17 Fun Christmas Activities For Couples

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romantic christmas activities

The yuletide season comes once every year, and it makes sense to make the most of it by filling this period with enjoyable Christmas activities for couples.

The holidays are a time of the year to look forward to, as it comes with fun activities that make everyone excited. Also, having close by someone special to share this lovely season with makes it even more thrilling.

These Christmas couple activities will make this period unforgettable in your memory lane. Whichever of all these activities you decide with your partner, as long as the spirit of Christmas is present within, you will likely not go wrong. And if you choose to combine all of the activities, this will definitely be a December to remember.


17 Fun Christmas Activities For Couples

There are a lot of fun Christmas activities for couples, but we’ve carefully selected the best romantic Christmas activities for couples. Check these 17 romantic Christmas activities for couples below:

christmas activities for couples


1. Go For A Walk In The Park

Snow does not fall every day, and neither will this magic season last forever.

If you’re thinking of what to do on Christmas for couples? Why don’t you take advantage of the beautiful ambience brought on by the season and walk through the park, making it an intimate escape for both of you. Make sure to hold hands as you go.


2. Create A Christmas Village Scene

Creating up a small Christmas village setting is fun Christmas activities for couples. There are countless fantastic options you can choose from, but to make this activity more exciting and creative, it is better to make your village scene using craft houses and different colors of paint.


3. Climb The Mountains

Add this to your Christmas bucket list for couples and lease a cabin for the season. Wouldn’t it be great to be out in the mountains for a change? You will love the natural fresh air and be thrilled by nature’s green colors! Your lungs will thank you for the breathing exercise, and you both will be happy you made this trip.


4. Decorate The Kitchen Together

When you’re a design enthusiast, finding the right Christmas decorations for the kitchen will be a great Christmas activities for couples to get you in the holiday spirit.

While it is normal to focus all attention on the living room, most couples overlook the kitchen. From preparing spicy meals to baking the hot cookies in the oven, the kitchen is a high-traffic area, so get your partner and give this part of your home some quality attention during this season.


5. Visit A Local Coffee Shop

You will be surprised that spending some time at the coffee shop is another Christmas day activities for couples. Go for the adventure of locating a new place and order some yummy coffee. This can be an opportunity to discover a new locality while you sip on your delicious hot beverage.


6. Exchange Surprise Gifts

Giving surprise gifts, especially to your partner, make one of our recommended Christmas activities for couples. And what is Christmas without gifts? Put on your thinking cap; what is that thing your partner has desired to have all through the year? And if you don’t know, you could playfully ask without giving yourself away.

Imagine the pure joy on your partner’s face when receiving the gift. Gift sharing is also a valid proof of love, so start shopping for that one gift that will assure your partner of your love.


7. Have A Board Game Marathon

Playing board games is one unique Christmas activities for couples at home you should try out with your partner. Invite friends, bring out your choice board games, and put out food, snacks, and drinks. Turn on good music in the background, and have an exciting time indoors playing your favorite games.


8. Go On A Road Trip

Need other ideas for Christmas activities for couples? Then, consider going on a road trip. Road trips are fun and romantic if they are thoughtfully planned for.

Also, one great thing about a road trip is that it is an adventurous way of discovering new communities. Remember to stack a playlist of your favorite sing-along music.


9. Go Camping

Are you thinking about ideas for outdoor Christmas day activities for couples? Then, go camping. As odd as it sounds, cold weather camping is possible if well planned for.

Get warm sleeping bags and roast marshmallows fireside to keep warm during the night. It will be an experience you both will never forget.


10. Exercise Together

What are you up to on a day to Christmas? Exercising either at the gym or outdoors are amazing Christmas eve activities for couples. Get into your joggers and head for the gym. Exercising together can be fun and also be a date. You can learn a few tips from each other and deepen the bond between you.


11. Visit The Zoo

If you and your partner are wildlife enthusiasts, then a visit to the zoo might be the perfect answer if you are wondering what to do on Christmas for couples. Remember to bring along a bunch of bananas for the monkeys and stay safe by keeping to acceptable distance rules.


12. Plan A Virtual Concert

You can have a virtual music concert together without going to see a live one. Planning a virtual concert could be ideal Christmas activities for couples at home.

Check out when your favorite music artists are performing live virtual concerts or queue up footage of concerts you love on YouTube and enjoy the day watching them with your partner.


13. Walk Through The Snow

Walking through the snow and taking in the lovely scenery is simply magical and could make your Christmas bucket list for couples.

If you don’t have much snow in your area, you could consider traveling for a few days to places with abundant snowfall. Be enthralled by this beauty of nature and store it in your memory archive to remember when life returns to normal.


14. Go Sailing

Sailing is one of the most romantic Fun Christmas activities for couples. Learn the ropes together, show your teamwork skills, and set out on your cruise together. Take the camera along to capture beautiful images at sea, and keep them in an album for your generations to behold your love story.


15. Scrapbook Together

It is not a bad idea to create a collection of your experiences together in your journey as a couple. It may sound tacky, but who cares. With scrapbooking, you get to relive your intimate activities together by putting them all in one place. This also makes a delightful bonding experience.


16. Video Games

Video gaming tops the list of interesting Christmas activities for couples. There is a general perception that video gaming is a sport for single men, but this view no longer holds water in the light of technological advancement, especially among females. Playing video games is fun and a fantastic way to reduce stress and loosen up.


17. Pray Together

Amid the noise of the season. Praying together and mediation is on top of our Christmas eve activities for couples. The season is a great time to reflect on the past year and prayerfully plan toward the new year, as prayer has been known to open positive pathways to life frustrations.


Final Words On Christmas Activities For Couples

The Christmas season is a very blissful time for couples to bond and have fun together. Which of these romantic Christmas activities for couples have you tried? I’d be reading it in the comment section.


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