10 Best Relationship Books Every Couple Should Read Together

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Relationship books for couples is a subject I love so much. I’m an avid reader of books, I read anything on prints but I’d say my best area of concentration for over two decades has been in regards to relationship matters.

Being an emotional being, I started early to study relationships. It got so bad that sometimes I would always stop at the bookshop on my way from work daily to pick a book (yes I mean it).

I counted my books after a while and discovered I was buying a lot and as such I could keep up the pace of reading then I decided to buy 4 books every month.

I won’t say I’ve read every book that I could lay my hands on concerning relationships but I’ve read quite a number of them and based on how they resonated with me I’d like to share them with you. Now, we may not always agree with the conclusions of the authors but we will find areas we think in the same direction and agree with them.

Now, permit me to say that these books are good but I don’t guarantee they would solve your marriage issue because it’s enough to have head knowledge but applying the wisdom gleaned from the pages is what will tell as time goes on.

Remember you are not under any form of pressure, I’m only willing to assist you in finding wisdom carefully tucked away in books.

There are so many best relationship books written on love, dating, marriage, relationships and every other area of concern surrounding relationships. Indeed, you may not get value reading some of them, which is why I specifically handpicked a few relationship books for couples I would like you to read with your partner.

Like I said earlier, reading any of the books I’ll be sharing in this post doesn’t mean you will have a great marriage, but I implore you to read with an open mind as you share from the experiences of authors who have been in the same situation of marriage for decades.

What do you think about making mistakes? Don’t you think it is wiser to see pitfalls, recognise them and also avoid them through the eyes of the authors, I’d rather learn from another person’s mistakes than going through the same?

Learning by example is better than going through pains that should have been avoided or nipped in the bud the moment it shows up.

Now, why did I pick the books I will be sharing shortly? I did that because the authors offered realistic approaches to marriage, shares the good and not so good sides, gave personal experiences and some even rounded up with soul-searching questions that will put your mind to work.

The picture of marriage painted in the books are all summed up in a few words, love has a language understood differently by both genders and showed secrets that can help couples thrive despite their differences.

So, if you are with me on the journey of searching out some good relationship books for couples and books about love and relationships, then you are on the right page.

Note that I’m not just writing about these books but I have internalized them and based on ratings they stand out. If you are ready, come with me.


10 Best Relationship Books For Couples

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1. The 5 Love Languages: The Secret To Love That Lasts By Gary Chapman

This is one book that is widely read and talked about. I doubt if there is any relationship expert that has not read or referred to lessons learned from this book. You’ve likely heard of one of the best relationship books out there.

This book talks about 5 love languages and how people show and receive love. The questionnaire in it will help you and your lover understand each other with regards to receiving and giving love. Words of affirmations, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service and physical touch.

This is one of the relationship books for couples I recommend. You can get a copy of the book here.


2. Woman To Woman: 1000 Conversation Starters For Talking About Anything By Kim Chamberlain

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Although this is a book written by a woman for women, our male partners can also learn about speaking skills. Communication is an area so many couples struggle with as the women sometimes expect the man to read their minds. Some may know how to approach the men in their lives but not knowing how to say them.

For the men, you will understand what your lady says as you can also help her open up to you. The book is partitioned into speaking skills, conversation starters and some conversational tips and techniques.

I encourage ladies to take advantage of this book and help their conversations, not with their partners only but any other person they come across with. You can get a copy of the book here.


3. Why Marriages Succeed Or Fail By John Gottman

The name John Gottman rings a bell when it comes to relationships. His role as the founder of the Gottman Institute is a combination of Drs John and Julies life work as researchers and clinical psychologists with hands-on experience of working with couples and helping them achieve stability mentally.

The book, Why Marriages Succeed or Fail: And How You Can Make Yours Last, is a book if read and practiced will heal your marriage and help you see reasons not to stay separated or get a divorce.

The book exposes several patterns that lead to divorce and how to avoid them. Some reviews attest to this book as a tool that repairs marriages. If it happened to some, I advise that people take advantage and see what’s in it for them.

