10 Little Things That Make A Man Feel Happy, Loved And Respected

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how to make your husband feel loved and respected

Ever wondered how to make a man feel loved and respected? Well, this sounds complicated but I tell you it isn’t because we are going to be looking at what to do to make you irresistible and how to make a man feel loved. I’m going to reveal the qualities men want most in their partners.

The mistake ladies make sometimes is that we try looking at the male folks through our eyes and not theirs. If we are ever going to crack the “how to make a man feel loved and respected” code, then we have to get into their heads to see what they want and give it to them.

Ever imagined what a man’s dream girl looks like? Is she 5’8 with long hair and having all the curves at the right places? Sounds goods but take a girl who looks like that and has a suitcase of nagging, lack of respect, ill-mannered and very needy and hand her over to a man, he will run away from her as fast as his legs can carry him.

Being your man’s dream lady has something to do with what’s outside but much more what’s inside as men love beautiful ladies but look more at what she carries on her inside.

Are you a bunch of lack of confidence and self-esteem? Only a few men will be able to hang around you and I mean real men.

So, before we look at the men and consider how to make a man feel loved and respected, we have to look inwards and have strong roots internally in ourselves because what you are inside will eventually find expression outside in a matter of time.

When you know who you are, know the powers you possess and have a healthy self-belief, real men will be attracted to your personality.

While we are exploring how to make a man feel loved and respected, I would like us to have a mind’s view of what we would like to achieve at the end of the day.

Are you thinking of perfecting your act of manipulating your man with no real value to offer him (not nice) but just to have your needs met, are you interested in being his dream lady that no one else takes your place or are you interested in how to make a man happy?

This doesn’t just stop at making you achieve your aim but also makes your relationship more enjoyable and rewarding. So, without taking much of your time, let’s take a look at how to make a man feel loved and respected, how to make your husband feel loved and respected, and how to make your man happy.


How To Make A Man Feel Loved And Respected

The following tips on how to make a man feel loved and respected, how to make a man feel loved, and how to make your man happy are sure to add a little spice to your relationship and improve your bond with your partner.

how to make a man feel loved and respected


1. Appreciate Your Man

Men love to be appreciated even if they don’t say it. Several ladies, I’ve come across gush over how they want to be appreciated and feel loved but forget that their men need the same.

Little wonder most men are starved for appreciation. Hardly will any man come out to say he is starved but every lady should know that the man in her life needs to be appreciated.

I don’t mean that he’s always going to get it right always, but for the little times he has come through for you, please give him some thumbs up.

I notice that quite some men struggle with how to make their ladies happy and sometimes miss the mark, when this happens, acknowledge the fact that you appreciate their willingness to try, pat them on the back and let them know you see their efforts and even when it seems not to be adding up, you are always there for them.

In relationships, women want to feel loved and understood while men want to be appreciated and admired. See the difference now?

Instead of concentrating on what your man isn’t doing correctly or what he isn’t doing at all, try to look at the good things he has mastered doing for you and with you, regardless of how you think he isn’t good enough, there’s something he’s good at.

If you can genuinely appreciate the little things he does, he will go out of his way to do the big things that you can’t even imagine what he will do for you.

If appreciating your man feels like a difficult task for you, try writing 2 things he does well daily. For you, remember to include why you are grateful for him. You will be surprised to realise how much he has done for you and also call to your remembrance some little things he does for you.

You may not realise what you are doing until you find out how you will become appreciative over time and the beauty of this whole exercise is that your man will notice the new you quickly. This is how to make a man feel loved and respected, and how to make your husband feel loved and respected.


2. Understand The Value Of Respect And Give It To Your Man

how to make a man feel loved and wanted

A lot of ladies base their respect for their man on the level of what he does for them but this is very wrong. Until you realise what respect is to a man, you may not be able to respect him. Everyone has a great need for respect but I see it more in men.

What then does it mean to respect a man? It is understanding who a man is, what he needs and also giving him space to express himself without making unnecessary demands on him or prioritizing yourself over him.

It also means giving him some regard in action, speech and in the way you behave yourself when you are around him. It is giving him what he needs if it’s going to make him happy because that is your aim.

There are times when men are stressed and tired and in times like that, they may want to withdraw and be alone, how you handle them in times like this shows how well you understand them.

Most men find greater clarity and strength by working things out internally so they can come back into the relationship re-charged.

Not all men can voice out their challenges, some used to but have been shun down by the women in their lives who use their struggle against them or compare them to other men. This can hurt as it will make them feel less than they are, instead of voicing out, they would rather remain alone.

It also happens in relationships, your man may be having a hard time and need some space to sort himself out but you as the lady want him to open up to you completely because that way you feel you will be able to understand and feel close to him. Showing respect in this situation entails you allowing him some space to sort himself out.

How do you speak to your man? Do you raise your voice, shout at him, make faces, hiss and abuse him? Those ain’t signs of respect but disrespect and dishonour to him.


3. Be An Encouragement

Every man desires to have that one lady who will talk them into achieving greater heights in life. You are the next and possibly the closest person to your man, your inputs count and mean a great deal to him. I’ve seen them rise to a level they never thought they could ever get to in life because of the ladies they had in their lives.

