How To Love Your Husband: 13 Simple & Romantic Ideas

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ways to love your husband everyday

Loving your husband is an important aspect of every successful marriage. It involves more than just saying the words “I love you” or showing affection from time to time. True love requires effort, commitment, and understanding.

In this post, we will explore some practical tips on how to love your husband and nurture your relationship, whether you are newlyweds or have been married for many years. By implementing these strategies, you can strengthen your bond and create a happier, more fulfilling life together.


How Can I Show Love To My Husband?

You can show love to your husband by being there for him, encouraging him, being his number-one cheerleader, and prioritizing him. There are a lot of tips on how to love your husband but these top the list and are guaranteed to make him feel loved.


Importance Of Love In Marriage

Without love, your marriage will be reduced to two roommates living together and this is not an experience that you want. The importance of love cannot be over-emphasized in marriage.

Love is what gets the car to start. Love is what makes the ride regardless of the bumps, worth it. Love is the fuel of marriage, so imagine driving a car without fuel in the tank.

It’s the reason why you accepted to be his wife and went through all the hurdles to get married. It is what will help you stay married. Love in marriage is what you need to stick with your husband through thick and thin.

how to love your husband


13 Cute Ways To Love Your Husband Everyday

These 13 tips on how to love your husband are certainly worth the read. Every marriage that has stood the test of time has applied one or more of these tips, and they have been expertly curated by couples who have used these tips to deepen intimacy in their marriage.


1. Be Understanding

Understanding is a core part of emotional intelligence and this is one of the ways to love your husband. Understanding him means putting yourself in your husband’s shoes and looking at things from his perspective.

Understanding him is a choice that you have to make every day because your husband grew up differently from you; you both have different experiences, and this is what makes it hard for some couples to live together.

9 out of 10 couples have different ideologies as a result of their diverse backgrounds, but the ones that last are those who choose to understand their partner. Understanding your husband will help you avoid unnecessary criticisms that will hurt him, which will help him confide in you and give you a happier marriage.


2. Prioritize Him

One of the best ways to love your husband is by prioritizing him. The proof that you love your husband is that you give him attention and put his needs first. If you don’t prioritize your husband, it is very likely you will relegate him, and in his place, prioritize your career and other things over him.

It is not only women that want to be given attention or have their needs met; men crave these things too. They want to come home from the hard work of the day and have your attention, have you fuss over them, and have somewhere to rest their head.

Putting your needs first before that of your husband is pouring water on the fire of love in your marriage. Marriage is all about compromise and if you are not selfless, you can’t communicate love to your husband.


3. Play With Him

Yes, you heard it right; play with your husband. Adulthood can sometimes be hard with paying bills, changing jobs, and caring for the kids. You don’t want to make it worse by allowing these things to weigh you down and affect your marriage.

Playing with your husband could be going on a date, leaving your kids with friends and family to have some couple time. It could be as simple as playing truth or dare questions with him or other games with your husband which includes:

  • Video games like Xbox
  • Jenga
  • Scrabble
  • Monopoly
  • Card games

These are some of the activities that will help you bond with your partner. Playing with your husband helps refresh him and makes him feel better. It recharges him and makes it easier to continue the journey of adulthood. Playing with your husband and sharing a laugh with him is a great tip on how to love your husband.


4. Check Up On Him

Picture yourself having a bad day and your favourite person calls to check on you and for about a minute or so, you laugh and crack jokes. This is definitely a welcome distraction, one that many women want to receive but does not want to give.

Checking up on your husband can make his day better and livelier. Send him a love text or put a call across to him while he is at work and watch him lit up in smiles.

Checking up on him is how to love your husband because it helps him open up to you and helps him know that someone somewhere is thinking about him 24/7.


5. Encourage Him

how to show love to your husband

Life is filled with good and bad times and what makes life worth it is when we have people who believe in us in these times.

So often, your husband needs encouragement, and encouraging him is how to show love to your husband. Criticizing him when he needs your positive words is k#lling him and it’s one of the biggest mistakes that most wives make.

One of the ways to encourage him in love is to leave him love notes, take him out on a date or make his favourite meal. Sometimes, it is to get him to unload everything on his chest and just encourage him in plain words. Other times, no words have to be said; a simple back rub, a meaningful look, or a heartfelt hug is enough to do the trick.

Encouraging him gives him the strength to be happy while striving harder because he knows he has someone who has his back.


