200 Cute Nicknames For Boyfriend (With Meanings)

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cute nicknames for boyfriend

Let me take you down memory lane if you are currently in a relationship. Did you ever sit with your man, conversing on cute nicknames for boyfriend, to pick a nickname for him or did it just happen? By this I mean did you just pick a name and he loved it?

Growing up, I knew couples who were in love or going steady by the way they called each other. Then I would laugh within myself because some names sounded so funny.

I noticed however that some of those couples ended up getting married and kids came along, the nicknames either changed or the couples began addressing each other by the name of their children.

This became so fascinating for me. Fast forward to when I began dating I then understood how it felt to give your man a nickname or even have him call you one.

Ever wondered why couples give each other nicknames? It’s a good sign because you are showing them affection and that you have accepted them into your world.

Sometimes your relationship feels so good that you just feel you need some sweet name to let your partner know how you feel about them and what they mean to you.

In today’s post, we will be exploring some nicknames for boyfriend and romantic names for boyfriend. So, just in case you are tired of calling your man some boring names, you can pick from the ones below.

nicknames for boyfriend


Cute Nicknames For Boyfriend

Just in case you are tired of calling your man some boring names, this collection of cute nicknames for boyfriend will give you a variety of nickname for him, cute names to call your boyfriend, pet names for boyfriend, and unique nicknames for boyfriend.

1. Angel Eyes – I think this name would ring a bell if you love his eyes. Want to know its meaning, imagine what the eyes of an angel look like.

2. Albert – Cute and lovely.

3. Baby Daddy – You can use this if he’s huge and makes you feel loved.

4. Beau – This is a French word meaning boyfriend and handsome also.

5. Cupcake – Cute and lovely.

6. Honeybunch – Smooth and sweet.

7. Sugar Loo – Sweet as ever.

8. Sweetness – Just as the word implies.

9. Honeypie – Does anything else exist that is sweeter than honey? If there is, then it’s your man.

10. My World – This tells him how much he means to you and that no one matters.

11. Prince – Depicts royalty.

12. Best Friend – Self-explanatory.

13. Endless – You love him endlessly.

14. Baby – Someone you love to rock and cuddle.

15. Motivation – He’s the reason behind all the good things you achieve.

16. Angel – Your rescue and helper.

17. Cheerleader – One who got your back.

18. Flavor – He sweetens your life.

19. Dear – As the name implies.

20. Charming – A cute way to tell him that you find him charming.

21. Alpha – He has leadership abilities.

22. Lover – One who you are intimate with.

23. Adonis – Portrays the god of beauty and desire in Greek Mythology.

24. Amante – This means “lover” in Spanish.

25. Amore Mio – Means “My Love” in Italian.

26. Bad Boy – You could nickname him if he does some freaky things in bed.

27. Baby Boo – “Boo” is often used as a word showing affection as you would treat a baby.

28. Chocolate – This means you find him sweet.

29. Candy Lips – This shows he kisses you passionately and he’s good at it.

30. Alluring – Tells how good-looking he is.

31. Bloque – This means he’s got a good body built.

32. Macho – Another way of saying he’s strong and you feel safe with him.

33. Adorable – You admire him so much.

34. Amazer – He’s just amazing.

35. Bright Eyes – Perhaps he’s got blue eyes, let him know you love them.

36. Candy Man – This is romantic, especially if he’s good in bed. It means he’s as sweet as candy.

37. Master Of The House – As the name implies. I used to call my man this a lot.

38. Angel Heart – For a unique, kind-hearted and loving boyfriend.

39. Babycakes – Connotes something sweet.

40. Handsome – Shows how good-looking he is.

41. Beloved – Another word for lover.


Unique Nicknames For Boyfriend

Here, we will be personalizing the unique nicknames for boyfriend by adding the prefix “my” to the names. Below are some unique nicknames for boyfriend, sweet names to call your boyfriend, cute names for boyfriend, and romantic names to call your boyfriend.

1. My Gorgeous – This makes him know he is good-looking.

2. My Ride or Die – This means you trust him so much and he has proven to always be there for you.

3. My Everything – This means you are lost for words on how to describe him.

4. My Possession – This shows you belong to each other as much as he belongs to you.

5. My Precious Jewel – This lets him know that he is precious to you.

6. My Addiction – This means you can’t do without him.

7. My Knight In Shining Armor – This means you feel safe with him as he protects you.

8. My King – You could have this as a couples code as he could also call you his queen.

9. My Sunshine – This means he lights up your world.

10. My Dream – This means he’s all you have ever wanted.

11. My Strong Man – This depicts the fact that you admire his strength. It may not be physical strength but inner strength and his ability to bear burdens with you.

