How To Kiss A Girl: 9 Crazy Tips She’ll Beg For More

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how to kiss a girl to make her want more

How to kiss a girl like a pro.

Kissing is more than just a physical act of locking lips; it is more than exchanging saliva. It is making a statement of how passionate you are about her, how deeply you are into her, and how much you want her.

Successfully conveying this message through your kiss can leave a lasting impression on her and make her crave for more. As a man trying to kiss a girl, this should be your ultimate goal – to leave her wanting more and deepen your connection with her.

I have had the funniest pleasure of knowing about the experience of ladies who told me how their first kiss went and how disgusted they are, and that is why I felt that men should know how to kiss a girl better to be able to make the girl feel special.

So if this sounds like your interest, come with me let’s explore these 9 crazy things that you can do while kissing to make her beg for more.


How Do You Make A Girl Melt With A Kiss?

To make a girl melt with a kiss, you have to be nice, and soft but firm and steady. You have to pace yourself; do not be too fast or do not try to rush her, take it slowly and watch her fall apart. This is how to kiss a girl to make her melt.


How To Know When To Kiss A Girl

Determining the right moment to kiss a girl can be done by paying attention to her body language.

There are ways on how to know when to kiss a girl. The first is the touch; how does she react to your touch? The second is by your eyes, make eye contact and let her see your gaze shift towards her lips. You can then gauge her interest by observing if she tilts forward or remains still. Alternatively, you can just simply ask her.

how to kiss a girl


How To Kiss A Girl: 9 Crazy Tips She’ll Beg For More

Provided here are 9 crazy tips that will help you master the art of kissing, and leave a lasting impression on the girl you are kissing. By following these tips on how to kiss a girl, you can enhance the quality of your kissing and make her crave for more.


1. Be Confident

There is nothing that you do not need confidence for in life, and on how to kiss a girl properly, you need it. When you are kissing your girl, you have to be confident else you are going to make silly mistakes that might leave her uninterested.

Your confidence helps you to be firm when kissing, it helps with the war going on in your mind. It helps you be in the moment because you can kiss absentmindedly, and when you kiss her absentmindedly, she might just be able to tell because you will keep making mistakes.


2. Use Your Words

how to kiss a girl for the first time and not screw up

Using your words will make her more receptive to your kisses, this is one of the tips on how to kiss a girl to make her want more.

One of the ways to do this is to use your words to create a sense of anticipation before the actual kiss. By expressing your feelings and desires, you can make her more receptive and eager for the kiss. You can do this by saying sweet beautiful things like she’s beautiful, you want her, you’re passionate about her, you are so into her.

There are so many things that you can say to her to make her melt on the inside so that when you kiss her, the effect of your kiss has more impact because there has been a build-up so it’s easier for her to respond because of how your words are causing tearing down her defences.

By the way, if you need more words to serenade her, check out this list of hot flirty words to melt her heart.


3. Look Into Her Eyes

how to kiss a girl really good

Looking into your girl’s eyes when kissing her is a very important part of the kissing game if you want her to beg for more. You can do this by staring into her eyes before kissing her. Doing this helps you establish dominance which makes her feel wanted.

Also, you can stare into her eyes for a while to the extent that she squirms, blushes or releases a smile, or you can just stare to the extent where she gets impatient and she takes the bull by the horn and kisses you.

While kissing, you can disengage a bit and stare into her eyes, this is just letting her know that you can’t get enough of her or you’re just letting her know how beautiful she is and how much you want her. It’s a way of making her feel powerful and dominated at the same time because most women want to be dominated.

Most women want their man to ravish them and that is what you want to do while kissing her. Looking into her eyes is one of the bad#ss steps to kiss a girl.


4. Pull Her Closer

When you pull your girl closer while kissing it’s a way for your body to maintain some sort of physical contact that will help her know how much you want her. It is also a way for her to get into the kiss and make her feel you up.

Pulling her closer is a very important part of kissing because you cannot kiss with your bodies apart. The proof that you want her or you want more from her is actually that you get to a point in kissing and you’d rather she is closer to you because you want more than just locking up lips; you want to feel her body on yours.

This is one great tip on how to kiss a girl well.


5. Avoid Her Lips

This can be a sort of game thing but it has a lot of rewards, and that is delayed gratification. Avoiding her lips is not to make her feel like she’s not wanted but to build a fire in her that will explode when you finally kiss her.

So when you are not kissing her lips, you are kissing every other part of her body; you are kissing her forehead, nose, neck, and shoulders while avoiding the main part and this is so that when you finally kiss her she is more receptive and she accepts you more eagerly than when you just kiss her straight on.

