How To Love Your Wife: 15 Cute Ways To Show Her Love

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how to show love to your wife

You have a woman who has decided to spend the rest of her life with you, has birthed your kids, and is taking care of them while trying to support you in your dreams and grow herself. This is a superwoman.

It is easy to assume that your wife knows that you love her whereas you might have just fallen into a routine of familiarity that does not allow you to appreciate your wife. This is dangerous because showing love is something that has to be done in clear ways; through your actions, your attitude, and your words.

In light of this, I have written out some tips on how to love your wife, show your wife how much you love her, and make her feel special.


How Can I Show Love To My Wife?

You can show love to your wife by being intentional about her, listening to her, supporting her dreams, complimenting her, pitching in to help where necessary, and most importantly, being her best friend.


Importance Of Love In Marriage

The importance of love in marriage cannot be overemphasized because it is basically what makes the journey of companionship much easier. Sometimes it becomes “unrosy”, it gets hard, it gets tough and there is this faint desire to give up but love is what helps ensure that both of you stay committed.

how to love your wife


15 Cute Ways To Love Your Wife Everyday

These ways on how to love your wife are what you need to do to show her that you very much appreciate her.


1. Compliment Her Always

Complimenting your wife is one of the things that you should make a habit of. Always compliment your wife when she does something right, dresses up nicely, and helps out with something. This makes her want to do more and put herself out there for you.

Also, when you compliment her, over time, it is easier for you to correct her and she will take it in stride and adjust accordingly than not complimenting her at all and trying to correct her.

Furthermore, complimenting her does not only involve when she does something right. You can randomly utter sweet words of appreciation to her. There are several ways that you can compliment her and they include sweet text messages, calling her on the phone, or sending her flowers. This makes her feel good about herself and is one of the ways on how to love your wife.


2. Take Her Out On Dates

how to love your wife deeply

Sometimes what your wife wants is not a big car or a big house. For her, it’s the little things such as taking her on a date.

One of the ways on how to show love to your wife is to go out on a date, you can either plan it with her or you can make it a surprise date. Either way, being the one to initiate it leaves her feeling loved. It can either be a beach date, late-night date, or rainy date. It’s the thought that counts.

Doing this shows you have made her fun, happiness, and social life your priority and this means a lot to her. This is because she can be preoccupied with her career, home, and kids and it seems like she has forgotten herself. So each time you take her out, you bring her to the consciousness that she is your lover and best friend before any other thing, and every woman wants to feel like this.


3. Support Her Dreams

how to love your wife physically

It is a truism that many men do not support their wives’ dreams for whatever reasons they have but one of the ways that women measure their husbands’ love is by the level of his supportiveness not just in the home but towards their dreams.

Sometimes, women give up their dreams to be able to maintain balance in their homes. Sometimes, this decision comes back to bite them, this leaves the wife feeling frustrated and angry in her late 50s when the kids are finally out of the way.

Supporting your wife’s dreams is one of the ways on how to love your wife because even in her fifties, sixties, and seventies, she will still remember the sacrifices that you’ve made for her to be where she is today and that’s something that most women do not take for granted.


4. Help Out Around The House

ways to show love to your wife

Some men agree the home is a woman’s territory so they do not need to be around, this is very erroneous thinking. If you truly want to show your wife that you love her then one of the things that you have to do is to help out around the house.

Helping out around the house in many ways brings you closer, helps couples bond, and shows that you are intentional and you are thoughtful about her well-being.

When you help out around the house it lessens the workload on her. It is even one of the ways to flirt with her and turn her on. Helping out around the house includes cooking, cleaning up, taking out the trash, and helping out with the kids. This is one of the ways on how to love your wife.


Ways To Show Love To Your Wife

5. Give A Listening Ear

ideas to love your wife

Every woman has things they worry about. Every woman has her dreams, aspirations, fears and challenges. One of the things I always advise my clients to do is understand that they are first best friends before they are husband and wife. When you get into the idea that she is first your best friend, it is easier to give her a listening ear.

Sometimes, she does not always want advice, she just wants to talk about what has been weighing her down. It is therapeutic in so many ways because many times when she’s done, she feels lighter. This is one of the ways on how to love your wife deeply and one of the ways to sustain emotional intimacy in your marriage.

Listen to her actively, and ask questions, this makes her feel loved in so many ways that you cannot begin to imagine as a man.


6. Speak Her Love Language

Texting her consistently, filling her gas tank, cherry-picking with her, all these love languages are summed up in the five popular love languages.

