10 Ways To Respect Your Husband

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ways to respect your husband

Men want respect and honor in a marriage, while women crave love, trust, and romance. This doesn’t mean that men don’t want love; they value respect over love or affection. Hence, for a blissful marriage, you need to know how to respect your husband.

In this post, you’d learn the importance of respect in a marriage, ways to respect your husband, and how to respect your husband without becoming a doormat. Keep reading!


What Does It Mean To Respect Your Husband?

To respect your husband means to trust his judgments and decisions. It also means acknowledging his feelings, accept him for who he is, and supporting him in every way possible.


Why Should You Respect Your Husband?

You should respect your husband because respecting him encourages and motivates him to be a better man. Respect helps to communicate to your husband that you trust him wholly and deeply, which helps to develop a stronger and more fulfilling relationship. Moreover, if you respect your husband, he will also respect you.


How Do I Make My Husband Feel Respected?

You can make your husband feel respected by supporting him, complimenting him often, and involving him in decision-making for the family. You can also make your husband feel respected by apologizing when you wrong him and giving him your undivided attention — spending quality time with him.

how to respect your husband


10 Ways To Show Your Husband Respect

Love is not enough to keep a marriage. Other essential ingredients that keep a marriage include trust, commitment, effective communication, a healthy love life, and most importantly, respect.

In a marriage, the man craves respect because it serves as a huge source of encouragement to him. When you show your husband respect, you are telling him that you trust him and you’re confident in his abilities to be a good husband and father.

Similarly, if you don’t respect your husband, he’d feel inadequate and discouraged. And in the long run, this will affect your relationship. That’s why it’s important to know how to respect your man because no man will stay in a marriage where he’s not respected!

Here are 10 ways to show respect to your husband:


1. Involve Him In Decision Making

Involving your husband in decision-making is one of the easiest yet most overlooked ways to respect your husband. By involving your husband in the decision-making, you are letting him know that you value his sense of judgment.

You should involve your husband in decisions that directly impact him, the household, and your children. Even in your personal affairs, like a new job or ideas for a makeover, ask for his opinion. Nothing is too much or too little to talk to your husband about!


2. Support His Goals And Ideas

This is another valuable tip on how to respect your husband. If you support his goals, that’d give him the confidence to pursue them, even if the going gets tough — he knows you have his back!

When you encourage your husband and contribute your quota to his success, it shows your respect for him as a partner and a human. And that’ll propel him to chase his goals with so much vigor.


3. Thank And Compliment Him

One of the ways to show your husband you respect him is to express your gratitude to him for even the littlest things. Saying a general thank you isn’t always enough. Thank him specifically for something. Like, “Thank you for taking out the trash today” or “Thank you for helping with the groceries.”

Expressing genuine gratitude like this shows your husband that you greatly appreciate his contributions to the household.

Complimenting him is also how to respect your husband. Give him positive remarks on things you like about him. A simple, heartfelt compliment lifts his mood and makes him feel loved and respected.


4. Celebrate His Successes

ways to show your husband you respect him

One of the ways to show your husband you respect him is to celebrate his successes. Laud his achievements with joy and pride, and tell him how happy you are for him. This will boost his confidence in his accomplishments and urge him to do more.


5. Accept Your Faults And Ask For Forgiveness When You’re Wrong

Disagreements are inevitable, but how you handle them makes all the difference. When you realize that you’ve offended your husband or mistreated him, acknowledge your faults, seek his forgiveness, and do better. That’s how to respect your husband. It shows that you care about his feelings and value your relationship.

In the same vein, trying to defend yourself or denying your faults shows that you’re not remorseful about your actions, which can drive a wedge between you and your husband.

Instead of being defensive, it’s best to apologize for your wrongs and do better sincerely. This also sets an excellent example for your children to follow.


6. Keep Your Expectations From Him Reasonable And Realistic

One of the more subtle ways to respect your husband is to keep your expectations of him practical and realistic. Sometimes, we expect our partner to act in certain ways or do certain things, but please keep it real.

For instance, if he earns $4,000 monthly, expecting him to get you a Tesla worth $130,000 in 3 months is way off the rack!

Burdening your husband with unrealistic expectations and unbeatable deadlines will wear him out and drain him. Eventually, it’ll make him lose confidence in himself and his ability to be a good partner.

More importantly, keeping your expectations reasonable is how to respect your husband and boost his confidence.


7. Don’t Nag Him Or Criticize Him In The Presence Of Others

NEVER criticize him or expose his flaws in front of others. That’s a huge sign of disrespect, and it’ll only embarrass your husband. Also, if things go south between you both, watch your words. Don’t say hurtful things to him in the heat of anger.

Also, please don’t yell at him in front of the kids or his friends. Doing so means you don’t hold him in any regard, and that’s a stigma to his reputation.

Regardless of his offense, the best way to resolve your issues is to discuss them privately and work something out. Fight in private and settle your issues in private. That’s how to respect your husband.


8. Don’t Compare Him To Other Men

Comparing your husband to other men will make him feel like a lesser man who’s incompetent. Instead of doing that, understand that we all have our flaws, and agreeing to get married to him means you choose to accept ALL of him, charm, and imperfections. Point out his mistakes in love and advise him on how to correct them. That’s how to respect your man.


9. Be Kind And Thoughtful To His Family And Friends

Another way to respect your husband is to be kind and thoughtful to his loved ones — his family and friends. Treating these people kindly is important because it shows that you don’t only love your husband, but you also love the people he loves.

Stay close to his family; attend family gatherings with your husband and make sure to go with thoughtful gifts. Likewise, become friends with his friends. When they come around, entertain them properly and start interesting conversations with them.

Your thoughtful gestures would impress his loved ones and endear you to them. It’ll make your husband happy that you love and respect him enough to love the people he cares about.


10. Spend Quality Time With Him

Sending quality time with your husband doesn’t mean sitting together in front of the television, busy with your phone. Instead, it involves creating time to bond with him.

Make it a habit to converse with your husband daily. Put your phone away, turn off the television, and give him your full attention. This is how to respect your husband and let him know you love to spend time with him.


Other Ways To Show Respect To Your Husband

There are various ways to show respect to your husband without saying a word or spending a dime. These gestures will strengthen your bond and make your husband love you more. Here are some tips:


11. Give Him Space

Life as a family man can be overwhelming. Having to work hard to provide for the family, be a good father to the kids, and treat you like the goddess you are — being a family man is a full-time job.

So, it’s only natural for him to need space sometimes. It doesn’t mean he hates you or is running away from his responsibilities; he needs to clear his head and relax. So please allow him some space when needed. That’s how to respect your husband and show him that you appreciate all he does.


12. Honor Your Husband — Even In His Absence

No matter how annoyed you are, please resist the urge to wash your husband’s dirty linen in public. Don’t list his shortcomings in the presence of others, whether in his absence or not. Instead, speak about him in a good light and extol his virtues. Except he agrees, don’t allow a third party to interfere in your issues.

Also, a little teasing doesn’t hurt. You can tease him openly about light-hearted issues, but be careful and don’t go overboard.


13. Accept His Imperfections

No man is perfect, and neither are you. Your husband may have some quirks that annoy you, but if you can’t overlook them, talk to him about them and find ways to help him improve.

More importantly, correct him in love and don’t use his flaws against him. That’s how to respect your husband.


Final Words On How To Respect Your Husband

Marriage isn’t an easy feat, but if you know how to respect your husband, you’ve unlocked the secret to a fulfilling marriage! Respect isn’t about controlling each other to get what you want. Instead, it’s accepting and loving each other irrespective of your differences.


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