How To Keep Your Man Happy In Bed

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how to keep a man happy in bed

How to keep your man happy in bed sounds weird to you I believe but it’s possible. Are you newly wedded? been married for years or probably still in the dating game. This will come in handy for you.

I’ve heard ladies say over and over again that they want to bring out the best in their men but don’t know how to. They are scared of doing the wrong things in bed.

It’s no news that one of the top things most men desire is to give satisfaction and also be satisfied in bed. The word lovemaking seems to trigger something on their insides.

In today’s post, we will be looking at how to keep your man happy in bed, how to keep a man happy in bed and how to spoil your boyfriend in bed. Sounds complicated but it’s not the way it appears. It’s simple, provided you and your man are vocal enough to know what you both need while you are being intimate.

No man likes a boring lady, talk more of a boring lady in bed. It’s a NO and a high turn off for them sensually. Being innovative and adventurous can do the magic.


How To Keep Your Man Happy In Bed

If care isn’t taken, lovemaking in some relationships can become a routine with no one looking forward to such a special time because there is nothing new to look forward to. You can make your bedroom hot and steaming again in learning some tips on how to make a man cry for you.

Let us dive into how to keep your man happy in bed by looking at creative things to do in bed. You can spice up your romance life by trying out a few new things with him on how to keep a man happy.

how to keep your man happy in bed


1. Get New Lingerie

This can create a certain kind of atmosphere when you are with your man. Wearing new things can give you a sense of pride and confidence which will make you give your best.

There are varieties of nightwear you can get from silky to cotton and even satin. The aim is not just to boost your confidence but also to reveal your flesh to sed#ce your man.


2. You Can Take Pictures Together

how to spoil your boyfriend in bed

Imagine you wearing lingerie or rocking your man’s oversized pyjamas for the high and taking pictures in it. It’s going to be hilarious.

You can record a video of you two in your night wears. You may not need to share to social media but have it as a keepsake to remember later and laugh about.

You could use it to preserve memories especially when you are away from each other for distance’s sake. The clause here is to be careful so your cute pictures don’t get in the wrong hands.


3. Try Getting Intimate In A Different Environment

If you can afford it, you can check into a hotel for the weekend or try being adventurous by doing it in the living room, kitchen or even bathroom. The bottom line is doing something new, and it is one of the best tips on how to keep your man happy in bed.


4. Introduce The Use Of Toys

Please before you purchase one, kindly let your partner know. Getting it is very easy as you can order online if you are too shy to go get them from the stores. Do a kind of research and find out if it will be a good fit for you both. Make your pick by reading reviews also.


5. Introduce Tying Up Each Other

You could use cuffs or use simple things that won’t inflict pain to tie up your partner.

You could begin with a blindfold and as time progresses you go for more difficult ones. The beauty of the blindfold is that your senses will become more alive since you can’t see and this is fun too.


6. Role-Play

how to keep a man happy

This sounds funny but interesting. You can play nurse while your partner plays naughty patient. This is very entertaining as you are not just having fun but you are acting as well.


7. Use Candles

You can set the atmosphere by using candles, essential oils and flowers. Any of the above-mentioned will arouse your senses and put you in the mood for lovemaking. This is a process in achieving the aim of how to keep your man happy in bed.


8. Try Quickies

Want to know how to keep your man happy in bed? Try quickies. It does not have to follow any routine, set time or place. As long as you are cool with it, you can go ahead. You can slip away for a few mins together and have some quickies.


Doing any of the above will be fun, let’s go a little deeper as we explore how to keep your man happy in bed for you.


9. Give Him A Head

Giving your man a head can make him cry in bed and it’s one of the creative things to do in bed especially if you practise the act regularly and know how to use your hands also. While you do this, maintain eye contact and build some tension in him, don’t let him get off the hook easily.


10. Ride Him

Some positions cause your man to penetrate deeply and ashes an explosion on the inside. They are the c#wgirl positions. There are several versions of it but pick what works for you and give it a try.


11. Surprise Him

What’s that one thing you have always wanted to do to your man? Surprise him by doing it. Do something you have not done before. You can scream his name while in bed with him, talk dirty or even take charge of the lovemaking session.


Now, let’s turn the mirror a little in your direction. Have you ever been in bed with your man and remembered a session you had with him? How did you feel?

Can you remember times you didn’t feel like making love but just told your man to go ahead and get whatever he wants while you lay like a log of wood? That’s not nice. Perhaps you never knew you were hurting his ego.

Let’s look at what not to do in bed with a guy.


