200 Adorable Nicknames For Girlfriend (With Meanings)

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cute names for girlfriend

All the single ladies, put your hands up. I guess that’s what you will expect here but that’s not true. In a previous post, we looked into nicknames for boyfriend. In this post, we will be looking at nicknames for girlfriend.

Peradventure, your man calls you names you are not quite sure of their meanings, you may find them here.

I think it would sound weird for couples to call each other by their first name (it’s not wrong though as there are couples who do that). Notwithstanding, some couples have taken their love game to another level by calling their partner sweet names that will almost make them blush when they hear it.

It’s also possible that there are nicknames you use when you are in the company of people and the ones you use when you are alone. In whichever category you fall, I’ve got good news for you and the news is that you can spice up your relationship by giving your lover or the woman in your life a cute nickname.

Women are moved by what they hear being emotional beings. You can help your lady feel great by giving her a cute nickname.

Calling your partner out by their nickname could make them feel special and loved. If you love this idea and want to give it a try, there are some cute nicknames for girlfriend in this post that you can scan through and pick one for your lady.

The beauty of this is that you can find a cute nickname that soothes her personality and clearly define what she means to you when you call her by that name. If you are looking for some cute names to call your girlfriend, please come take a look at some nicknames for girlfriend.

nicknames for girlfriend


Cute Names For Girlfriend

1. My World – This means she means a lot to you.

2. My Endless – This means you can’t stop loving her as your love for her is forever.

3. My Baby – This depicts that you care for her like a baby.

4. My Amazon – This means she’s classy.

5. Babe – Same as baby.

6. Boo – Cute and lovely nickname.

7. Baby Boo – A merge of baby and boo.

8. Bae – This means before anyone else. If your man calls you this, then you can as well call him boo which means he’s special to you.

