12 Surefire Ways To Get Your Husband In The Mood

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ways to get your partner in the mood

How to get your husband in the mood is a knowledge that might have eluded you because you have noticed your husband is not in the mood to have any form of physical intimacy or s#xual relations with you. At this point, you have so many thoughts running through your head and making you worry. Thoughts like you are no longer attractive to him, he doesn’t care about you anymore, or he is cheating on you, worry no more.

There are many reasons why his s#xual drive may be low and that is why you need to find out the cause. As a marriage expert, I have found out that one of the reasons why a man’s s#xual drive may be low is a result of responsibilities.

When the man is the one handling all the responsibilities in the home, especially the financial aspect, he puts more effort into his work leaving little or no strength for intimacy or meeting your needs. Finding out the cause will help you know how to help him overcome this challenge and spice up your marriage.

Also, there are ways on how to get your husband in the mood, and I have carefully outlined 12 surefire ways to get your spouse in the mood.


How Can I Get My Husband In The Mood?

You can get your husband to be in the mood by helping out financially, offering to massage him, dressing s#xy, and whispering dirty nothings into his ears. Also, you can take him out to have fun and initiate s#x. These are definitely guaranteed to get him to be in the mood with you.


Why Your Husband May Not Be In The Mood

There are several reasons why your husband may not be in the mood, and some of them according to Bonobology include;

  • He might be distracted due to work pressure.
  • He might be longing for some alone time.
  • If you have kids, then they might have become the center of his life.
  • Your husband might be going through performance anxiety and therefore avoiding you.
  • His self-esteem and confidence in his looks might have declined.
  • He might be bored with the way you both have s#x. So it seems like a routine to him.
  • He might be genuinely tired or stressed.

how to get your husband in the mood


12 Surefire Ways To Get Your Husband In The Mood

These dozen ways to get your man in the mood are guaranteed to help you reignite the spark that might have been lost in your marriage. Many wives have used them and swear by them, so you are free to fire on with them.


1. Initiate S#x

Waiting for your husband to be the one to initiate s#x is not always advisable because your husband might not always be in the mindset to have s#xual relations with you or be physically intimate with you. It is best that you initiate s#x at this point if you notice his s#xual drive is low rather than wait for him to make the move.

Doing this will help reignite the feeling of s#xiness, this means that your husband will feel wanted, and this will help him get in the mood.

Also, when you initiate s#x, it makes him more conscious of you and more conscious of his role as a husband. Next time, it is easier for him to get in the mood because there is a precedent. This is one of the ways to get your partner in the mood.


2. Whisper Ideas In His Head

ways to get your man in the mood

What if you do not have to get him to be s#xually intimate with you right away? All you have to do is just sit close to him and whisper ideas into his head. These ideas could involve telling him all the things that you want him to do to you, reminding him of how wonderful he has been to you in bed previously, and reminding him of all the s#xual possibilities that he can have with you.

Be assured, this is one of the tips on how to get your husband in the mood for s#x. Whispering into his ears is helping to make him realize that you want him and it is easier for him at this point to do your bidding because you have stirred him up.


3. Send Him S#xy Messages

One tip on how to get your husband in the mood is to send flirty or dirty messages. The power of s#xy messages cannot be underemphasized because it does what you cannot do physically.

You might be too shy to tell your husband how much you want him but via phone or text, it is easier for you to loosen up and tell him how much you want him, how much you miss him, and how much you wish he would ride you tonight.

There are a lot of s#xy messages you can send to your husband and if you need more ideas, I have written a well-curated piece on 200 hot dirty flirty text messages to turn the heat up.


4. Be Upfront About Your S#x Life

how to get your husband in the mood for sex

If you insist you will not talk about your s#x life, there is really nothing much you can do about your husband’s low s#xual drive.

You might have been wearing all kinds of s#xy clothes and passing all sorts of take-me signals, but if he is not getting the message; what you actually need to do is to sit down and have a talk with him. Tell him that you miss him in plain words, that you want him to be physically intimate with you. Of all the ways to get your spouse s#xually aroused, this is the most direct.

When you are upfront about your s#x life, it is easier to draw his attention to you because you have had a conversation and there are no hidden codes or messages. Also having a conversation is advantageous because it’s a chance for him to open up about what has been bothering him which can go a long way in making him be in the mood.


5. Help Him With Some Bills

Part of your responsibility as a wife is to be a helpmate and that’s not only in chores or raising the kids, but also in financial responsibilities. If you have the means, helping out with some of the bills is one of the romantic things to do for your husband and a way to get him in the mood because he will certainly be overjoyed to have some responsibilities taken off him.

One of the ways he is likely to appreciate this is to pay more attention to you and this makes it easy for him to do what you desire. When you help with the bills, it shows that you care about him and he can see you in a different light after a long time, resurrecting the feeling of love that might have been long buried by responsibilities. This is one of the surefire ways to get him in the mood.


6. Take Him Out

He has had a rough week, he has had a stressful day. One of the ways to get him to be in the mood is to take him out, all bills on you. This is one of the ways to be romantic with him. When you do this, you get him to destress and relax around you. Make sure that your conversations do not revolve around what is stressing him except he wants to talk about it.

When you do this, it helps him get into that mindset that you want him to get to. It’s a cause and effect, if you can get him not to think about work then you can get him to think about being physically intimate with you which makes this step one of the best ways to arouse your husband se#ually.

