10 Relationship Goals For Couples Who Want To Strengthen Their Love

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Love alone is not enough to give your relationship all the stability it needs. Without relationship goals in play between the two of you, your relationship may lack depth and direction.

Relationship goals for couples are important factors that should never be neglected if you want what you share with your significant other to last a lifetime.

In this article, I’ll walk you through these goals and answer any questions you might have wondered about relationship goals for couples.


What Are Relationship Goals?

Relationship goals are values, ideals, or guidelines for giving and receiving love that couples share or aim to reach for while in a relationship. These goals involve the changes and growth both partners want to see in the long run.


How Do You Set Relationship Goals With Your Partner?

Identifying what you want out of the relationship is how you set relationship goals with your partner. It’s not possible to set a goal when you don’t know what you want to achieve. Therefore, before communicating your values to your partner, you must know what you want.

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Top 10 Relationship Goals For Couples Who Want To Strengthen Their Love

Relationship goals are not just about romance or intimacy. Rather, they’re centered on growing as a couple, setting boundaries, and enjoying a blissful union. Here are some healthy relationship goals you can set with your partner:


1. Engage In Fun Activities Together

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Couples who have fun together stays together! When setting those goals for your relationship, ensure certain fun activities couples do together are included.

A dull relationship, regardless of how much commitment there is between you two, won’t flourish. So always take out time to explore some couple’s fun activities together.


2. Being A Safe Space For Each Other

When life’s challenges come, do you find comfort, safety, and security in each other? If your answer is yes, congratulations. If it’s not, start working on it. This may look like one of the cute relationship goals, but it’s an important aspect of your relationship you must pay attention to.

Strive to become a safe space for each other where you can both vent, cry and laugh. There’s nothing more precious than safety in the arms of the one you love.


3. Individual And Collective Improvement

Individual and collective development should top your list of relationship goals for couples. Aside from being a boyfriend or girlfriend, who are you? What do you do? What philosophies guard your life? These are essential questions you should ask yourself.

As individuals, read books; read widely. Indulge in intellectually stimulating activities. Improve on your spirituality; meditate and free your mind from negativity. Take better care of your physical health; exfoliate and groom your body.

When both of you are well-rounded, and on the same mental and psychological wavelength, you’ll be able to contribute significantly to your relationship. But, if just one person is intentional about growth, the other partner is bound to feel left out and unfulfilled.


4. Total Honesty And Vulnerability

Real relationship goals must involve absolute honesty and vulnerability. These two ingredients build strength in your relationship, and they should be valued above all others because a relationship without honesty is bound to fail. Honesty in every romantic relationship has the power to build trust and love!


5. Making Up After Every Fight

In relationships, disagreements are inevitable, but what makes the difference is what happens during and after you disagree with your significant other.

How do you handle conflicts? Do you give your partner the silent treatment? Do you insult them harshly in the heat of anger? These are important questions to answer. The silent treatment is a toxic move, and insulting your partner at the slightest provocation is also unhealthy. So, agree on a healthy way to make up after fights.

For instance, my boyfriend and I have a rule to NEVER go to bed angry. No matter what we’re mad at each other about, we must talk things out before daybreak. We have stuck to that for over 2 years and it still works!


6. Mutual Respect

Mutual respect is one of the relationship goals never to take lightly. I say this every time: there’s no love without respect! People cheat on their partners because they don’t respect them enough. A lot of broken relationships are due to a lack of mutual respect!

Respect is a two-way thing; you should give and receive it. So, learn to respect your partner and demand the same from them.


7. Supporting Each Other’s Goals

Be there for your partner in whatever path they choose to pursue in life. Be their cheerleader at every turn!

Encourage them when the going gets tough and help them in any way you can. Your efforts would go a long way toward shaping them into a better person, which would deepen your bond and improve the quality of your relationship.


Short-Term Relationship Goals

Short-term relationship goals are usually set to be achieved within a short period, like a year. Many people don’t think short-term goals are important, but they are, even in relationships.