9. My Love – As the name implies.

10. My Dream Come True – Sounds like a sentence but explains how you feel about your lady.

11. My Forever – This means you have found who you love and you will be together forever.

12. My Sweetness – This means she’s really sweet.

13. My Virtuous – This means she possesses the qualities that make her virtuous.

14. My Angel – As the name implies.

15. Honey – Connotes sweetness.

16. My Heart – It means they carry you on their inside.

17. My Joy – It means she brings you joy.

18. My Honey Pie – A combination of honey and pie.

19. The Apple Of My Eyes – It means she’s valuable.

20. Angel Of My Life – It means she rescued you perhaps by agreeing to remain with you after a heartbeat.


Pet Names For Girlfriend

pet names for girlfriend

1. Honey Pot – Means she brings sweetness into your life.

2. My Queen – This depicts royalty. If you call your lady queen, she could adopt calling you king.

3. Honey Bunny – Connotes sweetness also.

4. Squish – A beautiful pet name.

5. My Muse – Meaning she makes you happy and inspires you.

6. My Magic – She lights up your world.

7. Drama Queen – When she overreacts and you still love her.

8. Sweetheart – This is a word of endearment.

9. My Peace – When she doesn’t give you trouble.

10. Gorgeous – This means she’s more than beautiful.

11. Beautiful – Like the name implies.

12. Cutie – When she looks cute.

13. My Inspiration – When she inspires you.

14. My Choice – When she’s the chosen one.

15. My Lady – This exudes class.

16. Boss Lady – This means she’s hardworking and probably doing well at work.

17. Cutie Pie – When she looks relatable.

18. Baby Girl – A nice name for a girlfriend who is precious to you.

19. Ladybug – When they’re dressed up fancy and looking all ladylike.

20. Cuddle Bug – When she’s snuggled up in your sheets.


Sweet Names For Girlfriend

1. My Person – As the name implies.

2. Peanut – When they’re adorable.

3. Sugar Pie – Combination of sugar and pie.

4. Chicken Nugget – When they look like your favorite afternoon snack.

5. Jelly Bean – When they love bright colors and have lots of personality flavor.

6. Angel Baby – Combination of Angel and baby.

7. Goddess – This means she’s so beautiful beyond description and possesses some qualities of a goddess.

8. Angel Cakes – A lovely combination of angel and cakes.

9. Angel Eyes – If she’s got a cat or cute eyes. Then give her this cute nickname.

10. Babycakes – Sounds cute in the ears.

11. Baby Girl – When you want to make her feel like a baby.

12. Bold And Beautiful – You could shorten it to BB if she’s on the big side and has a dark complexion.

13. Beauty – Shows she’s beautiful.

14. Pretty – Means she’s pretty.

15. Beloved – This means you love her dearly.

16. Blossom – A cute name that signifies increase.

17. Bunny – Sounds like the name for the one you love to cuddle and play with.

18. Buddy – Your companion always.

19. Your Cheerleader – One who encourages and supports you to success.

20. Wife – This shows you are dedicated to them.

21. Wifey – The funny way of saying, wife.


Romantic Names For Girlfriend

1. Bubs – Sounds great.

2. Big – When she hangs unto you and refuses to let go.

3. Buttercup – Combination of butter and cup.

4. Boss – When she’s good at whatever she does.

5. Button – Your closure and security.

6. Caregiver – When she takes care of you.

7. Cookie – When she’s sweet enough to munch on.

8. Chipmunk – Sounds sweet but you can use it when she behaves naughty.

9. Croissant – When she looks edible.

10. Cupcake – A merging of cups and cake.

11. Cuddle Bear – When she loves to cuddle.

12. Cuddlebug – Same as above.

13. Cookie Monster – When she loves snacking a lot.

14. Watermelon Sugar – This means she’s sweet and juicy.

15. Sugar – When she’s sweet.

16. Darling – This means she’s dear to you.

18. Dear – Just as the name implies.

19. Sassy – When she is fun-loving.

20. First Lady – It means she’s a priority.

21. Flower – Means she’s beautiful.

22. Rose – She’s beautiful and a gift to you.

23. Good-Looking – As the name implies.

24. My Haven – This means she’s your safe place.

25. Heaven – This means it’s a heavenly being with her.

26. Hun – Short for Hunny or honey.

27. Hottie – When she’s got a good body and figure.

28. Hotlegs – When they got beautiful legs without scars.


Unique Names To Call Your Girlfriend

If you are looking for unique nicknames for girlfriend, cute names for girlfriend or unique names to call your girlfriend, please find them below.

1. Hottie Patootie – When looks ravishing.

2. Hotcakes – This means she’s cute and hot and possibly every man’s desire.

3. Hot – When she’s got good looks.

4. Hon – Means dear.

5. Bean – When they love to lie curled up while in bed.

6. Kiddo – This is for fun, especially when she behaves like a kid.

7. Kitty – When she plays funny. This is a cartoon character.

8. Mama – When she behaves motherly.

9. Mummy – When she’s good at domestic chores.

10. My Girl – When you want to play with her handmade clothes, she feels like a baby.

11. My Woman – This means she’s got the features you want in a lady.

12. My Panda – One you love to play with.

13. Peaches And Cream – Depicts sweetness. This is one of my favourite unique names to call your girlfriend.


Romantic Nicknames For Girlfriend

sweet names for girlfriend

1. Peanut – Sweet name.

2. Precious – As the name implies.

3. Pooh Bear – When she loves to cuddle tightly.

4. Pumpkin – When she’s sweet to be with.

5. Sugar Lips – This means it feels great kissing her.

6. Sweets – As the name implies.

7. Genie – This cute nickname is best for when you regard your girlfriend as a helper.

8. Smartypants – When they can’t put the book they’re reading down.

9. Snickers – When they’re acting out because they’re hungry.

10. Bestie – When she’s your best friend.

11. Hershey Kiss – When you are honey and need a smooch. This is one of my favourite romantic nicknames for girlfriend.


Best Nicknames For Girlfriend

1. My Sunflower – As the name depicts.

2. Big Bear – For when they’re a super huggable person.

3. Pickle – When they’re a little bit sweet, a little bit sour, but you love them all the same.

4. BFF – This means best friends forever.

5. My Halloween – If they are a Halloween-loving partner.

6. Ducky – When you feel like you should feed them.

7. Fireball – When they are in fury.

8. My Essence – This shows how important they are to you.

9. Captivating – As the name implies.

10. Alluring – They are irresistible.

11. My Own – This means they are for you only.

More cute nicknames for girlfriend and cute names to call your girlfriend.

12. Sunshine – When they light up your world.

13. My Cinderella – When they’re dressed up like your princess at a ball.

14. Gem – When they are precious to you.

15. Precious Gem – When they are very dear to you because they are classy.

16. Priceless – When you cannot find their kind and you want to keep them for yourself.

17. Diamond – They are without rival, shining so bright.

18. Mi Amor – My love in Spanish.

19. My Light – They beautify your world.

20. My Color – When you share the same complexion.

21. My Fragrance – When their presence makes you feel great.

22. Early Bird – When they are early risers.

23. Night Owl – When they stay awake at night.

More nicknames for girlfriends and pet names for girlfriend.

