How To Please Your Man In Bed: 15 Tips To Drive Him Wild

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how to please a man in bed

It’s the 21st century and women have more s#xual freedom than ever. This is why you have to spice up your s#x life and work on how to please your man in bed.

Forget those gigantic structures. S#x is one of the seven wonders of the world; it has existed from the very beginning and will continue to exist. So if it is worth doing, why not do it well? I have intentionally worked hard on pleasing my man in bed, and it has been greatly rewarding thus far.

It’s the common societal convention that makes men measure their s#xual performance with how much they can please a woman in bed. In contrast, the truth is women who know how to please their men keep their men longer.

If you want to please your man in bed, spice up your s#x life, and strengthen your love experience, this post is for you. These 15 tips to satisfy a man in bed are backed up by experts who have seen couples try them and swear by it.


How Can I Attract My Man In Bed?

You can attract your man in bed by being vocal about your desires. There is nothing as exciting for a man who knows his woman wants him, and wants him badly. He will feel wanted and appreciated.


What Can I Do To Please My Man In Bed?

Typically, there are many things you can do to please your man in bed; this includes being adventurous in bed, paying attention to his body language and verbal cues, being enthusiastic and confident, and being willing to try new things; these tips can go a long way in keeping your s#x life exciting and satisfying.


Why Is It Important To Keep Your S#x Life Exciting?

It is important to keep your s#x life exciting because it is proportional to a happier relationship. Couples with an exciting s#x life have more passionate s#x, are more in tune with each other, and last longer together.

ways to please your man in bed


15 Ways To Please Your Man In Bed

To please your man in bed may feel weird if you have never attempted it. You need these 15 tips; take your time to read through and explore your man in bed.


1. S#xt Him

Don’t feel any shame in s#xting your man. S#xting is one of the tips on how to please your man in bed, one he would love and appreciate. If you have never tried s#xting before, this is a golden opportunity for you to do so. If you have done it before, try spicing it up a notch and have him run home during his lunch break. Here are some hot things to say to get him running home.

S#xting works great when you are away from your man. Rather than checking in with each other with routine hellos and how has your day been. Barge into his DM with a s#xt. This is one great way to keep his mind on you throughout the day. It is also a way to make s#x all the more fulfilling because there is a build-up of tension and when he finally gets hold of you, he can have his delicious way with you.

Don’t be worried about being a distraction because your man will certainly appreciate such a welcoming distraction.


2. Be Flirty

Be the fisherman, and hook him with your feminine bait. Give him reasons to want to pin you down and take you in the way that you want to be taken. Let him know you are attracted to him.

When you hug him, rub your chest against him, hold him tight and kiss him on the neck. When you touch him, make it quick and featherlight, just enough to make him desire you. Among the several ways to please a man in bed, this is one of the most intense and s#xually rewarding.

Drag your flirtation game out, and let the tension build using the tease and denial technique. You might also be on fire; please calm down. Good things take time, allow it to play out here. Making him feel young and giddy when you flirt with him is a cute gesture to please him in bed.

If you need more ideas on how to make him chase you, click here.


3. Give Him A Str#ptease

ways to satisfy a man in bed

This can be a lot for some ladies, but when you are determined to do this, there is really nothing that will stop you. This is a surefire way on how to please your man in bed. You don’t need to be a full-blown str#pper to do this. Some tips and a little bit of practice are enough to do the trick.

To give your husband a nice show with str#ptease involves setting the atmosphere. You need slow sensual music and a somewhat dark and minimally lit room. Candles work fine. Using makeup and heels is up to you; if your husband is a sucker for heels, then you should probably use them. S#xy lingerie or transparent nightwear will do the rest of the magic.


4. Initiate S#x

It’s tiring for your husband to always be the one to initiate s#x. One of the ways to please him in bed is to initiate s#x. Men love it when their women take control and this is something you should definitely do.

Asking for s#x tells your man he is not the only one who craves physical intimacy in the relationship. He will most surely be delighted to know this, and consequently, he will feel wanted. This is one golden tip on how to satisfy your man in bed.


5. Take It Outside The Bedroom

S#x does not start from the bedroom or does not have to be in the bedroom. What about kitchen s#x, car s#x? The options are before you.

Are you confused on how this can be one of the tips to satisfy your man in bed? If yes, here is why. Waiting for a bedroom before you enjoy your man might take the fun out of your s#x life. S#x should be spontaneous to some extent, and in this case, there is nothing wrong with you bringing that spontaneity.


6. Keep Eye Contact

There is nothing as stimulating as maintaining eye contact with your man when you are making your spicy lovemaking moves on him. First, it screams confidence. Secondly, it brings him to your mercy. When you flirt, let him see your eyes; your eyes are capable of passing a message of desire to him. When you go down on his joystick, maintain eye contact. It will drive him crazy.

