will give you and your mate plenty of fun.


15. Have A Potluck

If you are a foodie this should delight your senses. Have your couple friends bring food with them when coming and share it among yourselves. It is a great way to enjoy meals from other cultures without leaving your house.


16. Visit An Orchard And Pick Fruits

Fruit straight from the grower is always ideal and is exciting when you do it with your friends. It is a great way to enjoy nature and spend time with your favorite couples, and one of the great double dating ideas.


17. Go For A Hike

adventurous double date ideas

It is easier to get tired while hiking when you are alone than when you are with friends. A great opportunity to have spiritedly good conversations while on the trail, share some laughter, and enjoy the rewards of a beautiful view after the hike.

Find the nearest hiking trail and go on an adventure with your friends.


18. Go On An Ice Cream Date

This is one of the great double date ideas outside. An ice cream date is a relaxed and casual kind of date and a versatile date idea that can be enjoyed in many ways. You can have it at a shop or at home with friends.

Ice cream is a great option for a double date because it’s affordable, accessible, and customizable. There’s no need to worry about dressing up or impressing anyone, making it a great option for couples who are still getting to know each other.


19. Volunteer

Enjoy the feeling of volunteering with your partner and your fellow couple. Volunteering is one of the good double date ideas because it always fosters the feeling of oneness and there is more than one way to help.

From the orphanage to the animal shelters to medical outreach programs, you get to bond with your partner and your fellow couple.


20. Attend A Couples Workshop

A couple’s workshop is usually organized by relationship or marriage experts, and this has helped many couples. Allow yourself and your partner to evaluate the quality of your relationship and see where you can work on when you attend a couples workshop with your fellow couple.

A couples workshop is one of the wonderful double date ideas for married couples that you need to check off your bucket list.


Double Date Ideas At Home

Having a double date at home does not dampen the fun rather it amplifies it. These double date ideas will help you, your mate, and your friends have the most fun at home.


21. Have A DIY Session

A DIY session is one of the cheapest double date ideas. It’s a fun and creative way to spend time with another couple while making something unique and personal. A DIY session can include a wide range of activities, such as making home decorations, jewelry, candles, or even food items like pasta or chocolate.

The beauty of a DIY double date is that it allows everyone to express their creativity and work together on a common project. It’s also a great opportunity to learn new skills and try something new with another couple.


22. Have A Game Night

double date ideas at home

A game night would sound appealing to video games lovers and if your couple friends are up for it, this is one of the perfect indoor double date ideas and indoor date ideas for couples that will have you all in high spirits.

You can play all manner of games from Minecraft, Grand, Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Fortnite, or Assassin’s Creed. Whatever rocks your boat, just have a blast with your double date.


23. Make TikTok Videos At Home

Whatever you know how to do, get it in front of the camera and do it. Creating videos is one of the amazing double date ideas you can have with your fellow couple. With an avalanche of music, videos, and filters, creating a video should be an enjoyable experience. It is also a great way to create great memories.


24. Have Swim Date

A swim outdoors is one of the perfect outdoor double date ideas. You can just decide to lounge with your friends or you can decide to have a swimming contest. It is a great way to bond with other couples apart from your partner, and it’s one of the best double date ideas for couples.


25. Have A Wine Date

cheap double date ideas

A wine date at home. Have your pals bring their wine and take turns tasting and passing judgment. A wine date can also be a good double date idea if all the individuals enjoy wine and want to try new varieties together. It can be a fun and social experience to taste different wines and discuss their flavors and characteristics. I love having a wine date.


26. Have Sunday Brunch

What do you use your Sundays for? Time to get out and have a good time with friends. You can either have it at your pals or your house. Just make sure to have fun and enjoy having a good time.


27. Have A Karaoke Session

creative double date ideas

A karaoke session is a time to see how smooth or how cracked your voices are. It is the perfect time to engage in a musical duet of your favorite music, serenade your partner and audience, and this makes karaoke one of the most wonderful double date ideas to have with other couples.


Double Date Night Ideas

On a good night, you should be having fun and enjoying yourself with your partner surrounded by friends. These double date ideas at home or double date ideas near me are exactly what you need.


28. Check Out A Comedy Show

If there is a comedy show around you, you might want to attend and have fun with your pals. This is one of the amazing double date ideas for a group of couples.


29. Attend A Concert

If you share a similar taste in music with your couples friend, checking out your favorite acts or music concert with your pals is a very good idea. No better time than now to enjoy the beautiful music from your favorite artist.


30. Have A Trivia Night

A trivia night is what you need to get competitive either at a good bar with your friend or at the pub, it is an opportunity to see how much of a smarty pants your partner is or other couples are. It is a great first-date idea and can help with nervousness.

Having a trivia night with your couple friends is one of the double date night ideas that you need.


31. Have A Grill Night

A night out in the backyard with drinks, good music, and some good beef. If you are good with barbecuing meat, now is the time to roll up your sleeves and amaze your pals.


32. Have A Cooking Session At Home

A cooking session never goes out of passion because it is one of the fun double date ideas. Whip up something nice with your fellow couples in the kitchen while enjoying the comfort of your home.


33. Have A Sleepover

A sleepover can involve many activities such as karaoke night, game night, trivial night, or a grill night but guess what? You have all the time to do what you want to do.


34. Go Bar Hopping

Bar hopping is one of the nice double date ideas guaranteed to have with your partner and fellow couples. Bar hopping is sure to give you the best variety of bar experiences with your partner and friends.


Adventurous Double Date Ideas

Want double dates that will have you reeling and excited? These are the best adventurous double date ideas that you can ever find.


35. Go Parachuting

If you and your friends are not afraid of heights, you should not be anywhere other than up in the air enjoying the panoramic view of your surroundings with your friends. This is one of the most unique double date ideas guaranteed to give you loads of fun.


36. Visit A Museum

Visiting the museum is adventurous in its way. Admission into the museum can either be for a small fee or free. Whenever you have the chance or the inspiration to see the museum, grab your pals and head there and explore the interests of your choice.

Visiting a museum with your couple friends is one of the best double date ideas.


37. Visit A Flea Market

Hit the flea market with your pals and enjoy some window shopping. Whatever picks your interest, you can buy a memento of the double date.


38. Go Camping

cute double date ideas

If you would like to spend more time with your couple of friends, camping will help you do that. A perfect chance to get away from modern life and enjoy nature with your friends.

Test your survival skills when you camp and have to depend on yourselves for survival. This is one of the most adventurous double date ideas.


39. Visit The Zoo

If you are an animal lover, this should appeal to you and make you want to participate. Visiting the animals in the zoo alongside your mate and friends is one of the cheap double date ideas that remains fun.


40. Go Skating

If you are good with using a skateboard this is a great time to wow your friends and enjoy your day at the skating rink. Skating with your friends is a great way to enjoy the day and have fun.


Final Take On Double Dates Ideas

If you don’t have a double date as a couples bucket list, by all means, you should add it to your bucket list. Double dates are beautiful because they help you strengthen your love experiences, help you understand different people in a romantic setting, and most importantly, help you have fun and connect more with your partner.


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