12. My Soldier – If your man is a soldier, this is great for him.

13. My Endless Lover – Your love is never-ending.

14. My Always And Forever – This means you have no other choice but for him and you hope to spend the rest of your life with him.

15. My Pumpkin Pie – This refers to his sweetness.

16. Cherish – This tells of how much you value him.

17. My Smilemaker – This means he brings out your smiles.

18. My Sweet Boy – Tell him he’s sweet.

19. Big Guy – This could mean he’s big or he’s rich.

20. Big Daddy – If he’s big and older than you, this is a great name for him.

21. Boo Bear – The merging of two names and means he’s really big.

22. Butter Biscuit – He is cute and soft.

23. Cuddle Master – Great in giving cuddles.

24. Dream Man – This means he is the man of your dreams.

25. Eddy – Short for “edible”.

26. Fire – You can adopt the name for yourself and he bears the opposite. Ever heard about the combination of fire and ice? It will sound really great.


Sweet Names To Call Your Boyfriend

We are still creating our list of nicknames for boyfriend, sweet names for boyfriend, sweet names to call your boyfriend, cute nicknames to call your boyfriend, and romantic names for boyfriend that will make him feel special.

1. My Booboo – A repetition of boo twice as a word of endearment.

2. Honeybunch – This means he is your Bunch of joy.

3. Cotton Candy – Another nickname that sounds sugary.

4. Chichi Poo – This just sounds good without meaning. Lovers can go funny sometimes.

5. Cinnamon Apple – He’s spicy and sweet.

6. Zucchero – An Italian word that means “sugar”.

7. Bello – A great nickname that means “Good looking male” in Italian.

8. Cherub – Could mean a couple of things but principally a guardian angel or one who is chubby in size.

9. Beau-Gosse – The French word for “Good looking”.

10. Caretaker – Another great name for a boyfriend who cares a lot about you.

11. Cuddly – Yet another word for cuddle.

12. Daddy – Sounds great, but if your dad is still alive or you are not yet married to him, I think it’s a no for me.

13. Bugbear – Cute sound word made by combining bug and bear to add to the list of good nicknames for boyfriend.

14. Captain – Another word for leader.

15. Cuddly Bear – Great nickname if your boyfriend is on the big side and covers you up when you cuddle. That’s a really great name for him.


Cute Names For Boyfriend

There’s really no nicknames for boyfriend that doesn’t sound cute in the ears but the sweet names to call your boyfriend, cute names for boyfriend, and pet names for boyfriend below sound strange but good.

1. Daredevil – Apt for someone who likes taking risks in life.

2. Fireboy – Gotten from the famous online game, Fireboy and Watergirl.

3. Casanova – Some guys may not like this as to some it may mean you are calling them flirts. You can use it to connote that you find him attractive.

4. Dreamy – Tell your man that looking into his eyes feels like you’re dreaming because you never believed you could be in his world.

5. Cuddle Cakes – Sound great If you enjoy being in his arms.

6. Heart Throb – You’re telling him he’s always on your mind and with every beat your heart makes, you feel him on your inside.

7. My Butterfly – Sounds funny but true. Let him know he’s the butterfly that flutters in your tummy when you think about him.

8. Cuddle – Let him know that it feels great to cuddle with him.

9. Eye Candy – Let him know he got your eyes all over him and he’s irresistible.

10. My Favorite Boy – The word explains itself already.

11. Good Looking – Let him know you find him good-looking and gorgeous.

12. Cuddly Boo Bear – This word boo in between, makes it sound more romantic even though it means the same as cuddling.

13. Fuzzy Bear – Great nickname if your man is big and hairy.

14. My Favourite – You prefer him to anyone which is why you choose to stay with him and leaving others.

15. Hugster – Perfect name if you both hug a lot.

16. My Hunk – He must be a giant to answer to this name.

17. Cuddle Bug – Another word formed by combining the “cuddle” and “bug”. this sounds great if you love to cuddle.

18. Prince Charming – Good nickname for boyfriend to tell him how charming he is.

cute names for boyfriend

19. Charmy – From the word “charm”.

20. Cutiepie – A combo of the words cute and pie.

21. Choco Prince – Beautiful nickname for boyfriend gotten by merging the words “Chocolate” and “Prince”.

22. G-Man – Abridged version for Gorgeous Man.

23. Mr. Perfect – He may not be perfect but got good looks and probably works out which makes him have a good gait and a good body built.

