How To Be More Romantic In A Relationship

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how to be more romantic in a relationship

A healthy relationship needs to be worked on, as nothing works by itself until you work it. Romance is the ingredient that makes a relationship successful, and being romantic has to do with intentionally showing affection and devotion in a thoughtful, enticing, and caring manner.

Romance is expressed through physical gestures, which can be simple or special. In romance, little things we tend to overlook count. An inappropriate word spoken at the wrong time can bring about a grudge and take a relationship down the path of destruction.

A little gesture of love, a soft kiss on the neck, and a brief moment of physical contact can be an excellent tonic for a healthy relationship.

how to be romantic


How To Be Romantic In A Relationship

Whether you’ve been together for months, years, or decades, these tips on how to be romantic can remove monotony and spark things up in your relationship.

These how to be romantic tips are not just for people who want to bring some life into their loveless marriage. Every couple can learn a thing or two, no matter how content your relationship might be at the moment.

So for a bit of inspiration on how to be romantic, follow us in the journey below.


1. Understand His Demands And Shortcomings

Unreasonable expectations destroy relationships. Every human being comes pre-loaded with imperfections and failures, including you. When you realize that neither are you perfect, you become more empathetic and understanding about your partner’s shortcomings.

Recognize and appreciate your partner’s flaws and fill up for him where you can, which are also great ways to be more romantic. Our weaknesses are often at the heart of our fears, so be emotionally intelligent enough to ensure that you don’t draw attention to your partner’s shortcomings.


2. Give Gifts

how to be more romantic to your boyfriend

Thinking of how to be romantic? Then get him a gift. You can never go wrong with a gift, as gift sharing is an awesome way of showing love. If you claim to love someone, you will be inclined to often get them cute gifts.

Do you know an item he might like to have? Take advantage of opportunities to give, which is a material symbol of your love. His favorite fiction book picked up at the bookstore, a piece of cufflinks, a nice masculine wristwatch you noticed at the store – anything small or large that indicated that his thought is on your mind.


3. Show Appreciation For Your Partner

Appreciation is like nutrients needed to keep the body thriving and healthy. Don’t keep to yourself the great things you observed about your partner.

Let him know what you love most about them, how proud you are of him, what thrills you most about him, and what you like most about him – what you admire and what their strengths are in your eyes.

Building a romantic relationship goes beyond making love; it is also about encouraging and supporting each other and being your partner’s cheerleader.

Supporting your partner to achieve his most profound dreams and potential are ways to be romantic by building them up.


4. Be Spontaneous

Wondering how to be romantic? Then do something uncommon and spontaneous by playfully pulling him outdoors in the rain and kissing him in the downpour. Is there anything more romantic than that?

A dinner at a fancy restaurant is not a bad idea also. And your partner will be completely blown away by this, even if onlookers think you have lost your mind.


5. Be Thoughtful

Part of the ways to be more romantic is to be thoughtful, kind, and caring. Show your love through your actions and mannerisms and do them without expecting anything in return.

Shock him with unusual generosity and kindness, like running errands for him, cooking meals, making coffee in the morning, staying around and caring for him when he’s been ill, and picking up their groceries.


6. Write Your Partner A Love Poem

Another tips on how to be romantic is to write a poem describing how you feel about your partner. Go over together a beautiful experience you both shared, or write about what you love about your partner.

To make this special, you can deliver the poem in creative ways, such as wrapping the poem around a bottle of wine, packaging it as a gift in a cute box, or folding the poem into a heart shape before presenting it to him.


7. Celebrate Even Small Wins

Want to learn how to be romantic in a relationship? Celebrate even the smallest wins and let your partner know their accomplishments are recognized and worth commemorating.

He got a promotion at work? A new job? A major breakthrough happened? Plan the celebration with a special homemade dinner with a bottle of wine.


8. Express Your Feelings

A great tips on how to be romantic is to express how you feel about him verbally. It costs nothing to be appreciative and thankful. When you show gratitude, it reveals that his efforts are appreciated.

Do you love his approach to issues, does his compassionate nature bowl you over, or do you love his calm and quietness in stormy seasons? Be precise about what you love most about him, and this will boost his self-confidence.


