10 Realistic Dating Tips For Shy Guys

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best dating tips for shy guys

Dating can be a daunting experience for anyone, especially for shy guys who struggle with confidence in social situations. However, with a little effort and the right mindset, shy guys can improve their dating skills and increase their chances of finding love.

In this article, I have compiled easy dating tips for shy guys that will help you to do great in your relationship, including; dating tips for shy guys who don’t like talking.


Is Being Shy A Turn-Off?

Being shy is a turn-off because shyness prevents you from doing certain things that your crush or partner would love you to do with her, like kissing her randomly, or holding hands with her while walking. Shy partners tend not to express themselves freely in their relationships, and it makes it difficult for their partners to understand them.


How Do You Overcome Shyness When Dating?

You can overcome shyness when dating by engaging in outdoor activities to improve your social life. Shy guys can also overcome shyness when dating by building their self-esteem and developing the right mindset. As a shy guy, you can also work on your physical appearance, as this can help boost your self-confidence.

dating tips for shy guys


10 Best Dating Tips For Shy Guys

Are you looking to improve your dating prospects and build meaningful relationships as a shy guy? Check out these 10 best dating tips for shy guys to help boost your dating life.


1. Build Your Self-Confidence

One of the essential dating tips for shy guys is building self-confidence. Self-confidence gives you positive feelings about yourself; that you are worth so much and must not settle for less. Being confident helps you handle rejection without your ego getting bruised.

One of the realistic dating tips for shy guys is; not every girl you like will reciprocate it or would want to go into an intimate relationship with you. And it will not always be about you; she may have someone else whom she already likes, or probably, she isn’t ready for a romantic relationship.

Do not lose your self-esteem in the process of asking a girl out. Do not let her words get to you at any point if she rejects you. Have your self-confidence intact, and never shrink into your shell when a lady says NO to your proposal. Simply respect her decision, and move on. These are helpful dating tips for shy guys.


2. Engage In Outdoor Activities Like Gyming

This is one of the dating tips for shy guys to start a conversation.

Going to the gym with your buddies can help you come out of your shell. It creates opportunities for you to socialize with various people at the gym including women. This will also help you in starting conversations with people.

You know it gets awkward when you meet with certain people regularly, and you do not try to socialize with them or get to know them better. I haven’t met guys at the gym who do not say hi or respond to greetings. At the gym, you will get to associate with people at some point, if not at the beginning. Gyming helps you get into real conversations with people and break away from social anxiety.

Research shows that regular workout at the gym helps improve your mood; it improves blood flow to the brain, strengthens your mental health, and can make you happier. Now, with all these benefits, you will develop an obvious positive energy that any girl you talk to would fall in love with. These dating tips for shy guys will go a long way in reshaping your dating life.


3. Understand That Women Are People

dating tips for shy guys who don't like talking

You should not let yourself be intimidated by people, men, and women. You may feel threatened sometimes by people’s class or achievements, but that should not make you think less of yourself or be afraid of them.

There are women out there who are strong, very outspoken and doing well for themselves. The way you act cool and respectful around high-profile men should be the way you also act around high-profile women, nothing more, nothing less.

Do not be intimidated by confident women. Carry yourself with some pride, keep your chin up, and move your arms in demonstration when you talk to a woman. Women love confident guys.


4. Don’t Take Things Too Personally

You will come across girls who talk too much, very naughty girls, and girls who dislike guys. Please do not take their words too personally. Self-respect is also very important, and you should not be exchanging vulgar words with a woman or physically fighting with her. These essential dating tips for shy guys will help you in building healthy relationships with women.


5. Build Your Social Life

This is one of the important dating tips for shy guys who don’t like talking that can help you to start having real conversations with girls.

Positively build your social life. Surround yourself with positive people, and engage in outdoor activities with them. Understand that being indoors for too long can cause psychological stress, loneliness, and depression.

Go out there and associate yourself with the right people; responsible, non-judgmental, and kind people. This will not only give you a positive and clear mindset about people, but it will also help you in building good relationships with women, even as friends.

You can try outdoor activities like mountain climbing, group dancing, canoeing, picnic, etc. These activities will help you to come out of your shell and become outspoken. You can find yourself sharing stories with strangers or going on a date with a new crush.


6. Learn To Communicate

Dating tips for shy guys to start a conversation; talk, share your thoughts and express yourself freely.

When you do not communicate with people, it becomes difficult for them to understand you. People may misinterpret your silence as you snubbing them.

Communication helps you to connect better with people. And if you wish to talk to a girl and go on a date with her, you must work on your communication skills. Communication is one of the realistic dating tips for shy guys that must not be ignored.

By the way, if you need helpful tips and ideas on how to start a conversation with a girl, check out these 200 conversation starters that are fun and interesting.


7. Don’t Get Comfortable With Routines

dating tips for shy guys to start a conversation

Try out new hobbies. Don’t be a potato couch. Engage in new activities every weekend. It doesn’t have to be golfing every Friday morning or a movie date with your girlfriend every Saturday night. How about you change your routines and stop getting too comfortable with them. Sometimes, routines can make a relationship get boring.

Girls don’t like routines. They always want to try new things with their men. It can even be DIYs at home or cloth shopping at the mall. Get out of your routines and be open to trying new things, especially if you want a smooth relationship with your girlfriend.


8. Pay Attention To Red Flags, Know When To Stop Going After Her

Women love to be chased. They believe a guy who really likes them will chase after them. Although, this cannot be said for every girl; some girls can ask a guy they like out or immediately accept his request on the first date. But the truth remains that, no girl who really likes you and cares about you will wait for you to cross seven oceans and climb mountains before she agrees to go out with you. Only a selfish woman who only cares about herself would do that, and that is a red flag.

If a woman genuinely likes you, she will be kind to you and love you- with the belief that you will treat her back with love and respect. But when a woman only insults you, threatens to embarrass you if you get close to her, and even calls on her friends to laugh at you- well, obviously, she doesn’t want you. And such women will make you feel like they are doing you a favour if you eventually start dating them.


9. Women Love Attention, So Keep The Focus On Her

Now that you have a girl you love who has accepted to be your girlfriend; give her attention. These are dating tips for shy guys who don’t like talking, and in case you do not know, women love attention.

If you both live in the same neighborhood, or her place of work is within your city, you can drive by sometimes to see her, get her favourite chocolate or something special she likes, and have a brief chat with her. These are little things that matter. And you don’t have to say much as long as you listen to her and reassure her that you will always treat her right.

Even if you are still at the talking stage, give her attention. A good morning text before you go to work will go a long way. Sending her good night texts means you thought about her that day and before you went to bed. Women call these green flags.


10. Texting Her Isn’t Enough; Go On Outdoor Activities Together

Dating tips for shy guys to start a conversation include; going on outdoor activities, visiting new places, and taking short walks with her. With these dating tips for shy guys, you can always start smooth conversations just by talking about things around you, places that bring back memories, or even your emotions or feelings while holding hands can make you talk about your love for her.

Never be shy to express yourself to a girl; she might just be feeling the same way for you.


Final Words: Dating Tips For Shy Guys

These are realistic dating tips for shy guys that you can never go wrong with, and they will help you to work on your social life. Also, practicing these dating tips for shy guys will enable you to experience an easy dating life.


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realistic dating tips for shy guys

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