24. Fruit Loops – When your man is sweet or has this as his favorite fruit. You can let him have it as a nickname.

25. Guapo – Means “Good Looking” in Spanish.

26. Heartbreaker – Perfect for someone with whom you got back together after a break-up. Sounds funny you may say.

27. Hermoso – A Spanish word for “handsome”.

28. Hot Lips – Another nickname that can be used to tell your man that he’s good at kissing.

29. Honey Badger – Perfect for someone adorable yet aggressive.

30. Ironman – A good nickname if he goes to the gym often and is also a fan of Marvel comics.

31. Honey Bear – Great if your man is security conscious and is sweet and calm inside but comes across as being aggressive on the outside.


Sweet Names For Boyfriend

This collection of sweet names for boyfriend is sure to spice things up between you and your partner. Couples who are lovebirds find these sweet names for boyfriend, cute nicknames for boyfriend, and romantic names to call your boyfriend very helpful.

1. Hot Chocolate – You can use this to tell him that he is a perfect mix of hot and sweet. What a great combination?

2. Honeysuckle – A popular term of endearment that implies sweetness. Another similar word is “honey sop”.

3. Hoshi – This word means “Star” in Japanese.

4. Hotness or Hottie – Tell him that you find him hot and irresistible.

5. Hunny Bunny – This is a nickname with rhyming words that sounds cute.

6. Honey Bunches – A nice-sounding nickname for someone you think is cute and sweet.

7. Ice Cool – Call your man by this nickname if he is a cool guy who takes things lightly.

8. Jelly Bean – Great for someone who is on the bigger side.

9. Ladies Man – That’s a great compliment for any guy. Apt for someone who is good with women and knows how to take care of them. It could also mean a guy who ladies hover around. So use wisely so you don’t upset your man.

10. Koala Bear – The koala is a cuddly cute animal. So these romantic nicknames for boyfriend can be used for someone whom you find cute and cuddly.

12. Mooi – A cute-sounding word that stands for “Handsome” in Afrikaans.

13. Monsieur – For sir in French but you could shorten it as Mon meaning mine.

14. Igloo – Means “snow house”, but it gives rise to a feeling of a cozy environment that depicts peace and calmness. If you find peace with your man then you can call him your igloo.

15. Honey Bunch – Similar nickname to honey bear, just a little toned down.

16. Honey Bee – If he is a really busy guy, you can use this nickname to tease him about it. It could also be he has worked on you until your life has become sweet. It could also mean he knows how to bring out the best in you.

17. Honey Buns – Sounds great and depicts sweetness also.

18. Hot Stuff – This could mean cuteness overdose for your man.

19. Icing – To you, he is like the icing on a cake. He completes you.

20. Honeydew – A combination of the words, “honey” and “dew”.

21. Jock – You can use this if your man is athletic or into fitness.

22. Jaan – “Jaan” means “Life” in Hindi and is used as a word of endearment. Can make a great nickname for someone who bears the name Jean, John, or Johnathan.

23. Heart-Root – A word of endearment that sounds strange but holds a deep meaning.

24. Habibi – This means lover in Arabic. It also sounds similar to the word, “hubby” and could make a good nickname for your man.

25. Saint – Sound funny but by this you mean he’s perfect and does no wrong.

26. Cherry Pie – For the sweetest person you’ve known all your life.

27. Loverboy – Just as the name implies.

28. Monsieur – A word of respect for men, meaning “sir” in Spanish.

29. Love Muffin – A cute nickname that reminds you of something really sweet.

30. Ma Cherie – A beautiful sounding word that means “My sweetheart” in French. This is my time favourite.

31. Playboy – Cute way to tell him that he has a way with women.; I hope he doesn’t find this offensive.

32. Lovey-Dovey – One of the perfect nicknames for boyfriend. This depicts how affectionate you are to each other.

33. Love Professor – This means he made you realize what life is and makes loving him easy in return.

34. Lovely Book – A cute word formed by combining the words, “Lovely” and “Boo”.


Romantic Names To Call Your Boyfriend

sweet names to call your boyfriend

Do you want your boyfriend to fall head over heels in love with you? Try calling him these pet names for boyfriend, romantic names to call your boyfriend, good nicknames for boyfriend, and cute names to call your boyfriend.