6. Involve Him In Your Life

During one of my counselling sessions, a husband complained bitterly that his wife does not tell him anything about her, and it makes him feel unwanted. One of the tips on how to love your husband is to bring your husband into everything that you do.

If you are with a man you know genuinely loves you, this should not be a problem. Whatever your dreams are or whatever it is you want to do, involve your husband in your life. It will allow him to show up for you when you need him. This is the essence of marriage, companionship, and doing life together.

If you hide things from your husband, it is bound to hurt him, and this will make him feel unwanted and may chip at his self-esteem as a man. Let him in and allow him to be responsible for your life somehow. This is one of the best ideas to love your husband.


7. Initiate Romantic Gestures

Waiting for your husband to do all the serenading will likely wear him out; there is power in reciprocation. Initiating romantic gestures will make your husband know that you love him and you are as crazy about him as he is about you. Your husband is not Cinderella, but he wants to be mesmerized. He wants to be surprised and serenaded.

There are many love gestures you can initiate which include:

  • Sending him love messages
  • Randomly kissing him
  • Sending him random pictures of yourself
  • Giving him a massage
  • Getting him gifts
  • Sending flowers to your man at work

Initiating love gestures is a way to make your husband feel special and something no husband will say no to.


8. Flirt With Him

how to love your husband physically

Ever seen those romantic scenes where the man stares at a woman’s lips for a long time that the woman can’t help but blink in desire? One of the superpowers of a woman is that she can arouse her man, and playing the t#mptress is one of the cute ways to love your husband.

Flirting with him is important because it’s one of the ways to spice up your marriage and make him feel wanted and special. You can flirt with him by doing one of the following:


9. Please Him On The Bed

One of the ways to show your husband you love him is to seek his pleasure in bed. Putting yourself first before him will make you lose the harmony you need to achieve mutual satisfaction and this is not okay. Put his needs first and watch him reciprocate; this is how to love your husband physically.

To please him in bed is to do the things men like in bed, match his energy in bed, and make him feel good.

Do you need help with how to please him in bed? I have written a well-informative piece on how to drive your man wild in bed.

Pleasing him in bed is also using your word and telling him how good he makes you feel.

In addition, these are some ways you can please your husband in bed.

  • Sneak up on him in the shower and give him a bl#wjob
  • Initiate morning s#x
  • S#xt him in a gathering where you are together
  • Walk around naked
  • Be spontaneous in asking for s#x


10. Correct Him In Love

Your husband is imperfect; the sooner you realize this, the better.

He will make mistakes; he will hurt you and call the wrong shots but shouting and calling him colourful names will not solve the problem.

Remember the old wise saying “you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”? Why criticize negatively when you can do it positively? When you judge him harshly, you are helping him close up, but when you call him out respectfully, you protect his pride and at the same time, get him to do what you want.


11. Tell Him You Love Him

Words are powerful; they have the power to build and the power to destroy. One of the romantic ways to love your husband is to tell him everyday that you love him. Tell him every day, keep at it consistently, and don’t just tell; show your love in action while verbalizing it.

Need ideas on cute ways to say “I love you”? I have a well-articulated piece on 200 cute and romantic ways to say I Love You.

The most important thing in doing this is ensuring that your words match your actions. This way, your words will hit home, and he can find comfort in your words and take it seriously when you say them. If your words don’t match your action, he will hold your words with a pinch of salt, and this is something you don’t want.


12. Be Kind To His Family

Ever heard the famous verse, “your people will be my people”? Applying these with those around your husband is one of the ways to show love to your husband. Your husband will not cast off his family and friends because he loves you, rather, his biggest dream is to see his favourite people together.

Your husband’s family and loved ones are a part of his life and might have been there way before you came in, so it is unfair when you refuse to be kind to his family.

Extending a hand of kindness to his family will make him happy, and it’s one of the cute tips on how to love your husband deeply. You don’t want his family to cease coming around just because he married you.


13. Be patient with him


Is Showing Love To Your Husband Worth It

Showing love to your husband is worth it in every way you can imagine. If you are married to the right man and he’s someone that appreciates all that you do, you lose nothing by showing love. You gain everything by showing love because you reap the rewards of a happier and stronger marriage, and showing love is how to love your husband.


Final Note On How To Love Your Husband

These tips to love your husband will thrive when you implement them. Loving your husband will help you have a better and sweeter marriage. It is an investment that will certainly produce rich rewards of a beautiful story that will beat that of Bonnie and Clyde.


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