22 Romantic Ways To Make Your Husband Happy

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romantic ways to make your husband happy

It’s a truism that happy marriages are the ones that last the longest. One of the job descriptions that you pick as a spouse in marriage is pleasing your partner and trying to do everything you can to make them happy, feel loved and special. This particular job description to a large extent determines how long the marriage lasts and how in sync you and your mate are going to be.

Making your husband happy is not as difficult as it looks because as they say “it’s in the little things”. So what are those little things that you can do to make him happy, feel loved and special?

I have written out some powerful tips on how to make your husband happy; which when practiced consistently will sustain the fire of love and intimacy in your marriage.


What Can I Do To Make My Husband Happy?

There are many things you can do to make your husband happy and these include; prioritizing his needs, listening to him, caring for him, being thoughtful, being kind to him, and showing him how much you love him. These are the little yet powerful things that affect the quality of your marriage.

how to make your husband happy


22 Romantic Ways To Make Your Husband Happy

These romantic ways on how to make your husband happy are what you need to keep the flame of love burning in your marriage.


1. Be Expressive

Honestly, you would have to be expressive if you want to keep your husband happy. Not being expressive can come off as being manipulative and being shady which can frustrate your husband. Being expressive also means communicating with your husband, which is one of the secret ingredients to a happy marriage.

When you are happy let him see it, when you are sad let him see it, when he does something wrong, gently let him know and when he does something right, compliment him. It’s important to be expressive because communication is the foundation of a great marriage.


2. Be Kind To Him

cute ways to make your husband happy

Life is hard? Yes, for both males and females. We all have our equal share of problems but this does not excuse the fact that you owe it to your partner to be kind.

Your husband shouldering the role of a provider could make things a bit tougher for him, he has to wake up even when he doesn’t feel like it, he has to work when he doesn’t feel like it, he has to face rejections and hear a lot of noes with a sprinkle of yesses in attempt to give you and the kids a better life.

So when he comes back, one of the ways to make your husband happy is to be kind to him and show him how intentional you are about him by doing things for him like helping him run his bath, bathing him, massaging him, and helping him warm his car. These little things go a long way in making him happy.


3. Keep Him S#xually Satisfied

sweet ways to make your husband happy

Denying your husband s#x is opening the door to conflict and s#xual frustration in your marriage. One of the ways on how to make your husband happy is to ensure that you keep him s#xually satisfied.

You don’t want to have a man who is s#xually frustrated going to work and trying to provide for you and the kids and yet each time he makes advances, you keep telling him you’re too tired. You can’t keep giving excuses, you need to compromise and that includes meeting his s#xual needs.

I have written an amazing piece on how to make your husband happy in bed and have him begging for more.


4. Listen To Him

Your husband might have a bad day at work, have issues with his friends, have issues with his family, or might just be having issues with his career, one of the things you can do to make your husband happy is to listen to him.

You’re not the only one who wants a listening partner. Your man wants to be listened to and wants to be empathized with. This is something that he might be trying to hide because he feels like he’s the man but learn to draw him into a conversation where he can unburden his heart and have you listen to him; thereby strengthening the bonds of your marriage.


5. Give Him Space

Sometimes, the stress of being a father, a family man, and the stress of other responsibilities outside the home can take its toll on him. One of the romantic ways to make your husband happy is to give him space to relax.

You mustn’t always try to burden him with needs and bills because this can affect his morale to wake up and face each day. Let him hang out with friends and have some fun to help refresh him.


Things You Can Do To Make Your Husband Happy

6. Work On Your Romance

 tips on how to keep your husband happy

If you truly want to learn how to make your husband happy you should work on your romance.

Check out these posts below to learn how to flirt and be more romantic with your husband, because these are what every man wants from their wife but won’t ask for.

15 Ways to flirt with your husband to keep the spark alive.

12 Ways to be romantic with your husband.


7. Make Him His Favorite Meal

secrets to making your husband happy

Making his favorite meal shows how intentional you are about his health and making him happy. It is one of the cute ways to make your husband happy.

This cute gesture is a way to melt his heart and make him happy.


8. Be There For Him

The popular saying goes that “behind every successful man is a woman”. You need to be there for your man during the highs and the lows.

You must do this because one of the vows you made on your wedding days includes “for better or worse”, and some seasons of life will test that promise you made. So if you do not stand by him, who else do you want to stand by?

Standing by him at his lowest gives him the strength to forge on.


9. Use Love Notes

Making your man happy includes using love notes, which can be funny, romantic, cute, or biblical. Just ensure that it’s genuine and you put it where he can see it. These little things stay with him for a long time and make his day. This is one of the ways to sustain romance in your marriage and make your man happy.

By the way, if you need words you can serenade him with, I have some hot love notes that would have him falling in love with you.


Cute Ways To Make Your Husband Happy

10. Flirt With Him

He can be tired and feel negative, one of the sweet ways to make your husband happy is to flirt with him because flirting with him shows that you are still attracted to him and he is still as handsome as you met him when you got married to him.