1. Love Candy – A cute nickname to express the sweetness of love that he has brought into your life.

2. Dearest – A boyfriend who means everything to you.

3. Gold – A nickname for a priceless boyfriend who is caring and nice.

4. Naughty – This means he has a really naughty side.

5. Happy Face – Cute nickname for a guy who is optimistic and happy always.

6. Sweetums – A cute word formed by combining the words, “sweet” and “yummy”.

7. Mr. Amazing – If he is great with everything, then this is the perfect nickname for him.

8. Nightlight – He is a night owl who keeps you up as well.

9. Party Rider – If he enjoys attending parties and going to clubs, this is the perfect nickname for him.

10. Foodie – He loves food, please tease him with this nickname sometimes.

11. Mi Rey – A Spanish word that means “My King”.

12. Munchie – Another nickname using the word “munch”. Perfect for someone who is always hungry and loves to eat, especially if he’s not choosy and eats anything. This is one of my favourite romantic names to call your boyfriend.

13. Nutty – Use this nickname if he behaves a little nutty and you find that adorable especially while getting intimate.

14. Num Nums – Cute sounding nickname that implies something sweet and tasty.

15. Muscleman – Can be great for someone into fitness and works out regularly.

16. Munchkins – From the word “munch”.

17. Man Candy – This means you find him sweet.

18. My Other Half – A nickname to tell him that he is your other half.

19. My Significant Other – Same as above.

20. My Better Half – Means he completes you and brings out the best in you.


Cute Names For Boyfriend In Your Phone

It’s normal to have ladies save their man’s names on their phones with really cute nicknames. Let’s look at a few nicknames for boyfriend you can use to save your man’s number on your phone. Let’s dive into some cute names for boyfriend in your phone.

1. Mine – As the name implies.

2. Yours Truly – The name explains it.

3. Machoman – If you think he is macho, let him know.

4. My One And Only – He is your one and only man.

5. Oreo – Means something sugary and cute. Also great if he likes eating Oreos.

6. Ouji – Japanese for ‘Prince’.

7. Pumpkin – This is a beautiful word similar to ‘sweetheart’ or ‘darling’.

8. Superman – He is your superman cause he is so versatile and comes to your rescue too.

9. Romeo – Tell him that you find him super romantic and you could adopt the name Juliet as well to tell your love story.

10. Rockstar – He is your rockstar.

11. Raunchy – Makes for a romantic nickname.

12. Sugar Lips – You love his lips or he is a great kisser.

13. Tiger – He is strong, cute and independent.

14. Yummyboo – Yet another word made using the word ‘yummy’.

15. Teddy Bear – This nickname has cuteness written all over it. This is one of my favourite sweet names for boyfriend and cute names for boyfriend in your phone.


Pet Names For Boyfriend

1. Panda Bear – He is a big guy and also is extremely cute and cuddly.

2. Papa Bear – You could adopt the name mama bear.

3. Pickle Pie – Tell him that you find him sweet and sour using this nickname. Remember he cannot be all sweet.

4. Penguin – The penguins stay with their mate forever. This means you hope to be together also.

5. Soul Mate – Let him know that he is your soul mate using this pet name.

6. My Man – As the name implies.

7. My Treasure – This means he is precious to you.

8. Kissy Face – A nickname for someone you always want to kiss.

9. Flawless – A name for someone that is perfect for you.

10. Flower – A passionate nickname for a stunning and calm boyfriend.

11. Diamond – A nickname for when you have a precious boyfriend.

12. Dimples – A cute name for a boyfriend who has fine dimples.

13. Dirty Boy – A boyfriend who has a kinky mindset towards lovemaking.

14. Cutie – A boyfriend you find so attractive and hot.

15. Cutie Boo – A cute name for an attractive boyfriend that you love so much.

16. Cutie Head – A boyfriend who is your addiction.

17. Blueberry – A nickname for a handsome guy.

18. Boldie – A cute name for a bold and handsome boyfriend.

19. Love Bug – For your long-time boyfriend that you’re passionate about. This is one of my favourite nicknames for your boyfriend and pet names for boyfriend.


Final Words On Cute Nicknames For Boyfriend

There is no limit to the unique nicknames for boyfriend you can call your man. Some could be meaningless but the sound may make it sound lovely.

If you are yet to get one for your man, I guess you now have so many cute names for boyfriend and romantic names for boyfriend to pick from. If you have a nickname for yours already, let me see it in the comment section.


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