Long Distance Date Ideas: 17 Activities For Lovebird Couples

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online dates for long distance relationships

With the advancement of technology and social media, long distance relationships have become popular. Even on separate continents, you can still be with the love of your life! But, for many couples, it’s pretty challenging to keep the spark in the relationship due to the distance, so long distance date ideas are a must-know.

The idea of a thriving long distance relationship might seem weird, but it’s not impossible. With your smartphone and internet connection, you can still spend quality time together and go on dates — yes, dates! Online dates for long distance relationships are achievable.

Distance is the only difference. And, just like any other relationship, with honesty, commitment, and cooperation, there are no barriers to your love! If you’re clueless about what to do with your partner virtually, not to worry. I have put together long distance relationship date ideas that you can try out.

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long distance date ideas


How Do You Date Virtually Long Distance?

Dating virtually requires a computer, an internet connection, social media account, and creativity. Aside from texts, video calls, and sharing pictures, you can do fun activities like playing online games, learning things together, and sending love letters to each other.


How Do I Make Long Distance Dating Fun?

Long distance relationships have prospects of getting boring if you’re not putting in the “right” effort. To make long distance dating fun, engage in exciting activities together and make every moment fun-filled. Loosen up a bit and try different things, because doing the same things every time will make it boring.

Keep in mind that the long distance date ideas that would keep your relationship fun and spicy are simple, but the effort you put in does most of the work. That being said, let’s dive into creative ideas that would help your long distance relationship flourish!


17 Long Distance Date Ideas

Whether you live together or on different continents, you can still enjoy a fulfilling and blissful relationship. It all comes down to how well your bond, the depth of your intimacy, the things you do together, and how you do them.

Even for long distance relationships, distance is not a barrier! Check out these long distance date ideas to try with your sweetheart.


1. Create A Photo Album Together

This is one of those long distance relationship date ideas that can help you bond deeply with your partner. Doesn’t it feel euphoric when you go through the family album and smile at the pictures and the fond memories they bring? You may be worlds apart, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a photo album just for the two of you.


2. Stream A Concert Or A Comedy Show

Watching a comedy show together is one of the fun long distance date ideas you should try with your significant other. Laughter is food for the soul, and it helps people connect deeply.

Just like physical touch, laughter can strengthen your bond so much that you always want to be with that person. Music also builds a deep sense of togetherness among people. Hence, couples who have fun and constantly unwind together usually live happily together forever.


3. Go Hiking Together On A Video Call

Hiking is one of those cute long distance date ideas for lovebirds! Typically, couples would go on hikes together to have fun and discuss many things. In a long distance relationship, you can still try it out.

You can try it out by video calling each other throughout the hike. This is a great bonding activity that can make your partner feel closer to you.


4. Play Online Games

Online games are fun long distance date ideas that would be worth every second!

Tech advancements make it easier to play games with your partner even at a distance. So, battle each other! Challenge your partner to a board or video game. You can pick a game you both like and play it online. Games like Call of Duty, Chess, Checkers, Soccer, and Scrabble are great starts.


5. Create A Playlist Of Your Favorite Songs

For long distance date ideas that spice up a relationship, music is a factor that should never be ignored! Who doesn’t love music? Get into each other’s moods by creating a playlist of your favorite songs and listening to them. You can also listen to new songs they like and vice versa, and this can set the mood for your next interactions.


6. Take Personality Types And Compatibility Quizzes

You might know your partner well, but the space between you two can keep some things hidden. Taking a personality and compatibility test with your sweetheart can help you have a deeper insight into who they truly are and if you’re really compatible with each other. Yes, it may seem cheesy, but what’s the harm in trying?


7. Start A Little Book Club

As weird as it might sound, starting your private book club with your beloved is one of the long distance date ideas that would have a beneficial impact on your relationship. As a bookworm, I love exchanging books and discovering other people’s interests in books of different genres.

This can work out for you, too! Create a book club for just you two where you can share, analyze, and read books to each other. A book club would make you both have something in common to talk about — a lifesaver when things get awkward between you.


Cute Long Distance Date Ideas

If you want to make your partner blush like crazy, these cute long distance date ideas will make him smile all day and even miss you more.


8. Take Love Language Tests

Be it words of affirmation, receiving gifts, quality time, acts of service, or physical touch, everyone has a unique love language. If you don’t know yours, you should take love language tests with your partner to discover them.

Knowing each other’s love languages can help you love each other better. It can also help to dissolve insecurities about the depth of their affection or care because you’d be loving each other exactly how you want to be loved.


9. Stargaze At The Same Time

Watching the stars and matching constellations is fun! But who says only couples close to each other can do this? You can stargaze with your partner at the same time. Just use your smartphone to communicate with each other all through it. A video call would do.

This is so romantic, and it’s one of the best date ideas for long distance relationships you should try out.


10. Learn A Language Together

Learning a language with your beloved adds depth to your relationship. The excitement of learning a new thing and the promise of practicing with a loved one is beautiful to experience!


11. Ask Each Other Insightful Questions

Knowing your partner’s opinion on various topics will help you peek into their mind and see the world from their eyes. Fun times are great for couples, but important conversations are even better.

Deep conversation starters can help you set the stage for getting inside your partner’s head and seeing their perspective on things.


12. Work Out Together

For fitness lovers, working out together is one of those long distance date ideas you can try. I mean, it’s killing two birds with one stone! While you’re working out, you’re on a virtual date. What’s sweeter than that?


Fun Long Distance Date Ideas

Are you looking for fun long distance date ideas? This set of long distance date ideas are fun ways to go on a date with your partner virtually.


13. Discuss Your Future Plans

Discussing your future plans is important. What are your goals? What sort of house would you raise a family in? Do you want children? If yes, how many? Where would you live after getting married? What job do you see yourself doing in the next five years?

Don’t be surprised that date ideas for long distance relationships include discussing your future plans. A relationship is more than romance and butterflies, especially if you’re looking toward long-term commitment. You must make solid plans for the future.

Check out these questions to ask before marriage if you need help figuring out what to ask. This set of questions to ask your partner before tieing the knot is essential for every romantic relationship.


14. Play Truth Or Dare

Need more long distance relationship date ideas? Play truth or dare! This game spices things up a lot and helps you get to know your significant other better. If you need help with what to ask, these truth or dare questions for couples can steer you back on track.


15. Read Love Letters To Each Other

Love letters are classical and romantic. Fuel your love by reading some handwritten love letters to each other. They may end up cheesy, but who cares? The effort is what makes it special!


16. Make A Bucket List

Before getting into my first relationship, I had a bucket list of all the things I’d do with my boyfriend. That helped our relationship blossom because we always had something to do together.

Even in a long distance relationship, you can do the same. Make a list of things you’d love to do with each other, and bit by bit, do them and tick them off your list. If you’re out of ideas, don’t fret! I’ve written a piece about romantic things to do as a couple. You’d never go wrong with that!


17. Write Your Love Story

Isn’t it cute to write your love story together? How you met, what the attraction was, your most memorable moments together, what you love about each other, etc. This is one of the cute long distance date ideas you should take advantage of! It’ll help you know exactly what your partner thinks about you.


Final Words: Long Distance Date Ideas

Long distance date ideas require commitment from you and your significant other to thrive. So, pick the ones you think suit your relationship and try them. Every effort counts to keep you together with your beloved.


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