24. Charming – When she looks charming.

25. My Superstar – When they achieve a feat.

26. My Pride – When you are proud of them.

27. My Ecstasy – When they satisfy you sensually.

28. My True Love – When you love her wholeheartedly.

29. My Life – When she means everything to you.

30. My Shorty – Another word for sure …someone who’s got your back always.

31. My Fountain – When she refreshes you.

32. My Chef – When she’s a great cook.

33. Baby Doll – When she’s stunning.

34. Blonde – Call her this if her hair is pleasantly blond.

35. Bond Girl – For a daring girlfriend.

36. Bonita – Spanish word for “beautiful”.

37. B##tylicious – If she’s got a big backside, this name fits perfectly.

38. My Butterfly – If she loves to laugh a lot.

39. Candy – Means sweet.

40. Brown Sugar – Another type of sugar especially if she’s a lady of color, you can call her this.

41. Chica – A nickname for Latina girlfriend.

42. Coo Coo – A romantic pet name for girlfriends.


Sweet Names To Call Your Girlfriend

1. Chiquitita – A sweet girlfriend nickname that was popularized by the Swedish pop group, Abba.

2. Dream Machine – When she loves to sleep in.

3. Trickstar – When she loves to play smart.

4. Charmer – When your partner can make anybody like them almost as much as you do.

5. Dove – She’s the one you want to love and be with for eternity.

6. Lemon Drop – Excellent for a girlfriend who can be sour sometimes but is generally sweet.

7. Mi Cielo – Spanish word for “my heaven”.

8. Mi Tesoro – Spanish for “my treasure”.

9. Dream Lover – She’s the one you’re always dreaming of.

10. Little Bird – Excellent for a small-sized girlfriend who also loves to sing.

11. Firefly – This means she brightens your life even when you are sad.

12. Loca – This means she’s sweet but a little weird, and proud of it.

13. Lovey – A romantic girlfriend pet names.

14. Lovely – As the name implies.

15. Mi Todo – Spanish word for “my all”.

16. Mon Cherie – A French word for sweetheart.

17. Mignonne – A French word for dear one or darling.

18. Miss Universe – This means she’s the most beautiful woman you know.

19. My Juliet – This Means you consider her love undying and you can adopt the name Romeo.

20. Peachy – Great for a cute and sweet girlfriend.

21. Smiley – Great for a girlfriend with a beautiful smile.

22. Foodie – When she loves food a lot.

23. Smooch – If your girlfriend is the type that loves kissing.

24. Spanky – If her b##ty is so lovely that you love to spank it.

25. Sweet Momma – This means the sweet one, especially if she’s also older or bigger than you.

26. Big Momma – Same as above.

27. Fairest Of Them All – It is a long name for a nickname but is perfect for girlfriends who love fairy tales.

28. Alice In Wonderland – If she loves adventures and loves cartoons. This is adapted from the cartoon.

29. Tinkerbell – For a magical girlfriend.

30. Twinkles – Great for a girl who ignites your passion. And possibly turns you on too.

31. My Twinkling Star – Same as above.

32. Vogue – Great for a fashion-loving girlfriend.

33. Wonderful – If her presence fills you with awe, then this is a great name to accord her.

34. Stunning – As the name implies.

35. My Model – If she’s got the body of a model then it’s perfect.

36. My Confidant – If you can confide in her then this should be one of her names.

37. Yummy – When she looks edible.

38. Delicious – Same as above.

39. My Oasis – When she gives you joy and radiates calmness.

40. My Reward – After a hard time trying to get a girl after experiencing heartbreaks. If she’s the balm that soothes your pain, you can call her this. This is one of my favourite sweet names to call your girlfriend.


Final Words On Adorable Nicknames For Girlfriend

It may seem as if all the cute names to call your girlfriend stated here are either funny or taken and you may be thinking of coining one for your girl. It is fine as it sounds good to want to go creative.

Be sure to get something that will sound appealing to her ears. You may decide to get a general name you can call each other when you are in public or in the midst of people and also look for one cute nickname you will use while at home.

With the list we just put together, you will not fall short of ideas as there are so many cute nicknames to pick from. You could go a little mile to search for some unique nicknames for girlfriend that make your girl grin and smile from ear to ear.

I’d love to see your choice of best cute nicknames for girlfriend, pet names for girlfriend, romantic nicknames for girlfriend and romantic names for girlfriend in the comment section.


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