10 Signs Of A Healthy Marriage

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ways to cultivate a healthy marriage

Some things come to your mind when you hear the term healthy marriage.

When you see couples in a healthy marriage and an unhealthy marriage, it is easy to tell because there are indicators that show it, and that is what we will discuss in this post, signs of a healthy marriage.

Healthy marriage signs are often not far-fetched because merely spending as little as 10 minutes with a couple in a healthy marriage, it is easy to tell and see certain signs that this marriage is healthy, and these important signs are outlined below.


What Does A Healthy Marriage Look Like?

A healthy marriage is the kind of marriage where both partners support each other, love each other, create a safe space for each other and at the same time allow each other’s growth individually; yet, both couples complement each other even at their levels of growth.

signs of a healthy marriage


10 Signs Your Marriage Is Healthy

Do you want to know signs you are in a good marriage? These giveaway signs will help you come to the conclusion you need.


1. Your Partner Is Your Best Friend

top signs of a healthy marriage

Marriage is one where your partner is your best friend. Your partner should be your go-to person and hype man. Your partner should be that person you can tell anything to because you know your partner will not judge or criticize you.

When your partner is your best friend, it’s one of the numerous signs of a good marriage because you have found a safe space with your partner and the best marriages are built on friendships.

Most marriages are not healthy because most partners cannot trust their significant other with certain information. This, in many ways, contributes to an unhealthy marriage because it becomes easier to keep life-changing secrets from the significant other, thus creating a communication gap.


2. You Find Ways To Have Fun With Each Other

healthy marriage signs

One of the ways to know a healthy marriage is that both partners, no matter how busy they are, find ways to have fun with each other. This is the kind of marriage where both partners understand that they have to make an effort to have fun. They don’t wait for the fun to happen. They cherish their little time together and spend it wisely having fun.

When you find ways to have fun with each other, it shows that you genuinely want to spend time with your partner and you truly value the company of your partner. This indicates that you are still very much in love with your partner, and it’s one of the sure signs of a healthy marriage.


3. You Communicate Clearly

clear signs of a healthy marriage

Good communication will always make all the difference, and this is one of the strongest signs of a healthy marriage. Marriages where both partners do not communicate clearly are always prone to conflict and miscommunication because both partners are not on the same frequency.

One of these signs that you have a healthy marriage is that you express yourself and your partner understands you in the way you mean. Lack of proper communication is something that is lacking in many marriages nowadays because both partners do not make time to communicate clearly and understand each other properly.

Most importantly, listening is a core part of communication and most partners do not listen to their significant other; this contributes to a lot of conflict in the marriage that can always be avoided.


4. You Deal With Issues Together

The best marriages are the ones where both partners do not allow issues to drive them apart; rather, they use these issues as an opportunity to get closer and understand each other better, and this is one of the clear signs of a healthy marriage.

The famous marriage vows “for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in health and sickness”. When you get married, these vows are binding on you because you have shown acceptance to willingly do life with your partner and face the storm together. What then is the essence of companionship if you cannot deal with issues together and allow issues to drive you apart?

Companionship is choosing to go on a journey with somebody and facing whatever obstacles you encounter on that journey with that person, not alone.


5. You Support Each Other

If you have a partner and your partner does not support you in whatever you do, this could be a sign of an unhealthy marriage because the purpose of marriage, first of all, is companionship. Every other thing is secondary.

Companionship is having someone to share your struggles with you, having someone share your joys with you, sharing your silence with you, and sharing your laughter with you. Once you don’t have somebody that can do this with you and you are married, something might be wrong somewhere.

Also, when you have a partner that does not support your dreams, your visions, your goals, you are not in a healthy marriage because you will most likely end up unfulfilled with low self-esteem, frustrations and sadness because you didn’t get to be the best person that you would have been if your partner had supported you.

So having a partner who supports your dreams and pushes you to be better is one of the signs of a healthy marriage.


6. Your S#x Life Is Great

When there is a great emotional connection, it follows that the s#x is going to be great too, because there is something for both couples to build on.

One of the signs of a healthy marriage is that you have great s#x with your partner. You dedicate time to explore each other properly, and you do not wait for the s#x to happen; you make it happen, and this includes sending love messages, being romantic with your partner, being flirty and being spontaneous.

A healthy marriage supports the s#xuality of both partners and allows them to explore it and revel in it. One of the signs of a healthy marriage is a great s#x life that leaves you satisfied and produces happy emotions which trickle down into every other part of your life and affects them.


7. Each Partner Has A Great Personal Life

It is not healthy that your partner cannot function without you or you cannot function without your partner. In as much as it is romantic to think that you can’t do without your partner, there is a balance, and the balance is that you have a great personal life aside from your partner.

