How To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You Like Crazy In 9 Proven Steps

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how to make your boyfriend miss you like crazy

If you need tips or ideas on how to make your boyfriend miss you, this post is just for you! I tell you this; he will definitely text you again, and you may catch him staring at you with quizzical eyes, wondering if you just suddenly lost interest in him.

Growing up, I was one of those young girls who did think that guys cannot miss women; that in relationships, men are very tough beings. But, I got disillusioned after I began reading books about the human mind- and how men think. It will interest you to know that men tend to catch feelings and fall in love faster than women.

Men are emotional beings, with just a few who are good at concealing their emotions. Still, you can make the toughest of men miss you, most importantly, your boyfriend.


How Can I Make My Boyfriend Miss Me?

You can make your boyfriend miss you by limiting the frequency of always being in his space, and letting him long for you instead of making yourself readily available for him all the time. No matter how excited you are to get a text from him, do not immediately start double texting him and sending him so many heart emojis.


How Can You Tell If Your Boyfriend Misses You?

You can always tell that your boyfriend misses you when he texts you often, and he gets jealous when you talk about hanging out with other men. It is not difficult to see the signs in your boyfriend that he craves your body, misses the sound of your laughter, and also your wittiness.

There are several ways to make your boyfriend miss you, and to achieve this, you must first have a smooth relationship with him. This means, there must be a connection between the two of you. And once the connection and romantic flow is there, you do not have to do too much for him to miss you. He will long for you when he does not hear from you in seconds.

Further into this read, you will discover helpful tips to make your boyfriend miss you and how you can tell that he misses you.


How To Make Him Miss You Psychology

It is okay to want a guy to miss you and chase you. And you might want to know if your crush likes you back and wants to be with you. Apply these psychological ways to make your boyfriend miss you and get good results!

Nonetheless, It requires your efforts and commitment to carry out these tips.

  • Get really close to him and create a bond.
  • Make communication become less active.
  • Take care of yourself and look really good to keep his attention.
  • Be kind and sweet around him.
  • Be the one to initiate lovemaking and do not call him after making out.
  • Reduce being active on his social media pages.
  • Say very little about yourself and be mysterious.
  • Please do not agree to/with everything he says.
  • Be the tough girl who doesn’t need his help.
  • Do not show emotional attachment.

how to make your boyfriend miss you


9 Proven Tips To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You Like Crazy

Here are helpful and important tips to make your boyfriend miss you like crazy and long for you.


1. Always Be Cheerful Around Your Boyfriend

Always exude happiness and cheerfulness when you are with him. Show happiness and zero worries. It will make him long for you because he wants to be part of your cheerful spirit. He wants to feel that happiness that you have. And If he does not see your face for a while, he will check up on you and pleadingly invite you over.

But suppose you are always gloomy and looking uninterested around him, he will never miss you except he is lying to you about missing you, or he honestly appreciates other aspects of you. Cheerfulness is a strong attraction, and that is how to make your boyfriend miss you.


2. Always Compliment Your Man’s Look, Smile, And Outfit

In case you are wondering, “how to make my boyfriend miss me and want to see me?” This is the right answer for you!

“Damn! See my man. You look cute, baby.” these words will stick in his head, and he will always try his best to appear well in front of you because he wants to hear you compliment him and appreciate his style.

If you have never complimented your boyfriend’s look, you should do that soon. Make that grown man blush. And any time you do not compliment him, he will miss that part of you, especially when you are not around him to compliment his outfit and give him a kiss.

Even in a long-distance relationship, when he sends you his pictures and videos, or while you are video-chatting, shower him with compliments and tell him how sweet his voice is and how cute he looks. This is one of the cute gestures on how to make your boyfriend miss you.


3. Have Intense And Crazy Make Out

how to make my boyfriend miss me and want to see me

Instead of being worried and asking yourself, “how to make my boyfriend miss me and want to see me”, maybe you should start by taking your love game to another level.

