8 Things Men Find Unattractive In Women

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You may think that only women should have taste when it comes to dating or relationships, or maybe you find it new that there are things men find unattractive in women. Well, having likes and dislikes isn’t gender-based, and there are certain things that women do that put men off- and can discourage a man from having further meetings with a woman after the first date.

A woman may be able to get attention with her new hair and beautiful outfit, but what type of men does she attract? How do you carry yourself as a woman? Being a woman with a pretty face isn’t enough to attract men. The way you speak as a woman, your attitude, and how you carry yourself; are the things that matter most when it comes to attracting men.

In fact, most women love to think that men only pay attention to things like a lady’s dentition when she smiles, her heels, her make-up, and how her backside wiggles when she walks- but that is not all that matters to men. They look at how a woman relates to people in general. And a woman having negative opinions of people all the time and being disrespectful is a huge turn-off to men.


What Do Men Find Unattractive About Women?

Things that men find unattractive about women are; talking loud over the phone, being rude to co-workers, wearing too much make-up, and being too clingy with people. These are some everyday things that can keep a man distant from you and is part of the things men find unattractive in women.

things men find unattractive in women


8 Things Men Find Highly Unattractive In Women

Below are certain traits and behaviors that men find unappealing in women, so make a mental note to work on any of the areas that you identify with.


1. Lack Of Body Care And Bad Hygiene

Have you ever been told by a man that your hair looks rough or that you should try a certain brand of cologne? I know how that feels; shocking and embarrassing. These are things that are believed to only matter to women, but men also know more about these things even than some women do. Wearing a wig for a long time is part of the things women do that men find unattractive.

Do you know how they compliment you when you make new hair? Well, they also notice when your hair gets old and your edges are a mess.

Having dry lips and leaving too much hair under your armpits until they become noticeable- are things men find unattractive but won’t tell you.

Take care of your skin before you go out to important places, school, meetings, or dates. Polish your shoes, wear nice colognes, and ensure to always appear neat when going out to meet people.


2. Lacking Confidence

Men find it unattractive when a woman lacks confidence and cannot speak for herself or face people. You must be able to look at people in their eyes and express yourself without fear or trembling fingers. Men believe that when a woman is confident, she can talk to him and face him when he tries something silly.

When you have confidence, you will be able to maintain your relationship with men, and you will never feel less of yourself or begin to question your worth in a relationship. Lacking self-confidence is one of the things men find unattractive in women.


3. Excessive Drinking

You must know the effect of alcohol and how excessive alcohol affects one mentally; you become loud, do silly things to prove that you are not drunk, and talk back at people when you should just be calm. No man wants to deal with a woman who drinks excessively, as this is one of the traits that could make a man distant from you.

It is okay to have drinks stuck in your fridge and drink while you relax in the front yard some evenings alone or with your mate, but when it becomes a habit that you can’t go a day without emptying bottles of alcohol, that is worrisome. Excessive drinking is one of the things men find unattractive about women.


4. Talking Condescendingly About Your Family

Things men find highly unattractive in women include; talking condescendingly about your family and insulting your family members in public. Why would you even find this cute? It is embarrassing and does not tell good of you.

It can pass a wrong message to your family that your spouse is encouraging you to disrespect them- whereas your spouse probably doesn’t even support that behavior. It can also make people stop associating with you.

Disrespecting your family does not make your partner respect you; instead, he will disregard and disrespect you. If you have an issue with any family member, please sort it out amicably without using condescending words.


5. Fighting In Public

This is one major turn-off for men and one of the things men find highly unattractive in women. That is a crazy lifestyle, and if you are a lady of class and self-respect, you should not bring yourself that low for any reason. You can argue verbally and exchange punchlines and facts, but throwing punches should be a No-No.

Fighting, wrestling, or boxing can be your profession, but when you are not in training or on set, act very well with men and women around you and avoid getting into fights. Fighting and being dramatic are unattractive things that turn men off.


6. Being Selfish

A selfish woman does things only for her benefit. She does not consider her partner when making decisions. A selfish woman is controlling and manipulative, and only takes from people but does not give.

These toxic traits that men find unattractive in women will make it difficult for a woman to have any stable relationship with men. No man will take you seriously for a relationship if you exhibit this repulsive attitude.

As an attractive woman, you must be caring to those around you and show thoughtfulness when relating with people. A selfish attitude or mindset tops the list of things men find unattractive in women.


7. Using Vu#gar Language

“You c#nt!”, “Ugly thing”, and “Poverty-stricken thing”, these statements are derogatory and are some of the things men find unattractive in women but won’t tell you.

Be kind with your words, no matter how angry you may be. Mind how you talk on the phone, especially with people around you.

Sometimes you can be playful and joke with your friends using cuss words like “damn you”, but when you get emotional, angry, and annoyed at something, you must control your words and avoid using vu#gar language.

You may think that being loud and vu#gar will earn you respect or fear from people, but that is wrong. These are things men find unattractive but won’t tell you.


8. Not Showing Care And Attentiveness

One of the things men find unattractive in women is the lackadaisical attitude of not showing care or paying attention when being spoken to. It shows zero regards for people and means that you only care about yourself.


Final Thoughts On Things Men Find Unattractive In Women

Now you have read the things women do that men find unattractive, you must begin to carry yourself with some class and self-respect. Having class is not only about dressing; it is also about your attitude, how you treat people, and how you respond to situations around you.

Remember that fighting, excessive drinking, and using vu#gar language are all part of the things men find unattractive in women.


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things women do that men find unattractive

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