200 Tantalizing Truth Or Drink Questions To Spice Up The Moment

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best truth or drink questions

Looking to perk up a dull party? Or want to douse the brewing tension in a gathering? These truth or drink questions are sure to spice up the moment.

Think of it as a chance to relax, laugh and have fun while knowing more about your friends and associates. While this game is designed to create some entertainment and fun, keep in mind that the questions are strictly for adults.

Before you begin the game, write down the truth or drink questions on index cards or slips of paper. You can also rearrange them on the table or throw them in a bowl.

The game is relatively easy to understand, and everyone can take turns asking and answering questions, or you’d rather play the game by throwing the truth or drink questions to everyone.

Alternatively, you can direct the question to just the person who drew the question. And if you don’t want to reveal your answer, all you need is to take a drink.

The deeper you go into the game, the more personal the questions will become for differing relationship statuses and situations. In all, have fun, laugh and drink responsibly, and keep in mind that excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous to your health.


Items Required To Play Truth Or Drink Game

To play the game, you need the following:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Cards with the truth or drink questions
  • Shot glasses

truth or drink questions


How To Play Truth Or Drink Game

The game can be played in a group of 2 to 8 people or more. The rules are simple enough and relatively easy to follow.

First of all, get some glasses ready. Then choose someone who will draw a card and read out the question on it. They would select who to answer the question among the gathering of friends.

The person who is chosen to answer the question must do so in all honesty or take a drink where they do not want to provide an answer. Yes or No monosyllabic replies are not acceptable, but detailed narratives.

At the end of the party, you will all still be best friends after asking the questions you would never dare ask and would have had a little more glimpse into each other’s lives. At your mark, get set, go.


Truth Or Drink Questions For Friends

These are typically everyday truth or drink questions for friends to loosen up a gathering of friendly strangers at a party. Now, let’s begin.

1. Have you ever told someone you wouldn’t be home so that they wouldn’t come over to yours?

2. Have you ever eaten or been tempted to eat your dog’s treats?

3. Have you ever farted in an elevator?

4. Did you ever break up with someone just before a public holiday so that you didn’t have to buy them a gift?

5. Have you ever peed in a pool?

6. Have you ever picked your nose and eaten it?

7. Have you ever promised to quit beer/smoking/cake/chocolate etc., but then broke the promise within an hour of making it?

8. Have you ever used an inappropriate word in front of your parents?

9. How many days have you ever gone without taking a shower?

10. What is the most stupid thing you’ve done in front of a crowd?

11. What’s something stupid you’ve done that you’re most proud of?

12. What is your biggest regret?

13. Have you ever lied on your resume to get a job?

14. If you could choose a different career, what would it be and why?

15. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

16. If you were given a million dollars, what would you do with it?

17. What makes you the happiest?

18. Is there any movie that always makes you cry?

19. When was the last time you cried?

20. What’s your biggest fear?

21. Have you ever cheated in an exam?

22. What’s the drunkest you’ve ever been?

23. What’s your worst habit?

24. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?

25. Have you ever lied to get out of a bad date?

26. When was your first kiss?

27. Have you ever said something you regret about someone in this room?

28. What is that one thing you would never do even if someone offered you all of the money in the world?

29. If you had to cut one friend out of your life, who would it be?

30. What’s the strangest rumor you’ve heard about yourself?


Truth Or Drink Questions For Friends At Work

Is the end of the year party coming up soon at your workplace? Are you thinking about activities to make the occasion entertaining and unforgettable?

Get going with these safe truth or drink questions to get the party rolling and cracking with fun and excitement.

1. Who is your greatest competition in the office?

2. Who among your bosses is the worst you have ever worked with?

3. Have you ever sent an inappropriate selfie to your boss?

4. Have you ever farted while a meeting was on?

5. Have you ever crushed on your boss?

6. Have you ever farted around the office and blamed it on someone else?

7. Have you ever eaten or been tempted to eat your dog’s treats?

8. Who is the person you cannot stand in your office?

9. What’s the biggest misconception about you from your colleagues?

10. Why did your last office relationship break down?

11. Have you ever lied to your boss?

12. Who in your office are you most jealous of?

13. Who is the best boss you ever worked with?

14. Who do you envy among your colleagues and why?

15. Have you ever lied on your resume to get a job?

16. What is the most embarrassing that ever happened to you in your office?

17. Have you ever slept with someone from work?


Truth Or Drink Questions For Couples

truth or drink

You can spice things up with this list of truth or drink questions for couples, without fear or shame of feeling exposed about revealing intimate and hidden parts of your life. The party is becoming more interesting.

