15 Long Distance Relationship Ideas To Keep The Spark Alive

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how to make a long distance relationship work

We have heard stories of successful and failed long distance relationships. Like the old saying, absence makes the heart grow fonder. But, long distance relationships can also be difficult to keep up with.

Every relationship needs committed effort and sacrifices from both parties, and when we are talking about long distance relationships, the partners need to be more wholeheartedly dedicated to keeping the union steady, spicy and healthy.

Routine can set in very quickly in a long distance relationship if care is not taken. Here are 15 tips on how to spice up a long distance relationship:

long distance relationship ideas


1. Be Intimately Naughty

Embrace technology. Send text messages regularly and let your partner know that your thoughts are on him. Technology has made life easier for everyone, not only for business but also for personal and relationship issues.

With a phone, webcam, or instant messaging, you can be naughty and intimate with your partner and spice up your long distance relationship.

When we are in love with someone, it is natural to desire intimacy with them. Distance does not have to hinder that aspect of your relationship if you are creative.

Sensual desire is like an adhesive that keeps you together with longing and fulfils biological and emotional needs that bonds two people together. Share your most personal thoughts, let your partner in on your deepest fantasies in bed or otherwise.

Feel an enhanced sense of intimacy by saying and doing naughty things that can drive your partner wild with desire. Should you want to make it more real, use your phone video recorder or webcam to reveal more of yourself and take your partner on a visual unforgettable romantic experience that will keep him on fire until your next meeting.


2. Keep The Communication Alive

One of the greatest best long distance relationship tips is to keep the communication open, consistent and alive by curating and asking deep questions about your partner. Skip the routine talk. It gets boring for everyone.

Questions that will make him talk about himself, and reveal more of himself to you. Questions that will make you understand who your partner is, how you can support his dreams and be relevant in the big picture of his life.

Couples who communicate more stick together longer, bond and achieve more in their relationship journey.

How does he see himself in the next 5 years? What are his career goals? If he could change something in his past, what would it be? There are loads of questions to ask your partner to learn more about them and make your long distance relationship work.

On top of that, update your partner on your life and its happenings.


3. Make The Most Of Time Spent Together

How do you prepare for your special moments together? Are you counting down with excitement? Is the memory of your last moment together still fresh on your minds?

Planning ahead on how to make this day memorable to what you will do when that moment finally arrives can make him feel special in a long distance relationship.

You can make a list together of the activities to do, and fun places to visit when that day comes. Put yourself out there and make beautiful memories that you both will cherish and linger when you are geographically apart.


4. Watch Your Favorite Movies Together

Doing things together is a great romantic idea for relationships and especially for long distance relationships. One of such activities is to watch favorite movies together.

Choose a show you both love and create specific times to watch. Close your eyes and pretend you’re both there and watching together.

There are several ways of doing this. Couples can have contact over the phone or instant messenger while watching a movie together, access a streaming movie online, or rent the same movie and watch it together.

Even if you don’t like the same movie genres, watching your partner’s favorite movie shows them that you care. This is a thoughtful way for you and your partner to feel connected and do sweet things together in a long distance relationship.


5. Send Gift Packages Filled With Surprises

Everyone loves to receive surprises. Do you want to know how to make him feel special in a long distance relationship? Send him a surprise package.

We often attach meanings to the little things in our everyday life, and store memories in physical things we can see and touch, that we can look or hold on to something that will help us remember that special person.


6. Pay Him An Unexpected Visit

how to spice up a long distance relationship

Surprising your partner with an unexpected visit will spice up a long distance relationship and make him feel special. Nothing is more beautiful than seeing that shocked ecstatic joy and surprise spread on your partner’s face when you show up.

Visits are the climax of long distance relationship ideas. After all the yearning, abstinence and waiting, you finally get to see and do all those things you have imagined, which are common to everyday couples but special and extra intimate for people in long distance relationships.


7. Understand Each Other’s Schedules

In keeping and maintaining a long distance relationship, it is important to know and respect your partner’s work schedules, the most appropriate time to call or send messages.

You would not want to disrupt your partner when he is in the middle of a business meeting or class. Know the events that are taking place or will take place in each other’s life such as job interviews, important business trips and meetings.


8. Live An Independent Life

You are a couple, yes, but you are also two uniquely different people. Two distinct people who need to live their respective lives. Another way on how to make a long distance relationship work is for you to live independently of each other.

