8 Marriage Prayers For Couples That Will Strengthen Your Relationship

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prayer for marriage

It’s logical to think that all marriages will always be bliss if you attended wedding ceremonies due to the positive emotions witnessed during such celebrations.

The truth is marriages aren’t always good, just like life, it comes with ups and downs, troughs and crests. It’s easy to be fine when things are going well, but when the other side of bliss comes, it’s important to inculcate healthy practices to survive the storm.

Practices that are useful during tough times are patience, prayers and faith. Prayers can correct things that seem to be going wrong. Marriage prayers also offer solace and reassurance during downtimes. It’s not enough to just pray and hope that the prayers would do what they should do without doing things to support it where necessary.

It’s also good that you make efforts to support the prayers to change that which you don’t like. Efforts with prayers get issues resolved easily. It’s also important to note that prayers are important during good times too, just as they are during tough times.

Here are twelve marriage prayers to strengthen your relationships;

marriage prayers


1. A Simple Prayer For Marriage

It’s good to commit every one of our endeavours and every aspect of our lives unto the Lord. Our marriage isn’t out of the context and when we feel lost for words, or when the heart yearns for complicated words, you can recite simple words with faith by speaking into existence what you want to see manifest.

All you need is to believe that what you say is what you will see. Say this prayer:

Dear Lord, thank you for this marriage you have given us and thank you for allowing me to be a worthy partner to my (husband/wife). You said in your words that love conquereth all things, but there are times when love is so far away from my soul.

Please, teach me to always return to the centre of my being to remember that love is all and guide me to show forth that love that brought my marriage together. Father, teach my partner too so that we may be perfect for one another in our way. Teach us to love as you love.

Lead us to play our roles as husband and wife. Help me grow in areas that I need to improve, likewise my partner too. I claim victory, progress, freedom and joy to reign in our marriage in Jesus name, amen!

There are times when you can look up to Bible verses as a prayer for marriage, here are examples of such verses.

–  Always be humble, gentle, and patient, accepting each other in love. You are joined together with peace through the Spirit, so make every effort to continue together in this way. ~(Ephesians 4:2-3).

I pray that I continue to manifest all of these qualities by being humble, patient, loving and gentle towards my partner no matter what is. See me through to ensure the peace that we have had together.


2. Prayer For Marriage Partner

For a marriage partner who is doing well, or misbehaving, you can also commit (him/her) unto the Lord by saying these words;

Father Lord, I pray for the protection and guidance over the life of my partner. I pray that your eyes will watch over him, and every rough path in front of him will be levelled, I pray that you grant us the desire and grace to function according to your plans for my partner’s life. (He/She) will never be cut short in all of (his/her) endeavours.

I pray for a union that will work according to your will and not one that will go against your purpose for our individual and marriage lives. Help my partner to become the person you want him to be in our marriage. I want a partner who is after your heart, in Jesus name, Amen!

You can look up this Bible verse, get prayer for a marriage partner;

–  To everything there is a time to every purpose under the heaven… ~ (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

I pray that the right time to get married will come and the right partner will come when it’s my season. My time will never pass me by and all the fruitful things will meet me in my time.


3. Prayer For Restoration Of A Marriage Conflict

marriage restoration prayers

There are times when marriages are in conflict and all human efforts have failed, it’s good to always remember that there are prayers that can set the marriage on the bright path again. When the heart is heavy and words can’t find their way to the mouth, marriage prayers can be said thus:

Lord, I present my marriage to you, which is far from your expectations. You said in your Words that your plan is for good, not for evil, to give us an expected end. Whatever is the cause of this misunderstanding or conflict, I pray that you restore peace, bliss, harmony and love into my marriage. Heal our marriage of all spiritual manifestations and manipulations.

Lord, have mercy on me, my marriage and my partner. Help us to rebuild and restore the trust, love and honesty that has eluded this marriage. Lead us to act right according to your words as touching this holy matrimony.

Father, erase every idea of divorce from this marriage and lead us unto reconciliation for it’s the best option.

If you desire to use the Bible to guide you through how to pray, below are verses that you can use for marriage restoration prayers.

