25 Cute Things Girls Do That Guys Love & Crave

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cute things girls do that guys love

While it is widely accepted that men are visual creatures, it is also true that they are not only attracted to a girl’s beauty and body shape. There are many other things girls do that guys love; it can be things that girls do ranging from when they are angry, to nervous, to happy and excited.

The funny thing is, girls might not notice themselves doing these things, but guys, especially those who are attracted to them, pick up these gestures quite easily and love it when girls do them. There are lots of things girls do that guys love, and here are the most powerful ones I have compiled for you.


What Do Guys Find Attractive That A Girl Does?

What guys find attractive that a girl does is smiling. When a girl smiles, it makes her more beautiful and lightens up her face and most likely, the guy’s world. Smiling makes a girl more approachable and s#xier, and most guys are attracted to a girl’s smile before any other thing.


What Do Guys Like In A Girl Physically?

What guys like in girls physically includes a whole lot of stuff. They include her skin, her eyes, her hair, her b##bs, her b#tt, or her legs. Guys like many things in a girl physically, but preferences are subject to individuals themselves.

things girls do that guys love


25 Cute Things Girls Do That Guys Love & Crave

These cute things guys find attractive in girls are what you need to know to keep on doing because it might just be your own little charm.


1. Smiling Or Free-Spirited Laughter

Have you ever heard a man say that his partner’s smile lights up the world, and that was what attracted him to her in the first place? Smiling is one of the things girls do that guys love. Smiling makes a girl more feminine and approachable. It lights up your face and makes you more attractive, and it’s one of the things that guys notice about a girl first.


2. Dressing Nice

things guys love that girls do

A girl who dresses nice will always have heads turn and men are visual creatures. When a girl dresses up nicely, not for anyone but for herself, guys find it attractive.

Dressing up for yourself is a statement of will, independence and that you don’t care what anyone thinks. When you dress up nicely, you look good and feel confident, and these are the things girls do that guys like.


3. Smelling Nice

Not only are men visual creatures, they are also cognoscente. This means they are attracted to ladies that smell nice. With a handshake, a hug or simple proximity, you can tingle a guy’s nostrils and have him turn his head around.

Have you ever heard someone say you smell nice? Investing in how you smell and smelling nice is one of the things women do that men love.


4. Blushing

Blushing can mean many things; it can mean being shy, desire, being flustered or even attraction. Many guys like it when girls blush, and in some cases, it drives guys crazy.

That rosy glow is what almost every guy is attracted to in his woman and is one of the cute things girls do that guys love. For a guy, it’s a win to be able to provoke the rosy glow on a girl’s cheek, and it is always nice to see a girl he likes blushing.


5. Biting Your Lips

Biting your lips is one of the things guys love that girls do. You either do it consciously and it will come off as expressing your desire, being sed#ctive or s#xy. When done unconsciously, it can come off as cute, adorable or s#xy; either way, guys are attracted to them.

Lip biting is a thing for guys. When you bite your lips and trace your fingers around your lips, you increase the impact of the sed#ction on a guy who is attracted to you and is around you. It drives guys nuts and can make them switch into their wild tendencies.


Cute Things Girls Do That Guys Love

6. Stretching Out To Pick Stuff

If you are the shawty kind of girl, your height is an advantage for you here. The view of a woman’s body stretched out with her on her tippy toes is always something to look forward to, and most guys like it.

So if you are at a supermarket and you are trying to reach a product stacked on a high shelf, don’t be too conscious, be proud of it; rather, it’s something that guys love.


7. Playing With Your Hair

Playing with your hair unconsciously can have guys drooling over you. Girls play with their hair when they are trying to solve a problem, concentrate, talk or listen. Playing with your hair is always a beautiful sight to see for a guy, and it is one of the things guys like that girls do.


8. Being Affectionate

things guys like that girls do

When a girl is affectionate with people around her, to her, it might mean nothing, but to the guy, it may mean everything. Guys are attracted to affectionate women because it follows that they have a lot of love to give, and many guys need love.

Being affectionate makes you more feminine, more vulnerable and strong at the same time, and this is one of the sweet things girls do that guys love.


9. Showing Body Positivity

things girls do that guys like

There aren’t many women who are confident about their bodies. Yet guys love and appreciate women who are confident about their bodies. It doesn’t matter how you look; once you accept your body and begin to love yourself, it won’t take much for a guy to be attracted to you.

Guys may not talk much about this to avoid the body shaming allegations being thrown at them, but body positivity is one of the things girls do that guys secretly love. When a woman is body positive, it is easier for her to seek her pleasure, and this is something many guys want.


10. Listening To Him

All women want men who will listen to them, but men love it too when you listen to them. They want to be heard too; they want to be asked questions and understood, and listening to him is one of the things guys like in girls. When a girl listens, it’s one of the things that makes men feel valued, respected and special.


11. Harmlessly Teasing Them

Harmlessly teasing him is a show of camaraderie, and this is one of the little things girls do that guys love. Teasing a guy affectionately brings smiles to his face and makes him happy. Guys tease themselves a lot, so when a girl can do it without sounding offensive and can take a joke in return, it is always a home run.


