30 Hot Things To Say In Bed To Get Him In The Mood

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what can I say to a guy to turn him on in bed

Are you in bed with your man and you are confused about what to say? Do you find it difficult to mouthing romantic words to your man? There are actually some hot things to say in bed to a man that’ll get him in the mood.

Are you thinking of hot things to say in bed to a man, naughtiest things to say to a guy, things to say to him in bed, freaky things to say to your boyfriend? This isn’t an easy task at all as you begin to think of the right words to say.

Sometimes you may be fighting within yourself on what to say to get your man in the mood especially when you are up for game time. Not to worry, that’s why we will be exploring amongst a whole lot of hot things to say in bed to a man and how to be dirty in bed for your man.


What Can I Say To A Guy To Turn Him On In Bed?

Ever heard of dirty talking? Do you know you can talk dirty to your man without feeling shy or ashamed afterwards? Every woman has a voice and the earlier you realise your voice can move words with power and make your man function the way you want him. Please this isn’t about being manipulative but being impressive.

The key lies in using your words to let your man know you value him and the rest is history. The finishing line is birthed when you mean what you say and you can express it without any inhibitions.

Your words will come to life when you can act what you say. Your words will kindle a fire that will arouse sensual attraction and also satisfy the urges.

Before we go into how to be dirty in bed for your man and hot things to say in bed to a man we will be exploring why you should talk dirty at all. Is it necessary, and what does talking dirty do to you and your man.

Now, talking dirty is an art that can be learned simply but needs to be mastered. It must not be used only in bed and by words of mouth but can also be sent through messages.

This causes a build-up emotionally and can turn your man on by putting him in the mood even before you show up. It makes lovemaking more enjoyable and makes the climax better. Talking dirty gears your man towards lovemaking and prepares him for the act.

Talking dirty is a skill that needs to be improved on as it will wake the sensual side of your man regardless of his mood because while speaking sometimes your hands are working him up too. The bottom line of talking dirty is to arouse romantic feelings in your man and keep him longing for you even in your absence.

hot things to say in bed to a man


How To Talk Dirty Your Man In Bed

If this is your first time, you may need to take it slowly so you don’t scare your man away, you can begin by complimenting his body and telling him you love it.

Next, begin by talking physically to him before sending him messages. After your night together, you now have an idea of what his body looks like you can begin hitting him with lovely messages. Your confidence level would have gone up also then you can begin to talk dirty to him while you are outside or in bed.

You know him better and what he likes. Check early to be sure he wouldn’t mind you talking dirty to him. Some men could take it overboard by referring to the lady as a loose girl, endeavour to check properly before going forward.

You could go slowly by telling him how good he is in bed and go further by asking what he would like you to do to him in bed. You could say it like a question.

Be sure you feel confident about whatever you are saying because it won’t have any effect on your man. Don’t force talking dirty, whenever you don’t feel like it, please don’t indulge.

Bearing these in mind, it’s time to go on to hot things to say in bed to a man to put him in the mood.


30 Hot Things To Say In Bed To A Man

This is the moment you’ve been longing for. Let’s quickly dive into hot things to say in bed to a man to put him in the mood.


1. I Need You

how to talk dirty your man in bed

As simple as this sounds, saying this to your man makes him feel wanted and wants to be all over you. You could also use the following phrases to ignite some action in your man.

  • Seeing you makes me want to make love.
  • Come here baby, I need you on top of me.
  • Looking at you makes me wanna grab you in bed.


2. Can We Get Dirty Together?

Hearing this tells him you are up for the game night in each other’s arms. All he will want to do is give it to you the way you want it. Other phrases you can use also are:

  • I want to make your whole body wet with my juice.
  • Can I have a taste of your joystick?


3. I’m All Yours, Take Me

This is an invitation to dine and he will do justice to your request. By saying this, you have handed over to him and asking him to be in control. Other hot things you can also say are:

  • Come to do me.
  • Take me however you want to.