9. Prioritize Your Partner

The stresses of making a living and surviving through times and seasons consume us, and we tend to forget about other important areas of our lives. In all these, we should not forget how to be more romantic in a relationship.

Intentionally create special moments together, and refuse to be lost in the maze of life struggles. Prioritize him and refuse to allow the vagaries of life to take away the zest for living and the joy in your relationship.


10. Do Some Adventure

Need tips on how to be romantic? Create new ways of excitement and do more daring activities. Over time, long–term relationships tend to become monotonous and boring.

A good adventure can spark up the romance again. Try anything wild to bring back some level of excitement and thrill that will force you both out of your comfort zone.

How about setting up a treasure hunt for your partner, and the end prize will be him catching you? Exciting, isn’t it?


11. Ignite Your Bedroom

Romance begins to go soar when bedroom activities start to wane. You must learn how to be romantic and rekindle a dying relationship in the bedroom.

Making love becomes redundant, especially in mounting life pressures and worries. You can wake up the romance again by reviewing your sensual life and making a few changes that will spark things on.


12. Pamper Your Partner In Public

Everyone enjoys a little bit of flattery. Looking for ways to be more romantic? Brag about that special something he does. It sounds good to hear someone speak glowingly about you.

Does he have some special skills in the bedroom? A business acumen? A problem-solving skill? Strong parental instincts? Go ahead and brag about how awesome he is and do it in his hearing.


13. Learn Your Partner’s Love Language

Learning how to be romantic involves knowing your partner’s love language. Everyone has that one thing that makes them swoon with love. Find out and switch it on.

Love languages are a popular belief that explains the various ways of giving and receiving love. The five love languages are affirmative words, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch.

This love quiz is free online, which helps to better understand how you want to receive love and how your partner wants to receive love.

Persuade your partner to take the quiz along with you, and in so doing, you will know what makes him tick and what button to press to take you both into the love lane.


14. Kiss Him Good Morning And Goodnight

An awesome response to how to be romantic in a relationship is to revolutionize the subject of kissing. Something as small as kissing can be taken for granted, but it can also be meaningful if we put our minds into it.

When you intentionally start and end the day with a special kiss, you will see a change in your emotional connection, reaction, and closeness.

When you want to kiss him, look deeply into his eyes and do it with gusto; do not rush the experience, savor and revel in it. It is also a quick moment to pause and block out the noise of the world around, and this might be the beginning of a romantic journey you have long dreamt about.


15. Give A Massage

Massages are one of the most sensual ways to be more romantic. There is nothing more revitalizing and hot than a good massage.

A good massage technique will take stress off your partner and put you both in a better frame of mind for love. Keep his back to stand straight and apply pressure with your entire body and not just your hands. Place your hands on his back and take several deep breaths together before beginning.

Look for creative ways to make the massage as sensual and relaxing as possible. You can also whisper sweet things and plant soft kisses while massaging, with romantic music playing in the background.


16. Shower Together

Do you want to know how to be more romantic to your boyfriend? Taking a shower together will set you both in the mood and set you on the romantic lathering that will end up in the bedroom.

Making love in the shower is a unique experience as against jumping into bed, and that it is uncommon makes it all the more thrilling and exciting. The lathering and washing off process itself might drive him insane, which will take your relationship into deeper levels of intimacy.

You can cradle his head on your chest, dip your fingers in the oil, and work around the muscles of his neck and shoulders. Move on to his back, and then to his knee cap, all the way to his anklebone.


17. Forgive Past Misdeeds

How to be romantic in a relationship is a question on the lips of many. Many couples have been unable to wake the romantic spark in their relationship because they cannot overlook and put behind them what their partner sometimes did in the past.

Romance is like a budding flower that blossoms in the right atmospheric conditions. Before romance can ignite in the heart of two people, they must be in an emotionally peaceful state and wellbeing.

Do not hold on to past wrongs. They are baggage that will weigh you down, embittered, and prevent you from moving faster on the journey of life.

Forgive him, release him, wipe out the slate and start on a new note. When you do this, you will be amazed at how your heart will begin to get stirred up for romance with your partner.


Final Thoughts: How To Be Romantic

Being romantic in a relationship doesn’t mean you must go extremely crazy about it. Be simple, intentional and romantic.


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how to be romantic in a relationship

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