How To Make Him Miss You Like Crazy In 5 Proven Steps

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how to make him miss you like crazy

As a woman, it’s natural to want to be missed by your significant other. You want to know that, even in your absence, you live rent-free in his thoughts and memories. But, what if you don’t know how to make him miss you? Don’t fret!

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship, you want your man to value you more, or you’re simply looking for tips on how to make him miss you after a fight, I have compiled some surefire ways to make him miss you without doing too much or being too obvious.

Check out these tips to get started!


How Do You Make A Guy Miss You Badly?

To make a guy miss you badly, make yourself unavailable, and don’t try to reach out. In relationships, too much familiarity could dull the spark between couples and make interest dwindle, but that’s something distancing yourself for a while can solve!


How Can You Tell If A Guy Misses You?

If a guy misses you, he will reach out to you. Sometimes, guys are not readily vocal about their feelings, so they might not eventually tell you how they feel about your absence, but if he makes an attempt to talk to you, it’s a clear sign that you’re in his thoughts.


Will No Contact Make Him Miss Me?

Yes! the no contact rule will make him miss you because staying unavailable and not reaching out to a guy is how to make a guy miss you like crazy. The no-contact rule is that effective!

If you aim to increase the level of intimacy between you and your partner — especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship — the no contact rule is how to make him miss you.

how to make him miss you


How To Make Him Miss You Psychology

Understanding how to make him miss you is just as important as keeping a man deeply in love with you! In fact, it’s a skill you need to master to capture your significant other’s attention, reignite the spark in your relationship, and make him value you more. Here’s how it’s done:


Understand Men’s Psychology

Before exploring the several ways to make a guy miss you, you first have to set the grounds for that. The first step is understanding how their minds work.

Men love mystery. They love the chase, so learn to let him chase you. Men love to be knights in shining armor, to protect and provide for their women. Here’s how to make him miss you more without even breaking a sweat!


These “little” things are big deals to men; they’ll make lasting impressions of you in his mind such that whenever you’re not around, he’ll feel your absence.


Have Unique Signatures

Your unique signature could be anything, from your favorite song, the type of dessert you like to the kind of earrings you always wear. The essence of a signature is to ensure that there would be certain things that your significant other would come to associate with you. These things would link to you, and if they’re not available, he’ll notice and miss you.

How is this done? It’s simple. For instance, if you always wear a particular brand of perfume, he’ll remember you whenever he catches a whiff of this scent. Anytime he hears your favorite song, you’ll pop into his head immediately.


Effectively Utilize Social Media

When learning how to make a man miss you like crazy, don’t underestimate social media’s importance! If you’re applying the no-contact rule and staying unavailable, this would be very effective!

Post pictures of yourself having fun regularly. When he sees them, he’ll miss you. What if you just broke up? Seeing you living your best life online will give him the impression that you’re doing well without him, and this will make him realize just how much he misses you.


Make Every Second You Spend Together Count

When you’re with your partner, make the most of your time together. One way to do this is to have deep and insightful conversations that can boost your intimacy.

Trying out new experiences is also a good idea if you’re thinking of how to make a man miss you when you’re not there. You can go to fun places like a park, a live concert, the mall, the cinema — anywhere. How about taking a dance class together? That’ll be a lot of fun as well!

No matter where you go together, make sure to have fun. And remember to take pictures and set every moment in stone. You’d make beautiful memories that would give him a lot to think about, even when you’re away.


5 Proven Tips To Make Him Miss You Badly

Whether you want to reconcile with your ex, spice up your relationship, or you just started dating, these tips are sure to get him craving your presence like a child craving candy!


1. Give Him Space

If you’re serious about learning how to make him miss you, you need to resist the urge to follow him about like a faithful puppy. It’s great to want to spend every waking moment in his arms, but if you’re too available, your presence wouldn’t be missed.

Aside from that, some guys like their personal space, and if you’re always around them, it may feel like you’re invading their space. So, learn to spend time with yourself and enjoy your company.


2. Make The Most Of The Time You Spend Together

One of the ways to make a guy miss you is to make every moment with him count. It’s not just about hanging out; spending quality time with him. Embed yourself into his memory by doing meaningful things. Insightful discussions are a great start! These conversation starters can help you work that out.

By making all the moments you spend together memorable, you’ll worm your way into this heart. And when you’re not around, he’ll think of you.


3. Focus On Self-Improvement

As much as men are attracted to pretty faces and great bodies, they also like women who are intentional about their growth.

So, focus on yourself, queen! Concentrate on building yourself and becoming a better person in all ramifications — physically, mentally, intellectually, and career-wise. Know what you want out of life and go after it.

Aside from raising value in his eyes, it also gives you an excuse to be scarce. Easy-peasy! How to make a man miss you by only being yourself!


4. Leave Stuff Around By “Mistake”

Give him gentle reminders of yourself by “mistakenly” leaving personal objects lying around “by mistake.” “Forget” your bracelet on his couch. “Forget” to take your book from his place. Leave your hairbrush in his bedroom “by mistake.” When he sees those things lying around, he’ll think of you.


5. Make Him Jealous

Jealousy has a way of keeping men on their toes. If you aim to get your man’s attention, here’s how to make him miss you and commit to you! Exploit this information to your advantage!

For instance, flirt with other men lightly in his presence. Go on friendly dates with your male friends. Post nice pictures of you online having a nice time with your male friends.

Men are naturally possessive about women they care about, so he won’t let those slide. He’d feel like he has competition and wants to have you all to himself. Your absence will be greatly felt whenever you’re out of his sight.


Final Note: How To Make A Man Miss You

If you want to enjoy your relationship with your partner, learn how to make him miss you! With the surefire tips in this article, you can never go wrong. To fulfilling and rewarding relationships!


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how to make him miss you badly

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