4. The way you rock my body makes me feel like coming. This is one of the hot things to say in bed to a man.

5. I want all of you right inside me.

6. Your Joystick tastes so sweet.

7. I’m getting addicted to the way you make love to me, it keeps getting better.

8. Every time spent with you feels so different.

9. I love it when you hold my backside, it makes me want more of you.

10. You drive me crazy.

11. My body belongs to you, take all of me.

12. Can I get a ride on your joystick?

13. I want to make you cry in bed tonight.

14. Can you stay inside me forever?

15. Come have a taste of my honey pot.

16. Can I make you go crazy a little?

17. I love it when you’re hard.

18. Make it faster, I’m about to reach sensual climax.

19. Just a look at you and I’m wet already.

20. You are really gorgeous beneath your clothes.

21. It’s a no-clothes day for me, I’m waiting for you to come grab me.

22. I can still taste your joystick juice in my mouth.

23. Look into my eyes and tell me what you see.

24. Come take me, I’m wet.

25. Can I have you for lunch?

26. Your joystick just fits well Inside of me. It’s my perfect size.

27. Let’s make magic.

28. Hit me harder.

29. I’m coming.

30. You just got a new lovemaking toy, I will be here for life.


The phrases above are hot things to say in bed to a man. They are a combination of phrases you can send via text messages to keep him thinking about you all day. They are not for use in bed only. Using them prepares your man and gets him in the mood for showtime.

Remember they are only examples giving you an idea of hot things to say in bed to a man and what yours should be like and encouraging you to give it a try as dirty talking is not as complicated as it seems.

As long as you are intentional and your body language doesn’t betray you, you will succeed in planting yourself in his thoughts until you take him over completely.

This is only the beginning of your lessons of talking dirty as you will keep improving by the day as long as you keep using them.

The best way of mastering art is constant practice. The more you practice the more you discover new vocabularies and find a better definition of your sensual experiences which you can translate into words to make you a pro in the art of dirty talking.

Now, game time is over, what next? Do you just walk away as if nothing happened especially after being vocal in bed? Wouldn’t it look as if you were faking it the whole while?


What To Say To Your Partner After Lovemaking

Immediately after an intimate session, you could give out a loud yell “wow” to show that you enjoyed every bit of it. I’d be turning the table a little here, the man can also show appreciation by commenting also, it could be, “you were so hot”, or “you got me there”.

Not everyone may be this free especially if it’s the first time, but if you are the conservative type, you could drop a few lines either by saying them and if you feel awkward, you may decide to send it by text. Why should you do this?

It helps the sensual feeling and affection for each other linger on even after you are gone. It reinforces the fact that all you said while in the act were not false but came from the deepest part of you.

Imagine taking off your clothes later in the day and finding a note that says “you were awesome last night” or a text message saying “let’s go of this again, I want you only you and no one else”.

You would feel on top of the world and make you look forward to more times to come. Let me drop a few lines so you can have an idea of what I’m talking about.

  • We had a swell time last night, can we do it again?
  • You rock my world.
  • You seem to have taken over me, I can’t stop thinking about you.
  • Who’s in for another sweaty session soon?
  • Dinner at 10 pm after which we retire to my place or yours, are you in?

The lines above are subtle and not too direct, yet they drive a point that says you enjoyed being with them and you wouldn’t mind being with them.

It doesn’t mean you are desperate, neither does it mean you are throwing yourself at them. It only means you are being expressive. You could give them your feedback in a joke, using funny emoticons or emojis.

Over time you will know what suits your partner and know how to tailor your words to soothe them, massage their ego and make them come after you and want you for keeps if you have not tied the knot already.

In all of these, it would not still be a crime if you still don’t feel comfortable talking dirty, what matters is what works for you and your mate.

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t feel okay with it. You can talk it out with your mate and find out what he thinks about it. Couples should make it a point of duty to discuss their love life and fantasies.

It shouldn’t appear like a chore, after all, you are a couple. You can discuss it while relaxing even when not in the mood for lovemaking. If you don’t know how to go about it, you could begin by asking the following questions:

  • What can I do to make our love life better?
  • What new positions would you like us to try next?
  • Do you love oral s#x?
  • How about the use of aphrod#siac?
  • Can we also use s#x toys?

This list is just a guide to knowing how to begin conversations concerning your love life, you can go on from here and add as many questions as possible, you could include hygiene also and if there are boundaries you can cross when it comes to lovemaking.


Final Words On Hot Things To Say In Bed To A Man

Hot things to say in bed to a man opens you up to a world of reality and raises your awareness level also when it comes to romance and intimacy.

I’d like to see your list of hot things to say in bed to a man, naughtiest things to say to a guy, freaky things to say to your boyfriend, dirty things to whisper in his ear, and how to be dirty in bed for your man in the comment section.


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