10 Pleasurable Weak Points Of A Man During Romance

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guys weak points during romance

Men are a lot like women, they have erog#nous zones in their bodies too and it is not only found in their nether r#gions but in other places. The problem is that most women believe that all the weak points of a man during romance are in the nether r#gion and this is not in any way true. If you truly desire to give your man the best bedroom experience he has ever had in his life, then this post is for you.

One of the biggest mistakes that women make in bed is that they don’t reciprocate. Your man knows your body like the back of his hands and you just know one part of his body that brings him pleasure; his nether r#gion. Let this post nudge you to make him crazy as he makes you, and helps you be more in tune with your partner’s body.

Also, paying attention to each other’s bodies has proven to be effective in improving mutual s#xual satisfaction of couples and is one of the bedroom habits that couples swear by.

Imagine your man to be a warrior that you want to disarm till he begs for mercy, to defeat this warrior you have to look for his weak points and capitalize on them.

Your man has a lot of weak points in his body independent of his nether r#gion. These weak points of a man during romance are not difficult to find, and this post will give you the knowledge you need to explore his body like it’s your property.


What Is A Guy’s Biggest S#xual Weakness During Romance?

The biggest s#xual weakness of a guy during romance is a confident woman! Nothing beats a woman who is confident regardless of the freckles, cellulite, stretch marks and all. A confident woman will play the s#x game and play it hard and guys love women who play hard.


How To Make A Man Weak For You

You can make your man weak for you by touching him sensually with a look of desire in your eyes. Not only that, stand on your tippy toes, lean into him and kiss beneath his ears. This is more than enough to not only make him weak but have him crumbling at your feet.

weak points of a man during romance


10 Pleasurable Weak Points Of A Man During Romance

These guys weak points during romance are what bad#ss wives use to keep their men happy in bed. These pleasure spots for guys during romance are the most erog#nous zones of a man that you need to exploit.


1. The N#pple

Yes, the n#pple, it’s a very erog#nous zone for a man. You are not the only one that likes some action there, men also love it when you stimulate their n#pples. There are lots of nerves on the n#pples and that is why it is easy for your man to be stimulated when you touch his n#pples and it is one of the weak points of a man during romance.

Take your time while playing with his n#pples. There are several ways to stimulate his n#pples. You can go with the old sucking but don’t just suck, allow your teeth to graze the n#pple, and when you remove your mouth, blow air on the wet parts and watch him tremble in desire.

While sucking, you can use a block of ice in your mouth to drive him off the cliff. You can tweak his n#pples and play with them at the same time. Alternating between sucking and tweaking is a great idea.

What is funny is that your man might not even know there is somewhere like this in his body and you might just be the one to unlock that treasure zone. Think of the possibilities of pleasure that you can present your man and the n#pple org#sms he might potentially experience. Not only that, it has been found that n#pple stimulation increases s#xual arousal in men.


2. Behind His Neck

guys weak spots to turn them on

Just like women too, men love it when you spend time on their necks. They are so busy giving they don’t remember how good it feels to be pleasured. There are a lot of nerve endings around the neck area and this makes for one of the strong weak points of a man during romance.

Before you begin the onslaught of your attack on his neck, lightly stroke his neck briefly while deciding where to start. Then, wet your lips with your tongue so that your kisses can have a lasting effect. Press close-mouthed kisses on any part of his neck, you can focus on the meeting point of the collarbone and the shoulder.

The next step is to open your mouth and blow air on wherever you have kissed, then lightly scrape your teeth along the length of his neck. You can use your tongue gently on him from the top of his neck to the bottom.

Furthermore, you can suck on a part of your man’s neck and gently bite him there, you may mark him if he is yours. Behind his neck is one of the weak points of a man.


3. His Ears

Start with whispering r#unchy words into his ears, by doing this you warm up his ears to receive whatever stimulations that might come after. If you need more ideas on dirty words to say to your man, check out this post on 30 hot dirty words to say to get him in the mood.

Take his ears between your thumb and your index finger and massage gently. Slip your index finger into his ears and continue the massage, try to keep your mouth beside his ears as you continue the attack with your dirty words.

Do this briefly then replace your fingers with your tongue. Make flicking motions and alternate them by pressing your tongue down. Don’t forget the inside of his ears, ensure to initiate some tongue action there too. This is one of guys biggest weaknesses during romance.


4. His Tongue

Yes, this is the perfect chance to tongue f#ck. Your man’s tongue is one of the weak points of a man when kissing. Make sure you are in control so you can do whatever you want to do. While it is easy to get into the normal routine of kissing and tonguing here and there, it would be in your best interest to switch things up first and take charge.

Play around with his tongue, there are a lot of things that you can do. You can start by maintaining meaningful eye contact before leaning in to take possession; bring in the tease and denial technique when you play the game by your own rules and suckle his tongue at your own pace.

Circle your tongue around and keep at it. You should alternate between fast suckling and slow sensual suckling. Have him beg for mercy when you properly use the tongue as it is one of the weak points of a man during intimacy.