12. Being Supportive

Need a list of the nice things girls do that guys love? Being supportive tops the list. There is always the stereotype that guys are superhumans and do not need a shoulder to cry on, do not need to vent and can handle their problems themselves.

This is not always the case; guys are human beings, so it’s normal to have lows, and when a girl can show up for him at this stage of his life, they love it. Being supportive includes encouraging him, just listening to him vent, or simply validating his dreams.


Sweet Things Girls Do That Guys Love

13. Showing Interest In What He Loves

It’s not often we see someone who wants to love the things that we love. Guys love it when a girl shows interest in their lifestyle, and in most cases, he’s more than ready to teach her.

A guy’s dream could include watching a game with his woman. So imagine his pleasure when his girl decides to watch a game with him. This is one of the attractive things girls do that guys love.

Showing interest is saying their interest is worth the effort because it is one of the ways to melt his heart.


14. Wearing His Clothes

You might have had a sleepover at his house and you need fresh clothes in the morning. Wearing his clothes is one thing most guys can’t resist. It’s one of the things girls do that guys find attractive, and this makes for a romantic moment.

Ever watched a movie or read a book where the guy is entranced by how s#xy a girl looks in his clothes and he just can’t take his eyes off her? Guys go gaga when they see a girl wearing their clothes; for them, it’s often a sign of belonging, another level of intimacy and ownership. It is also one of the things guys find attractive in girls.


15. Eye Contact

things girls do in bed that guys love

Maintaining eye contact with a guy is a way to drive him crazy and make him mad.

It is often underrated because most girls struggle with eye contact, but when a girl maintains eye contact, she establishes confidence and makes it easy for him to get lost in her eyes.

Eye contact is one of the top things girls do that guys love. It also makes the guy think the girl is a challenge, and who doesn’t love a challenge?


16. Your Lingerie

Lingerie! The favorite swimsuit of the devil, capable of bringing any man to his knees. Wearing lingerie is one of the s#xiest things girls do that guys love. Whether it’s a Savage Fenty, Victoria’s Secret or just plain bra and panties, guys love it when they see their girls in lingerie because it sends blood rushing to their nether r#gion.


17. Shaky Breaths After A Kiss

The way to arouse the animal in guys is when a girl releases shaky breaths after a kiss. It means many things; they want the kiss and more of it, they are turned on and or what the guy is doing is too hot for them to resist.

This is one of the things girls do in bed that guys love because it makes them feel powerful; it tells him you are turned on by his kisses and will make him want to take you in a way you have never been taken before.


Things Girls Do That Guys Secretly Love

18. Your Unruly Hair And Messy Buns

Your bed hair is not as bad as you think it is because, to him, you look like the morning sun, and this is one of the weird things girls do that guys love. Also, a girl’s unruly hair is attractive, and most guys love playing with the tendrils that escape your messy buns, not to mention that the tendrils frame your face beautifully.


19. Wearing Glasses

Glasses have the powerful transformative effect of making you look nerdy, adorable and s#xy all at the same time. Most guys get weak in the knees when they see their girl in glasses. It’s a real turn-on and part of the things guys find cute in a girl.


20. Being Sucked Into Your Movie

Ever heard a cheesy line from a book that goes “He liked watching her watch movies”? This is a Harry and Tessa kind of stuff going on here. Girls are more expressive, and this makes it easier for a girl to cry after watching a movie like The Vow. Guys who are not movie freaks are more likely to sit and watch their girl watch movies just to behold her myriad of expressions.


21. Complimenting Him

Guys want to be told they look good, they look hot, or they look s#xy, and they love it when girls say these things to them. This is one of the tiny things girls do that guys find adorable.

Guys might act like they don’t put much effort into their appearance, but when they are complimented, they love it and are probably doing a whirl inwardly because it makes them feel special and seen.

By the way, if you need a list of compliments that guys desperately wants to hear, I have written a piece on the best compliments for guys.


22. When You Ask For Help In A Cute Way

Ever had a guy say NO to you, and you cutely bat your eyelashes while requesting again, then he ends up grumbling a stern YES? Guys love it when girls ask for their help cutely. It makes them feel powerful, important and needed.

They might be acting all stern, but when they are asked cutely, they melt on the inside and agree to do it because asking for help in a cute way is one of the cute things girls do that guys can’t resist.


Things Guys Love That Girls Do

23. Showing Excitement For A Gift

A guy loves it when you appreciate the littlest things that he does. He loves it more when the appreciation is genuine and heartfelt, even for something as little as candy or a garden flower. It is one of the things girls do that guys love most.


24. Loyalty To Friends

Guys often maintain the bro code with their peers, and they appreciate this quality with women too. They love a girl who is loyal to her friends and shows up for them. It speaks a lot about the girl and makes her more appealing as it means she would likely extend the same attitude to her man.

Loyalty in a general setting is a good trait, so it is one of the things girls do that guys love.


25. Vulnerability

Guys love when their girls depend on them. They want to feel needed, wanted and called upon. When a girl is acting macho, it makes him not want to be around her. Being vulnerable is one of the things girls do that guys love.


Things Guys Love That Girls Do: Final Thoughts

Most times, these things guys love that girls do are unconscious, and it has a way of bringing guys to their knees. This post should encourage you to continue doing it as it is one of the many attractions of your femininity and one of the things that your man might love about you.


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