15 Morning Routine For Couples To Strengthen Their Love

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morning rituals every couple needs

Ever had your partner tell you, “I want to wake up with you beside me”? This is a beautiful love confession, but to maintain the beauty and the magic of this, you need to have a morning routine that helps you appreciate this moment.

Living in a technologically driven world of fast cars, fast food, and digital solutions, the hustle and bustle to keep up is real. This is why it’s easy to lose that connection with your partner, stop appreciating your partner and lose sight of them. Learning to create and maintain your morning routine will help you get rid of these familiarity syndromes that have beset relationships.

I have created a list of super amazing morning routine for couples that would leave you super boosted, super loved, and give you a start to a great day.


What Do Happy Couples Do Every Morning?

What happy couples do every morning is to ensure that they reconnect, remind themselves why they are in the relationship, show love to each other, and enjoy their mate using morning routine activities like taking a walk, cooking, cleaning up, and fitness activities.

morning routine for couples


15 Morning Routine For Couples To Strengthen Their Love

These morning routine for couples will help strengthen the love between you and your partner. It will also help you appreciate the sheer magic of waking up beside the one person you love.


1. Words Of Affirmation

morning routine of happy couple

One of the most beautiful things that my husband does for me is to tell me beautiful words very early in the morning. I love this particular morning routine for couples because it’s one of the healthy morning routines for couples. You might see this as frivolous and trivial but I can tell you categorically that in many ways it helped me connect on a deeper level with him.

Having your husband tell you sweet words while looking deep into your eyes is another level of magic. Your husband says, “You are the most beautiful”, “you are the best”, “there’s nothing you cannot do”, and “there is nothing you cannot achieve”. These words have a way of giving you that right mindset you need to start your day and keep him on your mind all through the day. This is one morning routine for couples you need to adopt.

Need words to serenade your man with, here are some amazing morning messages that will melt his heart.


2. Pillow Talk

married couple morning routine

A pillow talk is one of the magic of waking up together. Having pillow talk with my man in the morning has proven to be effective in deepening our bond and having productive conversations.

It is true that for most people, their most productive hours are in the morning. Conversations in the evening might be less productive due to the stress you and your partner might have gone through in the day, but in the morning it’s much easier because your stress levels are low, you are clear-headed and you are just enjoying the beautiful morning.

Confused on how to start a pillow talk? Here are 200 prompts to help you start.

Pillow talk is one of the best morning routine for couples you can ever think of because it’s an opportunity for you to get deep access into your partner’s mind. Pillow talk constantly keeps you in the know of what your partner is thinking and planning, making you the first to know their next step.


3. Physical Affection

morning rituals that will make your marriage stronger

Physical affection is one of the best morning routine for couples that exist on the surface of the earth. It is easy to lose the magic of waking up beside your soulmate, but physical affection keeps the magic potent.

Another level of magic is waking your partner up with wonderful kisses or you wake up and the first thing you do is to have a wonderful make-out session with your partner. Physical affection is one of the couples morning routine that ranges from cuddling and can be as advanced as having s#x.

Morning s#x is an amazing fitness exercise because you get the chance to connect with your partner not just on an emotional level but on a physical level. There are several health benefits to morning s#x and one of them is the release of some happy hormones. It is one of the ways to please your man in bed.


4. Pray Together

healthy morning routines for couples

Ever heard the saying that “couples who pray together stay together”? One of the best, most amazing morning rituals that will make your marriage stronger is praying with your partner.

Committing your family, your man, and your day into the hands of God is a great way to connect with your partner on a spiritual level. Praying together helps you learn your partner’s deepest fears.

If your partner is having a job interview or a board meeting that day, it helps you know about it and thus you can address these issues in prayer. Prayer has a way of bringing you both together because it’s a time to share your vulnerabilities.

If you need ideas on prayers you can pray with your partner, I have some super powerful prayer points for couples.


Couples Morning Routine For Stronger Bond

5. Fitness Activities

It is also a truism that couples who exercise together stay together. Apart from the fact that this is one of the great romantic morning habits of happy couples, engaging in fitness exercises in the morning is a great way to boost your mental health and physical health, and also improve your overall fitness.

Engaging in fitness activities with your partner is a perfect long-term morning routine that you definitely want to keep around. It helps you both pursue fitness simultaneously, create shared memories, and helps you achieve a long life.


6. Take A Long Walk

Need an intimate morning routine for couples? Take a long walk.

One of the most beautiful ways of enjoying your partner’s company is taking a long walk. Something more beautiful is taking a long walk with your partner early in the morning. It’s a perfect time for you to enjoy the beautiful scenery, get some vitamin D and have great conversations with your partner.

A long walk is pretty therapeutic because it serves as an avenue for you and your partner to create a shared interest with your traditions. A long walk beautifully serves to strengthen your love, spice up your relationship and establish a deeper level of emotional intimacy.


