How To Treat Your Husband Like A King

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how to treat a man like a king

Marriage is a beautiful union between a man and a woman which should span a lifetime. These people have different backgrounds, behaviours, attitudes, and personalities.

To ensure that you are successful on the lifetime journey of marriage, you must understand and do what it takes till the inevitable (death) happens. While marriage is on, partners recognize the unavoidable presence of disagreements and conflicts.

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” ~Mignon McLaughlin.

Just as the famous quote states, it’s important to note that love embodies a lot of things and no little effort should be overlooked when it comes to expressing love.

Every partner wants to feel loved and it’s the responsibility of both partners to put the effort to make each other fall in love. Just as women want to be loved, also, men want to feel loved. Nobody wants a discontent spouse or one who doesn’t make them feel special.

Men always want to be treated like royalty. Just like a woman want to feel like a queen, he wants to feel like a king. This is important to both your marriage and him because when he feels like a king, in return, you feel like a queen and your marriage flourishes. This is one of the secrets to a happy marriage that we all need to know.

Gaining the approval of a husband is every wife’s dream. This dream makes many women take great pleasure in caring for their husbands, giving him the attention and treatment that befits a king to ensure his happiness and comfortability. You don’t have to understand and worship him like a slave, but you can do it from the position of being a queen.

These are ways on how to treat your man like a king, but it’s important to understand that every man is different (some show their love early, some late, some want more physical affection, some prefer to sit and talk). Love with patience, wisdom and faith. Every man has different expectations, especially in the beginning.

Men also have different needs and want. Every woman who wants to know how to treat a man like a king must begin by understanding the nature of her man. To achieve this, you must know what your man fancies before setting out on the journey of treating him specially.

This is common to most men- they struggle with the art of expressing their needs and feelings to their wives, assuming she is supposed to know them without any cues.

Also, they have certain expectations of their partner and when she is unable to fulfil them, it could lead to frustration or disappointment. Even if you know how to treat your husband like a king, if you do not properly understand your husband, your efforts at satisfying him might not be adequate.

how to treat your husband like a king


How To Treat Your Husband Like A King

Below, we will look at various ways on how you can treat your man like a king;


1. Show Your Husband Deep Respect

Everyone deserves respect, but we tend to forget how important that is when we’re in a relationship. If there’s one thing a man needs, it’s respect.

I believe that marriages that have stood the test of time haven’t done it without the woman having a profound respect for her husband. This involves having a deep admiration for your man. In other words, it is a way of behaving to show someone matters to you, and this means you’re saying it’s only him.

Your union is not just for you to be favoured all the time. It is about compromises and helping the man to lead. So let him lead while you follow his will.

These are ways on how you treat your man with respect by focusing on his needs; abiding by his preferences, enjoying intimacy with him, taking time to make him special meals, being there when he is stressed out and when he needs someone to talk to, learning to show him empathy, and a sincere interest in his interest.

Show him that you respect him by not belittling him or using offensive words (Taking away the words of respect is similar to reducing his masculinity), regarding his thoughts and opinions highly, look at him when he talks to show that he has your attention. Also, ask about his welfare, avoid being dishonest.

When men get respect from their spouses, they also give more respect in return. This can not only make your husband feel like a king but also a plus to your marriage.


2. Compliment Him

It’s illogical to assume that men don’t deserve compliments. He has a physical appearance, traits and a personality and these are good things to look out for when you want to drop a nice compliment.

Men also like compliments so you must say genuine things about them. You do admire him as your husband, it is of no use if you do not let him know about it.

Tell him what is genuine to you and what you like about him no matter how common the comments are. Sincerity is the key here! A simple and sincere compliment will always strengthen the romance in your marriage, and make your man feel happy, loved and respected too.


3. Seek His Opinion

how to treat a man like a king

Men do like to solve problems and fix things. They crave to be looked at as a leader. They want to be recognised as an important player in the family and an invaluable partner.

It’s important to take advantage of this knowledge by appealing to his ability and intelligence by asking him to help you solve a problem. You will surely make him feel like a king if you do this. Show him that he can be relied upon by asking for his opinions on home decisions and other matters of concern.

Seeking out his opinion, and accepting it, means that you trust his ideas and believe he can lead you in the right direction, and that’s how to show a man respect and admiration. He can help you see the world from a different perspective and that can be a good thing.

Even if you’re a strong and independent woman, always strive to ask for his opinion and suggestions whenever you are faced with challenges either from work or personally.


4. Initiate Lovemaking

There shouldn’t be any differences when it comes to lovemaking. You have an equal right to lovemaking as your husband, so it’s fine if you take up the role to initiate it. Husbands should not be the only ones initiating lovemaking.

Look at it from this perspective, it’s logical to conclude that men’s ability to initiate it gives them power over women because they decide when they want. Forget the stereotypical role and make him submit to you, sweep him off his feet. He will admire your confidence, will and creativity.

Be his lover, and he will never have to look elsewhere to fulfil his sensual needs. Arouse him, and when you treat him as a king in bed, he will treat you to your fantasies.


5. Be The Queen

While you are on your forever journey to treat your husband like a king, you must match up to his role as a king, by being his queen. This applies to every aspect of you and not just how you appear, but in every other thing that you do.

One of the ways to treat your man like a king is to take care of yourself which includes that you put on an outfit that he likes, improve your appearance by improving your hygiene, putting on a smile, wearing good perfume, getting your hair done, performing routine womanly maintenance like manicures and pedicures, get your arms and legs waxed, and have a facial done.

It’s also necessary to dress for him at night too which directly gives you the upper hand in initiating lovemaking. Get something alluring and revealing for night dresses.

When you look gorgeous, his eyes notices and admires you, and you make him proud because of the praises he gets from others for taking care of you.


6. Be Supportive

The power of a queen and a woman is to be supportive. As a queen, you have a better way to communicate with your king to build him or destroy him. A queen will choose to make him the best king he can be.

Men prefer to spend their lives with a woman who is interested in their passion and dreams, a wife who is willing to help them realize their dreams.

Let him know that you believe in his visions, ideas, and skills and that you will be the queen throughout his journey to greatness in whatever endeavour. Also, make sacrifices (if need be) for his goals to be achieved.

The confidence you give him will make him feel like he can conquer the world. Encourage your husband to bring out the best in him.


Final Note On How To Treat Your Husband Like A King

Do you treat your husband with tender love and care? What is that special romantic gesture that makes him feel like a king, I’d love to read your personal tips on how to treat your husband like a king in the comment section.


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how to treat your husband like a king

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