Lovemaking with your boyfriend should be beyond missionary or the lazy sp##n style all the time. Do you even ever initiate lovemaking? Do not keep mute and stay static during making out.

You should be crazy in bed with your boyfriend, and this will keep him thinking about you for a long time. Read books on making out, and learn about different p#sitions during lovemaking.

Also, be creative with how you turn him on and get him in the mood. Read how to romance a man deeply: 15 powerful tips that will improve your romance skill and make your boyfriend miss you more.

Make joyful noise when he hits the right sp#t and when he isn’t hitting the right sp#t, show him how to. These will make your love life active and fun! It is how to make your boyfriend miss you like crazy.


4. Do Not Be Desperate To See His Family

This is one of the best relationship tips on how to make your boyfriend miss you; care more about yourself and the relationship. If he does not discuss you meeting his family, you do not have to persuade him to do that.

You should be focusing more on your growth and your career than on a man who has not thought it necessary that you meet his family. Besides, meeting his family does not guarantee the longevity of the relationship.

If you have talked about it once and he does not seem interested in taking the relationship to the next level, then act like you are leaving the relationship. Don’t fuss or threaten to leave the relationship. It is best that you maintain dignity while fighting to remain in the relationship. Focus on yourself, look more beautiful and do not make yourself available for him all the time.

Show signs of withdrawal while maintaining calmness and joy. He would get worried and scared of losing you. And that would prompt him to sit up and do what he ought to do to keep you.

Do not show desperation, girl. Show him that there is life outside of the relationship. Not clinging to him or his family is how to make your boyfriend miss you like crazy. Then if he talks about you both going to his parent’s place to see them, you can let all the excitement in you explode.


5. Let Him Hang Out With The Boys

It will be easier for him to start missing you after spending some time outside with the boys than when he is with you all week long- especially if you both live together and see each other’s faces every day.

Allow him to hang out with the boys once in a while. This is one of the crucial tips to make your boyfriend miss you.

Even in sibling relationships, when you see each other every day, every little thing they do becomes piquant, and you annoy each other. It is also the same way in romantic relationships and partners living together. Yes, you are a couple in love and everything, but you should learn to allow your man to get some time to himself.


6. Be Attentive And Engaging When He Discusses Things With You

You may be wondering to yourself, “how to make my boyfriend miss me badly” but have you actually done things that should make him miss talking to you?

How do you respond when he tells you about his career problems or the misunderstanding he has had with a friend? Does your IQ move him to want to tell you more things just so that he can hear you talk to him? or do you only talk when it is about you?

Now, you must know how to hold down a conversation with him. With that, he can miss talking to you whenever you are far away from him or when you do not reply to his texts soon enough.

Also, whenever he discusses things with you and you do not contribute much words, he can guess that something is wrong and would try to get close to you to ensure you are okay because he misses your positive and lengthy contributions to him. This is also how to make your boyfriend miss you through text.


7. Be Supportive And Appreciative

Show your boyfriend that you believe in him. This is how to make your boyfriend miss you. Be that person in his life who supports and appreciates him. Acknowledge his efforts whether little or big- when he does things for you.

You can always appreciate him by buying him gifts or even saying things that motivate him and keep him going.


8. Be Playful And Open With Him

Be open to talk about anything with him; your silly mistakes, your funny moments and annoying moments. He will always miss you when you are playful and open with him. This is one cute tip on how to make your boyfriend miss you like never before.


9. Have Memorable Moments Together

Let every moment that you share with him count. Make it memorable and full of fun and love when you are with him. This is how to make your boyfriend miss you badly, and he will not stop thinking of you. Take videos together, capture every moment in pictures and watch the videos with him to relive those moments and connect deeper with him.


How To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You: Final Notes

An interesting and lively girlfriend will always be missed by her boyfriend whenever she is not around him. So, making your boyfriend miss you is worth taking these steps.

Be fun to be with and creative. Have a positive energy and self-worth. All these will make your boyfriend miss you and always long for you.


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how to make your boyfriend miss you badly

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