5. His Hair

I have a f#tish for men with hair. It always gives me a huge turn-on whenever I see a man with long hair; that is a lot of hair to play with, and it is one of the weak points of a man. However, with hair or without hair, play with your man’s scalp, even the bald one, yes play with his scalp. Gently rub and massage his scalp.

You can take the liberty of tugging on his hair gently when you are trying to please him, ensuring that you don’t tug to the point of pain. Mix up the sensation you want him to experience by massaging lightly and tugging gently.

Guys were asked if they liked their hair being tugged and most of them said they liked it because they find it stimulating and relaxing. This is not surprising because it is one of guys weak spots to turn them on.


6. His Feet

This is the perfect chance to offer your man a foot rub as it is one of the weak spots of a man during romance. Most of the nerves ending in the lower half of your man gather at the foot so his feet make for an erog#nous zone you should take advantage of.

Before you start on this pleasure ride, you might want to wash his feet so you don’t get dirt into your mouth. Apply slight pressure on his toes while you rub and massage whilst stretching each toe. You can massage him with your scented warm oil. Replace your fingers with your mouth and suckle gently, don’t forget the flesh in between his toes.

One important tip; maintain eye contact while you do take his toes into your mouth because eye contact is one of the spicy love making moves that make men go crazy.


7. His P#rineum

This is optional but you are lucky if your man consents to this. His p#rineum is the small area between his anus and his testicles. It is not your fault if you have never noticed this part of your man, his shaft always seems to take all the attention.

The p#rineum tops the list of weak points of a man during romance according to popular consensus because it is right behind the prostate which is the pleasure centre of men also called the g-unit.

During romance, it is super sensitive and a few gentle and sensual strokes are enough to have his blood rushing to his shaft.

Note that your man has to likely be on all fours to locate this place. Start by massaging the area, tweaking, and turning whilst applying gentle pressure. For more intensity, replace your hands with your mouth and drive your beloved man off the cliff.


8. His Inner Thighs

Just the way women love it when their men spend time on their thighs, you should invest some nice time on the inside of their strong thighs. Sounds unbelievable, but there are loads of nerves around that place that you want to explore. This is definitely one of the weak points of a man during romance that when exploited always hits a homerun.

Without a doubt, his inner thigh is near his man part and this is why you can supply him with alternate pleasure when you stroke his inner thighs and skim through his man parts.

When you stroke, do it gently, softly, sensually, and featherlight. Avoid giving pleasure to his man parts to drive him crazy, he will desire for you to pay attention, however, delayed gratification is perfect for this context.

You can always replace your fingers with your mouth, sucking on some part of his thigh then blowing gently, biting down softly, or grazing his skin with your teeth.


9. His Jaw

While you have his beautiful lips staring at you and waiting to be taken, engage in a plot twist and take his jaw into your mouth.

If he is bearded, you might not be able to do this but you can tug gently on his beard and massage softly, then kiss him just below his beard.

If he is clean-shaven, more fun for you; graze your teeth along his jaws, like you can’t get enough, leave wet patches along the line of his jaw and allow the natural air to do its magic. You can also go in and suckle gently on his jaw.

You cannot go wrong with this idea because it is one of the weak points of a man during foreplay.


10. Behind His Knee

Behind your man’s knees is quite a beautiful treasure cove that you might want to exploit to bring him to his knees. It is an unpopular weak points of a man during romance because many don’t know about it.

There are lots of sensory nerves there and exploiting this part is not difficult. Make sure to apply a few gentle strokes to get him in the mood, you can nibble gently and blow air afterwards.


Guys’ Weaknesses When Kissing

When a guy is kissing you, there are things you can do to make him fall apart and have him beg for more because they are weak points of a man during kissing and I have outlined them below.


1. Match His Energy

If he is all hot and bothered and you are not returning his energy, it is enough to make the desire dissipate. Match his energy, and take charge if you can.


2. Make Sounds

When he is kissing you and you are feeling him, try and make some sounds at the back of your throat to show him how well he is turning you on. The sound is more than enough to drive him crazy as it is one of the weak points of a guy during romance.


3. Flatten Yourself Against Him

Let it be n#pple to n#pple and torso to torso. Pull him by his neck and sensually rub your body against him.


4. Grind Him Hard

Slowly rub yourself against his pelvic region and enjoy the swell in his trousers. This is one of guys weaknesses when kissing.


5. Use Your Hands

Keep your hands busy while you assault his senses; with your lips. Touch him everywhere you can think of; pay attention to his hair, shoulders, and neck.


Weak Points Of A Man During Romance – Recap

The weak points of a man during romance are not hard to find and it makes you a better wife or a good girlfriend if you are interested in bringing him the highest form of pleasure.

Knowing these parts of your man’s body is a good thing because it will help your relationship last longer, and improve intimacy in your relationship. Ensure that you implement these ideas and see how they’ll end up spicing up your marriage.


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weak points of a guy during romance

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