Playing with her is one of the ways on how to kiss a girl really good.


6. Be Soft But Firm

You do not want to go too hard because you don’t want to scare her when you are going hard, you are not just receiving you are also giving.

When you are firm, you make a lasting impact on her lips. What this means is that you take her lips gently, you are in no rush and at the same time you are firm because it shows that you are into what you’re doing. One of my favourite on how to kiss a girl and make her want more is this particular step.


7. Take Permission

It would be disadvantageous for you to assume that she wants you to run your hands all over her body. It is also disadvantageous for you to think that she wants you to kiss her on any other part of her body, and that is why communication is important, that is why you need to get her consent if she is not the one taking the lead.

It’s a t#rn-on for most women when whoever they’re kissing is a disciplined kisser, this means you know to keep your hands to yourself, and is one of the best tips to kiss a girl.

There is a balance if you notice that she is eager and is running her hands all over you, you can go ahead and touch other parts of her body but if you notice that she is not eager about it, you might want to just ask to be on the safe side and avoid making mistakes that may turn her off. It’s important to ask her how far she wants you to go.


8. Soften Your Features With A Smile

Taking some time off to disengage from kissing should be a time for you to show through your features how beautiful you feel what you’re doing is, how beautiful you feel kissing her is, and that’s by smiling.

When you smile, in a way, it creates a build-up of desire, at the same time you are pacing it, you’re making it slow and a memorable experience.

You don’t want to look all serious, make it look like you are having fun, and kissing her is something you want to keep experiencing. Also, smiling against her lips is a way to show her that you love it so much and you would not mind continuing if she doesn’t stop you, it’s one of the easiest ways on how to kiss a girl and t#rn her on.


9. Set The Mood

Setting the mood is not only in the lighting of the candles or playing cool music. Setting the mood can just be done by staying in a good location, and having a conversation way before you start kissing. This is one of the basics on how to kiss a girl.

When you set the mood properly you bring her heart to the state where she desires you, and her body is also in the same state as her heart. Candles and good music are a bonus but it’s not what sets the mood, it is making sure her heart, mind, and body desire what you desire, and are on the same page with you.


How To Kiss A Girl For The First Time

These steps on how to kiss a girl for the first time and not screw up will help you kiss like a pro and leave a lasting impact with your kiss.


1. Move Slowly

If you want to kiss a girl for the first time, you must move slowly. You don’t want to move too fast because you do not want to scare her with your aggressiveness so you have to move slowly. This helps her know where you are going. At this point, she has the liberty to decide if she wants to stop or not, and this is one of the sure tips on how to kiss a girl for the first time.


2. Start With A Chaste Kiss

Definitely, you should test the waters first before you row in with your boat. So you can do this by having a chaste kiss. Place the chaste kiss on her lips and if she’s not giving up any body language that is negative then you can continue.


3. Tilt Your Head

When you tilt your head, it helps you take better advantage of her lips and position your lips in a way that you can capture hers at the perfect angle. You can also make use of your tongue to gain deeper access.


4. Use Your Hands

Your hands have to be properly positioned on her face, this is a pro move that most people do not know about. Allowing your face to just do the moving might not be exactly advisable because your tongues and your teeth might clash.

When you use your hands, you can position her face properly because she might just be all over the place; so you want to keep her still and explore her to the fullest.


5. Be Tender

You have to be tender, you cannot just start biting lips or nibbling. You have to take care of her lips like it’s your own, and this is one way to leave a lasting impact on her. Being tender is one of the ways on how to kiss a girl like a pro.


6. Be Careful Of The Tongue

Be careful of your tongue, it cannot be overrated or underrated because some girls that you might be kissing for the first time do not want to use their tongues with you. That is like an extreme one; so you have to be careful to ensure that it is something that the girl wants or does not want.

This is one of the most important tips on how to kiss a girl well.


7. Use Your Words

Telling a girl how beautiful she is is one of the perfect ways on how to kiss a girl romantically and it’s also one of the best ways to make her more receptive to your kisses. It’s a way for her to know that you want her, and for her to decide if she actually wants to move on or stop.


Final Comments On How To Kiss A Girl To Make Her Want More

Tips on how to kiss a girl like a pro are the proper ways to kiss a girl and leave a lasting impression because honestly, most people do not know how to kiss. It is to your credit if you do know how to kiss a girl because it’s easier for you to leave a good impression on who you kiss, and this will make them want to come back for more.

It also shows how good and attentive of a lover you are which is something most girls look out for in their choice of partner; boyfriend or husband.


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how to kiss a girl for the first time

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