How we use our tongues matters a lot. Most times our men may not respond when we speak or even act like they are listening but the truth is that they do. It only depends on how you put it to them.

No man wants to be controlled or told what to do, just state what you feel as your opinion and leave the rest, possibly include in the conversation that you trust his judgement and you will be shocked to find out that he took your words seriously initially.

What does this tell you? There’s no need to be needy or nag, state your complaint and leave it there, don’t hammer on it, don’t push it else the man will resent you and go on the defensive.

It’s in the heart of every man to love, cherish and provide not just for the object of his affection but for his family also. He wants to make you happy too, when you constantly nag, it makes him feel like he can’t do much and then withdraws.

Am I in any way condoning irresponsibility here? No, I’m only saying that there are better ways you can relate things to your man than nag and complain. Encourage him with your words, boost his self-esteem and ego, let him know he’s good at what he does and can do better.

When you appreciate your man and can see him for who he is and love him for being that person with flaws and insecurities, you are empowering him but when you get frustrated and nag him by pointing out what he isn’t doing right and say hurtful things to him you may lose him.

This is why I emphasize on ladies being whole so they can give more to their men because when you are stable emotionally, they can be a great source of strength to their men and it will rub off on what they do because there is an unseen force of strength coming from the love of their lives.

A whole woman will give so much love and encouragement and will not need her man to validate her. A man will only want to give to a woman who can happily receive and appreciate what he has to offer, not one who is going to make unnecessary demands in order to feel good about herself and secure in the relationship.

Now you understand why I encourage women to be whole and secure in themselves, have you been hurt, get over it, heal and move on, else giving to a man will be difficult and also prevent you from having a man for yourself.

Want to know how to make your husband feel loved and respected, and how to make a man feel loved and wanted? Be his encourager.


4. Shower Him With Some Praises

This is a step ahead of being appreciative. It is loving upon him by making his head swell with praise. There is something your man is good at that no one else you have been with has ever done, say it to him.

Praising your man could come in several ways. You could say them to him directly, leave him some sticky notes or even send them to him by text.

There are some things to say to your boyfriend to make him feel special over text, they include I love you and you mean so much to me. When you think of your man, what comes to mind? Send them to him by text message.

This is how to make him feel special over text, and how to make a guy feel special.


5. Try To Bring Out The Best In Your Man

We are embodiments of gifts, talents and skills and sometimes even if we know who we are and what we carry, a further confirmation of that coming from our lover can have a huge impact in helping us become who we are meant to be eventually.

Talking your man down won’t cut this, create his world with your words and motivate him to a beautiful future.


6. Groom For Him

Queens dress up and show up for kings, the level of value you place on your man will be evident in how you groom and carry yourself.

Every man wants a literal queen he can show off to the world. This isn’t about beauty only but grooming. It doesn’t have to be expensive but you have to look classy and well-manicured.

Good looks matter to men and have a direct impact on their performance especially when you are with them at a function or outing.

Perfumes, trendy dresses or even casual looks that are clean and suitable for you will make your man feel loved because you are representing him anywhere you go. This is how to make a man feel loved and respected.


7. Be Interesting To Be With In Bed

how to make your man happy

This isn’t about putting up a show or a performance or even trying to be what you are not but being willing to go against all odds to satisfy your man in bed.

Some ladies are boring to be with in the bedroom, the only s#x position they have mastered is the missionary position and are comfortable remaining in that position all year round.

Some don’t make any attempt to please their partners but they want the same from them. Why not try asking your man how he wants you in bed and try to add some spice to it?


8. Be His Confidant

Every man wants space but also wants a place he can call home. A place where he can be naked and not ashamed. I don’t mean sensually here but being fit for your man to be able to open up to you, to let you know when he’s in trouble, seek your advice when necessary and know you have his back when the world turns it back on him.

Being his confidant is a great tips on how to make your man happy, and how to make your husband feel loved and respected.


9. Be His Playmate

Playfulness is one of the most attractive traits because life is hard enough without being with someone serious all the time. A woman who can be a bit light and fun and, dare I say, goofy, is a woman who makes the world a little more pleasant to be in.

Men look for that in a partner. She could be somebody who, when a great song comes on, starts dancing in a funny, silly, or cute way.

She could be somebody who, when she looks at her guy, at that moment, she says, “If you don’t kiss me right now, I’m going to faint. When you can distract your man a little, then he will always want to be around you.

That’s how to make a man feel loved and wanted and how to make your man happy. We tend to show our soft side to people we care about the most.


10. Show Utmost Care

This is how to make a man feel loved and respected. Any woman who can make a man feel loved and wanted must have shown a huge sign of care and nurturing.

Showing care means you pamper and nurse him. You do not only attend to his sensual needs but physical needs. You cuddle him when he’s tired and be by him when he needs you. You feed him right with good food and are about his overall wellbeing.


Final Words On How To Make A Man Feel Loved And Respected

Does any of the above seem like a burden? How about doing the opposite? Would your man feel any better? If your motive is to make your man feel happy and loved then take a risk and it would be worth it.

How to make a man feel loved and respected, what’s your take on it?


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