It’s one of the relationship books for couples I love so much. You can get a copy of the book here.


4. The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work By John Gottman

This is another work by Gottman I appreciate a great deal.

The best book for relationships, you will understand several things happening on yours and how to improve them. Even if you are not going through hardships you will find it useful to improve it even more. ~Review by a reader that made my day.

This is one book couples should read together. It exposes seven marriage principles and gives exercises to help build upon them. Based on scientific research, the strategies and principles laid out in this book “teach partners new ways of handling conflicts and having a middle ground for meeting and getting more intimate.

I strongly recommend this as one of the relationship books for couples. You can get a copy of the book here.


5. Sacred Marriage By Gary Thomas

This should be sitting on your shelf as it is another great book I never get tired of reading. Though Christian literature, I love it as it takes us back to the reality of our core existence which is knowing God.

Doing this according to the author changes our heart as it makes you realize that marriage is beyond tying the knots or signing the dotted lines but a covenant. Sacred as the title implies depicts something holy and extraordinary.

What then is the purpose of the book?

To help struggling marriages; help love return to marriages that are void of it and above all help couples focus on their relationship with their maker.

I bet you will love this book. You can get a copy of the book here.


6. Stripped Down: 13 Keys To Unlocking Intimacy In Your Marriage By Tony And Alisa Dilorenzo

I’d begin by sharing a review I read in the book as I began reading. “As a life coach, I see many people who have created strategies for business success. But those same people frequently have no plan for success in the most important areas of life.

In Stripped Down, Tony and Alisa share clear systems and processes for being as intentional about success in your marriage as you would expect in your business. With no plan in place, your business – or your marriage – will likely fail. Don’t take that chance.”

That sounded authoritative and made me go further to devour the book and I wasn’t disappointed.

What’s the message of the book?

Solving intimacy issues for couples and helping them enjoy a sensual relationship together. It involves some chapters I love so much like chapter 4 let’s talk and 7, calendar it.

Chapter 7 addresses couples who were too busy to get intimate and the answers and suggestions are given there are worth taking. It has helped me and thousands greatly. Having sensual issues? Stripped down to the rescue.

Great relationship book for couples. You can get a copy of the book here.


7. Healing Your Marriage When Trust Is Broken: Finding Forgiveness And Restoration By Cindy Beall

Infidelity and trust are challenging areas for couples and Cindy did a good job here.

By digging through her experience and being bold to share it with the world. Her husband’s infidelity and addiction broke her, yet she chose to rise above it and today we can read and learn from her experience.

Couples who have issues with infidelity and broken trust shouldn’t hesitate to get a copy of this book. You will be glad you did. You can get a copy of the book here.


8. How To Get Past Disappointment: Finding Hope By Michelle Mc Kinney Hammond

This is an author I love so much, though single, she has helped a lot of singles get their man by opening their eyes to see who they are and how to package themselves to be found. This book helped me when I had my first heartbreak.

The author spoke about betrayals, pains and tears as being a part of the mix called life but she said they shouldn’t bring our lives to a halt. She shared about the love of God being able to heal and help one move on.

The questions for reflection after each chapter made the entire experience awesome for me. Ever been hurt and finding it difficult to let go? Try this. You can get a copy of the book here.


9. Decoding Love: Why It Takes Twelve Frogs To Find A Prince And Other Revelations From The Science Of Attraction By Andrew Trees

I call the author the king of dating in this book because of the way he expounded on the topic. Let’s experience some suspense here. Try to get a copy and you will be glad you did.


10. Your Favourite Marriage Book

You should have one yourself. I’d be reading the comment section to see your response. Relationship books for couples and books about love and relationships cannot be underestimated as they can cause a change in your relationship.


In Summary: 10 Best Relationship Books For Couples

Love is a subject that cannot be overemphasized as it ought to be the foundation of every thriving relationship.

What have you learned so far? What’s the first book you will likely pick up? I’d love to read your comments on the best relationship books for couples and books about love and relationships.


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