1. If you could suddenly become invisible, what more naughty things would you like to do?

2. What is that one thing you would never do even if someone offered you all of the money in the world?

3. What was the most disgusting joke ever played with someone?

4. What’s the most embarrassing thing that turns you on?

5. What is the freakiest thing you’ve ever done in bed?

6. What is your worst habit?

7. What is the strangest thing you have ever bought?

8. Describe your “naughty bits”.

9. What is your biggest pet peeve?

10. Do you prefer making love with the lights on or off?

11. Have you ever been attracted to the same gender?

12. What is your gu#lty pleasure?

13. Do you have any spicy pictures or videos saved on your phone?

14. What is your favorite thing to do with your leisure time?

15. How often do you watch something naughty?

16. What is the farthest you’ve gone on a first date?

17. Are second rounds exciting or exhausting?

18. Do you have an “I’m getting laid tonight” outfit? What is it?

19. Have you ever cheated/wanted to cheat?

20. Have you ever done it in a car?

21. How many people have you slept with?

22. What was the most embarrassing time you got turned on?


Truth Or Drink Questions For Family Members

Are you curious about finding out certain things within your family?

If you want to go on this route with this list of truth or dare questions, then you have to strengthen the loins of your mind against being knocked out by certain revelations. But you can choose to take a drink if getting the answer out is uncomfortable.

1. What’s something you’re glad your mum doesn’t know about you?

2. Who in your family are you uncomfortable around? Why?

3. Has any member of your family ever hit on you? Who is it?

4. Who among your family members are you most jealous of?

5. What is the worst family gathering you ever attended?

6. Who is your favorite family member?

7. Who is your least favorite family member?

8. Which parent is/was your favorite?

9. Who is the most annoying member of the family?

10. If you had to pick one family member to be stranded on a desert island with, who would it be?


Dirty Truth Or Drink Questions For Adults

The earlier questions were simple, comfortable, and less naughty. This next list of dirty truth or drink questions for friends is raising the stakes, becoming more interesting and still comfortable so to say. But that is the whole fun behind the game.

If the questions get a little too hot to handle, remember the drink option.

1. Have you ever cheated on someone?

2. What’s a secret you’ve never told anyone?

3. What color of panties are you wearing?

4. What’s your biggest fantasy?

5. What’s one thing you wish people knew about you?

6. Have you ever been caught doing something you shouldn’t have? And what was it?

7. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

8. Would you hook up with your high school crush today?

9. What’s your biggest regret?

10. What’s the worst thing you’ve lied about?

11. What’s the most trouble you’ve been in?

12. What’s your gu#lty pleasure?

13. What’s the most disgusting thing you’ve ever done?

14. If you could suddenly become invisible, what more naughty things would you like to do?

15. What’s your favorite body part on a girl or boy?

16. Who was your best partner and why?

17. What’s the worst intimate experience you’ve ever had?

18. What’s the best intimate experience you’ve ever had?

19. Have you ever stayed friends with someone because it benefitted you beyond just the friendship?

20. Who would you like to kiss in this room?

21. If you got to have a thr##some with people in this room, who would you do it with and why?

22. If you were into the same gender, which celebrity would you go for?

23. What is the most sensually adventurous thing you’d want someone to do to you?

24. What is the most you’ve done for lovemaking in the past?

25. What would be more thrilling: angry lovemaking or make-up lovemaking?

26. What’s the most number of times you’ve done it in one day?

27. When was a time you were so turned on you couldn’t stand it?

28. When was the first time you came?

29. What happened on the latest night out you’ve ever had?

30. Where’s the weirdest place you’ve made love?

31. When did you last make love outside?

32. If you had to get back with an ex, who would you choose?

33. What’s your biggest turn on?

34. What is the soonest you have ever made love with someone after meeting them?

35. What is the dirtiest text you have ever sent?

36. How many s#x toys do you have?

37. Have you ever slept with someone you met online?

38. What are your two gu#lty pleasures?

39. Would you mind satisfying somebody for money?

40. If you could cheat and no one would ever find out, would you?

41. Which is the most embarrassing show you are guilty of watching?


Nasty Truth Or Drink Questions

The further down you get, the tougher, audacious and more personal your questions will get.

Before embarking on this session of dirty truth or drink questions for adults, you have to be certain that people you are playing this game are comfortable with this kind of daring questions because of its sensual undertones.