12. Don’t Just Lay In Bed

This may sound funny but it’s not. Some ladies derive pleasure in just laying in bed with their legs wide apart waiting for the man to come in. This isn’t right because love-making is an act and it requires you and your man.

Learn to participate, wriggle your waist, twerk and use your hands and tongue. Don’t lie like a lifeless fish. Make your man happy by calling his name and making sweet little cry.


13. Don’t Neglect Personal Hygiene

Endeavour to clean up properly, wash and use perfume. Trim or shave pubic hair completely, if it’s what you like. Use a mouth wash and wear a clean nightie. Don’t get into bed smelling the dinner you just ate. Get rid of mouth odours.


14. Don’t Lose Self-Confidence

A couple of women lose it when they get into bed they become jittery and tell themselves they didn’t know what to do. Men love confident ladies. Some women fail here because they feel they are no longer as beautiful as they used to be.

The stretch marks should not be a burden or scare but should be looked up to as a batch of motherhood. Go on research and check out simple things you can do to boost your self-confidence.

The things we shame ourselves for sometimes don’t mean anything to our man. While you think your sagging breast and big belly are a turn off for him, don’t be surprised that he may not have noticed it.

I’m not saying ladies should neglect themselves either but have healthy self-esteem and look at themselves as the queen you are. Be determined to know more about how to make your man cry in bed.


Going forward, we will be looking at creative things to do in bed. Being innovative is key when it comes to relating with your spouse. You could begin by talking about your love life to find out what your partner feels about it? Ask for their fantasies and how to meet them.

Create your bucket list of how to spoil your boyfriend in bed by being creative. Ask what he or she likes but has never experienced. Make a commitment to make them fulfilled sensually.

How to make a man happy in a relationship entails that you do what makes him happy and there are a whole lot of things you can do beyond the bed. Let take a look at a few.


15. Give Him A Body Massage

Everyone wants to be touched in certain ways. A touch can be reassuring, protective and even encouraging. Our men need to be touched too. Giving him a body massage will sure brighten his countenance.


16. Begin The Day On A Good Note

Search for something to do for your man daily that will make him look forward to it daily. It could be an early morning kiss, a love note neatly tucked in his pocket or anywhere he can see it before he leaves for work.


17. Communicate With Him When He’s Out Also

Endeavour to call to check on your man while he’s out. He will have fond memories of you and will keep looking forward to being with you.

You could call him up to prepare his mind for lovemaking at night or even send him stimulating text messages too. Knowing how to keep your man happy in bed begins with a dialogue. Prepare your man for the night.


Let me share a few stories of some couples who got their mojo back after a couple of years. If they did theirs, you can do more.

Mirabel said: My husband used to return from work extensively tired and just get into bed in his work clothes and sleep off. I missed my husband’s affection so much that I used to cry myself to sleep.

Not until one night I woke him up at night and had a heart to heart talk with him and he complained of me being tired always and he decided not to bother me anymore, so he will hang out with friends after work and return home drunk and tried to avoid touching me on bed because as usual, he expects me to complain always.

I felt terrible because I never knew I hurt him and that made him stay away from me. How about now? We are enjoying the time of our life after talking about it, we apologized to each other and committed to keeping loving each other. Our love life also is engaging and beautiful.


Percy says, I and my wife had our love life up and going in the early years but after 3 years we suddenly lost interest in getting intimate because we felt we were doing the same thing always.

I later got to realize that my wife was ashamed of her body, she felt she had lost her curves and her whole body was sagging.

I noticed she preferred putting off the light once we get into bed and over time I realised she wasn’t happy with her body. I had to let her know that she meant a whole lot to me, her love support and care were enough and the body was only a container housing a beautiful soul.

My wife and I are still very intimate today after 20 years of marriage: We love each other greatly. I was happy she could open up to me and we could solve our issues together.

There are days we don’t feel like we are still in love or don’t even feel like getting intimate but somehow, we find that we are still attracted to each other. Being together in trying times has helped us bond also.

Such a beautiful story you may say.


Final Thoughts: How To Keep Your Man Happy In Bed

Knowing how to keep a man happy is key these days as infidelity may come in. Every thriving relationship is a result of the effort put into it, it cannot be wished into existence. It has to be worked on.

Imagine your relationship to be a garden left alone without tending, weeds will overtake it. Appreciate your man and determine to give your very best.

Now you have learnt how to keep your man happy in bed, how to spoil your boyfriend in bed, how to make a man cry for you, how to keep a man happy in bed and how to make a man happy in a relationship, what’s your next line of action.


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