15 Everyday Things Men Do That Turn Women Off (Without Even Realizing It)

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Turn offs for girls.

As a man, you are different from your woman and it follows that it’s not everything you feel is okay that will go down well with the opposite gender. These things are very mundane stuff that doesn’t really matter to you, but to women, they mean a lot and are capable of turning them off and ruining your connection.

Understanding what turns a woman off will help you not to make silly mistakes while trying to impress your crush or hit on a girl. Everyone wants to be liked but knowing turn offs for girls is a key ingredient to being a likable and attractive man.


What Is The Biggest Turn Off For Girls In A Relationship?

The biggest turn-off for girls in a relationship is bad manners. When you disrespect her, her friends, her parents, or those around her. It makes you look entitled and less desirable because it shows that you hold no regard for the things that are dear to her.

turn offs for girls


15 Everyday Things Men Do That Turn Women Off (Without Even Realizing It)

Are you wondering why you’re not getting a second date? It could be because of some of the everyday things you do that turn women off. Check out our list of common mistakes men make and learn how to avoid them.


1. Chauvinistic Attitudes

In this day and age where women are trying to break the glass ceiling and become recognized alongside their male counterparts, one of the things that you can do to turn off your woman is display a chauvinistic attitude. It’s not going to help you in any way because most women do not believe that the male gender is way better or far more superior than they are.

Imagine going on a date and all you do on the date is talk about how the male gender is the best of genders and the female gender is just a bunch of weak people. I can picture it right now, she’s probably staring at you with disgust in her eyes, and if she is nice, she will just stick to throwing a glass of water at you and walking out.

Displaying chauvinistic attitude is one of the intimacy turn offs for women.


2. Big Talk

While it is believed that it is okay to talk about your achievements, it is bad to talk about what you still have plans of achieving and brag about it.

Before I met my husband, in my early twenties, I was going out with a guy who would sit at home all day, and each time I asked what he wanted to do with his life, he would go on and on about how he had investments all around the US. Yet each time, he would borrow some money to go order food. Leaving him wasn’t much of a hard decision.

One of the things that serve as turn offs for girls is men who are big talk. These kinds of people are those who are the loudest, most uncouth, and most mannerless because they think that they have the world beneath them.

Women don’t like it when a man is all talk because he’s most likely not going to come through with his promises, he’s most likely a time waster and he’s the kind of person that pretends to be who they are not that believes in the fake it till you make it act.


3. Poor Personal Hygiene

Yes, men will always be men. It doesn’t excuse the fact that men should not behave like adults. An adult knows how to take care of himself and that does not exclude personal hygiene. A man needs to contribute his quota to his personal hygiene. One major thing that women find to be a turn off is a man who does not believe in personal hygiene, a man who does not believe in keeping his space neat.

I had a client who found it hard to love her husband because her husband was quite poor with personal hygiene. The sort of man who uses the toilet without flushing and it just turned the woman off in ways that the man was not expecting and it seriously affected their intimacy.

They were at the edge of separation. The man had to work on himself to keep his marriage. It doesn’t cost much to ensure you have clean clothes on, a clean space, and smell good. You have to work on your hygiene because when you don’t, any woman who comes across you would see you as a liability. This is one of the s#xual turn offs for women.


Biggest Turn Offs For Girls

4. Obsession With Self

Ever been with someone who is self-obsessed? You will not want to spend more than ten minutes in their presence. When a man is obsessed, all he will talk about is himself, his achievements, and his experiences. Most times, they tend to exaggerate or brag about the most mundane stuff and this is a very huge turn-off for most women.

Imagine you’re a woman and you go on a date. Out of the three hours you spend together, your date spends two hours talking about himself, all the vacations he has taken, and the expensive Ferraris he has, you will definitely be turned off.

A man that is obsessed with himself is most often self-centered, egotistical, attention-seeking, and immature. And this is something that is considered one of the turn offs for girls.


5. Focus On S#x

For you to properly understand this point you would have to put yourself in the shoes of a woman, and think and feel like a woman if possible, then you will be able to understand this physical turn offs for women. You meet a man for the first time and all the man is focusing on is your b##bs and b#tt and all he talks about is how much he wants to bed you.

In as much as it’s nice to be desired by someone. Talking about it consistently and making the focus of the entire discussion on s#x is enough to make a woman feel uneasy because she would feel objectified. It is one of the things that turns women off.


6. Not Helping Out

Helping out is synonymous with being kind, and most women like it when their man assists them. It sends the message that they are valued, special, and loved.

As a man, if you are not helping out, it will be hard to impress her, and this is one of the things that turn girls off in a relationship. Helping out involves doing stuff around the house and generally pitching in where necessary.

If it is someone you are meeting for the first time, offer to help and assist and watch her fall for your charms. Not helping out makes you proud, selfish, and haughty and many women want a humane man.


Major Turn Offs For Women

7. Admiring Other Women

Your woman is not the most beautiful but making her feel like she’s not enough for you is wild. Admiring other women in the presence of your mate is a very bad habit and one of the worst manners a man can ever display because you make your partner feel less of herself, you perforate your partner’s self-esteem and make her feel like she’s not enough.