This means you have a great job that you love, you are surrounded by friends and people that you love and appreciate, and they help you feel better. Also, your interests are one of the things that contribute to a great personal life.

Studies have shown that couples with no other interests apart from their partners often end up obsessing over their partners and suffocating them. One of the top signs of a healthy marriage is one where you have a great job, great friendships, and you explore other interests apart from your partner.

Having a great personal life apart from your partner helps you give your partner space to breathe and enjoy their time and miss you more.


8. You Maintain Healthy Boundaries

An unhealthy marriage is most often devoid of boundaries that each partner has not set. The purpose of having boundaries is not to keep your partner away from you but to make your partner respect you and keep them in check.

In a general setting, when you don’t have boundaries, people are likely to walk all over you and this is something that most people are advised to avoid by setting boundaries. Setting boundaries in marriage is very important because your partner is human, and if you don’t set boundaries they’re most likely unconsciously going to walk all over you.

When you also set boundaries, it helps your partner respect you, it shows the level of self-worth that you have for yourself, and it makes your partner understand what they have to lose when they cross that boundary.

There is nothing wrong with setting a boundary; it is simply loving your partner enough not to allow them to disrespect or hurt you. One of the signs your marriage is healthy is that regardless of your feelings, you know where to draw the line.


9. You Know Your Partner Is Always There For You

Have you ever tried doing something daring and felt a certain kind of fear and later that fear was replaced by the confidence or assurance that there is somebody back home cheering for you? This is a sign of a healthy relationship and this is what most people are advised to surround themselves with.

One of the signs of a healthy marriage is knowing that your partner is always there to support you. Your partner is always there for you. Your partner is always there to pick you up when you are down. When you have this, it is easier to live a more daring life and take more chances. It is easier to take risks because you know that if things ever go wrong, there is somebody who will tell you I am here for you, and this is one of the signs of a healthy marriage.

Most partners suffer from a marriage where their significant other does not show up for them and this affects them because each time they want to do something they have to depend on themselves for comfort or strength, thus making them miss out on opportunities.


10. You Spend A Lot Of Time With Each Other

A marriage where both partners spend time together, in fact, a lot of time together, is a healthy one because quality time is a non-negotiable factor in a healthy marriage.

Spending a lot of time with your partner shows that you are in a healthy marriage because it helps you communicate better, bond with your partner more, understand your partner, and know who your partner is. One of the signs you are in a healthy marriage is you look forward to basking in the presence of your partner.

When you spend a lot of time with your partner, it strengthens the bonds of marriage and makes it harder to experience disconnection. It also makes it harder to keep up conflict because you are in each other’s face, thus making you confront issues head-on. Spending time together includes:


5 Ways To Cultivate A Healthy Marriage

Cultivating a healthy marriage is pretty simple if you put your mind to it and both of you are committed to growing a healthy marriage. These tips for a healthy marriage will help you cultivate that marriage that you dream of.


1. Always Have Some Couple Time

Having couple time is always vital to cultivating a healthy marriage because it helps you bond more with your partner, and you get to do one or two activities that help you get closer to your partner and enjoy life with your partner.


2. Communicate Properly

Communication is pretty much the wheel that makes any relationship go forward, and communicating with your partner is one of the ways to cultivate a healthy marriage.

Communicating clearly will go a long way in helping you build the marriage that you desire and dream of. Communication is not easy but it is always worth the effort because it affects every other part of your life. It’s a life skill you will always need whether you are married or not.


3. Appreciate Your Partner

Appreciating your partner is one of the tips on building a healthy marriage because it helps your partner see that you love them. It also makes your partner know that they are not just a fixture in your life; you truly see them, you behold them for who they are, and that’s one of the best feelings you can ever evoke in your partner.


4. Adjust Your Expectations

To build a healthy marriage, you need to adjust your expectations. Adjusting expectations is accepting that your partner is not human and will make mistakes, thus being ready to forgive them.

When you adjust your expectations, it is easier not to be disappointed by your partner, it is easier to overlook some things, and it is also easier to forgive them because you know that they are human and to err is human.

A marriage where both partners do not have high expectations of each other is one of the most important signs of a happy marriage.


5. Learn To Compromise

Compromising is a very important part of a healthy marriage. You cannot always have your way because you are not the only one and your partner has a different life experience from you. Compromising helps you build a healthy marriage because you let go of things that do not matter for things that matter, and it helps you to negotiate and make the necessary sacrifices that are necessary for the growth of your marriage.


Quick Summary: Top Signs Of A Healthy Marriage

A healthy marriage is always predicated by some level of effort from both partners, so all these signs can be applied to your marriage to make it healthy; to make it the marriage that you dream of and desire. Implementing these things is not often easy but they are worth the ride and they’re worth the effort.


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