During s#x, if you can help it, don’t close your eyes and maintain eye contact. This will please him because he will see for himself how many shades of pleasure he is capable of bringing to you. This is definitely one of the best tips on how to please your man in bed.


7. Take Control

Taking control in the bedroom implies you initiating your fantasy and pleasuring yourself. Nothing is more sensual than a woman who seeks her pleasure and will get it whichever way.

You assume control by deciding what goes in the bedroom. Rather than allowing him to do all the work, why not take the lead? Get on top of him and ride him like a pro. You can also touch yourself in his presence and allow him to watch you. Taking control is of the ways to please your man in bed.


8. Use Your Voice

Are you the type to keep mute during s#x with your man? Please him in bed today by making joyful sounds, don’t hold it in. You can scream softly or scream his name aloud.

Mo#ning makes him know he is doing something right, it also helps your man know what makes you feel good. In fact, your man delights in your joyful cry. This is because it boosts his confidence in bed and makes him last longer. He would find every means to drag out the pleasure just to hear you scream his name.

Of all the tips on how to please your man in bed, this is the most sensual.


9. Communicate Your Feelings

Communicate to your man how good he makes you feel. If he is hitting that spot right, sprinkle some words to let him know he is doing great. Tell him what you want, and make it easier for him to know how to please you. When he is not doing it right, make him know lovingly. You can use dirty words too, they never go out of fashion.


10. Match His Energy

Matching your man’s energy is one of the best tips on how to please your man. Ideally, matching your man’s energy is pretty paramount to a fulfilling s#x life. Lying still on the bed while he pumps in and out does nothing faster than quench your man’s desire for you and is one of the biggest mistakes women make in bed.

Matching your man’s energy is crucial because it shows how much you enjoy the moment. During s#x, meeting his thrust is important because it increases both your pleasure and his pleasure.


11. Be Confident

Confidence is quite vital to pleasing your man. Accept your s#xuality and revel in it. When you are confident, you don’t leave your pleasure to your man alone. You know what you want and you go for it. This is one of the ways to keep him happy in bed and is a turn-on for many men.

Confidence is what gives you the drive to initiate s#x and communicate your needs effectively. Confidence is choosing to love your body and not caring what any man thinks.

Not many women are confident about their bodies, confident in the knowledge that their body is capable of bringing pleasure to a man, confident enough to initiate s#x. Once you can achieve these three things, you are halfway into pleasing your man in bed.

To feel more confident about your body, words of affirmation are essential, words of affirmation not from your partner, but from yourself.


12. Be Spontaneous

Your man would really appreciate it if you surprised him s#xually.

There are ideas for spontaneous s#x; how about sneaking up behind him when he is in the shower? How about going for dinner, taking off your underwear and giving it to him in a fifty-shades kind of way? How about being out in a gathering and texting him to meet you in the restroom and giving him a quick head? There are a lot of options, girl. Seize the opportunity.


13. Please Him

How about you initiate s#x with the sole intention of pleasing him? Let it be all about him, focus on exploring his body, and making him come repeatedly. This is one of the surest tips on how you can please your man in bed.


14. Practice Kegels

Have you ever tried clenching around your man when he is inside? It is definitely one of the sweetest tips on how to pleasure your man in bed because you will bring him to his knees when you can do this.

Kegels exercises are pretty beneficial to a woman’s s#xual experience. It is guaranteed by experts to increase s#xual climax and arousal. These are definitely things you want.

Kegel exercise helps make your man’s experience with you more memorable. He would never forget how tight you are and how you almost milked away his soul. The rewards of kegel exercises cannot be described in words because it’s an event better experienced.

You don’t have to go to the gym to do Kegels; one way to practice Kegel is to contract your pelvic muscles and hold your urine for 10 seconds while urinating. Do this repeatedly and watch the magic that will happen in the bedroom.


15. Improve Your Diet

Ever heard the saying, you are what you eat? Yeah, it applies fully here. Some foods affect your s#x drive negatively, and these are; alcohol, baked food, fried food, dairy products, etc. Also, some foods increase your s#x drive like chocolate, ginseng and fenugreek.

Fruits that can help you have a better smell down there, help your juices taste better, and make your man go crazy are pineapple, melons and cinnamon. Want a sure tip on how to pleasure a man in bed and keep him coming back for more? Improve your diet.


How To Become A Better Lover

It has always been a thing that a man’s ego is hinged on his ability to make a woman scream in bed. While this is true, it is also true that to become a better lover, you should return the favour, make your man scream your name, and create an unforgettable experience.

If your man has always prioritized your s#xual needs, now is a good time to return that favour and learn how to please your man in bed. This could be your chance to be a better lover today.


Quick Summary: How To Please Your Man In Bed

There are several ways to satisfy your man in bed. It is a good decision to choose to please your man because it leads to a lasting relationship. Ensure you practice these things and whenever you forget, be sure to come back and read through again.


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how to please your man in bed

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