For some women, you create a comparison game in their minds and is something that they would not appreciate. So it follows that if she is turned off, she will take a walk because it’s a big turn-off for me to be with my man and think that I am not the center of his attention because he is looking at another woman with lust in his eyes.

Admiring another girl in your girl’s presence is one of the biggest turn offs for girls in relationships.


8. Caveman Behavior

Want to know one of the things that turn off a woman instantly? Caveman attitude! Nothing is as upsetting as a man with a caveman attitude and this includes being loud, being v#lgar, being drunk and misbehaving in public, and thinking that it’s all okay.

When a man displays a caveman attitude, it follows that he is most likely going to disrespect himself in public and disrespect his woman too. This is something that turns many women off because nobody wants a man who is a nuisance and an object of mockery.


9. Roaming Hands

Roaming hands are a turn off for women in bed because no woman wants a man who does not know how to keep his hands to himself. As much as it’s nice to say things like I can’t keep my hands off you, reserve those hands for your girlfriend or your wife. Meeting a girl for the first time and you are touching her in inappropriate places is enough to turn her off even if she likes you. If you are not careful, you can be accused of s#xual harassment.

Also, when you are on a date, it’s important to know your boundaries. You might be trying to impress her by flirting with your hands but learning to keep your hands to yourself is telling her that you respect her boundaries and can be trusted. This level of trust can help build a stronger connection.

Additionally, asking questions during a date to understand her desires and boundaries is crucial. Roaming hands? This is one of the biggest turn offs for girls.


Things That Turn Off A Woman Instantly

10. Over C#ckiness

We all like a man who is sure about himself but being over-c#cky is just beyond, and it’s a common turn offs for girls.

A man who is over-c#cky tends to lean on the narcissistic and proud aspect. While taking pride in oneself is a good trait. Being unnecessarily proud, condescending, and insulting is not exactly desirable because it shows low respect for people.

It’s a truism that over-c#ckiness does not allow men to be better life lovers and sensitive to the needs of their partner.


11. Lack Of Honesty

A man who lies is a man who cannot be trusted. A man who lies is a man whom a woman cannot claim to know completely. Most women do not appreciate it when their man is not honest because it’s one of the major turn offs for women.

One of the strong pillars of a relationship is honesty, knowing who your partner really is, but when a man is not honest about himself, it creates the feeling of doubt and the feeling of I don’t know enough about this person. If you do not want to talk about it, it’s a different ball game but talking about it and deciding to lie is unnecessary because when she finds out, it will break her heart.

She will find it difficult to trust you again and doubt your confessions of love which will turn her off.


12. Laziness

Laziness is not something to be appreciated. It is a societal vice that is discouraged because it does not produce any good results. As the adage goes, an idle mind is the d#vil’s workshop. No woman appreciates a man who is lazy because such a man would end up turning into a liability and it is girls biggest turn offs.

Generally, most men want women who are independent and well-to-do because it makes them the perfect helpmate in the home. By societal constructs men are providers, so imagine someone who claims to be a provider, has kids and a wife with bills to pay and decides he is not going to work anymore. No woman wants a lazy man because laziness is one of the turn offs for girls.


Turn Offs For Girls In Relationships

13. Comparison

The fastest way to turn me off is to compare me to a woman out there who I don’t know. Even comparing me to my friends is a big crime that I take seriously.

Comparing your woman is hurting her self-esteem and making her feel like there is nothing she can ever do to be enough for you, and this is something that many men are fond of.

Comparison is wrong on all levels, it’s one of the huge turn offs for girls amongst many.


14. Hurtful Jokes

Hurtful jokes are one of the ways to turn your woman off because it shows that you are insensitive to her feelings and she is not worthy to be held in regard. There are many instances of men making hurtful jokes that hurt the pride of their partners and over time lead to resentment and low self-esteem.

This discovery is mine with my years of counseling. A client of mine, a woman went through the rigorous process of pregnancy and labor only to have her husband start making underhanded jokes about her stomach. Another client of mine was dating a woman who is on the thick side and was always making jokes about her size.

They were about to break up when he booked a session with me. I had to counsel him on the danger the comparison game posed to his relationship. So many instances. Imagine your girlfriend making jokes about the size of your pocket or your bed game. Hurtful jokes and insensitive jokes are one of the top turn offs for women.


15. Being Rude

Being rude is one of the turn offs for women. Generally, men do not like women who are rude and lacking in manners, it goes both ways. Women do not also like rude men who lack manners. So if you want to build a lasting connection with her, you’ve got to be well-mannered.


Final Take On Top Turn Offs For Women

If you can avoid these biggest turn offs for girls, I promise you, you are going to be a very likable and attractive young man because it would enhance your worth and value in the eyes of any woman who comes across you.

Also, these turn offs for girls are not only important for romantic affairs, they are also important for interpersonal relationships such as friendships, relationships with your family, and corporate relationships because it enhances your character and overall image.


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turn offs for women

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