Learn to speak her love language, it makes her more receptive and makes it easier for both of you to operate on the same frequency. Speaking her love language is one of the fastest ways to show love to your wife and how you do this is by first observing the things that she always asks you to do, how she shows love to you, and then reciprocating in the same manner.


7. Love Her Family

Loving your wife’s family is one of the best ideas to love your wife. Show it in your actions, in your words, and be thoughtful of them during festive seasons; getting them gifts, calling them and checking up on them. This makes her feel loved because you cannot remove your wife’s family from her, she is an extension of her family so each time you show her family love, it trickles down to her.

When you marry, you don’t just marry a person, you marry everything that person comes with and one of those things is your wife’s family, so you have to love them, show them that you appreciate and honor them for giving you such a beautiful daughter as theirs.


How To Show Love To Your Wife

8. Be Extra On Her Period

When your wife is on her period, you should be extra. She can be cranky moody in pain or just there but one of the ways on how to love your wife is by being extra on her period and that includes helping out around the house, cuddling with her if she so desires, getting her things that you know she likes to eat or she likes to drink.

Periods do come with their share of gloominess and negativity, but that atmosphere can be chased away by the rays of your love. So being extra on her period and being there for her is one of the ways to show your wife that you love her.


9. Flirt With Her

Flirting with your wife can never get old, it is something that you should do as much as possible because flirting has a way of making her feel young again and everyone wants to feel young.

Flirting with your wife is going to make her feel loved and young, there are several ways that you can play with your wife. They include sending her flirty text messages, buying her lingerie, checking her out when she is dressed, touching her, and whispering sweet nothings in her ear. This is one of the best ways to love your wife.

Need more ideas on how to flirt with that s#xy woman? I have written some amazing ways to flirt with her that will drive her wild.


10. Let Her Sleep In

One way on how to love your wife is by allowing her to sleep in. During the week she might have been choked with taking care of the kids, meeting deadlines at work, and taking care of the home. Letting her sleep in is a very important love language because this helps her catch up on all the sleep that she has missed and wake up feeling relaxed and happy. This is one of the practical ways to love your wife.


Tips On How To Love Your Wife

11. Buy Her A Dress

Getting your wife a dress is one of the ways on how to love your wife, it is a beautiful way for her to know that she is still s#xy. It is touching for her to know that you know her size and preferences.

So when you get her the dress, it makes her feel loved and makes her want to put all that effort into looking good again. It is a silent way to communicate, I want you to look good for me without saying it in words, and it’s one of the cute ways to love your wife.


12. Plan Vacations

Planning a vacation is one of the tips to love your wife. This vacation can be a vacation to a faraway place, it can be a staycation at home, yes a staycation, as long as she doesn’t have to lift a hand to do anything. It can be a quick getaway at a bed and breakfast or a vacation at the nearest beachside hotel.

One or two days of spending time alone with her doing whatever is enough to show her that you love her, you prioritize her mental health and you want to spend time with her. This is also one of the ways to spice up your marriage.


13. Be Consistent With Physical Affection

To show that you love her is to maintain your physical affection for her. Sometimes, the passion might wane but as much as possible, consciously try to show her that you love her by touching her. It can be through a simple touch, a suggestive touch, tapping her behind, making love to her, cuddling her, and stealing kisses. There are so many things that you can do to show her that you love her.

Physical affection keeps her in the consciousness that she’s desired, she’s loved and it is one of the ways on how to love your wife physically.


Practical Ways To Love Your Wife

14. Leave Her Cute Notes

This can be a daily routine if you are determined to make it a habit.

One of the tips on how to love your wife is through cute notes. They can be flirty, sweet, encouraging, and a love confession. There is so much importance attached to notes because it makes her more intentional, and more conscious and it just brings that feeling of mystery that is vital in romance.

This is definitely one of the romantic ways to love your wife.


15. Bring Her Into Your World

You have not fully loved your wife if she doesn’t know anything about you. One of the ways to love your wife is by bringing her into your world and telling her the things that are going on with you.

Being vague about the things going on in her life, career, latest projects, dreams, and fears will help her more. It makes her feel like she’s part of something and makes her feel responsible for you in some ways.


Final Words On How To Love Your Wife

Due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is easy to relegate these things to the background. Husbands who practice these cute ways to love your wife have much happier marriages. Their marriages are much healthier and they last longer because these little drops of love are what make the big ocean of love.


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ways to love your wife

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