–  For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. ~(Mark 11:23 KJV).


4. Prayer For Newly Married Couple

Prayers for newly married couples is necessary to guide them on the journey of life and marriage. It’s essential to hand over the new journey unto the hands of the Lord to establish the union for his purpose and manifest his goodwill in their marriage. Say this prayer:

Dear God, you are goodwill our praise for you have been faithful to us. You created us and joined us together in this marriage. We thank you that you gave us the power to love well and I thank you for my partner. You have fulfilled the desires of our hearts and we pray that your blessing, love and hearts will never depart from our home. I pray that you be at the centre of this marriage and that your presence never departs our union.

Father, teach us to never take these vows for granted, but rather fulfil them with honour, wisdom and guidance. Remind us to always be united for we are now one body. We started in peace, let us remain one in Christ. We thank you for this wonderful gift, Amen.

Verses that you can refer to for prayer for newly married couple:

–  Owe no one anything, except to love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law. ~(Romans 13:8).

I pray that the love that brought us together, will continually reign in our marriage and the lives that we share.


5. Prayer For A Troubled Marriage

For marriages with troubles, it’s apparent to look for the presence of the Lord to change things for the better. Here is a marriage prayer you can recite;

God, I come before your throne on behalf of my marriage that is in turmoil. Nothing is beyond repair for you, so I bring my troubled marriage to receive your peace. You command the sea and it obeys, I pray that my marriage becomes still and calm by your power.

Heavenly Father, you brought us together, keep us together too. Heal us of wounds and hurt that we don’t know of. I pray for the restoration of our marriage. Restore the love between us and tear down any walls or obstacles that we have built against each other.

I ask for your understanding and wisdom to guide us through these dark times in our marriage and to unearth any hidden issues that might be withholding us back. I thank you for the answered prayers. Amen.

Bible reference to guide you for troubled marriage prayers;

–  “Since God chose you to be the holy people he loves, you must clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.” ~(Colossians 3:12).


6. Prayer To Heal Your Marriage

Dear Lord, I come before you asking for your intervention in my marriage. I invite your presence into my relationship and I ask that you give us the senses to know what’s going on now.

Lord, I ask for your divine wisdom, patience, and love to persevere through this trough. Ease our hearts and renew our commitment to one another. Restore our communication.

Lord, I claim victory over my marriage through your powerful and precious name. Restore, heal, strengthen and renew our marriage this very day that you might be given glory. I praise you for the progress already. I commit this situation into your hands. Through the precious name of Jesus. Amen

For whatever seems to be the reason for the misunderstanding, here is another likely verse to pray along with:

–  “Share each other’s burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ.” ~(Galatians 6:2).


7. Marriage Blessing Prayer

Everyone needs support in life and this type of prayer is one of the best ways to support a marriage.

May your marriage always bring glory to God, joy to one another and blessings to your family for many generations to come. May love and laughter fill your hearts and your home for all the days of your lives. May you face every challenge hand-in-hand and side-by-side knowing that with God’s grace, you’ll conquer all obstacles together. May the world be forever a better place because the two of you fell in love. In Jesus’ name, Amen. ~By Dave Willis


8. A Prayer To Restore Love And Intimacy In Your Marriage

God of love, you have established this union for the welfare and happiness of mankind. This was the plan, and only your presence at the centre of the marriage can make it work out with joy.

Bless the husband. Bless him as the provider of physical support, nourishment, and clothing, and sustain him in all his endeavours and pressures for playing his role as the breadwinner of the family.

May his strength be his family protection, may his wife take his character to be her boast and her pride, and may he so love her that she will find in him the haven for which the heart of a woman truly longs.

Bless this loving wife. Giver her faith, tenderness that will make her great, and a deep sense of understanding. Give her that inner beauty of the soul that never fades, that love that never ceases and the spirit to support her husband squarely.

I pray that they never take each other’s love for granted, but always experience that breathless wonder that they are precious before each other’s eyes. Through and after the tough days, may they be found, hand in hand, still thanking God for each other. May they serve you happily, faithfully together. So shall it be, In Jesus name. Amen.


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