Think of short-term goals as baby steps. Setting short-term goals give you clarity in your relationship and a strong foundation for longevity. I mean, if you can’t achieve small goals, there’s almost no chance you’d achieve bigger ones.

So, check out these short-term relationship goals that can help you thicken your bond and increase your prospects for longevity.


1. Daily Bonding

It’s important to communicate daily. Whether through calls, texts, or physical meetings, daily bonding improves intimacy and helps you to get involved in each other’s lives.


2. Date Nights

Schedule date nights at least twice a month. Dating is an opportunity to have fun together and get to know each other better.


3. Be Financially Independent

Love isn’t the only thing that makes a relationship thrive. Money is also important! Both of you should be able to contribute to your relationship financially. E.g. during dates, on a baecation, random gifts, etc. Hence, financial independence is a goal you must pursue.


4. Practice Safe Lovemaking

Unless you and your partner agree to have a child, your relationship goals in bed should involve practicing safe lovemaking. A child means more responsibilities, and you might mess up big time if you’re not prepared for it.


5. Personal Growth Should Not Be Neglected

Whether financially, intellectually, physically, or psychologically, being intentional about your personal growth is vital to sailing your relationship smoothly. You’ll be a wiser, healthier, and more reliable partner to smash goals with, not a liability to your partner.


6. Strengthen Your Religious Faith

Religion is the very foundation some people build their lives upon. If you’re one of them, strengthening your faith with your partner should be a top priority. You can go to your place of worship together. But, if you share different religious beliefs, keep an open mind and understand that, although practices may differ, we worship one God.


7. Watch Your Health

Good health is vital, whether as individuals or as a couple. If you’re not sound in body and mind, there’s no way you’d even be working towards relationship goals. So, be deliberate about improving your health.

Enroll in fitness classes, cut down on junk and eat good food, exercise daily, get adequate rest, and visit a doctor regularly for medical checkups. These are all ways to boost your health.


Long-Term Relationship Goals

Long-term relationship goals require a lot of commitment, time, effort, patience, and resources. They are highly attainable, but you may need to break them into short-term goals to make them easier. If you’re ready to run the race for years, these long-term relationship goals are for you!


1. Creating A Joint Bank Account

When trust is established and you’re both financially independent, opening a joint bank account is advisable. Planning your future together is of utmost importance. Essential questions must be answered, and serious deliberation between the two of you should abound before you make this decision.


2. Annual Review Of Your Relationship

Check out how far you’ve come together. What are your achievements by the end of each year? Any progress? This would be a pointer that you’re compatible and motivated to keep smashing your relationship goals together.


3. Keep Romance Alive

This is also one of the important relationship goals for couples. Never underestimate the power of romance in a relationship! No matter how little, set out time to get intimate. It doesn’t always have to be lovemaking. It can be a makeout session, a candlelit dinner, or cuddling.


4. Children

Do you want children? How many? What would you name them? What should be their age gap? If you’re looking towards the long haul, these are important questions you should ask each other.


5. Marriage

Many long-term relationships aim to lead to marriage. If this fits you, plan your marriage together. If marriage is not on your priority list, discuss life together for the longest time.


6. Constructive Fights And Arguments

In the heat of an argument, don’t pass blame, don’t use hurtful words, or give silent treatment. Make sure you’re fighting the problem and not your partner. Fighting constructively tops my list of healthy relationship goals that build understanding and peace.


7. Give Counseling A Chance

You might get to the point where some problems need a third party to solve. Counseling can help you get through issues you aren’t able to work through by yourselves.

Counseling brings in unbiased eyes examining your differences and the way forward. It could be your parents, friends, a pastor, a doctor, or a relationship expert. Anyhow it turns out, always consider counseling.


Final Thoughts On Relationship Goals For Couples

Setting real relationship goals will help you gain clarity and stability in your relationship. Be disciplined, consistent, and open-minded; you’ll smash each goal flawlessly!


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