How To Win The Silent Treatment In A Relationship – 8 Effective Ways

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how to handle silent treatment

Fervent communication is one of the most effective ways to make your relationship last. Communication in a romantic relationship creates chances for a couple to bond strongly. It strengthens the love and care couples have for each other, whereas silent treatment brings about emotional pain, slowly diminishes their love, and ruins their union.

Silent treatment after an argument is not unusual with people but should not be a norm for couples in a relationship.

Silent treatment does not bring you to the end of the road in your relationship, instead; it is the next step you and your spouse take that will determine whether or not your beautiful relationship will continue.

In this post, you will learn the effective ways to win silent treatment in a relationship.


What Are The Causes Of Silent Treatment In A Relationship?

The causes of silent treatment in a relationship or marriage can result from unspoken hurt or anger. When your partner is unable to communicate a situation they do not like, they may resort to ignoring you and giving you the silent treatment.


8 Effective Ways To Win The Silent Treatment In A Relationship

how to win the silent treatment in your relationship


1. Show Concern To Your Partner

It is true that silent treatment hurts the other person who is being ignored in the relationship. You might begin to feel that you are not enough or you are not valued in the relationship, but before you start judging yourself, try asking your partner what the problem is, and find out what is hurting them.

In relationships, one person must be willing and caring enough to pull the other person up when they are slacking in their duties. Yes, it is the duty of partners in a relationship to always talk to each other, communicate and answer to each other’s emotional needs and desires.

When you notice your partner ignoring your messages and responding to you coldly, that is the time to place that phone call or meet with your partner, his hands in your hands, and tell him that you are worried about him.

You should make your partner realize that the silent treatment he dishes out to you to protect himself supposedly; is hurting you and affecting the relationship. And this way, he will do better, and learn to communicate properly in that relationship.


2. Talk About How You Feel

ways to win silent treatment in a relationship

Let your spouse know you are unhappy and do not like the silent treatment you are being given. You can make your spouse better understand you by asking this question, “How would you feel if we were happy together and laughing this moment, and the next moment and for the whole day, I ignored you or only said very little to you?”

Now, a thoughtful partner would apologize to you for making you feel left out. But an unthoughtful partner, in most cases, would keep mute, patiently waiting for you to stop talking and leave him alone, without realizing that is a toxic trait being exhibited.

Or a partner in his feelings would respond, “Then I’ll give you some time alone!” And to this, your response should be, “How much time away from each other do we need to make you feel better? It is unfair to this relationship that I suffer for something I know nothing of. Allow me to share your burden with you, and let me help where I can. I love you, baby. And I want us to be able to work things out together”.

That should do the magic! Give your partner a tight reassuring hug and hear him talk about his worries or pain.


3. Do Not Show That You Are Hurt

If you have tried to reach out to your partner online and your messages are not being responded to, or you notice that you are the one always talking with zero or little contribution from your spouse, the best thing is to use the ignore button!

Carry yourself with confidence and with your self-esteem still intact. Give your partner the needed space and focus on making yourself happy. This is how to handle silent treatment.

You have tried to talk to your partner about the silent treatment and how it’s affecting the relationship; now let him be.

It is left for him to own up to his selfishness and come clear, apologize for ignoring you and not communicating with you as he should.

Just let your partner know you will be there whenever he is ready to talk. But you can’t keep your life on hold or stay in low spirits because your partner has not been talking to you even after your continuous effort to make things go back to normal.


4. Bring Him Out Of The Silent Shell

If you want to win silent treatment after a fight in a relationship, do things that will bring you and your partner close, something to build up the love flame and ignite the passion between the both of you once again.

How to win the silent treatment in your relationship is not by paying a blind eye to the situation, except if you have completely lost interest in the relationship and want a break-up.

To win silent treatment in your relationship, create opportunities that will bring you and your partner closer to each other. Here’s how to handle silent treatment and ignite the passion in your relationship:


  • Suggest A Night Out On The Weekend

This can clear the air a bit and reduce tension between the two of you. You are going out to relax and talk about your happy moments together. You don’t have to bring up issues or start complaining. Allow your partner to be as comfortable as he can get.

Let him be the one to bring up the subject himself if he wants to, and you should have your arms ready to hold him tight if he appears numb or speechless (his emotions may be having the best of him at that moment).


  • Plan A Romantic Movie Date In Your Home

Let your partner come back home at the end of the day- to soft music playing in the living room, popcorn and juice on the table.

Hug your partner as soon as he returns home, and whisper into those stubborn ears, “Sweetheart, I know it hasn’t been really smooth for us the past few days (or hours), and you are trying to handle it the best way you can, but, I want you to relax this evening and watch a movie with me over some snacks and juice. Please.”

This is how to handle silent treatment with dignity.


5. See A Relationship Counselor

A professional relationship counselor knows the right questions to ask and the things to say to your partner that will leave him reflective and willing to discuss things with you, putting an end to the silent treatment in your relationship. You both will be counseled on how to handle silent treatment and also how you both can avoid silent treatment.


6. At This Point, Listen. Just Listen And Stop Talking

Allow your man do the talking now. Leave your man to say what is bothering him. You have suggested enough. You have spoken well and tried to kill the silent treatment in your relationship.

At this point, listen to him. Let him break the silence and talk about his fears, anger, and troubles. This is how to handle silent treatment after a fight.


7. Be Patience

You should not be too quick to end things. Give your partner time to get over their feelings, and do not let the silent treatment overwhelm you. As I mentioned earlier in this article, after trying to talk to your spouse and he isn’t responding, you should focus on other areas of your life and not leave your life on hold.


8. Be Adventurous In The Bedroom

Intense lovemaking with your partner with dim lights on, soulful music playing- preferably your partner’s favorite playlist, with clean, beautiful and smooth bedsheets on the bed will most certainly break the hold of silent treatment in your relationship. Make love to your partner, and show love to every part of his body.

Start by saying sweet words to your spouse, declare your love for him and how you are willing to go through life’s challenges with him, and see that your relationship stands strong. Now, kisses, foreplay, and intense lovemaking.


Final Thoughts On How To Win The Silent Treatment In A Relationship

If you are the one giving the silent treatment in your relationship, you should stop at this point, as this could ruin your relationship. Respect your partner, learn to discuss anything with him, and always be open with him.


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how to win the silent treatment in a relationship

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