How To Be Irresistible In Bed

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How do you go from making him desire you to keeping him constantly in that state of constant need for you? Being irresistible in bed requires the intentional effort of the one who desires it. It is one of the things in relationships that adds thrill and spice and makes it different from every other relationship.

To be an irresistible woman in bed, you have to connect with your s#xuality and revel in it. These ways on how to be irresistible in bed will help you do just that.


What Makes A Woman Irresistible In Bed?

What makes a woman irresistible in bed is confidence. It doesn’t matter your skin color or body type, once you are confident in your body and the pleasure that your body can bring to another then you are on another plane of s#xy and utterly irresistible.

how to be irresistible in bed


13 Ways To Be Irresistible In Bed

These ways on how to be irresistible in bed are what you need to have your man on his knees and be a better lover.


1. Switch Things Up

One of the ways to be irresistible in bed is to switch things up. If you have been sticking to the m#ss#onary style of s#x, try another style.

There are a thousand other kinds of styles that you can try with your man and this is bound to make you irresistible in bed. The bedroom does not always have to be the location, there are other places where you can also have s#x.

The most important thing is that you do not stick to the routine and that you keep things interesting in the bedroom by doing so many different things and trying out so many different styles.

Here are some s#x styles that you might want to try out:

  • The R#verse C#wgirl
  • The Notebook
  • The Spread Eagle
  • The Ballet Dancer
  • Belly Down
  • Crisscross
  • Spooning
  • Co#tal Al#gnment Techn#que
  • Edge Of The Bed


2. Talk About Your Desires

One of the indicators of good s#xual intimacy between partners is that both partners are confident enough to talk about their desires, talk about their fantasies without feeling ashamed about them.

You need to talk about your desires if you truly want to be someone irresistible in bed. Make sure that you draw your man in and get him to talk about his s#xual fantasies, this helps him look forward to having s#x with you. Talking about your desires is one of the ways to improve intimacy in marriage.

When you talk about your desires, it helps you enjoy some level of pre-s#xual intimacy, it shows some level of confidence and some level of adventure that he will always appreciate because this is one of the secrets to be irresistible in bed.


3. Wear A S#xy Outfit

Wearing a s#xy outfit is one of the ways on how to be irresistible in bed. There are tons of options for s#xy outfits; shimmy gowns, see-throughs, garter belts, lingerie, and tights. There are so many options that would help you look s#xy.

When you wear s#xy outfits, it makes your man see you in a different light, somewhat more sed#ctive, more appealing and it’s one of the 15 ways to keep the spark alive. It gets your confidence through the roof because you are not hesitant to reach out to him s#xually and draw him in with your feminine charms.


4. Talk Dirty

Talking dirty is one of the ways on how to be irresistible in bed. It is essential to spicing up your love life and making the overall s#x experience more enjoyable and memorable.

When you talk dirty, it gives you the confidence to go on about your desires, it gives you the confidence to tell him what he’s doing right and tell him when he is digging that honey pot nicely. He wants to hear that he is doing well in the most banal terms possible.

There’s nothing wrong in talking dirty with your man because you don’t talk like that with every other man, so it’s a part of you that is reserved solely for your man. Nothing makes your man feel good than knowing that he’s the one who is capable of bringing that part of you out.

Here are some dirty things you can say to make your man addicted to you:

  • I want you to come inside me.
  • Harder.
  • I’m so close.
  • You make me feel so sl#tty.
  • Just like that.
  • Keep f#cking me like that.
  • Pull my hair.
  • I love it when you take me like this.
  • I’m getting closer.
  • I can feel your d#ck throbbing.
  • You feel so good.
  • Your c#ck is stretching me out.
  • I think I’m gonna cry, it feels so good.
  • F#ck me!
  • Right there.
  • Keep doing that.
  • Don’t stop.
  • More, harder.


5. Tell Him What You Want

Sometimes, your man may genuinely be up in his own ideas on how to please you and to you he is not doing half of what you want him to do to you. One of the tips on how to be irresistible in bed is to gently tell him what you want and how you want him to treat you in bed.

Telling him what you want helps him to give up the wild goose chase of trying out things that you don’t like and helps him focus more on what would bring you s#xual satisfaction.


6. Tell Him How Good He Is

If your man is doing something right, you have to tell him that he’s doing something right and one of the ways that you do that is by telling him how good what he is doing to you feels.

There are several ways that you can tell him how good he feels, the most important way is verbalizing it and showing him that you know what he’s doing to your body and you can’t wait to have more of it. This is one of the things that make you irresistible in bed and it’s one of the things that your man wants in relationship.

Need words to tell him how good he is, here are some:

  • I love your body.
  • I think I’m in love with your d#ck.
  • I’ve never been f#cked like this before.
  • You’re going to make me pass out with pl##sure.