Are you going to answer? Or would you prefer the drink? In taking the drink option, remember to drink responsibly.

1. What’s your favorite body part on another person?

2. When did you lose your v##ginity?

3. Longest you’ve gone without making love?

4. Have you ever cried or fallen asleep during lovemaking? Tell us about it.

5. How many people have you “bedded”?

6. Have you ever had a one-night stand?

7. What is your favorite s#x position?

8. Have you ever slept with someone then immediately regretted it?

9. Where on your body do you like to be touched?

10. What’s your d#rtiest sensual fantasy?

11. Have you ever received a “naughty” picture?

12. Ever given someone a lap dance?

13. Would you ever str#p for someone in this room?

14. Do you prefer the “top” or “bottom” position in bed?

15. Ever made love with a co-worker?

16. Have you ever been pleasured while driving?

17. Would you ever let your partner dominate you in bed?

18. Do you prefer making love with the lights on or off?

19. First thing that sensually attracts you to a person?

20. Do you enjoy dirty talk?

21. Your favorite place to be kissed on your body?

22. Ever had a “friends with benefits” situation?

23. Ever tried edible underwear?

24. Do you prefer your partner to be “shaved” or “all-natural”?

25. Have you ever been caught making love?

26. How many exes numbers are currently on your phone?

27. Has anyone ever accidentally seen you bare?

28. If you could hack into your partner’s email and they’d never know, would you?

29. Have you ever read your bae’s texts over their shoulder?

30. Do you secretly want the password for your bae’s phone?

31. If you had to choose between going naked or having your thoughts appear in thought bubbles above your head for everyone to read, which would you choose?

32. Have you ever been caught touching yourself?

33. What do you like to be called in bed?

34. What movie always turns you on?

35. Describe the most embarrassing time you got turned on.

36. Has anyone besides you and your partner found your s#x toys?

37. Would you sleep with a celebrity if you met them at a bar? What celebrity is a no-brainer?


Truth Or Drink Questions Surrounding The Law

Some of us had had an eventful, and dramatic past, full of different activities and experiences, especially with the law.

Have you had certain experiences with the law in the past? It will be freeing to unload those burdens locked up in the recesses of your minds in these section of truth or drink questions.

1. Have you been charged to court on any charge? What were you charged on?

2. Have you ever been arrested for a r#pe case?

3. Describe your experience of being locked up in jail.

4. Have you ever been a witness in a court case?

5. Have you ever been involved in anything illegal and have to run from the law?


Best Truth Or Drink Questions To Ask Your Spouse

You may want to test the depths and breadth of your relationship with your partner. Are there things you have secretly wondered about him or her? Want to know some of their secret fantasies?

Try out these great truth or drink questions and best truth or drink questions with your partner. You will certainly be shocked at what you will discover.

1. Is there something that you love that you’ve sacrificed for me?

2. Are you sensually fulfilled in the relationship?

3. Do you imagine been with your ex whenever we are intimate?

4. What is one household chore/duty you hate to do?

5. If you could get rid of any of my friends, who would you choose?

6. Would you ever go to a str#p club?

7. How many serious relationships have you had?

8. What is that singular intimate thing you wish your partner would do that they are not doing presently?

9. Has your heart ever been broken? By who?

10. Would you ever allow someone else into the relationship?

11. At what age was the oldest person you ever dated?

12. What is one thing that would end our relationship if it ever happened?

13. If you could throw away one thing I wear, what would it be?

14. What am I doing presently that irritates you, and which you wish I’d stop?

15. What is that thing about me that turns you off?

16. Is the relationship lifeless and boring?

17. What would you want to change about the relationship?

18. What is your w#ldest sensual fantasy?

19. Have you ever fantasized about someone else while making love.

20. If someone offered you $1 million to break up with your current partner, would you?


Random Truth Or Drink Questions For Any Occasion

For the last session of this game, you can make a grab on any of these best truth or drink questions that will work perfectly in any and every situation and for more people irrespective of who they are.

1. What celebrity has the best body in your opinion?

2. Where is one place you want to go but you have never told anyone?

3. Who do you most want to sleep with, out of everyone here?

4. What’s the most embarrassing thing you have done in a taxi?

5. Do you think you’ll marry your current girlfriend/boyfriend?

6. What’s the most outrageous thing you can remember doing while “under the influence?”

7. Have you ever lied at a restaurant to get out of paying the bill?

8. Tell us your most embarrassing vomit story.


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