By the way, if you need ideas on dates you can explore with your husband that won’t break the bank, check out these 50 cheap date ideas for couples.


7. Massage Him

ways to get your spouse in the mood

You might have or might not have the experience, it does not matter, offer your services as a s#xy masseuse.

This is a surefire way on how to get your husband in the mood because massaging him with a soothing and sweet-smelling oil is bound to help him relax, untangle the knots in his shoulders, and generally think of having a good time with you consequently keep your marriage hot.


8. Dress S#xy

Dressing s#xy is very important when trying to get him in the mood. You both might have settled into the role of being father and mother, and this might have affected your dressing. If you want to get your husband in the mood, one of the simple ways to do it is to dress s#xy.

How did you dress when you were his girlfriend? How did you dress before the kids? You might want to go back to dressing like that, this is what might have made him desire and hunger for you in the past and will help do so now. This is how to help your husband get in the mood.


9. Shower With Him

Surprise your husband in the shower by taking a shower with him. You can just go into the shower and offer to wash his body and in the process give him a bl#wjob. This is definitely one way on how to get your husband in the mood.

For this step, you really have to push back your desire for org#sm. You have to get him to that point where he can’t say NO by blowing him and whatever happens after will be in your favor because he would want to reciprocate. And don’t forget, shower s#x might just be what your husband needs because you both have not showered together in a long time.


10. Make His Favorite Meal

Food is known to release some positive feelings, especially the food that you like. Making your husband’s favorite meal is one way to get him in the mood. He will definitely appreciate the attention and at this point, it is easier to have him because some love hormones have been released into his brain and this makes him more generally carefree and more able to do your bidding without thinking about work stress or anything of such.


11. Be Affectionate With Him

This is one of the best tips to get your husband in the mood. There are several ways to be affectionate with your husband and you need this if you want to get him in the mood. You can be affectionate by being more involved in this life, checking up on him, complimenting him, being there for him, lovingly touching him where necessary, and sending him love messages.

There are lots of ways you can be affectionate with your husband. It shows him you are intentional about him and this will not take time for him to notice. This is one of the things that strengthens your marriage. When you are affectionate with your husband, it makes him more receptive to your need for physical intimacy.


12. Flirt With Him

Flirting with your husband is never a bad idea and can’t go wrong because it is fail-proof. The best way on how to get your husband in the mood is to flirt with him.

When you flirt with him, it ignites feelings of warmth, desire for s#x, and feelings of being wanted. Your husband might just be lacking confidence in his performance due to how long he was last intimate with you or due to his bulging stomach. When you flirt with him, you make him want to go after you and have his way with you, and this is one of the ways to get your husband in the mood.


How To Get Your Husband In The Mood Over Text

The steps on how to get your husband in the mood over text will help your text have more impact, have blood rushing to his nether r#gion, and make your husband want to come home to you. It is a sure way on how to get your husband to be in the mood.


1. Get Poetic

Make use of flowery words and as much as possible make them as compact. The balance is knowing what your husband likes, and all the kinds of words your husband likes to hear; you can do this by going through this list of cute words men love to hear.


2. Be Funny

You can just light up his day by sending a funny message. That helps relieve the stress that might have been accumulating over the day or that he is presently going through.


3. Send Er#tic Pictures Of Yourself

Sending er#tic pictures of yourself is never a bad idea because he might have just forgotten that you could be as s#xy as this, so sending a picture is a way of reminding him of all the possibilities available with you.


4. Use A Line From A Song

Using a line from a song or a trending song is a wonderful way to get him to be in the mood with you via text. It helps him feel younger.


5. Be Direct

Being direct has been proven to be more useful in getting him in the mood because when you are direct, he is not expecting the shock or the impact of your dirty words, and this revives his hunger for you and gets blood rushing to his southern part. This is a sure way on how to get your husband in the mood over a text.


S#xy Messages To Get Him In The Mood

One of the things to do to get your husband in the mood is to send s#xy messages. These hot texts to get him in the mood are the cheat code on how to get your husband in the mood, hungry for you, and running home to you.

1. What would you like me to wear to bed tonight?

2. Wow, all those yoga classes have made me super flexible, want to turn me on?

3. I am in such an unusual mood right now. I feel like I could do anything.

4. I wrote a book about you. It’s called my diary and I did many dirty things to you there.

5. What’s on your to-do list today? I think you need to add me to it.

6. If you ever want an excuse to hold me, put on a scary movie.

7. It’s not my birthday but I’m wearing my birthday suit.

8. If we took chemistry class, I think we’d get an A.

9. I don’t like running but I’d chase after you and eat you up.

10. I have no patience so I’m making the first move. Want to go out?

If you need more hot things to say to get him in the mood to make him crazy about you, I have written the dirtiest and the best lines here.


Ways To Get Your Husband In The Mood: Final Thoughts

These ways on how to get your husband in the mood are what many couples have used to get their marriage back on track, get closer to their partner, and have a long-lasting relationship. It is easy for our partners to lose their s#xual drive and easier for us to come to any conclusion because of our mind and our experiences, but in reality, it could just be stress taking its toll on us.

So applying these tips for getting your husband in the mood will help you have a better marriage when you reconnect with your spouse.


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ways to get your husband in the mood

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