7. Show Him You Are Enjoying It Too

One of the cute things that make you irresistible in bed is to show your man that you are enjoying what he’s doing to you. You can do that by loudly mo#ning, silently mo#ning, or screaming, whatever rocks your boat. Just ensure that he knows that is bringing you that s#xual satisfaction.

When you show him that you’re enjoying it, it gives him more confidence to find more ways of pleasing you s#xually and it’s one of the ways to drive him wild in bed.


8. Take The Lead

Sometimes you don’t wait for him to initiate love making or set the pace. Sometimes what you need to do is to take the lead and show him how much you want it. This is one of the ways on how to be irresistible in bed.

When you do this, it makes him feel special and makes him feel wanted and desired. When you take the lead, it gives you the confidence to actually go for what you want and be more vocal about your desires.


9. Maintain Eye Contact With Him

Maintaining eye contact with your man while he is digging deep has a deepening effect on s#x between the two of you. It contributes to a more intense and earth-shattering org#sm and improves the overall experience of s#x in marriage.

Relish explains the power of eye contact during s#x below;

Eye contact can trigger the release of the pleasure hormone, dopamine, which can make your s#x not only more intimate but more pleasurable and exciting as well.

When you maintain eye contact with your man, it shows that you are confident and that you want him to see what he’s doing to you and this makes him look forward to making love with you and makes it very difficult for him to say no to you because he wants you.

This is one of the bad#ss ways on how to be irresistible in bed and one of the spicy love making moves men crave in the bedroom.


10. Engage In Foreplay

One of the tips to be irresistible in bed is to show your man that you are not in a hurry to get down and that’s by engaging in foreplay.

Foreplay is a very important aspect of s#x because especially for women, foreplay is what actually gets the engine running. Proper foreplay heightens the s#xual tension and makes the art of s#x itself more overwhelming and beautiful.

If you want to learn more on how to engage in foreplay with your man, check out this piece on 10 pleasurable weak points of a man during romance.


11. Make Use Of Nice Scents

Ever heard the phrase “her scent made his head rush”? One of the ways on how to be irresistible in bed is by making use of nice perfumes, roll-ons, and deodorant. You can’t go wrong with scents.

Scents can make him go crazy when he just perceives it on you and makes him want to eat you up. Smelling nice is one of the fastest ways to be irresistible and have him desperate for you.


12. Put On A Little Act

A little role-play is not a bad idea. You can make yourself irresistible by role-playing with him depending on any s#xual fantasies that you have, find easy or intriguing.

There are so many roles that you can command and they include:

  • Outdoorsy s#x scenes
  • Boss and employee
  • The classic maid or butler
  • An er#tic massage therapist
  • Stranger
  • The plumber

There are so many things that you can do to add spice to your love life and it’s one of the s#xy things that make you irresistible in bed.

Bringing in that sense of drama is sucking him into another world where he is at your mercy. This is one of the numerous ways to keep your man happy in bed.


13. Add Some Music

Music is also one of the ways on how to be irresistible in bed and one of the ways to romance a man deeply. If you do know how to dance, you can dance to a slow sensual music and if you do not know how to dance, it is still okay. You can just stare into his eyes bringing him in with your feminine charms while slowly whining your waste to the beat of the music.

Music is popularly known for setting the atmosphere in most relationships and many bedroom activities.


How To Look Irresistible In Bed

These ways on how to look irresistible in bed are more than enough to bring him to his knees and have him do your bidding.


1. Know His Preference

Knowing your man’s preference is very important because you want to shoot your shot accurately without misfiring.

If you know that your man is the natural type, it will be nice to be in your most natural look. If you know that your man does not have issues with makeup and you need makeup to feel a bit confident especially the cat eyes and red lips concept. Then you don’t have any issues, you can always use makeup.

The most important thing is knowing his preferences and what he likes because it is one of the ways on how to look irresistibly attractive in bed.


2. Dress S#xy

Dressing s#xy is a very important part of looking irresistible and it’s one of the ways to become an irresistible partner in bed. Men are visual creatures and you have to engage them in order to be irresistible.

There are several ways to dress s#xy. Just make sure to wear what is comfortable and will send him right into your arms.


3. Add A Bit Of Drama

A bit of drama in roleplay is in order. It is one of the freaky things that make you irresistible in bed. You can either give him a str#p show, whine for him, gr#nd him, or just allow yourself to get lost in the music.

A bit of drama is always welcome because it makes s#x itself something to look forward to.


4. Maintain That Hot Look

One of the things that you have to do is maintain that hot look in and out of bed. Look for ways to be scantily clad around the house and flaunt your best asset. This is one of the ways to look irresistible in bed.


Final Comments On How To Be Irresistible In Bed

These ways to be irresistible to a man in bed are simple yet effective tips that I have generously shared with my clients. It is what has helped many of my clients get their marriage back on track and lead happier marital lives.


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