Being in a healthy long-distance relationship or any relationship at all is giving you attention and taking care of yourself just as much as you take care of your partner. Relationships don’t make people happy. We owe ourselves the responsibility to be happy.

Everyone wants to be around happy people. Find creative ways to be happy and enjoy your life and share your excitement with your partner when you connect or are together.

Make the most of your time apart by doing the personal things that you love to do, whether that’s spending time drawing, swimming, or getting into a new fitness routine.

You don’t have to let your world revolve around your partner — you still have you, your friends and your family.

Create and spend time with friends and family. Do things that don’t necessarily involve your partner. Enjoy your time alone, learn new skills, make new friends, get a new hobby, go to the gym and have a life.


9. Make Plans Together

It feels good to have something to look forward to, especially when you’re in a long distance relationship. Making future plans regarding investment, vacationing, travelling and other life’s important decisions will make him feel special.

Make plans towards when you’ll see each other, have a countdown towards that time, go on a walk together while on video-call to each other.


10. Send Voice And Video Messages

how to make him feel special in a long distance relationship

Recording and sending a voice note or video messages of love is a great romantic idea for long distance relationships. Looking into each other’s eyes and hearing each other’s voices can make the bond stronger even when you are not together.


11. Share Goals

It is important that you and your partner have the same goals, that even though you are separated by distance and time zone, you both are striving and working together towards a future. Set goals to achieve before your next visit.

Set savings goals, investment goals, learning goals, weight loss goals, book reading and study goals, keep fit goals and other creative goals that will spice up your long distance relationship. Whatever you both working on, find creative and fun ways to arrive there together.

You can also support your partner in achieving their goals where he is struggling to meet up. Goal setting and follow-up is a sweet way of engaging with your long distance partner and showing your love and commitment to him.


12. Be Supportive

We all go through challenging seasons of life, and during such times, we need the love and support of friends, family or partner, as you draw from their strength.

Long distance relationships can be tough, and sometimes, no amount of coping techniques and management can make up for the absence of a loved one. This is why you must be supportive and reassure your partner of your commitment, understanding and love, especially when he or the relationship is in a difficult time.

Trust is key in a long distance relationship. Resist the inclination to check on your partner or verify his movements and activities. Take control of your insecurities lest it gets the better of you. Be sincere and open about your struggles with being apart over a thousand miles.

Are you anxious about any aspect of your relationship? Express it.

Find solutions and routines that suit you both. Make sure the communication lines remain open and know that even a long distance relationship can be healthy, survive and can make it through a difficult period.


13. Share Daily Events And Activities

Sharing and updating your partner with the highlights of your everyday activities is one of the sweet things to do in a long distance relationship. Share like you would if you were together in person.

During talk times, be sure to talk about the events of your day. How you nailed a presentation, how you saw an old friend at the station, how you handled an uncomfortable situation. He will be happy to hear how your day went, as this gives the experience of being a part of your day.

Let your partner into the happenings of your life, including the insignificant details.


14. Learn New Skills Together

One of the best tips to keeping a long distance relationship is for the couples to do things together more often. Create some shared experiences even though living apart. And one of such is to learn together.

We are in the information age filled with countless opportunities to learn new skills on the internet. This idea will strengthen and solidify your long distance relationship with your partner.

Imagine revising class notes together, explaining grey areas which is not clear, and helping each other through assignments. Whether it is a digital marketing skill, webinar, or a foreign language, you and your partner can plan to take classes in person or online.

Learning new skills together will ensure you never run out of conversations. If you are learning together, reading the same books, and involved in the same activities every day, you will always be buddies.


15. Be Moderate In Your Communication

Whether it is long distance or not, constant contact between couples can become boring and routine. Excess of anything, even the good things is not necessarily beneficial.

In trying to spice up a long distance relationship with your partner, the routine and daily conversations you engage in can become an obligation as against something to look forward to. When your relationship arrives at that junction, then things are on their way to getting boring.

Every partner must learn to create a balance between a lack of communication and excessive communication. What makes a long distance relationship exciting is the craving and craze you both feel from not being able to see each other every day as normal couples do, but it has its charm when kept at a proper pace.

Encourage each other to spend time with others around you, feel good and come back share your experiences. Don’t feel obligated to talk every day otherwise you snuff out the element of spice and excitement in your relationship.


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