13 Virtual Date Ideas For Long Distance Couples

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Are you in a long-distance relationship because you’re pursuing a higher education, your partner got a new job offer that’s far away, or simply due to lockdown, etc.? Whatever made your relationship turn long-distance, these romantic virtual date ideas will close the gap between you both, create more fun time and show each other pure love.

As long as you are willing to make your long-distance relationship work and keep the spark alive, you can try these virtual date ideas for long distance couples that will help create a strong emotional bond between you both.


What Is A Virtual Date?

Virtual date is an avenue for couples in long-distance relationships to have fun and spend quality time with each other online via video chat. Long-distance couples who cannot meet quite often physically can always go on virtual dates to get closer to each other and strengthen their love bond.


How Do You Plan A Virtual Date?

You can plan a virtual date by sharing the idea with your partner, and you both can choose a convenient time for your ideal virtual date experience. Couples can discuss which virtual date ideas to follow; their preferred video meet apps and the convenient and comfortable time to kick-start the date.

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13 Virtual Date Ideas For Long Distance Couples

These are fun virtual date ideas for couples in long-distance relationships to hang out together and have fun. You can have as much fun as you like online with your partner with these virtual date ideas;


1. Play Online Games Together

Thanks to technology, there are online games specially designed for couples to play together and spend quality time with each other virtually. Some classic and fun online games for couples in a long-distance relationship include;

  • The Love Language Test: This is a psychological quiz game that helps couples discover each other’s love language and learn how to connect better.
  • The Ultimate Game For Couples: This is a card game that you can play with your partner over video chat. It has funny and exciting questions for couples to answer.
  • Online Chess: You and your partner can register online on a Chess game platform. Add each other as friends, and then you can proceed to challenge each other on games. It is a fantastic and intelligent game to play with your partner.


2. Do Workouts Together

You can follow a live workout session online with your partner or download some workout videos to your phones or laptops and try doing the exercises together. This way, you spend quality time with your partner on the phone while staying fit.

This is my favourite fun virtual date ideas for couples, as it also helps couples bond and feels closer to each other.


3. Virtual Karaoke Party

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Couples can play this fun game on video chat by creating a Playlist of their favorite songs while they take turns playing each song on the cast screen so that they both sing along to the lyrics. That is also a great way to know each other’s music preferences and even sing along with them.


4. Follow A Language Course Together

There are many language apps like Duolingo where you can sign up for their language courses. Make sure that you and your partner start the program together, and at the end of the course, you can challenge yourselves with the course tests.

It is one of the creative virtual date ideas that you can try with your partner and improve your language skills. Challenge each other with tasks from the language course and have fun while at it.


5. Cook Meals Together

That is a unique virtual date ideas for couples that allows you both to explore your cravings by experimenting food videos from YouTube.

Couples can create a schedule for this. And while cooking together, you can discuss food ingredients and the cooking process.


6. Virtual Picnic

This may sound difficult to plan but it is not. Create a menu for your recipes and food. Set up your scene with all your items and food ready. You can arrange this in your backyard garden. Be sure to have a stable internet connection because you do not want to cut those beautiful moments short.


7. Make Crafts For Each Other

You can make picture frames for each other. Create a photo book with pictures of the two of you capturing every beautiful moment together.

If you can sew, make shirts or gowns for your partner. If you can draw or paint, use your skills to do something creative for your partner. You and your partner can make crafts and send to each other.


8. Go Shopping Together

Pick up a date for a boutique shopping with your partner. Allow him make some selections for you. Let him watch you try the outfits on and tell you how the outfit looks on you. And that is just one of the numerous creative virtual date ideas for long distance couples.


9. Send Each Other Gifts And Unwrap Them Together

Get something exceptional for your partner. Something you know he would like. It doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive; it could be as cute as a postcard containing handwritten love notes and a picture. The goal is to show affection and let your partner know you miss him.


10. Virtual Movie Night

This is one of the best virtual date ideas for long distance couples. It is very easy to follow and can be done anywhere and not just in your home. This is because it does not require you both to be on video chat. You can simply suggest and watch the same movie, after which you spend time chatting about the movie.


11. Play Two Truths And A Lie

Long-distance couples can engage in virtual date ideas like truth or dare or two truths and a lie. Make out time for this virtual date with your partner over the phone at your leisure and choose two truths and a lie from three things he will be telling you about himself. The both of you will be taking turns to engage in this romantic activity.

If you need ideas on truth or dare questions for your partner, check out these 200 truth or dare questions for couples to rekindle your love.


12. Wine Tasting

This is one of the most romantic virtual date ideas for long distance couples. You and your partner can buy several brands of wine and place each of them on a table, facing your phone or laptop while you are video chatting. Make sure to get the same brands of wine, as you will both be tasting them simultaneously and telling each other the taste you get from each brand of wine.

These are virtual date ideas that can make you discover your connoisseur skill, and you can be able to tell what wine you are taking without even seeing its label!


13. Go For A Walk During Weekends

You can be on a video chat with your partner while taking a walk, and he, at the other end can also be taking a walk. This romantic virtual date ideas could be done in the evening during weekends, enabling you to discuss your environment and nature.


Virtual Date Ideas: Final Notes

There are a lot of fun virtual date ideas for couples you and your partner can explore together. Whether you are miles away from each other and unable to pay visits all the time, you can still go on dates with your partner.

The above list of virtual date ideas will not only allow you both to connect virtually but will close the gap between you both.


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