Flirting with him is one of the very important ways to keep your husband happy because flirting makes him feel desired, attractive, and wanted and this sort of gives him a spring in his steps each day.

Just in case, I have written some important tips on how to properly flirt with your husband here.


11. Take An Interest In What He Does

You cannot show that you care about someone if you have not even attempted to know them. One of the ways on how to make your husband happy is to take an interest in what he does. You must do this because this is the foundation of intimacy in marriage.

When you don’t know what your husband does, you alienate yourself from a particular aspect of his life, whereas, as a married couple you should be in every aspect of his life. When you show interest in what he does, you make him feel good and special because it shows that you are not tired of getting to know him.


12. Accept His Family

Your husband’s family is an extension of your husband, and one of the ways to make him happy is by accepting his family. When you ignore your husband’s family you’re putting him in a tight spot because he is forced to make a decision between you and his family which is not an easy decision to make.

One of the ways to keep your husband happy is to ensure that you accept his family and show how accepting you are of them. This includes sending them gifts; on Christmas, Halloween, or Thanksgiving, and being accepting of their ways and lifestyle.


13. Be Accepting Of His Flaws

No man wants to marry his mother because it’s a mother that tries to change her son and you are not his mother. One of the ways on how to make your husband happy is to ensure that you accept his flaws.

Love entails accepting all the baggage that comes with a person and this is something you must show your husband. Trying to change him will hurt his self-esteem, especially if it’s something that does not affect the health of your relationship in any way.


14. Encourage Him

One of the ways to make your husband feel happy is by encouraging him. When you encourage your husband you make him feel more motivated and inspired.

Encouragement is a very important aspect of our lives because sometimes what we need is a little push to get that big break. So being a partner who is always encouraging your husband, always telling him that he can be better is one of the ways to make your husband happy because he is more likely to get to where he is going; especially career-wise.


Secrets To Making Your Husband Happy

15. Get Him Gifts

Men may act all macho like they don’t want gifts or it doesn’t matter to them. One thing I would have you know is that men love gifts, everyone loves a gift. One of the ways on how to make your husband happy is to get him thoughtful gifts.

I have written a list of thoughtful gifts that you can get your husband. These gifts show that you are thinking about him, you see him and you appreciate all that he does.


16. Celebrate His Wins

If you were there for him during his down days then you should also be there for him while he is winning. One of the ways on how to make your husband happy and love you more is to celebrate his wins.

It’s beautiful that you are more ecstatic about your husband’s wins than he is. So when your husband comes home and tells you that he has been promoted or has gotten to a new level in his career, talking down on his achievement is a wonderful way to deflate him and make him feel bad.

So the one thing you do is to ensure that you celebrate his wins and this includes going out with him just to celebrate him, making a special dinner for him, or doing something special to celebrate that particular win.


17. Learn To Let Go Of Small Issues

If you must know how to make your husband happy everyday you need to learn how to forgive and this is a very important aspect of marriage.

You need to learn how to let go of small issues because not letting go of small issues is being petty, and nagging. This will cause a lot of conflict and long-standing issues in your marriage that will tire you and your partner out. You need to learn how to tolerate some things because the bigger picture that you have in mind is a happy marriage.


18. Be His Best Friend

There are seasons in life where you don’t have to meet your husband as a wife or the mother of his kids but as a best friend. In these seasons, what he wants is his best friend; someone to share a laugh with or unburden his heart to.

One thing that you must consistently keep in place is being his best friend, being somebody that he can talk to, confide in, and play with no matter how hard it is.


How To Make Your Husband Happy In Marriage

19. Don’t Nag, Discuss

Rather than criticizing and complaining about what he is not doing right. Why not take the gentler approach by sitting him down and talking to him about what he has done and how it is affecting you?

This approach is better than shouting at him and persistently complaining about the things that he is doing wrong. If he is truly intentional, he would want to change because he knows it is coming from a place of love and not insult.


20. Take Him On Dates

One of the tips on how to keep your husband happy is to take him on dates. Taking your husband on dates is the perfect way of bringing back the spice into your relationship. It’s also a way of helping your husband de-stress, relax, and feel better from whatever he must have experienced during the day or week.

If you need a variety of dates that you can take him on, take a closer look at these late-night dates, afternoon dates, beach dates, and rainy-day dates. Whatever your prerogative is, just ensure that it is something that you both are going to have fun with and feel good after.


21. Foot some bills

22. Show him that you trust him


Final Note On How To Make Your Husband Happy

One thing that I’ve always done as a wife is to ensure that I try my best to make my husband happy because when he is happy I am happy and when he is sad I am sad because we are one.

Another thing that I have always done as a marriage counselor is to ensure that each time I come across these issues with my clients, I give them these tips and wonderfully enough, these tips on how to make your husband happy have worked wonders in their marriages.


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