7. Share Breakfast

It has always been known that people bond over food and this morning routine is no different. Apart from being an amazing morning habits of happy couples, sharing breakfast with your partner has health benefits which include increased glucose levels and alertness.

When you share breakfast with your partner, it can serve as a sort of morning dates; meaning you can go to a coffee shop, a fast food place, or you can just dine at a restaurant.


8. Shower Together

It might be difficult but over time this is something that I’ve been able to inculcate with my husband.

Showering with your partner is a beautiful way to start your morning and a fun morning routine for couples because you get the opportunity to have some form of physical intimacy with each other which can be non-s#xual like scrubbing your partner’s body, soaping them up and bathing them if they so desire.

Also, you can engage in shower s#x which has been proven to be quite effective in giving couples a great start to their day.


Morning Rituals For Couples To Strengthen Their Love

9. Listen To A Podcast Together

One of the things the happiest couples do every morning is listening to a podcast together, and if done consistently it can become a shared interest that helps you stay informed.

Depending on the interest of you and your partner, you can both listen to a podcast which can vary from daily, political, financial, sports, entertainment, or just a podcast on various topics like marriage, finance, health, motivation, daily confessions, and happiness.

Listening to podcasts gives you both something to discuss thus increasing the time spent communicating. If you want a list of podcasts you can both listen to, look no more. I have some mind-blowing podcasts on love and intimacy you will enjoy.


10. Send Sweet Texts Or Leave Love Notes

If you are an early riser or you go to work before your partner, sending a sweet text or leaving a love note is a perfect way to help your partner wake up with a smile on their face.

Sending sweet words reminds your partner that they have more reasons to smile, makes them happier, and leaves their self-esteem in a better place. There is power in telling your partner how much you love him, how much you cherish him, and how handsome he is. This is one of the morning rituals for couples that I derive joy in doing because it brings a smile to my husband.

Confused about how to start writing love notes, don’t look too far. I have written some super romantic love notes that will make your partner grin from ear to ear.


11. Journal Together

Journaling together is something that has helped my husband and I confront our flaws, it has helped us sustain our intimacy, it has helped us work on ourselves and this is something that I advise every couple to do.

When you journal with your partner, it helps you see how far you have come, it helps you reflect on what matters and realize what does not matter. It helps you define your values and realign them if need be. You won’t believe this; it also helps you apologize to your partner if you are too shy to apologize verbally.

Journaling with your partner can include reflections, it can be an appreciation journal, it can be a love letter that you can write every morning to your partner and this is one of the morning routine of happy couple that keeps the fire of marriage burning.

Another level of journaling is when your partner writes and they exchange their writings with you. You gain unrestricted access to confronting their innermost thoughts.


12. Sleep In

Sometimes, you should decline the hustle and bustle of the day to enjoy the morning and this includes sleeping in with your partner.

This is a special married couple morning routine. It is not an everytime thing; so you can achieve this by taking a leave from your office or planning this with your partner. It’s one of the ways to create beautiful memories that makes work worth it because you know you can always look forward to having a great time with your partner.


Things The Happiest Couples Do Every Morning

13. Clean Up With Each Other

Another way to enjoy the morning and deepen your connection with your partner is to do some cleaning up with each other because it’s one of the morning rituals for couples to strengthen their love.

Cleaning your house is one of the most informal and mundane ways to get closer and keep each other’s company while cleaning, washing, and vacuuming. There are several things you can do while cleaning up and they include having conversations, listening to music, and listening to a podcast. This is one of the ways I spend time with my husband without necessarily spelling it out.


14. Enjoy The Silence

Sometimes, words do not need to be said at all. What you need is the comforting, stimulating, and beautiful presence of your partner to have a great morning. So enjoy the silence.

Make it a habit to suck in the energy of the morning by enjoying the beautiful look of the city from your balcony, the rustling leaves, and the gentle zephyr. You can enjoy watching the sunrise or looking out of your house to enjoy your surroundings over a hot cup of chocolate or coffee. This is one of the morning rituals every couple needs because it stimulates mentally and calms at the same time.


15. Tell Your Partner A Morning Joke

One of the things you should put on your couple’s bucket list in relation to the morning routine for couples is to make your partner smile by telling them a joke. Make sure that the first thing your partner does when they wake up in the morning is laugh; by sharing a funny joke.

It can be a one-time thing if you do not have jokes up your sleeves or it can be a consistent thing if you can come up with jokes that can make them smile or laugh.

This is a very beautiful morning routine my husband uses to make me laugh occasionally and it’s something I always look forward to because it brightens my day in the ways that matter.


Final Thoughts On Morning Rituals For Couples

These morning rituals for couples are the little yet powerful things that keep people together and keep them bonded. These morning routine for couples are morning rituals every couple needs which will help them stay together for a long time.

It is easy to get lost in the multitude of the world but these morning routine for couples ensures that you can find your way back to each other. Putting in the effort. These romantic morning routine for couples requires consistent effort, but the rewards are always generous and beautiful.


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